Dog Thieves

August 21, 2014 Anaheim 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik please help my friend get his dog back! This is just sickening. He trusted this person and she (Sommer Deleon) and her boyfriend (Tanner Bral)STOLE my friends Service Dog. I posted a link to the Facebook page reaching out get back the dog!! Now this MONSTER is attempting to press charges against my friend. Sommer needs to be stopped!! She is a local hairdresser and NANNY!! So if she is willing to steal someone’s dog…will she steal your child as well?!!


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Mike Bibby, Not the Basketball Player

July 21, 2014 Anaheim, Newport 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This guy calls himself Mike Bibby. Perfect example of a 30k millionaire burn out. Not only did he get his little brother smoking meth at age 15, he repeatedly dates junkies (one of which died and he started dating her friend). Maybe by posting this he’ll realize that by being 27 and addicted to drugs wo’t get you anywhere. Most people snap out of drug use if any after done being a teenager. This guy took it to a whole nother level. He thinks people are shapeshifters and “big brother” is watching him all the time. Before getting kicked out of his house, his little brother went on a rage and beat him in the head with a crowbar (definitely deserved it). After getting kicked out of his house, his mommy is now paying for a luxurious apartment off Ball Road in Anaheim (ya know, where all the tweek and h*roin and hookers are sold) for him and his fellow “baseball team” members can twist up the pipe. He is the epitome of El Toro Highschool graduates. Smoking mth and hanging out on Facebook for 16 hours at a time is NOT a career. Snap out of it and make your mother proud. Not that she cares obviously.

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Ryan Kesler Has No Balls

July 8, 2014 Anaheim, Dirty Athletes, The Dirty, Vancouver 164


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, first off Ryan Kesler can go f*ck himself, you unloyal bastard! He lied to his fans saying he didn’t demand a trade and that he wanted to stay with the Canucks then suddenly he has a list of two teams he would be traded to. Run away when things get tough you big pussy! Don’t be blaming the team for your sh*tty efforts as a player. Worthless POS!  Buddy take a look at yourself you’re pushing 30 and are injury prone, good luck trying to help out a team when you’re injured. You do realize the cup isn’t given out for a diving competition right?? Your ass is going to get beat when you come back to this city.  You want to leave Vancouver….go ahead you filthy dirtbag, about time. It’s f*cking disgusting how many women you sleep with then go home to your wife and three kids! Should probably get checked out before your penis falls off. Your poor wife, she’s clueless with the sh*t that you do. Andrea Kesler is ugly and will never compete with the women in California, she’s just headed for heartache. Such bullsh*t he wanted a fresh start. More like Kessy wanted to move somewhere to get new pussy. HELLOOOO LA=hot women+playboy mansion+playboy bunnies or maybe even another teammate’s wife??  Sound familiar? All your dirt is going to be aired out. You lack a brain so I’m not surprised.  I really hope someone treats your daughters exactly the way you treat women, f*ck and chuck, a dad to be proud of! and will probably teach your son to do the same… stay classy f*cker!

I’m excited to be teammates with Ryan Kesler. You can catch us at Fig & Olive after practice… chasing tail. Go Ducks!- nik

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Regina Maria Venta

May 7, 2014 Anaheim, Los Angeles 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: I don’t even know where to start. This girl is the slimiest, most vile creature on the planet. She constantly uses people to benefit herself then dumps them like yesterday’s paper. She moved here from Wyoming because she wanted to live the “Cali life.” She moved in with her 50 year old sugar daddy. When he kicked her out for being shady and having sex with more people for money, she moved in with her boyfriend of 2 days. She lied to him by making him believe he drugged her to have sex with him. Regina is a self proclaimed attention whore that constantly needs male attention and selfies to make herself feel significant. She is constantly judging other people by their weight and how they look, when she herself looks like a gremlin without make up. Newsflash Regina, 3 hours or make up doesn’t hide the ugly the seeps out from within your non existent cold hearted soul. Also, moving to California because everyone hates you in Wyoming is not a solution. Everyone will hate you here too in due time. This girl honestly deserves an award for her acting. She comes off so sweet. BEWARE. She has cheated on her boyfriend numerous times, she is a pathological liar and she will stab your back. Not only that but she’s the laziest person I’ve ever met. Her dream is to be a trophy wife and to sit on her ass all day and spend your money. She refuses to work because “she’s too good for it.” Alright everyone you’ve been warned.

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Compensates for a Small Greg

April 29, 2014 Anaheim 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Daniel Usami is soooo bad in bed! So small too could’t even feel him. There was so much extra condom left he should have used finger condoms instead. What’s worse is this guy is a total loser and wannabe player who says things like you always have to have a side chick in case the other one does’t work out. It’s all talk and when you call him dumb he gets butthurt. He shaves his pubes completely off like a chick. A loser who keeps his socks on. He’ll be the first to criticize but can’t take it himself and thinks you’re lying. Super self conscience about his small, uncircumcised , thin penis. He’s so dumb it’s like how am I talking to a 28 yr old? Horrible regret!

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The New Disneyland Policy Is A Disgrace

April 27, 2014 Anaheim, The Dirty 236


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, last week, 16 families with autistic children filed a lawsuit against Walt Disney … Disneyland and Disney California Adventure, saying the new policy … their groups wouldn’t get a pass allowing them to skip the line on most rides.  That is not right, children who are autistic have it hard enough, making them wait hours in line during  hot summer weather is not right!  Do you agree with me?  I know you are there weekly with baby Press.

This is a question for Jenny McCarthy, not me.- nik

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The Lebron James of Douche

April 25, 2014 Anaheim, Orange County 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Oh man where to begin with this guy. Here you have your typical drug using degenerate imbecile/waste of life. Idk which is worse: the severely tweezed eyebrows, or the tribal tats that indicate lack of originality/trying to be a bad ass. Homie was obese two years ago, got into shape and thinks he’s a bona fide thug. You can find him stunting in a used C-class, blasting the latest no-talent rapper, with his shirt off or getting his eyebrows threaded. I think he cleans carpets or something for a living. The saddest part of this story is homies girl keeps going back to him, this time because she was dropped by her ex. This guys is so abusive to her, the only victim in this story is her. Truly fitting that he’s on this site, cuz these guys are dirty. drds are no joking matter, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he and his friends had one. I got one word for him: pathetic.

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Help Stop This Counterfeiter

March 18, 2014 Anaheim, Riverside 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dirty Army Strong & I recently moved out here to the Suburbs of Menifee. The weather & Community is great, but once in a while, since its close to Hemet & San Jacinto you get some characters like this lady here. The locals have been asking for some help in trying to nab this chick. She buys Girl Scouts Cookies with fake 20$ bills and turns around and opens up her own stand to push of her inventory. Please read the comments as they have spotted her numerous times but can’t nab her. Barney Fife would of caught this sad POS by now! I’m a hustler NIk and been blessed in my life with my hustle skills, but I’m not down with this type of shit. They need some help out here in trying to catch her and shed some light on this story, so please help the children and this community.

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