Best Costume Ever?

November 1, 2009 BYU, The Dirty, Utah 35

Best Costume Ever?

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik best costume ever? what do you think? my buddy in utah.

You didn’t have to tell me he was from Utah… I could tell from the pinky finger.- nik

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Dustin B… Douchebag

October 8, 2009 The Dirty, Utah 74


Dustin Biegenwald aka D-Bag

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Dustin B**genwald of Clearfield, Utah. Notice his initials stand perfectly for D-Bag! This guy is the biggest D-bag I know! He is 22, living at home with his mom and brothers who he treats like sh*t. Has a job as a shuttle driver for a small town club called Bogey’s. I’m his ex thank god. but i supported him for 9 months while working my ass off to pay his bills while he stayed at my house and jacked off, watched porn, ate, and slept all day. He cheated on me with his ugly ass ex and used me, beat me, pulled out his shotgun and pointed it at me because he didn’t want me wearing makeup, choked me, hit me, etc. He acts like he’s the sweetest guy ever and then his true bipolar, psycho personality shows behind closed doors.

Man, I knew Mormons had closet secrets, but this shuttle driver takes the cake!  Also, judging from his downgrade in women he must be going blind.- nik

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Orange Glow

October 5, 2009 The Dirty, Utah 40

Orange Glo

Orange Glo

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, No words. Please tell her to STOP spray tanning! She is neon.

I actually think she needs to go darker… she is in that weird in-between orange phase.- nik

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Utah Dirty Girl

September 26, 2009 Salt Lake City, The Dirty, Utah 51

Utah Dirty Girl

Utah Dirty Girl

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Kelsey Lee. She is from Salt Lake, but was on the Rock of Love Bus last year. She walks around like she is the hottest thing in Utah, when in fact, everyone thinks she is a total train wreck. It must be hard being the laughing stock of Salt Lake? oh and your ex shows everyone that sex video you guys made.

Hey Ex send me the video… I doubt there is one, she looks Mormon.- nik

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Typical Utah

September 8, 2009 Dirty TV, The Dirty, Utah, Utah State 16

I have a feeling that this video submission will not make funniest home videos.

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Dirty Troll

September 3, 2009 Utah, Would You? 9


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Nikki.  And if you couldn’t tell from her nappy hair, retarded bimbo look, and if you give it a closer look her tramp stamp.  This girl sleeps around with at least 3 guys who have girlfriends and who knows how many without.

Answer: No, she has stretch marks on her saggers and it only gets worse from there.

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Back To School

August 20, 2009 Alabama, Arizona / UofA, ASU, Auburn, BYU, Chico State, Clemson, Colorado, Colorado State, East Carolina University, Florida Gators, Fresno State, FSU, George Washington University, Georgetown, Georgia, Gonzaga, Harvard, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas State, Marquette, Marshall University, Maryland, Miami Of Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi State, Missouri, Montana State, MSU, Navy, NC State, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Ohio University, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Ole Miss, Oregon, Oregon State, Penn State, Pitt, Rutgers, South Florida, Southern Illinois University, Stanford, TCU, Tennessee, Texas Tech, Texas-AM, The Dirty, UCLA, UCONN, UCSB, UMASS, UNC, UNLV, USC, Utah, Utah State, VCU 30

Back to School

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I was thinking you should send out an official request to your army to begin sending in the dirt so we can see what this years freshman have to offer. Let College Season Begin???

Attention all college students, are you in a gay frat? Do you have a roommate who doesn’t shower? Do you know a new freshman who does the walk of shame as many times as they play “tonight is a good night”? The world needs to know and is open for business. Studying is overrated… be my friend, it is cooler.- nik

Lets get a jump on College Season and Submit Your Dirt Here

If you don’t see your school just email me to add it.  Freshman 15 for life!

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Forgy Douchetard Needs To Stop Tweeting

August 7, 2009 Utah, Washington DC 5


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik – I went to high school with the dbag in the Assliction shirt, Drew. In high school we put up with him because he always bought the booze. Now that’s he’s working for his dad’s company, he twitts all day and night about how great his latest vacation suite is… despite the fact that nobody cares. Not only is he a raging douche, he claims straight when everyone knows he’s for the gays. This guy needs to be put on blast!

Drew, now you know everyone hates you.  Next.- nik

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