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Hawaiian Sloot

August 15, 2011 Dirty Army Strong, Reno, Xavier 18

the hawaiin whore

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well this girl cambria is very known all over reno but she is mainly from the dirtiest downtown reno area. She thinks her shit dont stink but loiterally her smell is bad. Dont let me forget about her uncontrollable nasty bush that she doesnt keep “well trimmed. ” She thinks all of her friends boyfriends like her. She had to go lesbian to get more attention. And she dated the nastiest lesbian ever ,it wasnt a hot lesbian couple for sure .She talks like a crck-whore. Now she is such a low life she had to become a full time stripper as u see in this pic.She tries to be whatever group she hanGing out with that week she changes best friends every freakin week! I feel very sorrry for whoever has to meet this bitch!

Its so disgusting I can’t look away, but I want to.  Nightmares for sure tonight.- nik

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SpongeBob Square Ass

February 17, 2011 New Orleans, Xavier 43

SpongeBob Square Ass part 3

SpongeBob Square Ass part 3

SpongeBob Square Ass part 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: ok so we have our special guest appearing for her 3rd time on the dirty.com !! welcome back desere !! so whats been up since we last seen u on here ? are u still a unfit mother ? (yes) do u still lay on your back for 2 dollars ? (yes) are u still sucking and fu*king on videos for everybody to see ? (yes). girl i am sure u are making yo mama and daddy proud !! i cant wait to show them this link. they really failed as parents. i hope your daughter dont grow up being a hoe like you. it sickens me how u think EVERYBODY is soooooo jealous of you. desere what exactly are we jealous of ? your celluite ? your stretch marks ? your dirty apartment ? your cheap ass car ? u sleeping with married men ? help me understand why any of us would wanna be such a low life like you ? everything about you is fake from your nails, to your hair, to your lashes, to the globs of makeup that u have to cake on just to make your self feel better about your useless self….u are garbage. men use u up then throw you away. and sadly u allow them too. u will never be nobody’s wife. u are not special enough. 20 years from now u will still be nothing more than you are now. your daughter seems to have more sense and more education then you. GROW UP LITTLE GIRL !! u are still acting like a groupie weed head 16 years old. trust me this is your wake up call and it would be in your best intrest to answer it.

She looks pregnant again.- nik

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Homewrecking Prostitute

February 15, 2011 New Orleans, Xavier 42

Homewrecking Prostitute

Homewrecking Prostitute

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This Sloot is Christina Naoum. She is a homewrecking sloot! She sucks off every guy in New Orleans, and all the black guys at school for help. She fucked my best friends ex fiance, and she give him discounts on the “bars” she would steal from her job at walgreens. She sent this picture to him, and he played that h*e. I want everyone to see this picture and the h*e that she truly is. This ugly prostitute has a lot of money and thinks that being a h*e is the only way to get a guy! All of her boyfriends, have cheated on her and dumped her because she f*cks on the first date! Nik would you also f*ck this hoodrat!

Obviously her mirror shot is so far away because she doesn’t want anyone to see how messed up her body is.- nik

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SpongeBob Square Ass!

February 8, 2011 New Orleans, Xavier 94

Sponge Bob Square Ass !!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, hello my name is Des*re Chach*re. i love to sleep with married men. smoke w*ed all day long even in front of my daughter. also i am a unfit mother still trying to find out who my baby daddy is. i also will put on a out fit that is 4 sizes to small. its not my fault that i am sloppy and fat. mabey if i can stop eating so much d*ck i can lose a few of these celluite rolls off my body. hmmmm also when females wanna fight me i need to stop running from them because i am scary!

I don’t know if her ass is as much square as it is fat.- nik

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True Meaning Of DRD

April 30, 2010 Cincinnati, Dirty MySpace, Xavier 90

laura stegmoyer, true meaning of a walking std

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik first off this girl is something a mother couldn’t even love. she is the biggest whore in cincinnati area. she has had sex with over 30+ guys without condoms, i mean hell her p*ssy should be letting fluids out like a damn volcano. she has the most f*cked up teeth it looks like she has cheese all over her mouth, she has nose hairs that are so long it looks like she has a mustache. she is by far the worst excuses for a human ever. she is a waste of space and talks to so many guys and f*cks them all. ive seen this bitch around school at uc clermont and she is f*cking hit and she also smells. and she cant suck a dick for nothing, she uses her teeth and chews on it like a f*cking piece of bubble gum. I will put money that this girl cant even pull off a skirt just cause her gaping whole of a vagina hangs like a wizard sleeve. so just a little heads up you plan on messing with there girl i feel for you, her p*ssy stinks like nasty garbage and even after showers. so just enter at your own risk if u want your man parts to stay connected to your body of LAURA S**

She looks angry, must be because her chin looks like an ass cheek.- nik

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Maritza, Could She Be A Yes

March 25, 2010 Cougars, Miami, Miami Of Ohio, Would You?, Xavier 6

Maritza , Could this be a Yes ?

Maritza , Could this be a Yes ?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik , Just sending some love your way anyways this is Maritza she is a model/actress here in miami , What do you think ? Would you ?

Answer: no.  She has passed her prime by about 10 years, she should start looking at her back-up plan (job).

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Mardi Gras Madness

February 17, 2010 Richmond, Xavier 1

Mardi Gras Madness

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik I don’t know this guy’s name, just that he’s from Virginia Beach and that his first Mardi Gras would probably be a lot more fun if he got some better friends. After he puked all over in front of our bathroom and passed out in one of our chairs the people he was with abandoned him to go party at Lee Circle. He woke up about an hour later looking very confused and pathetic. …Always remember kids, no matter how well your vacation is going, drinking an entire bottle of Jim Beam by yourself is never a good idea..

That’s embarrassing.- nik

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There Are Other Girls In Pittsburgh

August 17, 2009 Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Xavier 3

There are other girls in Pittsburgh

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Heard you were wondering if Pittsburgh has any other bangable girls besides Brock’s Chick. Well how about Leigh and Em? Em is crazy wild and Leigh is right behind here in terms of drinking. I’d say representing pretty strong although Em is a West V transplant by way of Cinci and her face usually isn’t that bloated. What do you think both better than Brock’s Chick?

Answer: No, I see double chins, beat bodies, and average faces.

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