Crazy Bipolar Chick in Madison

October 8, 2013 Wisconsin 24 9,164 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl is Tawny Letcher, and, as her ex boyfriend of several years put it, “if she’s not lying or drunk, she most likely cheating.” She is diagnosed bipolar, and blames the disease for her need to fck everything that moves. She was the village bicycle in her junior year of high school – there were somewhere around 12 guys that would consistently fck her at parties, most of them knowing the other guys were doing the same. Nowadays she goes to Madison college, and finds new prey through there, social media and drinking at bars. She annoys the crap out of her parents by bringing guys back to their place and being loud as hell at like 3am, probably for being over-the-top loud in bed. She pretends to fall for guys very fast because most everyone is smart enough to hit it and quit it with her, realizing she has major character flaws. Thus, she will play up being head-over-heels for you just to keep you around. She cheated on her boyfriend of several years multiple times, and even cheated on him at his house, in his bed. Her bipolar is badly managed, and she goes through period of thinking she can function normally without the medication. It’s at these times that she is basically a horny guy – she will be very direct in hitting on guys in the hopes of getting laid. She’s already dodged being a mother at least once. She is HIGHLY manipulative, and will use self-destructive behaviors and pregnancy scares as threats to make you feel bad for her, or keep you under her thumb. She can come off as rather normal, and even reasonably charming at first, which is how she draws in her victims. She cries herself to sleep most nights, regretting the stupid decisions that keep her alone – which is, in reality, just another ploy for attention. She’s an alcoholic and chain-smoker. She has driven away nearly all of her friends, and only has very few that she still connects with. If you run into this chick, or have already run into her and found this post as a result, then there is one very simple step you need to take: Run, and don’t look back.

Wear a bra! save yourself from heavier flapjacks.- nik

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Franccesca De Sloot

September 5, 2013 Wisconsin 1 5,956 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl Franccesca De Struct is just all around horrible. She says she’s got self respect and is promiscuous, yet takes almost naked pictures of herself(not nude modeling that she does, photos she takes herself) and posts them on social networks. franccesca very obviously has no respect for herself. she talks about wanting sex all the time on social networks, and even hinting at a certain band or person. it looks like the latest band member she’s going after is michael kuza. sadly, it looks like the poor guy has been thinking with his dick when it comes to her. he let her in his band(we all know she fcked her way in) and she’s been rude to his fans and motionless in white’s fans. she is a rude person in general. she also likes to talk about some drama going on in the land of tumblr. first, she says she’s not going to get involved or acknowledge it, then gets into it. make up your mind sweetie. she also has to bring michael kuza into this drama as well. looks like someone can’t fight their own battles. this sad excuse for a woman is a hypocrite, vile, rude, and a promiscuous wreck. i wish more people weren’t blinded by her facade.

Those are some heavy flaps.- nik

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Thoughts About Taylor

June 13, 2013 Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Would You? 7 10,647 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Taylor. I hate to give her the attention, but I’ve always thought she was one of the prettiest girls from Milwaukee. She’s flawless besides the fact that she has tattoos, what a shame. Nik, would you?

No Racks! down boy!- nik

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300 + Partners

April 30, 2013 Dirty Greeks, Wisconsin 6 6,634 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Jacob Allen.. the biggest creeper/manwhore in the Whitewater/Milwaukee area. Basically, my friend started to “date him” in other words, have sex, and told us how he just got out of jail and was in there for least two years (reasons unknown) and he has had sex with at least 300 women as of January! This guy is not even 30 but still stalk girls in Whitewater bars to pick up women. He tried to control my friends life and would make dumb rules up like they cant be facebook friends. Oh and my favorite, he said they had to have anal sex if she was on her period or he would move on. Thankfully, he moved on to other females but he is all across Whitewater, Madison, and Milwaukee area. Women beware.

Judging by that catch they are nothing to brag about.  Its actually more embarrassing to have slept with that many cougs.- nik

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Ultimate Bro

January 24, 2013 Chicago, Dirty Athletes, Wisconsin 17 8,172 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This is Josh Metzger. The ultimate BRO. He is a football player at UW-Eau Claire. He thinks he is god’s gift to women and calls his apartment Club Hard Body. His ringtone is “I Wish I Could Fck Every Girl in the World”. He somehow gets with girls, but has NO standards. He would fuck a gatorade bottle if it had a pulse… This d-bag needs to be put in place and put on blast! Thanks Nik!

He also thought noone would notice this self post…we did (submitting the only pics of you and chicks was one of the give-aways).- nik

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Ally Lech Is A Man Eater

January 4, 2013 Chicago, The Dirty, Wisconsin 61 41,891 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Ally, or Ally Lech. She was engaged about 3 different times. She goes out with guys and tell’s them she loves them, then drives them away slowely and painfully taking what she can from them. (me) including. No I’m not bitter, I just think it is hilarious and feel bad for these guys. Not sure what she does but she makes them fall into her spell. She snorts on the daily. She also has an DRD that I won’t say on here but CANNOT be treated. This is why she never actually hangs out with these guys in person because of her condition.  So is she special as she seems to think she is Nik?

 Who knew they had DreamKillers in Wisconsin?- nik

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Whale Of A Tale

December 19, 2012 Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1 8,413 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This horrific sight is known to be called Thea, aka the sasquatch of the northwoods. This “thing” is known to poke holes in the condoms of the drunk out of their mind men that take one for the team. Been done many of times, succeeded once! The earth crumbles a bit every step she takes, so you should feel her coming before you see her….run!!!

I bet he could squeeze into a larger bra size if he tried.- nik

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Seems To Think She’s Hot

December 18, 2012 Madison, Wisconsin 0 6,115 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This disgusting whore is delusional. I think I speak for all when I say….puke!!She thinks she is one of the hottest chicks in this area, and if that is true I think our tourism rate is going to plummet. She has made her way through the tri county area with ease. She is known to have 2 certain drd’s that are incurable. She will not tell you this of course, be warned! So Nik, if she did not have drd’s …would you?

Answer: No, I’m pretty sure I see trophies, gymnast trophies…never a good sign.

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