This Alaskan Soldier Faked His Death

January 9, 2012 Anchorage 32 10,149 Views

This Alaskan Soldier Faked His Death

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this soldier stationed at JBER tried to fake his death. I was a friend to this guy Robert Clark. Best friends I thought. I got an e-mail from his brother telling me he had been killed in a rescue mission during the Japanese Tsunami last March. He was TDY in Okinawa and got crushed by a falling building. I heard about how they arranged his boots and gave his ashes to his daughter and his family to scatter into the ocean. How his dog tags were literally dripping with sweat. It was heart wrenching. I saw a guy drive down my street this morning that looked eerily like my friend. I thought I was going crazy. Now mind you, after he died I searched the papers, the internet for any record of his death. He claimed he was EOD so I thought maybe something was classified or secret about the way he had died. Nonetheless I went on about my life as usual. Hurt, but moving on. Something told me to search for his number to call and see if the number was disconnected or whatever. I thought I was seeing things or going crazy. I fished out the number, called and lo and behold he answered! I was shocked. I confronted him about lying about FAKING HIS DEATH. I mean how lame. He gave me an excuse about some trouble he was having with a woman at the time. It was all he could think of doing to get away from her he said. Now tell me how f*cked up is this? How could someone not have the balls to tell someone to fck off that they wanted nothing to do with but instead act like they died? On top of everything he has little man’s syndrome, and think he deserves a VS secret model on his arm for some reason. Nik put this guy on blast for not only being a sh*tty friend. But a general douche bag that goes around claiming he’s a Christian and a good guy. He’s trying to claim he’s stationed at Ft. Lewis, but I made some phone calls and found out he is here in Anchorage on JBER. Not only is he a liar, but an all around shitty friend. Now I’m starting to wonder if all those war stories he told me were crap. I don’t know what to believe. What he did tarnishes the memory of all the men and women that have lost their lives. I’m a forgiving person. But this one is just too much to forgive.

Must of had a bad (gay) experience he’s now trying to shake.- nik

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Slime Ball Kyle Watson

January 6, 2012 Anchorage 11 9,415 Views

Slime ball Kyle Watson

Slime ball Kyle Watson

Slime ball Kyle Watson

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy happens to be the best thing to happen to all the women of Anchorage. I used to work with this guy at a local bar and it would amaze you to find out how much his shit don’t stink. He is very rarely employed, hits on everything that moves, and owes half the people in town money. He tried hitting on me for some time now with no success but it certainly didn’t stop him from trying. Sleezeball in the dictionary should have a picture of him next to it. It is amazing how someone with absolutely nothing going for him can be so high on himself. This is a warning to all the women of Anchorage to stay away from this douche.

You don’t look so tough when you tweeze your eyebrows.- nik

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My Boyfriend Never Has Sex With Me

January 3, 2012 Anchorage, The Dirty 43 11,086 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, my boyfriend gets angry with me when I try to to initiate sex. He says he loves me, but he doesn’t have a sex drive. I see him oogle other girls out when we’re in public so I know that he does have a sex drive. I recently told him that we’re either breaking up or we need to have an open relationship because I have to have sex. He said we can have an open relationship. I told him today that I made a date with another guy and he got furious. He’s not having sex with other people, so what’s going on?

He just cannot be alone. He doesn’t love you… he needs the idea of being in a relationship to keep him mentally status quo.- nik

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Horrible Mother Needs To Go Away

December 20, 2011 Anchorage 3 7,402 Views

Fort wainwrights biggest child abuser and shit talker known on post!!!  BItch just do us all a favor and leave already!!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, okayy this chick is one hell of a person. She is the biggest sh*t talker and fakest person iv ever known. She is no human being id want to be around and i feel bad for all her so called “friends”. She uses people and treats people like pieces of sh*ts when in reality she’s the biggest piece of sh*t that some one just needs to pick up in throw away. She abuses her kids and she talks sh*t bout the way her friends treat their kids. Nowhere near the way she does. She is no mom i would ever want. She makes fun of people to make herself feel better bout herself. Because she knows shes a lame and nothing more. Shes a jealous psycho who has to complete with everyone. She thinks she’s the baddest chick out here and yet she’s a p*ssy and u can see that just from taking a glance at the b*tch. This 27 year old chick has to make evryone around her feel like sh*t cuz she brags bout everything she has and to her she thinks shes the richest person on earth. Sorry to say but b*tch your no where near being rich. But you just keep telling yourself that to make ur self confidence stay up. To anyone out ther i suggest you think twice before wanting anything to do with this fat cow with a donut roll as what she calls a stomach.

She is just a waste.- nik 

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December 6, 2011 Anchorage, Inuvik 53 9,394 Views




THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This chick is a psycho bitch for sure. She will make you think she is your friend, or that she cares about you, but if you do one thing wrong, the tiniest thing, she goes psycho, beats you up and spreads rumors about you. She thinks she is the hottest bitch, or she wants to be? I`m not exactly sure..she is on diet pills to try and lose weight, but it isn`t working at all. She has even tried to slim down by using ccaine and mdma. She has slept with pretty much every guy in Inuvik. Including a 32 year old, when she was 17, she is 18 now and still slutting around. She cheats on her boyfriends, and brags about it. And she brags about controlling her boyfriends and manipulating them and other people. She befriends girls that are fatter than her because she said it makes her look not as fat. If she doesn`t get it her way with her boyfriends, she beats them up and stages it to look like she was the victim, threatening to take them to the cops saying that THEY beat HER up. She beats up her own family, she beats up her friends. She wears more make-up than a clown and a tranny combined and tries to say that she barely wears any. She edits the fck out of her photos, she has not even one photo of herself that is unedited. *And by edit, I mean just boosted up the brightness and contrast. She will take pictures of herself without makeup and edit the shit out of it and say \”this is what I look like with no makeup. She tries to intimidate people by threatening them, and insulting them, and if that doesn`t work, again, she goes completely psycho. She is the best liar out there, she believes her own lies. When her boyfriends end it with her because they realize how crazy she is, she blames it on other people as an excuse to start shit with them. Her mother smoked crack when she was pregnant with her. So maybe that`s why she is so messed up. If you think she is your friend, think again. She is probably going to fuck your boyfriend, then beat you both up. Beware, the beached whale, Chelsey Bjornson..

Judging by her boots she’s not someone you wanna get involved with, the diet pills can’t hold back the thunder forever.- nik

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Biggest Mac Daddy In Town

November 22, 2011 Anchorage, Winnipeg 35 9,207 Views



THE DIRTY ARMY: HEY LADIES, check out this fine joke from thunder bay, GRAHAME LONGLEY, most of you girls know him as a fine smoothguy, but really asking every girl in town “what there wearing” isnt so smooth, as this fine peice of work is now finding it very hard to find a piece of ass these days cuz unfortunatly GIRLS TALK, if u know anyone that is a victom to this asshole let them know that they might have something, ******cuz hes done everyone***** he might even tell every girl oh i want to marry u and then when u say no and tell the other girls to watch guess what he does he continues to tell them oh i loved u soo much but i thought u were so much different from the rest !!!!!! GUESS WHAT GRAHAME NO ONE LIKES U BUD, NOONE SO STOP BEING AN SKID AND GROW THE FCK UP!!!

Biggest nose in town maybe.  And is he wearing one of those slim down shirts  with extra thick lining to keep you gut in check.- nik

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Evil Has A Name: Cara

November 18, 2011 Anchorage 11 7,402 Views

Evil has a name: Cara

Evil has a name: Cara

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is the story of a girl who is dirty in a completely different sensethan many who are posted here. Her name is Cara and the way she has betrayed the ones closest to her is impossible to comprehend.  For years, she has drawn the sympathy of strangers and real life friends by concocting a story that was revealed to be completely untrue about two weeks ago. Via her tumblr (alaska-says-sun) she convinced everyone that she was a transgendered youth, diagnosed with HIV after being brutally raped, addled with eating disorders and dying from inoperable cancer. She manipulated so many people by using medical equipment she bought online and posing as if she were hospitilized. Strangers (some who are actually dying of cancer) opened their hearts and wallets to her and it was all a well-played act. She was showered with gifts and money because nobody could believe someone could make up such a tragic story. There is much more to this story that you can read on her tumblr. Her victims/former friends have been too shocked and hurt to contact any media outlets, but I want the world to know how f*cked up she is and to NEVER believe a word she says.

I don’t believe both sides of this story.- nik

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She Aint Proper

October 10, 2011 Anchorage, Fairfield 5 8,245 Views

Bitch Ain't Proper... She's just a straight SLUT

Bitch Ain't Proper... She's just a straight SLUT

THE DIRTY ARMY: Any of you who know Leslie know what a fake ass bitch she is. She likes to act all proper but really she is the BIGGEST bar slut in Fairbanks. I’ve seen this bitch go home with a different man every single weekend night for the past year. She’s a stupid slut who has mosquito bite titties but she thinks she’s the hottest thing to walk the streets of Fairbanks, when in reality she’s the scum of the earth. If this bitch knew what was good for her, she would class up her act a bit, before she infects every man in Fairbanks with Herpes. Hide yo wives, hide yo husbands, and hide yo kids (she really loves to molest little children).

But her she-man muscles are.  What team does she play for?- nik

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