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Nasty Duo

December 18, 2014 Abbotsford, Mission 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, these two scums scumbag losers are the perfect candidates for your blasts! The dude Jason Vellow is a drug addict alcoholic biker poser gang loser who gave up a good woman after he drove her into the dirt (and caused her life long injuries) like his wife he left behind before to be a “porn star” haha. Nevermind the fact he’s too busy running around the island and mainland to “bag some sluts” than taking care of his own suicidal drug and alcohol addicted son he clearly doesn’t care about. He dragged both good women into a life of sex work and being used as his twisted victims he’d pass around to all his friends. The whore in question Jessica Wilson moved in with her best friend’s man before she even moved out of their marital home after being assaulted. She’s a nasty festival whore who leeched onto the first man she could get after losing her pathetic retail job and house. Lets just hope any man that got into that chubby bunny after pumping her (or his ass full of drugs) wrapped it up to save them both from a lifetime of diseases… Nik, put these two sad excuses for human beings on blast to warn the island and mainland of dangerous goods on the loose!

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Abby new Surrey Sloot

November 27, 2014 Abbotsford, Surrey 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Amanda Bridge from Abbotsford now in Surrey,is making a name for herself spreading her legs for just about anyone she meets,spending most of her time online on POF and playing on cam is her thing,she has 5 guys on the go,even her baby daddy gets a turn every now and then,Nasty whore deserves whatever she gets,sad thing she has a toddler she should be raising….instead of c@cks all over town

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Richard Toews/Taves

November 26, 2014 Abbotsford 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: He spent ten years with his first wife. Had kids and when they split he destroyed her by taking her kids. He then spent the next 13 years with wife 2 whom he also had a child with. And took away. I’m very involved in this mans personal doings and it’s time someone call Richard Toews of Taves Roofing put on his hypocritical arrogant behzvior!! He thinks every woman wants to be with him, no matter age or body type. If his charming dimples don’t work he offers some handout such as free booze? Then when that fails he offers money. I know of more than one UNDERAGE girl at his property leaving in tears and disgust because as he was trying to force himself on them his 2nd wife was in the house caring for the baby and cooking for the group. His next big move was to move on to 2nd wife’s maid of honor. Then a few more before he settled on a naive 20 year old. I know he is not being faithful to her and I assume the same pattern is happening to the tjird. Make it so they are separate from their past lives, control the money, expect her to raise kids who’s Moms would happily raise. He spends most of his time partying on his boats and Harley’s and almost none with his children. This man thinks he’s all that because he says he has a big package… I’ve heard otherwise. This is a spineless man who will fck up your life and take the easy way out. Ever get that rash on your dick taken care of? Gross.

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Wig Wearing Beaver

November 26, 2014 Abbotsford 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik tthis is a cop calling bitch that likes to threaten people with the H.A. name. she wears so many wigs because she likes to fck married men and men that are taken so she doesn’t get recognized but she has fuckn messed with the wrong bitches this time. She gets her kicks off of the ones with kids especially. She wants to see if the men will leave their other haves and kids for her then she tosses. S them to the curb. She doesn’t like when the kids get more attention then she does. She is just a low life bitch that couldn’t even raise her own three and still can’t get along with them now they are adults she tells them their grandparents are dead so that they will not get attention anymore only she will. If you ask me that is as low as you can go. . So woman beware if you see this number on your mans phone u know who it is 7

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Home Wrecking Amanda Lynch

November 24, 2014 Abbotsford 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, let’s see she is a waste of life a piece of shit mother that leaves her son alone so she can suck dick.! All the guys a treatment passed her around she is tower citys hoe sucking dick in the batherooms.! Women watch your men she is a homewrecking whore.

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Mark Sutin IT Expert Dishonest

November 24, 2014 Abbotsford 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this scum is back! Same old crap as last time! Gets involved in your business computer then… All his businesses , All Parts, Media Systems Inc ,, (a little perverted are we?) Darmar etc are all out of his 9th floor apartment, not even an office! A warning flag? He has a website, sort of looks like a resume, Trying to impress you with his wealth of knowledge. Talks about his past successes. Windcor Power Systems. Ok, talk to Windcor, drop them an email. Ask them what they think of Mark. After all it is a resume of sorts, that’s what we do with resumes. Check references. Darmar foods (I am guessing Mark is the mar in Darmar Foods?) Yes , they have a website, Excuse the pun, but THAT fish is dead in the water! Not one of his stellar successes! And All-Parts Auto Parts. Nothing to do with parts at all! It was an automotive advice column. He took your credit card info (that’s scary!) then hooked you up with an expert auto tech for the answer to your question. Check out that website. Yep another company he killed. He streamlined that operation by not paying the credit card companies, not paying his website bills and not paying his trusted techs! In his blog, he says he”Saves Money and Boosts Morale” Do not pay the bills and employees can save money, but not sure it boosts morale! He also has extremely poor money management skills with the All Parts thing, and his fish farm has zero cash flow! He will lose your $$ and company!

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Steven Luppino Freeloader

November 11, 2014 Abbotsford, Chilliwack 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: His name is Steven Vulcano (Legal name Istvan Luppino), he claims to be a tv and film producer. He fled from Calgary ending up in Cultus Lake, BC with a homeless friend of his that ‘claimed’ to be an actor. He does not shower and looks like he is allergic to the gym. His background is Italian and his father owns a bunch of art pieces that he is supposedly entitled to when his father passes. He says he has 65 grand sitting in the bank for him to use for his ‘projects’. He hired me as a production assistant and after two weeks he paid me through EP Canada (which is a payroll firm that the film industry uses). Things went fishy after I deposited the cheque, TD bank, of course holds new cheques and he was quite annoyed that they didn’t release the whole amount to me right away. I thought he really came through because I got paid that Friday for a total of $5500 after taxes. EP Canada does not release cheques unless they are paid by the client (Steven) first. But then after the long weekend Tuesday rolled around and EP Canada called me first thing in the morning stating that they were waiting for him to deposit the money, he kept saying he did.Long story short he did not. Cultus Lake was too far for him to do his business in Vancouver so I found him a place and the money was good to go at the time to pay his rent from the $5500 he paid me. Signed the lease and now no payment as it was all in good faith and trust between friends. If you see this guy, don’t be fooled,he is a loser

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School Girl Family Skid

November 7, 2014 Abbotsford 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: julia Teneal is attempting to tie the knot with the 3rd pregnency and different guy this year alone prostitutes and m*thheads aleays wait to put thier toping on the pipe or melt the fix to stick rigs girl is from te pitcher family moved from bonnyville to fuck with ppls families becuase she is the worlds most fcked lid in society dont forget and anyone you ever see her with is a junkie or just was and put the drugs down for few days in red deer prostitution and drugs has become a playground for loser cnts and fake fcks the saying goes your only scared when you have done someone wrong amd this person is on on the devils top list only becuase she is looking for the wrong troubles the reaper will show this fuckin hooker and aher posie of lowlifes a lesson she should just slice up save someone the jail time

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