Xavier David Christopher

March 20, 2014 Toronto, Xavier 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this fool is retarded looks like a dumb paki, he is trying to act like he is in a gang and he is a tough guy and how he is getting so much money, when he is on odsp, hes laughing all the time like a goof like someone is standing beside him, his parents are both factory workers and his mom does in call blowjobs when shes free, this fool trying to act like hes so humble real talking a whole bunch of shit but in real life hes a big mute, his best friend is Darius Antia , who is also on this site if you look him up, they always talking bout they balling stunting hustling, big losers who trying to hide all their lifes


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Give Me Some Honest Advice About My Weight

November 11, 2013 Cincinnati, The Dirty, Xavier 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik! I love your site, DA Strong! But I have gotten super fat in the past few years. I was never skinny but used to look MUCH better.  How much weight do I need to lose in your estimation from this pic?? I know I’m not BMD fat but I still look like a whale! I work out but seriously need to fix my diet. I am going to try the supplement you recommended recently but would love to have a good idea how many pounds people think would be good to lose. I’m short too. Finally, sorry for the gross pic. I just really need help!!!

Losing 22 pounds will get you normal looking.- nik

**For best results try this stuff and send us a follow-up picture in 30 days please.**

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Be Warned

May 30, 2013 Pittsburgh, Xavier 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this guy’s name is Isaac Hapanowicz. He sometimes goes by the name Isaac Schelley or Isaac St. George. He is very involved in religious things and likes to hang out around churches and Catholic colleges. He gets involved with young girls and presents himself as a white knight, but its all part of his sociopathic narcissistic behavior. While trying to attain the status of God (because on some level he believes he’s above other humans) and using religion to make himself seem like an honest man, he’s womanizing and trying to charm nice girls into wanting to marry him so that he can feed his ego, all while very secretly being heavily into porn featuring older moms and trying to hook up with older women. This guy has severe mommy issues. Likes to watch child birth videos. Yikes. Let all be warned that this man is incapable of love or being faithful. Regardless of how special you think you are to him, he will be trying to fulfill his sexual deviance secretly. As he ages, he will probably transition from a fetish for older women to young women- it is all about the unattainable with him. Most, if not all, don’t know what he truly is, and those who have met him walk away scratching their heads, but you could bet that he’s got future serial *name your violent criminal* written all over him. Incapable of anything real, outside of self involvement. Sociopath and narcissist in its truest form. BEWARE. Too many girls have had the same seemingly charming run in with this predator. He is not just a dishonest cheat, he does not have any semblance of a conscience or ability to connect with a human on an unselfish level. Cannot stress the term PREDATOR enough. Also, as you can see, he loves to take pictures of just himself. Just an example of more mild sociopathic narcissistic behavior. Wouldn’t a healthy person look at the tons of pictures they have of just themself and think, “Okay this is too weird- am I this important that I’ll put just me on my facebook here 50 times?” He migrates around from Pittsburgh to Cincinatti to Cleveland. Let this guy be known for what he is publicly, if not for the sake of himself, but other girls and their families.

We get it, you’ve met that guy from True Blood.  Stop submitting yourself!- nik

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You Can’t Use Your 4 Year Old As A Pro Gay Marriage Banner

October 31, 2012 Cincinnati, The Dirty, Xavier 98

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, from an earlier story you posted about “Girl Swagg” in Cincinnati. Two of the girls in the picture Angela and Jill are now a couple. This year for Halloween they decided to dress Angela’s son up to be a pro gay marriage banner. The kid is like 4. I cannot believe the b*tches are trying to use this child to push their views.  She posted this picture on her Facebook.

Why would anyone discuss sexual views with a 4 year old?- nik

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LAPD Aren’t Scared To Bully People

September 24, 2012 Dirty Cops, Hollywood, The Dirty, Xavier 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, skaters always seem to be getting a bad rep, but what’s up with this bully LAPD that thinks its OK to punch a kid in the head after he’s been taken down and handcuffed. Their reason for stopping him was he was skating on the wrong side of street. Their reasoning for brutality was he was resisting arrest. Justice served!

How many cops does it take to arrest one kid? #TaxPayer – nik

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Easy Louise

April 24, 2012 Vancouver, Xavier 23

Ezee Louise

Ezee Louise

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Louise Delaney, aka Ezee Louise. This girl slept her way through high school and university at STFX, how many you ask? even she doesn’t know. This girl’s on blast because she runs her mouth and its time someone stops her. Although someone apparently already has. You see Nik apparently at 23 this sloot is 6 months preggo. That’s right it finally happened to her, although she’s currently hiding out in Seaschelt with her 35+ boyfriend, who isn’t sure it’s his, and her UBER Catholic parents, who think she’s perfect have no clue! Maybe she plans to give it up for adoption, probably a good option for this poor kid.

The 35+ should get a paternity test to be 100% sure before he goes broke.- nik

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Dirty Surrey Sloot

March 2, 2012 Vancouver, Xavier 50

Dirty Surrey Sloot

Dirty Surrey Sloot

Dirty Surrey Sloot

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this huge nosed horse face is Jenelle Friedrich, she’s just another nasty surrey sloot who thinks she’s all that because no man can ever say no to her spread legs, they’re men OF COURSE THEY CAN’T!!! She cheats on her boyfriend Peter on a regular basis, she’s always getting drunk and either taking it up the rear or sucking off random guys! I heard she even slept with one or her ex’s while he is dating some other clueless girl, talk about no self respect or morals. Honestly she’s nothing but an air headed bimbo, she’s so gross and manly I don’t know who would ever want to tap that, but everyone seems to think she’s the hottest thing around!! I mean look at her, she can’t do her eyebrows properly, she has a HUGE nose, and even bigger thighs!

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Alex Baumgart Is A Bum

September 22, 2011 Cincinnati, Xavier 2

Alex Baumgart is a BUMMM.

Alex Baumgart is a BUMMM.

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Alex Baumgart. He’s from Indy and goes to Xavier. He texts a lot of girls and hits on all of them. Then on different days he hangs out with these girls. He brings several different girls into his dorm. Then he does this whiney baby talk trying to have them do stuff with him after they said no. he has several girls at X and girls back at home. He makes up lies about his ex-girlfriend and is a complete douche. He really thinks he’s the shit, hunny, you’re not. sorry to inform you. You think because he is Catholic he’d be more respectful.. Sorry i didn’t get your ‘consent.’.

You gotta submit some better dirt then that.  Nobody cares about a bum.- nik

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