Air Force | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 2

Home Wrecking Loporto

August 23, 2013 Air Force, Atlanta, Columbus-GA 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: WHO: Erin Loporto WHAT: Home Wrecking Slut WHEN: October 2011 – July 2012 WHERE: Kadena AFB WHY: This whore slept with my friends husband 2 times and has had previous problems at her first base. She fuks every guy she can at her job married or not. Her husband is a little bitch and takes it in the ass repeatedly as she sluts around with their entire squadron oh yeah forgot to mention they all work together… Her husband has to work with all the fukers she fcks with on TDYs and Deployments.

Always brings a smile to my face when someone busts out the 5 W’s.- nik

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Do you Know Dave Tifford

August 6, 2013 Air Force, Sacramento 54

THE DIRTY ARMY: Watch out, Beale Air Force Base and Sacramento! Dave Tifford is on the loose and he’s one of the biggest liars and cheaters you will ever meet. He is a pilot in the air force (he thinks he’s pretty cool..) and cheats in every relationship he’s ever been in. He even had sex with his cousin! Yuck! Well actually it was his step cousin but still kind of twisted. He was married for several years and cheated on his wife repeatedly. At one point, he made up a fake identity to meet girls, what a sick fck. He even kicked his wife and 5 year old son out of the country while they were living overseas so he could screw around with a whore. This is NOT a nice guy. If you have the pleasure of dating Dave Tifford, be warned, he likes to secretly video you in compromising positions. He really gets off on “skype sex” but will record it without you knowing for his viewing pleasure. Dave Tifford comes off as a very nice guy but he will look you in the eyes and lie repeatedly. He is a true narcissist with no concern for anyone but himself. Watch out girls!!

Nice laminate…- nik

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Be Glad your Marriage isn’t This Bad

July 26, 2013 Air Force, Los Angeles, Santa Monica 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik! Have you heard of Temper Tantrum Wife? Apparently this husband was so fed up with his wife’s childish ways that he decided to film her throwing one of her crazy tantrums and let me just say, THAT POOR MAN. Also, The news and gossip sites have photos of her and this one in particular I thought was pretty funny since she photoshopped the hell out of it, and did a shitty job too lol She just filed for divorce claiming he is a bull and to be honest he is kind of a smug bastard but she should know better than to act like a psycho 3 yr old. Heres the link. [click here]

Sounds like someone forgot their medication…- nik

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El Do’s Finest

June 5, 2013 Air Force, Marine Corps, Wichita 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok here goes her name is Amber Dawn Chavarria. Has got to be the dirtiest, nastiest dope slut in the whole town (and she isn’t even from here originally) Her husband (Rashad) is in the military over fighting for our freedom and this whore is cheating on him daily. She used to have these close friends a MARRIED couple (contact me if names needed) but got in real great with them and while the wife is asleep on couch she goes in and gives him head. Well weeks down the road the wife finds out. Kicks him out and now amber and this guy are living together in a shitty rundown garage apartment living off the checks that her husband gets from the military. All they spend it on is dope. LOSERS!! On top of all this amber and her husband have a little girl together and she has the nerve to do all this. Thankfully in the past 2 weeks her parents have taken care of the baby cuz she is in no shape to at all. She has nothing, but what her military husband receives, Oh and she sells 5-10 dollar items on a facebook swap page which im sure she steals from people. I want her on blast because people have tried numerous times to email or FB her husband but she has all those passwords. This dirty dirty sloot has got to be stopped! Just to top it off she is the biggest bitch i’ve ever met in my life. Thinks her shit don’t stink but it smells worse than a trailor park septic tank!

Pass it on…- nik

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Daddy Junkie

May 6, 2013 Air Force, Dirty Predator, Pittsburgh 43

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jason Wesley Colbert took the Bad conduct discharge from the us air force for using coca**ne and furnishing it to his fellow airmen. He has bee charged with possession of paraphernalia and numerous assault charges. He is a co**ine, opiate addicted pedophile who raped his live in girlfriend of 12years baby sister. He molested his daughter from the age of 10 – 13 when he went to prison for assaulting his pregnant girlfriend whom his family terrorized until she dropped charges. He was hit with multiple PFA violations and during all this managed to knock up a toothless heroine junkie who is now incarcerated at Muncy state prison. he is an indicated perpetrator on pa child line for molesting children under 10. He is a dead beat father who can afford 75,000.00 cash bond but lives off of Fayette county department of public welfare. He was recently put on probation while out on bond for violating a pfa in Washington county court house. When will this man receive the help he needs? He keeps having his trial delayed because he is taking care of Lisa Francy’s child while she is incarcerated yet lies to cys that he does. attached will be websites. to verify info.

You don’t needa verify the info when you send in multiple pictures in scrubs, or when the person has a general dead beat appearance.  He has both.- nik

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GI Joe Amos

April 16, 2013 Air Force, Seattle 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Joe Amos was trying to over-thow the USA Government. He got A dishonorable discharge from the military, for mental problems. He humps stuffed animals, and other things. He is Gay, and he calls himself bottom (whatever that means.) I beieve he has slept with more men than a women prostitute. Hes a nasty Dude who thinks he is the Illuminati through Nazi’s. he’s had a girlfriend for 3 years, and never hit second base.He’s a VIRGIN. This is one Nasty Slithering scumbag of an American soldier. Peice NIK,

The bottom is the receiver..  I believe this guys never quarterbacked.- nik

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Deadbeat Douchebag

March 19, 2013 Air Force, Miami 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik I wanted to warn all girls about this lying piece of shit. He will charm you and tell you everything you want to hear. He is a LIAR. He has cheated on both of his ex wife’s . I should know he told me everything I wanted to hear and made me think he was going to leave his wife when we were stationed at JBER in anchorage, alaska. Not only did he lie about leaving that pathetic fat ass wife but he also abadoned his newbirn to spend time with me and his airmen .this loser also forgot to tell about his DRD. Nothing like the gift that keeps on giving . He preys on people weakness and his a pathetic excuse for a man . I hope your dick falls off Etienne Els .

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Army Sleeze Bag

November 12, 2012 Air Force, Seattle, Spokane 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Caleb. Or so he says. He also told someone his name was Adam. He likes to sweet talk girls into coming and seeing him on base so he can sleep with you IN YOUR CAR! He’s lies about his name and life. He talks like its long term but really is just saying whatever he wants to get what he wants. He even has a twitter account where he talks about being honest and having a healthy relationship. He also likes to wander around the plenty of fish website. Watch out for him. He claims he’s from Texas, but again he lied about his name so who really knows what else he’ll lie about. He is truly DIRTY!

Must have a boyfriend he doesn’t wanna make jealous.- nik

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