Trick Or Treat

October 23, 2012 Anchorage 1 9,333 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this Fat Waste Bag whore will Fu*k and suck your man. It doesnt matter if they are in a relationship, she will flash her saggy Tits and beg to suck there dick, word on street is that she sales her pussy and doesnt even shower in between her calls, dont know if its true but also heard that her kid is for her cousins babyfather DIRT! and to Top it off she sleeping with my baby cousin who is only 18 mind you she has a man.. F’in WHORE. go wash out your dirty cunt you disgusting magget!

Trick, and its a mean one.- nik

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Tag Chaser

October 19, 2012 Anchorage, Dirty Army Strong, Marine Corps 6 9,313 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl her name is Amelia, she use to live in Anchorage Alaska, and she basically got married with her first husband at 21. Well when he deployed she went to the barracks with her “friend” and had a 15 plus guy run a train on her nasty ass. He came back from deployment and he wanted nothing to do with her after he found out and filed for divorce. Well a year went by and she got “pregnant” with guy number 2 forcing him to basically marry her (he was military) as well and while he was at work she would smoke spice, drink, go out on the weekends and drink some more all while she was pregnant, she would set up fake appointments while he was working and couldn’t go. she would fuck ppl behind his back while he was out and busting his ass working, she even ended up with chlamydia multiple times. Well his deployment came up, and as soon as he deployed she “miscarried” this baby at 8 months! She moved out of state still married to this poor soul and is now living in FORT HOOD TEXAS area I would watch out she will sleep with married, non-married, she searches for rank, and money. She is a tag chasing SLORE, and she only has a few fingers, they called her the 3 finger death punch in the barracks.

Sloots can’t resist making the greg face.- nik

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Amanda Is The Biggest Sloot In Anchorage And Abroad

October 9, 2012 Anchorage 10 8,190 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this stupid wannabe ghetto girl is the biggest sloot in anchorage and all around the u.s she finds guys that are in the military and cleans them out dry and moves on to the next one shes been married twice and she is only 20 and has a kid and sleeps with any guy in the military. she thinks shes the hottest thing out there and she thinks she is hard please nik someone needs to set her straight i beg you!

Looks like she’s pawned her life away.- nik

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CONFIRMED Bristol Palin Sex Tape

July 17, 2012 Anchorage, Hollywood, Scottsdale, The Dirty 56 11,273 Views

CONFIRMED Bristol Sex Tape

THE DIRTY ARMY: CONFIRMED that Bristol has a sex tape. It’s while she was living in Arizona, it shows her performing sexual acts with a guy while driving, then shows them back at the house that Palin now rents out. They have seen only pictures of the video but not the actual video. She is wearing an Arizona State Sun Devils Jersey (classy) in the room of one picture. Nik, What the hell was all her abstinence talk about?

I want the screenshot images or tape. I knew the only reason Bristol Palin bought that house in Arizona was to turn it into a sex dungeon.- nik

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She Could Be Perfect

February 24, 2012 Anchorage, The Dirty, Would You? 34 9,281 Views

She might be perfect

She might be perfect

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, stumbled across this girl on facebook. I think she is absolutely gorgeous with near perfect features. Don’t know much about her though. Would you Nik?

Answer: I could never stick it in anything from Alaska. They are all nut jobs with moose like features.

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He Claims Mark Wahlberg Is His Cousin

February 12, 2012 Anchorage, Dirty Army Strong, The Dirty 53 6,109 Views

He says Mark Wahlberg is his cousin.

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I had to submit Rob Clark the soldier that faked his own death because I’ve been hearing around Anchorage that he thinks it’s funny that he caused me (his supposed girlfriend) so much pain. He thinks he has a nice ass. He’s always taking pictures of it and asking other women (probably guys too) what they think of it. He claims Mark Whalberg is his cousin and that he talks to him and Donnie all the time. Can anyone verify this? Who is going to be impressed if Mark was your cousin anyway? He’s a has been. No wonder he’s single. Fucking hairless Midget. He lies constantly to try to get girls. Nik take this cocky soldier down a peg or two. Tell him he needs to PT more. He’s got love handles and he’s getting fat.

Everyone in Alaska says Mark Walberg is their cousin.- nik

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Alaskas Finest

January 24, 2012 Anchorage 111 8,779 Views

This is the calibur of women we have to look forward to in Alaska

This is the calibur of women we have to look forward to in Alaska

This is the calibur of women we have to look forward to in Alaska

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Darcy Ann Reighard. This sl*t is not only a female hater because her last husband left her for her best friend, she’s also a dead beat mom. She let her kids be raised by her ex because she’s too lazy to get a job. Yet she blasts other women’s parenting! Unreal. Now that some are grown, she acts like she has been a good mom this whole time. She is a tag chaser just looking for that military check because she’s a lazy slob. She’s getting ready to abandon her youngest children yet again to chase some military guy to North Carolina. She sits on her fat *ss all day shut in her home starting internet fights with other women and making up drama because her man is gone a lot and she’s lonely and insecure. She takes her cabin fever out on everyone especially women that are prettier and have bigger boobs or get more attention then her…which as you can see, isn’t hard to do. She goes around calling other women fat. I know she owns a mirror so what’s up with that? She claims she doesn’t have stretch marks, but I see some and her legs are covered in cellulite. Nik, you and your wife should develop a cream to get rid of cottage cheese and send her a complimentary gallon of it. I know there are beautiful women in Alaska. I have seen them. But how come the most beat and ugly b*tches up here think they are hot? Please put this horse-faced b*tch on blast for not only being a deadbeat mom but for thinking she’s sexy, and for just being an all around hater and mean and spiteful b*tch. PLEASE somebody let her know that she is BUTT UGLY and not Alaska’s finest.

She needs to add ruffles to her outfits so you can’t see them sinking into her skin.- nik

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Mohamed Ibrahim, Con Man

January 10, 2012 Anchorage 4 5,784 Views

Mohamed Ibrahim CON MAN

THE DIRTY ARMY: Mohamed Ibrahim Mohamed El Emam born 2-6-74 Egyptian national conned an american citizen into marriage to obtain visa. Then proceeded to steal her birth certificate and divorce decree to falsly apply for citizenship. Took all her money, house, car and fled to Alaska to a job his wife obtained for him. He was eventually fired from this job and worked at several other jewelry stores that cater to tourists in Alaska and St. Thomas. He has tried to apply for lines of credit with large jewelry suppliers by passing himself off as the owner or manager of stores he has worked for. Women and employers beware. He is married to 2 women in Egypt where this is allowed. And believed to be married to a woman in California.

I don’t think its that big of a deal since he’s not allowed to leave the country, nor can he afford too.- nik

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