Silly Sloot

July 16, 2013 Seattle, Washington 1


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Aubrey Aliment, the definition of a whore-faced light weight. Her whole twitter feed (aubrizzle69) is filled with half naked pics of herself, about how sad she is so she needs to get drunk, or how she taught people ‘to delete sex tapes before your parents find it’. She needs to lay off the booze & start acting like a lady.

That guy looks way too old for her.- nik

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Over Conceited

June 3, 2013 Hollywood, Washington 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I wanted to introduce to you the most conceited girl I have ever met in my life, Deeana Kearney aka Miko Synz. She is the fakest, most conceited person I have ever known. She is originally from Seattle and was conceited here but got worse once she moved to LA.  She was a former “Porn Star” now webcam girl that pretends she hated doing porn and how EVERYONE always recognizes her everywhere she goes. She also says she regrets it because she had so much more potential if she never did porn. All she ever talks about is herself and everything is about her. She does all these “Photo shoots” pretending she’s a model which all she is doing is taking free pictures with anyone that will shoot her and submit it to every site that will post it. Her dream is to be a “maxim” model! She’s already 28 years old, this noodle needs to get a job! Please put this girl on blast!

Nobody hates doing porn. Money makes everyone smile.- nik

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I Wish You The Best Of Luck Nichole Rose

May 7, 2013 Seattle, The Dirty, Washington 140

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, a young girl from Texas with everything going for her in life. A bikini barista in Lakewood, gorgeous, fiercely loyal, driven, ambitious, and one of the smartest people I have ever met. She is going to do great things in life, from either being a model to being the best neurosurgeon in her field, nothing is beyond her reach. She left the man she had been with for 5 years because he took her for granted, something I bet he will regret for the rest of his life, because she is one of a kind. She has been through a lot in her life already and has come out of it a strong and independent woman who has forged her lot in life. Whoever puts a ring on this amazing woman will be the luckiest man in the world, I wish it could be me. There are few great people in this world and she is one of the few. I wish you the best of luck Nichole, and I hope you take everything you deserve from this world. I wanted to put up some nudes and be angry and hateful, but she deserves nothing but the best and I hope that is exactly what she gets.

She shoots loads of syrup as her job. I’m pretty sure she has no future if her life revolves around Latte’s and Halloween costumes.- nik

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Telling it like it is

April 29, 2013 Maryland, Washington 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: George Randolph Hopper, known as “Randy” for years has trolled the internet Singles and dating sites seducing women into relationships with him. He claims he is single, but the truth of the matter is he is VERY married. He gets into relationships only to use the women for sex, financial gain, and whatever else he can take from them. Once he has taken the woman for everything he can get, or she refuses to fund anything else for him, he will drop her. Change his cell phone numbers and email address and more on to his next victim. He claims it’s all lies and that all the women are lying about him and are all whores, etc.. that came on to him and when he rejected them they got mad and set out to destroy him. Tell that to all the women from Alaska to North Carolina that he has left hung out to dry but financially & emotionally. We don’t hate him, we just want to stop him from destroying lives without any remorse or conscience about it.

I don’t think that homeowner appreciated your shoes on their furniture.- nik

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Whitney Bulldog Daylynn

April 26, 2013 Seattle, Washington 60

THE DIRTY ARMY: I’m really sick of seeing this girl (Whitney Daylynn) and “wifey” KayCee Ryan flaunt their fat asses all over social media. Does Whitney not realize that she looks like a bulldog? Plus every booty tootin’ picture I see of her is completely cellulite ridden. She’s always posting pictures of her “working out” but never any progress. I think she and her wifey should know that it’s not modeling if they have to pay the photographer.

I’m pretty sure she’s using that machine wrong (last pictures proof).- nik

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April 12, 2013 Seattle, The Dirty, Washington 64

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik… I just watched a video of you on Dr. Phil. While many people probably are against the idea of people’s photos being posted without their consent on this website, I am totally supportive of it… it is a question of self control and decency… I myself make a point of not posting public photos of me in compromising situations and not letting people take photos of me in compromising situations that I may later regret…on top of that, you will never find me drunk and passed out somewhere so that somebody could take a picture of me that I would not be proud of.

I think everybody needs to spend more time focusing on their own public image… today is not the 1890′s where people can only afford one photograph a year… today is the digital age… if you dont like it, move to the Congo… I’m sure they will not take your picture there… don’t take pictures of yourself that you would not be willing to let everybody see (or if you do then lock these pictures away in a safe to be sure)… dont let people take pictures of you that you would not be willing to let everybody see… and if your pictures do end up on a site like yours, then go f*^& yourself because its YOUR fault

I am sick of this whining… take some personal responsibility all of you with questionable photos posted on this site and random internet ads for hookup sites and what not… you have nobody to blame but yourself…and for the people that are proud to portray themselves under questionable circumstances or in downright trashy photos… you have all of my respect because you knew the consequences of doing stupid s**& and you did it anyways.

Please continue your efforts Nik… expand your efforts around the world in fact… stop the epidemic of sl*ts, wanna be players, and just generally trashy people that seem to think it is okay to act like a complete fool without there being some consequences… hopefully you can stop the downfall of Western civilization.

I’m helping much more than I’m hurting. There has already been a huge shift in the way people act and view themselves because of this website. I’m proud of that fact.- nik

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Meet Seattle’s Manny Dix

March 4, 2013 Seattle, Washington 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Manny Dix (Cassie Richcreek). Named appropriately for her endless sex/partying addiction. Thinks she’s Seattle’s hottest thing, like, ever. She isn’t. Dresses up in costumes/makeup 6 nights a week. At concerts, shopping malls, social gatherings looking for Greg at all hours. New guy in her life every ten days. Works as a stripper for party cash. She’s got that creepy twinkle in her eye – all the Pac NWest girls on Prozac/Welbutrin sport this sleepy, stoned look. No true calling in life, just a confused orgy of rock n roll, alcohol, antidepressants. Simply addicted to the Crayon. Can not get enough of it – always talking about her latest hookup at work. Has this bizarre fixation on mustaches. My girlfriends and I are tired of this girl and wish she’d leave town. She’s a confused mess of a female and doomed if she can’t change her ways. In 10 years she’s gonna be washed up and begging for help. No wonder the men don’t want to get married! Would you? It wouldn’t be hard to #getitin. but somehow I already know the answer!

I suggest a name change.- nik

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Timothy from Electrobox/UW English

February 27, 2013 Seattle, Washington 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: “YOUR HOST TIMOTHY FROM ELECTROBOX ON SEATTLE’S HOTTEST C89.5 FM” still getting’ away with it. This is Timothy, though I know him as Tim Green. You may know him from local notoriety hosting C89.5′s “Electrobox,” or perhaps, teaching you English at the University of Washington. I’ve been dating Tim for the past four years (albeit on-again-aff-again.) Few signs were present of his cheating and lying and living a double-life. Now I know why: This scumbag has a thing for intellectualizing EVERYTHING – including his abhorrent behavior as a womanizing, lying, cheating, leeching assfck. Get this: for starters, he lives at his parent’s home. For a guy, 33 years old, still in college working on his PhD, I figure, OK, this is not unacceptable in Seattle considering the cost of living and his circumstances. He also assures me that his parents fully enjoy him being there; “hanging out” with them, watching the place for them while they’re away, financially advising them- all things Tim was more than happy to oblige his folks with. When I approached Timothy in 2008, it was via the radio station and myspace. I don’t have a habit of contacting radio personalities in interest of meeting or dating, and I’m not sure why I felt compelled to contact this former Nathan Hale High School student doing his Friday night Electrobox show. Frankly, I wish I had never entertained or actualized the idea of meeting him, but I did, and he hurt me, so, here we are. I’m doing this because, I believe I am not the first, nor will I be the last. I want to put out a Public Service Announcement to warm others who may fall victim to his “serial monogamy”, also known as lying and cheating. Perhaps a month went by dating Tim, when a woman left a message on my voice mail. The voice said: “Hello, this is Timothy’s girlfriend. Please tell him to call me as soon as possible. Thank you.” When confronting him about the message, he assures me that “It’s just one of his friends playing a cruel joke. [He] don’t know why she’s doing that, and [he] swears it won’t happen again.” With reluctance, I let it go. With him living at home, not having a car, working so hard on his PhD, I cut him some slack, and didn’t ask any more questions. We began our journey as a couple, or so I thought. In four years, plenty has happened. To truncate the tale a bit, I’ll stick to the important details. Tim continues to live at home with ma and pa, he is still live on Friday nights doing his Electrobox show, and still teaching English at the UW. I am in a new apartment, I’m thinner, and I’m still really dumb for having believed this douche bag’s lies. There had been a tradition of touch-and-go type behavior with Tim all along. This distance was at the heart of most our troubles, I thought, and was due in large part to his busy schedule. I am patient, however, and I don’t require all of your time, just the part that counts, and in concern of quality. I came to accept his emotional freak-outs as “par-for-course”, and though it frustrated me, I accepted his increasingly frequent bouts of absenteeism. He would literally send me angry, emo emails begging me to give him space after I had two, three, or even a week of no contact with him. His explanation usually: stress, busy schedule, fatigue. All reasonable complaints, are they not? Yes, as I said, I am now realizing my naivety. Spare me your harsh judgments- I was in love, and clearly blind to his ugliness.

Now, for the icing on this shit cake: [click here for the icing on the cake]


The amount of photoshop he uses should tell you something.- nik

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