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9/11 Jokester’s Boyfriend Wants Nik

April 2, 2010 Dirty News, Richmond, The Dirty, VCU 7

9/11 Jokester's Boyfriend Wants Nik

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, remember the guy Chad from Richmond who had a 9/11 party with a burning Twin Towers cake? Well he saw that you are coming to Richmond and wants to make up with you. He said he’s sure it was all just a misunderstanding. His boyfriend however does not want to let him go to Lucky Buddha that night. What are you gonna do? I say no 9/11 celebrators allowed at the bash.

He can’t come… not trying to hang out with losers.  That week (April 22) should be fun as I head to North Carolina, Richmond and Washington DC.- nik

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Father Trout Runs RVA

March 16, 2010 Cougars, Richmond, The Dirty, VCU 32

Father Trout Runs RVA

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this 70+ year old trout has been parading around Richmond clubs for the past year. He seems to acknowledge that we are lacking in the young ladies in the Cap City. Instead he gropes and dances all over his 60+ year old BBW hottie girlfriend. He says screw Ed Farty, the dude is constantly decked out in up and coming designer clothing.  Will you be able to keep up when you’re his age?

Talk about end-life crisis.  Gramps is rocking the fo-hawk and Assliction shirt… he must be MMA for sure.- nik

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When You Going To Say Yes Nik

March 4, 2010 Dirty Greeks, The Dirty, VCU 42

Say Yes

Say Yes

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Sara. A Phi Mu at VCU. Pretty, tall, thin, blonde, smart, sociable, lovable, faithful the list goes on and and on.  Nik I have to know if you would?

Answer:  You forgot bobble head… sorry no shot.  PLEASE CAN SOMEONE SUBMIT A HOT CHICK!

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Back To School

August 20, 2009 Alabama, Arizona / UofA, ASU, Auburn, BYU, Chico State, Clemson, Colorado, Colorado State, East Carolina University, Florida Gators, Fresno State, FSU, George Washington University, Georgetown, Georgia, Gonzaga, Harvard, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas State, Marquette, Marshall University, Maryland, Miami Of Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi State, Missouri, Montana State, MSU, Navy, NC State, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Ohio University, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Ole Miss, Oregon, Oregon State, Penn State, Pitt, Rutgers, South Florida, Southern Illinois University, Stanford, TCU, Tennessee, Texas Tech, Texas-AM, The Dirty, UCLA, UCONN, UCSB, UMASS, UNC, UNLV, USC, Utah, Utah State, VCU 30

Back to School

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I was thinking you should send out an official request to your army to begin sending in the dirt so we can see what this years freshman have to offer. Let College Season Begin???

Attention all college students, are you in a gay frat? Do you have a roommate who doesn’t shower? Do you know a new freshman who does the walk of shame as many times as they play “tonight is a good night”? The world needs to know and is open for business. Studying is overrated… be my friend, it is cooler.- nik

Lets get a jump on College Season and Submit Your Dirt Here

If you don’t see your school just email me to add it.  Freshman 15 for life!

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Scared Knock Out

May 13, 2009 Dirty TV, Utah, Utah State, Vanderbilt, VCU, Villanova, Virginia Tech 0

That guy must have done time. Looks like repressed memories of people sneaking up on him.- nik

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West VA Beauty

May 1, 2009 Marshall University, Richmond, University Of Virginia, VCU, Virginia Tech, West Virginia 21

West VA

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl is gorgeous. A little stuck up, but if I looked like that, I would be too. This is not photoshopped.

Maybe she should start Photoshopping. She needs it.- nik

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April 30, 2009 Marshall University, Richmond, University Of Virginia, VCU, Virginia Tech, West Virginia 4


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik this is Joseph.  This f*g thinks he is some big model, who wants to see a grimy mop top greasy husky kid tryin to model.  This guy is on a constant diet to stay in shape for his modeling career lol.

Looks like he is training to be Carrot Top’s power bottom.- nik

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Frat Boys

April 29, 2009 University Of Virginia, VCU, Virginia Tech, West Virginia 1


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik I thought I would give a warning to all girls out there and show them who to stay away from…these are some of the douche frat boys you will see around campus.

Top row, 3rd from the left. Definitely Robert De Niro’s lovechild.- nik

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