Self Proclaimed Sex Addict Matt Rainer

April 18, 2014 Albuquerque, San Antonio 9 8,795 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Women Stay Away From Matt Rainier an 11b in the active duty army. Im doing this on behalf of my friend his Ex wife and so That his mistress and now new Wife will wake up and not end up like my friend. . Matt was engaged to the ugly one in the pictures while his Wife was pregnant with their 3rd child last summer. As far as everyone else new he told everyone they were separated but that was a lie. .. his wife found out about the affair 2 weeks before the baby came and he didnt even make an attempt to see child child into the world. My friend told me that while visiting his children that summer he tried to sleep with her more than one time claiming “we are still married its not cheating”. He sends his ex wife pictures of his penis while his mistress is very pregnant with his 4th child. He went to see his wife and kids in January before the divorce was finalized and still tried again to have sex with her.. understandable because shes one of the most beautiful person inside and out.. My friend wants to take the high road and not tell the new wife the true story but children are envolved now.. he doesn’t contact his daughters like a father should.. only visits 2 times a year with 0-10% contact between. . If I can spare the new wife from being in the same postion as my friend. This guy is charming and he lies about everything. Nicole is the name of this new wife.. my advice to you is to contact his ex wife like a grown ass woman and seek the answers u probably have questions to.. heard he cheated on you already in December. . He cheated on my friend for 7 years.. don’t be that nieve. . Look at you look at his ex wife.. looks dont matter. He tells everyone hes a sex Addict

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Public Service Announcement

March 28, 2014 Albuquerque, Kansas City 1 8,322 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this chick is Alicia Biel her stripper name is TRU. I havent talked to this bitch in years because of how twofaced and deluded she is. She had chl***a at the tender age of 13 from willingly sleeping around with every mexican in town who was in the US illegally. She has a thing for abandining her friends and stealin your man. She loves to start drama and then leave you stuck in the chaos. She loves telling people about her crazy sex life and getting her female friends to have sex with her and her boyfriend… better yet pretending shes asleep so he can molest you. By the time she turned 18 she had sex with over 32 diffrent guys. Most of them couldnt speak english. Fcking pill head alcoholic. She has never been faithful in a relationship shows her dildos to just about anyone will borrow anything from clothes to money and never give it back. It should come as no suprise she has turned into a stripper. There is no saving this one believe me I tried…

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Cat Litter

March 7, 2014 Albuquerque 2 7,757 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This 43 yr old lady.Her name is Brenda Meek she lives in Carlsbad New Mexico. Shouldn’t even be called a lady, she by all means doesn’t act like one. She works Underground of a mine known as intrepid potash. She has had sexual relationships with almost everyone at the mine. She even goes as far as sleeping with married men that work at the mine. She sneaks to married women’s house’s of the mine men while their wives are at work. She is nasty. She has drd. I think it’s wrong that she is spreading them all over carlsbad. She is fat. She is ugly. She has thin hair, wrinkled skin, and a 5 chin. How can someone this ugly even sleep with that many men. The kids in the picture our her kids. But how can u have a black kid because you were to drunk to remember and then blame a man for rape. You can’t rape the willing. She is jealous of all the beautiful wives so she does whatever it takes whatever the man wants to hurt people. To tear apart marrages. Why would the mine allow her to be a whore. Knowing this they should get rid of her. But she has even threatened the Boss’s jobs.

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Greg Trio

January 27, 2014 Albuquerque 1 10,253 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This lovely trio of cheap prostitutes like to callthemselves Holly, Bridget and Kendra aka the girls next door. As anyone can see these hoes are far from the girls next door. In reality they are a mother daughter trio of dick sucking whores who work at the neighborhood McDonalds dumpster. The old ass mom is a disgusting pig who organizes 4sums with her and her own daughters. Sick shit. The daughters are nothing but apples that gangbanged the family tree. Gross

You never know who you’ll find at a rave…- nik

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Psycho Sarah

November 4, 2013 Albuquerque, Long Beach 3 9,644 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik- meet sarah miller…. the craziest chick I have ever met. shes been cheating on 1 of my best friends for so long wit multiple dudes and im fuking sick of it. just found out he keeps trying to leave her but he cant bcuz every time he tries she threatens to file a false police report that he assualted her or some crazy shit like that. heard she fuked diffrent dudes in the same day n her bf tried to break up with her but she said if he left her she would do everything to ruin his life n career. shes fuking nuts! watch out LB.. watch out 2nd street. dirty army, give her what she deserves. 2nd thought someone take this chick away from my homie. fuking bissues.

Nice costume…Shrek??- nik

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Be Thankful You Live In America

October 29, 2013 Albuquerque, The Dirty 134 102,670 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, us Americans have been getting such a bad wrap lately because of President Obama.  Other countries think we are morons who have lost all control.  Well at least we don’t joke about killing our kids like they do in South America.  I am proud to be an America so all you other countries can lick my balls.

Are you sure this picture wasn’t taken in New Mexico?- nik

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She’s a Homewrecker

October 23, 2013 Albuquerque 3 9,372 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Where to start… I met this tramp a few years back through my in-laws. I can’t say I ever really liked her (you know she lacks serious hoe training from the second he walks through the door) About 4 months ago I noticed my girl acting strange, hiding her phone, constantly changing the password etc.. After catching her up in a few lies I gave her the boot. Two days after removing her from my life I noticed her chatting up the homewrecker mentioned above on InstaGram, calling her beautiful, making references to her sneaking out of the tramps house (by her house I mean her PARENTS house) and so on. I immediately contacted Sarah and my ex in hopes of getting some honest answers, needless to say they were both cowards and owned up to NOTHING. surprise surprise. So I did some stalking of my own and found out that she had been talking to her behind my back for a month before I caught her up. I was DISGUSTED… This girl has THREE kids, NO job and lives at home with her parents! WTH, right? Guys, this girl is trash, my relationship isnt the first she’s ruined, a year or so before this happened she was working her was in on my sister in law and her partners relationship of 9 years! I guess we could call her a professional homewrecker.. OK, SO, about 3 months ago I got a call from my then ex begging me to take her back, like an idiot I did!! Fast Forward to present. This Am I just happened to be looking through her phone and caught her up talking to the homewrecker again. I immediately gave her the boot and hit up the side hoe, she of course ignored ALL of my text’s and calls… like the COWARD ass female she is.. No relationship is safe with this hoe running around! Hide your kids, hide your wife, hide your husband she’s on the prowl….

You gotta work at pinching away those cheeks.  That is not the duck face.- nik

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What a Skeez

September 9, 2013 Albuquerque, Illinois 1 7,112 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Who: Kimberlee Michelle Forrest that who the F who! What:She Stole a married man! (Among other things I’m sure!) He was a FAMILY man, and she came in and didn’t care that he had a wife and a child. She is playing the victim, complains that it’s so hard to be hated by everyone and just doesn’t understand WHY no one likes her. She was single for a reason, Someone needs to teach her her place! Which is NOT next to the guy she is with! Pretty girls think they can act on whatever they want and get away with it! But NOT this time! I also know she was sleeping around when SHE herself was married in New Mexico! There are nights she wouldn’t come home! She would go out and drink A LOT with her friend Shea, She would neglect her husband and set aside ALL of her free time to her friends. Maybe if she knew he role as a wife she would still be married today! Look at her friends! All SINGLE or DIVORCED, Kids out of wedlock, this girls life is a mess and anything she touches becomes a train wreck!
Where: All across the New Mexico and Arizona State-lines! When: April- May 2013! Why: because she is insecure! Lonely! Crazy! Selfish!

It takes two to tango.- nik

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