Watch Out For “Shay”

February 16, 2011 Dirty Army Strong, Sydney, Wisconsin 49

THE DIRTY ARMY: I recently had started talking to this girl Shay. I thought she was really cool girl and definitely cute. I loved her look. I figured since we both lived in Wisconsin we could meet up one day. Well she either had something to do or convientantly had fallen asleep whenever there was plans to meet up. But she was more than willing to accept gifts from me. I noticed she was playing the same guy to a bunch of other guys, even a solider over in Afghanistan. After checking her out, I noticed half her pictures were all different and she claimed they were here. The other half is of girl Thalia in Australia. Take a look at the two pics. One is of “Shay” and one is Tahlia. Same girl right. Nik please put this impostor on blast. And fellas and ladies alike, watch out for Shay O’Dell.

What an idiot, how long it take you to figure that one out.- nik

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Questionable Kristy

February 12, 2011 The Dirty, Wisconsin 308

Kristy Kaminski

Kristy Kaminski

Kristy Kaminski

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Kristy Kaminski. She thinks she is a model. Her facebook says she is part of ford modeling agency and she’s always updating her status about modeling gigs.. which I find hard to believe.

Two things: 1) Models don’t suck in. 2) Models don’t come from Wisconsin.- nik

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Who Is This Chick

January 26, 2011 Wisconsin 8

Who is this chick

Who is this chick

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik I need some intel badly. This girl goes by Shay. I think she’s adorable. But I’ve been hearing conflicting arguements on this girl. I figured the DA may have some info for me. Help a bro out!

Her outfits lead me to believe shes a sloot.  Her knees are also worn down and rounded out so…- nik

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Oshkosh Trash

January 10, 2011 Wisconsin 5

The Sh*t in Oshkosh WI

The Sh*t in Oshkosh WI

The Sh*t in Oshkosh WI

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, Long time reader first time poster. This is Ali (on the left) and Sam (on the right). They are total \”BFF\’s\”. Ali is a total attention wh*re. She has a total MAC Force-field and macs on any guy up here in the lame ass town of Oshkosh WI, but is a \”virgin\” because of her religion and beliefs. I know a guy (Tony image 4) who dated Ali to get at and with Sam. NO ONE TELLS Ali this sh*t to not to ruin her image both with people and herself. However, Sam and Tony definitely fooled around (by his own admission) and denied it at the time but admits that he and Sam fooled around. Sam has a long term Boyfriend for around 3-4 years at least and definitely cheated on her BF (the dude in image 5). Ali is an idiot because she doesn\’t see that and…of course is a total attention sloot. Every other month she has a new guy. I tell you this not because i care about Sam and Ali\’s problems but because…they burned my best friends and i have sat on my palms long enough. My friends were telling the truth like you do about how unf*ckalbe and how big of b*tches these sloots are. They burning many people in their wake.  These bitches are unf*cakable and will be fat a few months after they decide they cant do any better. Ali is all about the now even though she wants to be a teacher in Milwaukee School system (Sam doesn\’t believe in her). She is an idiot who barely understands the US Constitution which makes me mad based on my major. Have fun with this…Oshkosh.

She needs to get rid of those George Clooney eye brows.- nik

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Fake Pageant Girl

January 7, 2011 Wisconsin 33

metrasha.. or not

metrasha.. or not

metrasha.. or not

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Heidi Golznig. She’s from Menasha (Metrasha), Wisconsin. i’m seeing a lot of wisconsin posts where you refer to wisconsin girls as hideous and to be honest i dont think it’s fair. This girl doesnt come from much money and was a pageant girl in high school. i think she’s gorgeous.. maybe a tad fake looking, but still gorgeous. she recently got +2′s.

She is not gorgeous… it looks like her face is made of rubber.- nik

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Innocent Perfect

December 29, 2010 Wisconsin, Would You? 17

Innocent Perfect

Innocent Perfect

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik shes gorgeous i see her around all the time recently graduated isnt doin much but she has the looks. she parties like a rockstar and may be sexually confused but nik, would you?

Answer: No, her jaw is recessed.

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The Definition Of Douchbag

December 20, 2010 Wisconsin 1

The Definition of Douchbag

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik meet Ryan. He has been a tool since the day he started selling ditch weed to college students. He is a spoiled rich brat with a pearl white Cadillac that bumps lame country music. He likes to keep the ugly ones for his girlfriends and screw the hot ones on the side. The kid drank way too much beer (as you can see) and once he failed out of one of the easiest schools in the Midwest, he moved home to sell more ditch weed. He got caught, moved in with his parents and continues cheats on his girlfriend repeatedly. WINNER.

Moved back into the trailer with his parents…embarrassing.- nik

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Another Name For Kalie

December 15, 2010 Wisconsin, Would You? 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: So Nik this whore Kalie actually thinks she is hot shit.She goes to parties and takes a different guy home everytime.Now look at her,you tell me how she gets any guy.Oh yeah they are all drunk!!They wake up and think wtf did i do..shit its a beached whale!Then two weeks later they are itching and burning!Not only does she have a nasty pot belly but she has some yellow snaggle teeth too.She loves to fuck with guys who have girlfriends and then stalk them.Calls them restricted and is just a pure psycho!Anyone who comes in contact with this chick needs to go get checked out she is one nasty hoe!

Eww, look at her belly hanging out.- nik

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