The Definition Of Douchbag

December 20, 2010 Wisconsin 1 8,336 Views

The Definition of Douchbag

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik meet Ryan. He has been a tool since the day he started selling ditch weed to college students. He is a spoiled rich brat with a pearl white Cadillac that bumps lame country music. He likes to keep the ugly ones for his girlfriends and screw the hot ones on the side. The kid drank way too much beer (as you can see) and once he failed out of one of the easiest schools in the Midwest, he moved home to sell more ditch weed. He got caught, moved in with his parents and continues cheats on his girlfriend repeatedly. WINNER.

Moved back into the trailer with his parents…embarrassing.- nik

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Another Name For Kalie

December 15, 2010 Wisconsin, Would You? 4 9,216 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: So Nik this whore Kalie actually thinks she is hot shit.She goes to parties and takes a different guy home everytime.Now look at her,you tell me how she gets any guy.Oh yeah they are all drunk!!They wake up and think wtf did i do..shit its a beached whale!Then two weeks later they are itching and burning!Not only does she have a nasty pot belly but she has some yellow snaggle teeth too.She loves to fuck with guys who have girlfriends and then stalk them.Calls them restricted and is just a pure psycho!Anyone who comes in contact with this chick needs to go get checked out she is one nasty hoe!

Eww, look at her belly hanging out.- nik

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December 6, 2010 Wisconsin, Would You? 13 6,741 Views



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This girl, name Micala, is the biggest most dramatic bitch I’ve met. Nasty guys are always commenting on her pictures, making her think she is hot shit. Gag. Looks like skank to me! Am I just a bitch, or speakin the truth?

Your speaking the truth, I almost gagged too.- nik

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When Will This Guy Learn

November 18, 2010 Wisconsin 8 5,315 Views

When will this kid get his ass beat?

When will this kid get his ass beat?

When will this kid get his ass beat?

THE DIRTY ARMY: This D-bag calls out everyone that he knows about how ugly, fat, wimpy, or whatever else this idiot can think of and posts it on faebook. Just by looking at his pictures you can see how big of a shit stain he is. Not only does he call out most normal people but he calls out Anthony ‘Showtime’ Pettis, a WEC fighter and soon to be the WEC title holder. This dried turd even talks about Anthony’s dad that passed away 7 years ago. So the question is, when does this kid get his ass beat?

I like his giant bottle of moisturizer beside his bed.- nik

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Wanna-Be Celebs

November 18, 2010 Wisconsin 6 9,004 Views

Wanna-Be Celebs?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik hese girls think they are going to be the next big things. They are talking all over Facebook about how they are soon to be celebrities. Seriously? Who would actually want to follow around a bunch of fat, ugly hippos? Woof.

Woof indeed, there’s not even one decent body in the bunch.- nik

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More Pics Of KK

November 10, 2010 Wisconsin 11 9,579 Views

More pics of KK

More pics of KK

More pics of KK

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik Here are more pictures of KK. She is not attractive at all! She is also always bragging about being a model…blah. What do you think?

Answer: No, upside down trick was to hide her cheek to chin ratio.

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Would You With KK

November 9, 2010 The Dirty, USC, Wisconsin 7 7,843 Views



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is KK. I went to high school with her. Here in Wisco there are not many gorgeous girls. As a straight female I think she is stunning… all she needs are some +2′s, I have to know two things… would you? (I would!) and real or fake SGM? Ps. Love the site, DA strong!

Answer: No, I have learned upside down pictures are a scam. Someone send me real images please (FAKE SGM).

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Look At This Dime Piece

November 8, 2010 Wisconsin, Would You? 5 5,613 Views

look at this dime piece phhhfffff hahah

look at this dime piece phhhfffff hahah

THE DIRTY ARMY:Nik  i know u wouldn’t but shes a sociopath n has ran threw all my friends let her know shes beat n belongs on TLC’s show How Not to Look hahah.

Do I even need to mention why pigs shouldn’t  wear pig tails.- nik

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