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Alaska Impregnator

April 22, 2014 Anchorage 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: Broc Cowitz lets see he beats woman very very abusive! he has 3 kids in under a 3 year period pretty impressive and here i thought sperm could freeze….. guess not. Moving on. Dosnt bother to pay child support to the first two kids he’d rather mooch off of the state. Never sees his kids his first 2 daughters. and recently had a son who he mooches off that girl now since he has already done that to the other two girls who had his kids first. Watch out alaska he has a lovely Rap sheet to go with it. If its not drugs its DUI’s or its domestic violence cases. He steals stuff he has stolen cars before broken into homes and stolen stuff from people. His family is pretty psycho in general.

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Festy Cougar – Samara Lindstrom

April 22, 2014 Anchorage 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: Lets meet Samara Maria Lindstrom shall we? Were shall i start. This girl has got to be the most disgusting female I’ve ever met. Not only does she scam the city for benefits she does not need due to she is to lazy to work. But she scams guys of money. Go figure right? She has 2 kids dosnt know who the dads are. And she lies out of her ass all the time. Shes bi polar. And she has a sexual fetish for animals which is beyond psycho. If you offer her money shell give you a video of her doing a sexual favor for anything. Pretty sleazy. Her “boy toy” pretends he’s going to be a cop one day. And has no job either. So they pretty much live off of other people money or the money she scams from guys if she can. Nothing but a gold digger. She needs to be blasted Nik so people can be warned of her.

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Gross Man

March 28, 2014 Anchorage 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this lying asshole ‘ s name is Aubrey James Gross. He is probably the worst of the worst but seems like a nice guy at first. He lies to women and tells them that he is single, makes babies and then refuses to step up and be a man. Married 14 years with 3 kids from his wife and then at least 2 kids outside of his marriage that we know about. A boy (4y) and a girl (baby). Countless mistresses, some who knew he was married but many who were clueless to who he really is. Watch out for him on TAGGED, he is a piece of shit husband, father, and soldier.

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Wannabe suicide girl, Spreading over Anchorage

March 25, 2014 Anchorage 64

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this disgusting wannabe “suicide girl” is all over anchorage trying to make it big. Her pictures look great right? Makes people wanna hit that. Unfortunately I have met this girl and now realise how much make-up and photoshop can accomplish. Not to mention, she allows multiple dudes to stick it in her at the same time! While recording it! Classy right? Anything to acheive your skanky dream I guess. Oh by the way, one of these multiple dudes, gave her herpes! Oh joy! She really loves to sleep with people, without informing them of her little burny “issue”. And after giving you drd, she likes to pull the “rape” card! As if anyone would try that hard to get with that? Why try when its so easy!

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Not Pregnant Cheater

March 21, 2014 Anchorage, Austin 34

THE DIRTY ARMY: Allyson Wilbur you are a damn liar and I should’ve listened to what everybody said about you. This girl out of Anchorage, Alaska decides she wants to go ahead and fake a pregnancy when I break up with her. I had broken up with her when I found out she isn’t smarter than a fifth grader and she lies about damn near anything. She decides to tell me that she is pregnant shortly after by telling me she went to the doctors and that he did a blood test. She had the paperwork I said let me see the paperwork and she kept dodging me for three days until I finally found her and confronted her. She told me the “Paperwork” was at a friends house and that she didn’t have to pee when I told her I had a pregnancy test for her to take. Well during this time she had been telling people she was on single mom status, that I am a douche bag and that I was a complete asshole to her. Well Allyson Wilbur here ya go you wanna make me out to be the bad guy and you wanna call me a douche. Here is your receipt to FakeaBaby.[] and here are your messages to multiple different people telling them you are pregnant and how much of a douche I am. You knew that I was dealing with a lot of family drama and still during that whole time you wanted to continue this charade. Now to the people that are saying that I am a douche and that I am an asshole you’re probably right. I probably am but I did give her the chance to come clean and tell everybody the truth before I went this far. I told you you could change your status on your Facebook for one week telling everybody you faked the pregnancy to get attention and that you want to apologize to me in this way. I asked you keep that status for a week and then it would all be over instead you blocked me and blocked a couple of other people thinking it would be over. Tah Dah bitch. Tah Dah.

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Kristyn Treniece

March 20, 2014 Anchorage 51

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this bitch is a tag chaser. Will date and fu*k anybody that has a uniform on. Screwed a whole bunch of my friends and they all now know her as Diddy Kong. I think you can see why. She is now engaged to a person she dumped so she could go fu*k someone else. She’s a hideous pig and a terrible friend. I don’t feel bad for blasting this whore what so ever. She deserves it and everyone knows how much of a trashy bit*h she is.

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Closet Slore

March 13, 2014 Anchorage 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Kiana Scovill-Ho has to be the biggest slut in Alaska. Not only does she sleep around with everyone’s boyfriends, she also secretly sleeps with her so called “bestfriends”. How many pregnancy scares does it take for you to straighten up, hoe? When she’s older she is going to be just like her nasty mom. She is literally just as gross as her house.. she should be embarrassed to have ANYONE over there. Now lets talk about her boyfriend. His name is Trent Escoffon. Now, Trent cheats on Kiana every single chance he gets. He also talks about how much of a slut and a bitch she is. She only stays with him because she KNOWS that she can’t get anyone else. Who would want a fat, snaggle-toothed bitch?

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Identity Theif

February 10, 2014 Anchorage 82

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is William S Stemmons. He moved to Alaska in 2012 from Tinker AFB. He was hired as an Air Force civilian police officer. What his new employer didn’t know was, stemmons was running from the long arm of the law. You see, he had stolen his dads identity in Colorado and was claiming SS benefits. He stole $57,000 of SS in his dads name. His gig was up when dear ole dad went to claim his hard earned benefits. Did I mention he was doing his while employed as a federal police officer? Stemmons was also under investigation for time card fraud. He ultimately quit when his federal indictment came down. He was recently sentenced to Five years of federal probation and four months of home arrest. The prosecutor wanted jail time which he rightly deserved but being the scam artist and liar he is, snowed the judge. Justice was not really served bit at least he was caught. He now a convicted felon and will have the title for life.

Nice frosted tips…- nik

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