Two Faces Emilee

November 21, 2012 Seattle, Washington 12 7,068 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Alright Nik, I have a winner for you right here. This is Emilee Bliek. She is the local drama wh*re of Oak Harbor, Washington. She is the biggest fake of the island. She is the queen of leading people on. She will make plans then flake on you on a daily basis. She lies strait to your face and tell you how much you mean to her and how she needs you in her life as her best friend only to screw you over again. She feeds everyone BS from a silver plater. Makes everyone feel sorry for her. She’s takes the meaning hypochondriac to whole new level. Something always has to be wrong with her just for her to get attention and get noticed. She thrives of being pitied. Don’t get all caught up in her stories if innocents, she is most certainly the town bicycle. There is most certainly enough guys to go around, there is a naval base up here and im sure shes been with half of them. Her newest victims are the car scene guys though. She will approach you asking to help her with car just for you to throw your hot dog down the hallway. She will toy with your emotions. She “likes to play with here food before she eats it.” Before the next guy gets screwed over by this excuse of a human being, I as you Nik and the Dirty Army to put this vandersloot on blast!

I have always wanted to live on an island.- nik

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Nasty Girl From Bellevue

November 20, 2012 Seattle, Washington 2 8,288 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Leah.  Nasty bitch hensssssel from Bellevue. I can’t even begin to tell you how many guys she’s f*cked while she\’s supposidly in love with her boyfriend thats been in jail the past 6 months for stealing sh*t out of peoples cars… lol nice one buddy. I dont think anyones ever seen this girl sober, probably cause her life sucks. I heard she steals money from her grandma to buy alcohol. She loses her phone literally every week from being a stupid drunk slut. She\’s had sex with multiple peoples boyfriends, then lies about it!!!!!!! But everybody knows. One time my friend found her passed out with her pants off in a door outside his apartments!!!!! wtf? She has restraining orders against her boyfriend and her ex.. not to mention the guy shes in love wih constantly beats her ass and she doesnt give a fuck. She keeps saying she wants to get out of this state because shes sick of the drama…. lol more like cause you ran out of people to screw.

Grandma needs to stop giving money for alcohol.- nik

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Dirty Two Timer

November 6, 2012 Vancouver-WA, Washington 11 5,827 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: See this guy his name Dillon Desean dirtest guy youll ever meet he thinks the hotest thing around and man is he good with his words he makes you feel like hes your everything but once he want his ex Abby he’ll throw you to the side even though he talks how bad of a mom Abby is and that shes a bitch and thats shes a slut etc… He also rude to his family and only cares about his friends and parting and has a DUI what a loser and he never sees his daughter only poor little girl and shes stuck with drunk people all the time god i feel bad for the little girl.. This guy cheated on many of girls and Abby he cheated on her and had sex with 5 other girls and got a drd man hes a good role model for his daughter what do you think Nik?

I think he’ll always be a ‘passenger’/catcher.- nik

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Pedophile Hippie

October 30, 2012 Seattle, Washington 7 9,777 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is spencer cottle. he is a 20 yr old wannabee musician, but spends his days doing as many drugs as possible and fcking 15 yr old little girls and has also been fuked up the ass by chris kmieciak. his only income is from ‘disability’ from the government and selling fake pil*s and other drugs to minors and his own group of ‘friends’. he has cheated on every girl he has ever been in a relationship with and guarenteed has herpes and syphilis. he has an extremely enormous head and ego, and yet, a very tiny cock.

Not many career choices you can make with hair like that.  Do you feather it yourself…- nik

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Tattoo Chicks

October 30, 2012 Baltimore, Washington 12 7,186 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik I tattoo chicks are the hottest kind. cant get much better than that!

She must make an easy working canvas.- nik

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Aaron Lenz

October 23, 2012 Baltimore, Washington 21 8,528 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: NIK check this self proclaimed “BOSS” from BALTIMORE. He claims to be “BOSS” but all he is, is a wanna pill and pot slinger. If you are ever around middle river MD. make sure to visit a lil bar called chug-a-mug he bartends there. He will hook you up with free shots if you buy his percocets. He also swings both ways. I dated him for 2 months before he told me he likes to as he said “play the skin fluet” once in a while. ladies take it from a sista and stay away from this looser.

His right arm must be pretty heavy.- nik

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Warning Don’t Date This Guy

October 22, 2012 Baltimore, Washington 2 6,141 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: He’s name alejandro juarez he works at acapulco mex restaurant and he’s current girlfriend ernestina mata works at acapulco as well they are both h** positive so he said? Anyways I was with him for almost 4 years this dude likes to treat all the women like shit to top it off he tries to rape women as well he tried doing it to my own sister and later I found out she was not the only one he has tried doing this to? The only thing I’m glad is that he got hiv from he’s current girlfriend that me and my son are clear of all that? He has a son but does not help at all with him cuz that btch that he’s dating is a 2 face big time she tries to hurt kids her own son was taken away from her so don’t let this bitch close to your kids? This 2 are so dirty but just keep in mind what I’ve said 1 works at the restaurant on gollihar and weber the other one on saratoga and weber? They live on dodd st?

That double popped collar is a new technique.- nik

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Arbutus Slore

October 9, 2012 Arlington, Washington 3 6,917 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this girl will fck neone who gives her attention,her name Lydia nagel she jumps from guy to guy from dick to dick and doesn’t care as long as she is gettin hers n has a dude paying for her bar tab and scratch offs.she has had two abortions n got them both behind her exs back all she knows is how to get guys not how to treat them… out arbutus shes on the loose and goes to lapas and Cancun with her fat friends so she is secure so she looks the best!!!! Pathetic attention slore!!!

She must get a good nights sleep on that chin.- nik

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