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Who Is This Girl

January 11, 2013 Washington, Would You? 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I saw this girl’s picture on tumblr, and I was wondering if you or the Dirty Army knew who she was. She is absolute perfection in my eyes, and looking at her face makes me feel as though I’m in heaven. Please find more info on this girl. Also, do you find her as attractive as I do?

Answer: No, she looks like a young Lucy Lawless, more warrior then princess.

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Jail Bait

January 4, 2013 Seattle, Washington 51

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I have submitted this 17 year old whore before and i wont stop till the bitch is put on blast and learns how to shut the fuck up. This is Whitney Melinda Forguson. aka Horse Face. She will stop at nothing for attention, and lies 24/7 about her age to try to get guys to have sex with her. (No one else will, she has a drd, and no one at her high school will even look her way) she is constantly on facebook bragging about her “rap skills, and model photoshoots” but the bitch can barely spell and her pictures look like they were taken with a 5 cent boost mobile phone) she tries to play the “christian” card…. and pretends to be so smart that she is constantly writing novels all over peoples facebook status’s telling them to “message her for knowledge” YEAH RIGHT? Oh yeah nik… shes so smart. Like Steve Jobs would tattoo a lava lampon his thigh.. so my question is would you? Oh and did i mention she goes to ratchet concerts and hooks up with any member of any crew that will look her way.

What’s up with her pits.- nik

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Nichole Samano

January 3, 2013 Seattle, Washington 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Nicole Doolin(Samano). This sloot is not only lazy but slutty. Shes cheated on her then fiance and now Husband. Shes also musty and smells like FISH! She just got a new tattoo confessing her love for the husband shes cheated on many times. It is some spanish that she cant even pronounce. But lets be honest with the track record of her slutty mother, are we really supprised? Watch out! This homewrecker is always on the prowl!!!

Nice target, where do you score the most points?- nik

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Amber Buger

December 19, 2012 Seattle, Washington 51

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik I know you like what the fuck is that….But it is a girl named Amber Bunger she is well know by mostly guys, she has been around Washington and used. she wears pounds of make up and Photoshops thats shit she thinks she is a model from creepy guys photoshots and photo she takes her self, she has to flirt with guys half naked every week to pay for school. she works at bikini botton…she is at the bottom..She wishes she could model and get lots of attention so let it start.

Stick to one sharpie when applying your eyebrows…- nik

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Ambers Is Trash

December 17, 2012 Baltimore, Washington 85

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, check this girl out. Her name is Amber Tickle. She prides herself on the fact that she don’t hang with girls, but in reality no one can stand her. She fcks all her friends men. She a bitch and a back stabber. She cheats on and steals from every guy she’s ever been with. (which is ALOT) Broke, wanna be gangsters is her type. She is in a serious relationship every other week, which she introduces them all to her son. they all even sleep in the same room together. She has no care how this effects her son, seeing a different man in mommy’s bed every night. She has slept with over 45 men. She spends every night in a bar, as she calls it “shaking her booty.’ but she has NO rhythm. People serious sit back and laugh at this girl. She had no style in her Walmart outfits. She has 3, she alternate between. She should spend her time at home taking care of her son instead of pushing him off on others. She is 25 n lives at home with her parents in a run down apartment. She don’t work and is broke 24/7. She does anything to get attention from men, including posting statuses like”this song is good. i wanna fck to it” and nasty pics! eww!!…have some class Amber. She is a pill head, just like the rest of her family. They live off welfare and food stamps. Talking to any of her exs, they explain she make them get in a relationship to play the daddy role. They finds out shes boring and lame, so they leave. beware guys she nuts and who knows how many drd’s she has had. And ladies beware she a home wrecker who will climb through windows just to sleep with your man. Amber Tickle you are the definition of TRASH! not MOTHER!

Definitely never made the cheer leading team striking that pose.- nik

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Kelli Khrome Is Tragic

December 11, 2012 Seattle, Washington 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this chick is tragic! She thinks that she is a model because she has big tits and big lips and lives most of her life as her alter ego, “Kelli Khrome”. Her real name is Amy and she is a sk*nk. She leads thousands of people to believe that she builds model cars for a living. She sells the customs on line. In all reality, she is just another girl living off the government and the person making these custom cars and running her facebook page is her husband a.k.a. Super Creeper. (that is a whole other story) This husband pimps her out at photo shoots, swap meets, and any other place he can.. She gives real models a bad name. “Kelli Khrome” is trash, everyone she has “serviced” should demand a refund!

This is why pot is legal in Washington. You have to be high to find this attractive.- nik

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Jerret Hursey Is A Loser

December 10, 2012 Dirty Predator, Washington 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Jerret Hursey is a skeeze. He\’s a pro at playing his \’nice guy\’ card. but really nothing would stop him from some pussy. He\’s 24 and we know he\’s dated girls significantly younger. like, still in high school. Then has proceeded to cheat, lie, and best of all he has a nice rep of getting physically abusive! oh, and don\’t forget the DRD’s. There\’s no debate on those. Just stay clear of this steroided, chauvinistic pig.

15 will get you 20 Jerret.- nik

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Sarah Hood AKA Hailey

December 3, 2012 Seattle, Washington 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Sarah Hood AKA Hailey, Karma.has been working as a escort behind her boyfriends back. She has three kids by three different daddy’s. I met her working at the strip club, where she would meet men to have sex with for $$. She was soon fired then started posting on back page and working at a massage parlor. Her poor boyfriend Noah Hamlin has no idea what type of whore she is. Here are pictures of her white truck outside the SPA she worked at. Happy ending karma a b*tch

Not a lot of options for ex strippers..- nik

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