Jessica Cockster

July 31, 2014 Abbotsford 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: This fair skinned slut likes to open her legs to anyone’s boyfriend and prefers it that way. She spreads not only her legs but the filth between them. She is a home wrecking lonely girl in a town where talk spreads fast but not as fast as her legs. Please Nik spread the word on this fat lipped whore. She likes to go after the hard working men that travel to her town to send her nasty shit home with them to the devoted women they have waiting at home. Life’s short but no one deserves to be handed something they didn’t know about. Men aren’t innocent but this girl knows these guys are not available but nothing stops her.

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Toothless Escort

July 23, 2014 Abbotsford, Austin 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik this is Jasmine Lara aka the toothless hooker. This dirty slut has slept her way through Austin. She has a new boyfriend/love of her life every couple months and when they are done with her she claims to be pregnant, but yet there is never a baby. She escorts with her mom Kim Lara out of the hotel room they live in to support their drug habit. It’s hard to keep up with her identity because she has a new “horse hair” wig every month when she gets her SSI check. She is on Social Security due to her being mentally unstable. She lost her 4 front teeth due to smoking too much meth.One of her qualities is taking out her dentures to suck dick. She manipulates any and everyone that crosses her path. She will use you for everything that you have, Austin men beware of this toothless hooker.

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Few Parts Missing

July 23, 2014 Abbotsford 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Tyler Kellington what a fckin skid stain what solid group is he part of the one’s that all call the cops on eachother hits that meth pipe like a little champ and again who made this kid solid his 911 calls on his ex and shit ty starts drama with one shit show to the next kid will sell bathsalts to a girls with no food in thier cabinets any day the week single moms and hores are his reason he is a carrier of the H1 on 1 right babe ! is he for real ? he is so broke he sells drugs to women with children ouch nikki post him .

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Sairuh Mowat

July 22, 2014 Abbotsford 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Guys, and girls I guess, watch out for this crazy bitch, Sairuh Mowat likes to toy with hearts, she will play you like a fcking piano and then tell everyone she has no idea who you are and that you are creeping on her. She was molested or something as a child and her parents had to take it to court and since then she’s been fcked up apparently. She loves drugs and making out with girls and hooking up with your boyfriend all in one night. She is a pathological liar, she uses people, and she thinks she’s hot shit. Her eyebrows are always matching her ugly ass hair. Nik, please put this sloot up so people can see her for what she is. She’s definitely got some diseases for sure! You’ve been warned!

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Samantha Kidger-Peters

July 17, 2014 Abbotsford 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Samantha. She’s a broke ass ho who is dating a hairy, stupid ass gorilla of a man. She couldn’t hold down a job to save her life. In fact, I recently found out she couldn’t hold a job at MCDONALDS! Pathetic! She’s so broke, that she was arrested for stealing iPhone cases from grocery stores and then selling them. She’s constantly whining and babbling on about her pathetic existence on Twitter. It’s funny because she’ll end up just like her mother; dating a dirty, drunk-on-mouthwash native on welfare who is 30+ years older than her. I guess some people just aren’t destined to be anybody…

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Chilliwacks Favorite Goof

June 25, 2014 Abbotsford, Chilliwack 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: The goof in the picture is Brian Robert Stephan. He used to be my bro once upon a time that was of course before i found out he was bumpin uglies with his BLOOD SISTER. Anyways this clown is apparently having a baby however the jokes on him cause it’s justin haveys baby. When we were in prison together he asked or begged for me to put my magic stick in his rectum. He sucked me clean and wanted more so the rest of the unit had a turn my buddy who’s doing life gave him drd and h*p c. This Puke rips off everyone including his own mistress, Stephanie aka stuff for her Playstation 4. This guy straight up shit talker, about everyone. Eddy. Matty. Aaron. Curtis rich . Mike and Jeremy, I am not gonna go in to detail too much but he states Eddie& matty are no good. Says Aaron sucked him off. Buddy says Curtis and rich are scared of him. Oh and the shit he was saying about Jeremy and mike he just hangs out with them he thinks their too dumb to think he would rip them off. If you thought you could trust him think again so lock your doors and bolt everything down even your young sons and daughters this goof is relentless and will do anything to feed his heroin habit just like his mom. Not to mention his girlfriend that’s pregnant with haveys baby is still smoking meth. I’ve watched him rip off almost everybody he’s ever came into contact with literally. Last but not least he thinks he’s so tough with all his friends whom he trash talks, fucked poor Jeremy’s stinky girlfriend fisher while Jeremy was inside. So this piece of work definitely needs to b put on blast. Ask to see his under garments hahah he wears dds and Desiree decaires panties. Poor Kane, Brian had Desiree bent over a park bench in June of 2014. Oops sorry secrets out now everyone will know des wasn’t at Kieshas house. My bad was that a secret I apologize immensely. Not!

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Matt ‘the rat’ Hickson

June 25, 2014 Abbotsford, Mission 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: have you had the pleasure of meeting one of BC’s Finest residents Matt “the rat” Hickson? he will not just pretend to be your friend but he will also ROB YOU!!! the guy needs to be classified as a dangerous offender and locked up for good, there is no helping this loser. he is a crew jumper and can be found jumping from crew to crew, city to city, right now he is with RS out of Abby, he thinks hes a boss but he should be running a line like back in mission, bc. nobody takes you serious, your just a fcking junkie that needs to be locked up or thrown in a ditch. YOU ALL HAVE BE WARNED! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH HIM OR EVEN TALK TO HIM, STAY AS FAR AWAY YOU CAN OR YOU WILL END UP ROBBED, DEAD OR IN JAIL.

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Abby’s Biggest Whore

June 17, 2014 Abbotsford 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik…. Meet Susana Aparicio… I’m actually shocked no one has introduced you to her before. If you’re looking for an alcoholic, drug addict, dead beat mom with C**dia she’s your girl! She lives at home with her mommy and daddy who she accuses of abusing her even though the only way she can keep her daughter from being taken away from her is to have them be responsible. She has no idea who the baby’s daddy is… sometimes she tells people he’s in jail but shes asked 5 guys to take paternity tests. Susana can be found at bars in Abby or Mission, trading bjs for blow or drinks, giving rounds of bjs at house parties, pissing on a guy’s lawn the morning after or on facebook posting selfies and declaring that she’s never drinking again until the next guy offers to buy her a round. Dont worry boys… she’ll also deny anything happened with yu (probably because she’s so fcked up that she doesn’t even remember)

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