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Steven Luppino Freeloader

November 11, 2014 Abbotsford, Chilliwack 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: His name is Steven Vulcano (Legal name Istvan Luppino), he claims to be a tv and film producer. He fled from Calgary ending up in Cultus Lake, BC with a homeless friend of his that ‘claimed’ to be an actor. He does not shower and looks like he is allergic to the gym. His background is Italian and his father owns a bunch of art pieces that he is supposedly entitled to when his father passes. He says he has 65 grand sitting in the bank for him to use for his ‘projects’. He hired me as a production assistant and after two weeks he paid me through EP Canada (which is a payroll firm that the film industry uses). Things went fishy after I deposited the cheque, TD bank, of course holds new cheques and he was quite annoyed that they didn’t release the whole amount to me right away. I thought he really came through because I got paid that Friday for a total of $5500 after taxes. EP Canada does not release cheques unless they are paid by the client (Steven) first. But then after the long weekend Tuesday rolled around and EP Canada called me first thing in the morning stating that they were waiting for him to deposit the money, he kept saying he did.Long story short he did not. Cultus Lake was too far for him to do his business in Vancouver so I found him a place and the money was good to go at the time to pay his rent from the $5500 he paid me. Signed the lease and now no payment as it was all in good faith and trust between friends. If you see this guy, don’t be fooled,he is a loser

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School Girl Family Skid

November 7, 2014 Abbotsford 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: julia Teneal is attempting to tie the knot with the 3rd pregnency and different guy this year alone prostitutes and m*thheads aleays wait to put thier toping on the pipe or melt the fix to stick rigs girl is from te pitcher family moved from bonnyville to fuck with ppls families becuase she is the worlds most fcked lid in society dont forget and anyone you ever see her with is a junkie or just was and put the drugs down for few days in red deer prostitution and drugs has become a playground for loser cnts and fake fcks the saying goes your only scared when you have done someone wrong amd this person is on on the devils top list only becuase she is looking for the wrong troubles the reaper will show this fuckin hooker and aher posie of lowlifes a lesson she should just slice up save someone the jail time

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Pepsi gone Prosty

November 4, 2014 Abbotsford, Vancouver 36

THE DIRTY ARMY: Julia Teneal this girl loves drugs, prostitution and drama fcked by many men wouldnt suprise me a bit if her sisters dad had Banged the dirty little shit a couple times kevin Collins is a creeper like that and stacey is dirty enough to do some the nastyest shit ppl have ever seen. her friends set up her cousin little over a year ago at a party anyone ever connect the dots Shaun Black would know the answers hey what about that child mollester she dated Domonic Terreto wasnt even his real name well now the girl trys to pass all her demons and fcked up closet problems off to the real man that come along in her life julia you piece of shit get a life cunt and leave puppy clubs and solid folk out of your fucked up world and go jump off a bridge or slice up hope you dont raise your children to be like you or you grow up enough to realize your not the mother for children to have your a fake junkie bitch with the gift of pussy and backed up by pimps and your mommy that collection of junk your crckhead cousin has sitting at your moms place was bought with the proceeds of your hooker ass you pussy is fckin wore out and dried out just like the bullshit comes out of your mouth so leave your children out of your problems go be a gangster and die trying just like everyone else thats solid to and about it stop hiding in your head ppl will find you and figure the rest the stuff out for themselves exceptionally…..

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Someones Gotta Say It

November 3, 2014 Abbotsford 4


THE DIRTY ARMY: Chantell Hurford, is a backstabbing dirty lying theiving hoe! Shes had the c**p over a handful of times faked pregnancy’s over a dozen times …sleeps around with older junkie men like her baby daddy Dave spalding she is only 17 and is 5 months pregnant..Like wow she tells me were friends then turns around and talks shit or she will talk to me and talk shit about her other best friend…just to make herself feel better. Oh an shes a huge cheater. and just wants attantion from guys then she’ll throw them away like used kleenex. She put a retraining order up againts Justin fortwosky saying he raped her or some shit cause she was underaged then why did you sleep with him??? Shes gonna be a dead beat mom whos gonna sell her ass till its used up and your more than half way their sweety. Also shes a cop caller. and a hella hypokrit. im not a judgmental person but iv known her since we were 13 im glad we arnt friends anymore. Who diserves a friend like that i wouldnt wish her on my worst enemy.Major gold digger too although she doesnt do dope she doesnt need it to get fucked up and do fucked things she’ll regret shes like that naturally an she doesnt regret any of the shit she does. shes mentally a child to …her mothers words..dont even get me startedd on her family..shes a bitch to her sister and her father…and anyone else who doesnt kiss her fat ass. !

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October 30, 2014 Abbotsford, Langley 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so I am whom we could call ” anonymous” girl, I dated Malcolm weekes a while back and I later found out he had been seeing other girls behind my back in the short month we where dating. With that said I have to blast a girl named margo, I messaged her on Instagram to be nice and let her know her new boi, is seeing someone else and that this is what he does, she just did not care. Ladies this is the girl we warn Eachother about. The dirty girl that fcks your man and then let’s him go home kiss his wife/girlfriend. I’ve already caught him hitting up many girls and have messaged them and they all knew better and stepped back. Margo quick tip, stop posting quotes about being loyal and wanting a good man when your out there allowing men to do what they are doing.

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Vanessa Flavin

October 26, 2014 Abbotsford, Kamloops 34

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Vanessa flavin , famous for running around with her equally rat looking pathetic little friends with their no tits & no ass claiming to be “bad bitches “. This girl got on some sort of bad bitch kick around the same time her super ugly boyfriend got arrested while she was in the car . He’s now in jail , so now she’s a self proclaimed “bad bitch ” funny how that works hey Vanessa ! Now , Vanessa bends over at every club and party to get screwed by any guy who will give her a couple lines of blow , while Steve waits in jail . Just some advice Vanessa – but some good cover up because we can still see your ugly freckles and your giant nose ( your naturally ugly no Ammount of makeup will change that but it might help ). Your hair is thin and ratty just like your 12 year old girl body . Do something about it . A 13 year old could knock your ass dead on the ground so keep acting tough your gonna be dead before your boyfriend makes it out) god your one hideous girl !! You look like a little boy that got smashed in the face with a brick repeatedly and fed meth till they developed a bad bitch persona . Your so nasty , get blasted you pale dirty slut .

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Vanessa Nolan

October 16, 2014 Abbotsford 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this 30 year old child needs a reality check 6 months ago her boyfriend got me to have sex with him. Me being 15 and naive I agreed. It went on for about 5 month and in that time he was cheating on her with hookers and other women. When things got to be to much and I couldn’t do it anymore I told her. Then I told my dad. Cops were called things got messy. I apologized for what happend. I felt bad. One day I guess she thought I messaged him When I didn’t and was threatening me and telling me that I am nothing my life is over and I’m gunna be a failure. I tried to tell her that it wasn’t only me and that he is a grown man and makes his own choices. Dont get me wrong I know what I did was wrong but common your a grown ass women slamming door and giving me the finger thru my window its just dumb. She needs to grow up. And get off the blow.

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Rex Holes

October 6, 2014 Abbotsford 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy is Abbotsfords biggest goof.His name is REX HOLES/ GERRY KATERELOS.He has a smart good looking girlfriend for 6yrs now he has beatin her up cheated on her who knows how many times. 2 of the goof bitches names are CARRIE MCLEAN FROM LANGLEY AND TIFFANY LEE KRAFT FROM ABBOTSFORD HE’S IN IS LATE 40S AND RIDES AROUND ON A BMX LOOK THROW PEOPLES GARBAGE LIVES OFF ANYONE HE CAN. WHAT A FCKIN LOOSER U GO GERRY CAUSE I WISH I COULD BE JUST LIKE U

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