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Alaska’s Easiet Model Revision

February 3, 2014 Anchorage 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: I am the female with the short hair in that photo with the flight attendant outfits.. (Modeling gig for airplane show, believe it or not there is modeling here) Can only speak for myself but MOST of alaska is fucking nuts. Buuut; Just want to clarify that babyyy aint me thats being talked about! Heres a GOOD modeling photo (of me) to put on the map here,

Do you also work the oil rigs?- nik

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Amber Bates Thinks She Is A “Model” And Lives In Anchorage

January 18, 2014 Anchorage, The Dirty 54

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Amber Bates.  She pretty much sleeps her way around Anchorage. If you don’t have money she’s not interested. She drives around a pretty nice car which her daddy bought her and he magically gave her a house to which he magically became rich all of a sudden. She was pretty bad in High School as well slept with the older guys. Talks sh*t about every girl other than herself to make her look better.  Still does to this day. Thinks she’s the hottest bitch to walk Alaska. She’s a cheater. She can’t hold a job either and thinks she’s a model. Which Alaska isn’t big on modeling to begin with. Sleeping with photographers for pictures isn’t modeling. She’ll talk trash about you and post trash about you online if she believes or thinks you ever said anything bad about her.  She drinks every day probably why she sleeps around.  I give it to her she’s hot but id rather see her become a lady than become a sloot.

They have high schools in Alaska?- nik

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Alaska’s Easiet Model

January 15, 2014 Anchorage 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Summer Kudlacik she’s pretty slooty if i may say so myself. She is a model here in anchorage,ak thinking she’s gonna become big which we all know in alaska thats never going to happen anytime soon. Shell talk shit about you if she has to a photographer to win favoritism points with photographers just to get pictures. She says she dosnt like it when people take pictures of her in bras and underwear but yet its all over her Facebook. weird how that works out. She’s engaged or married or who ever to this guy named Jason McElwain or whoever but you never hear about him on anything she posts or writes or anything. She’s more interested in modeling and sleeping around than paying attention to her family. She’s a bitch as well if you don’t fit her standards than she won’t even bother to look at you. She’s on dating sites and craigslist as well. Looks will fail

I see a lot of powder.- nik

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Fort Rich Dirt Army

January 15, 2014 Anchorage 81

THE DIRTY ARMY: So Nik we got another one on our hands. Meet Thomas O’Brien stationed here in Fort Richardson aka JBER Alaska. He’s a E6 or E7 i believe pretty much who thinks he runs this bitch. Let me tell you a little about mister O’Brien. Remember another Dirty story i believe her name was Amanda Knickerbocker? Well we all know her husband just died guess who had to take care of her? I wouldn’t call getting laid by a widow very classy, More like trashy but not classy. He is STILL married. He will lie about it constantly to girls to try and get in their pants. Reason how i know this you ask? My friend dated him and he talked about how he wanted serious but he was gone constantly apparently coming home at 5 am When miss Knickerbockers husband just died from being over there and so on. He cheats and will always be a cheater. He thinks he’s cool cause he’s in the Cav here and thinks since his job is to tell people what to do that makes him even cooler. But see not everyone is stupid we all know how to look up a divorce decree which you mister O’Brien do not have your committing adultery. Your a cheater and maybe you should stop sending dick pictures to girls all the time to get them to sleep with you. Also id suggest not to be on a dating website if your gonna play stupid. Get a brain take care of your kid that is YOURS and either divorcee your wife or just stay with her don’t be playing other girls for your stupidity. What do you think NIK?

Cowards way out.- nik

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Mulholland Sloot

December 5, 2013 Anchorage 9

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THE DIRTY ARMY: mandy Mulholland such a slut she been with so many guys and like the old ones more older the better for her but doesnt matter what kind of guy it is as long as her kid in bed she hanging out with old man at her neighbor getting drunk and high on coke watch out for her she dirty she does got *** that you can get rid of everyone who sleeps with her knows its really like throwing it down the hall way you gotta have a pretty big dick with her I feel bad for that guy she with now he never going to get rid of the  that guy to nice to that bitch he can do better then her fck she cheated on the guy with the guys that hang out at her neighbors and this is why I’m putting this out there people need to know she doesn’t care about the people in her life like her boyfriend and her daughter I feel bad for them stop hanging out at a crack house there old men oh yeah I forgot you like hooking up with old men your such a loser you so fucking dirty keep your legs close stop giving your ** to people we all know you cant get rid of it no one wants it from you you nasty bitch I hope the coke and drinking is all worth leaven your kid alone well you get fucked up dumb ass bitch that guy will come to realize your not worth his time and get tired of you taking him for granted

That tats gunna get her in trouble.- nik

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Diggin the Army

November 27, 2013 Anchorage 56

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, So this girl Angelica Roberts, well she has many last names like Johnson, Weeks and Rollins. This girl is 21 with 2 kids and has been married 3 times. She is currently going threw her 3rd divorce and is a army bitch. She has figured out that if she marries them and cries to there 1st Sgt. that she will get what she wants. He was married to a pot head the first time and divorced him. Then she meet her second husband and found out on top of the benefits that he has to what ever she says or she will tell his 1st Sgt. and she know his 1st Sgt. will make him do what ever she says just to get her out of there hair. While going threw her second divorce she drove him in the crazy house and still uses his last name even though they had no kids together. When she met her 3rd husband who also is army she was sleeping with several different army guys. When she got pregnant by him he felt obligated to marry her for the child shake. Now she going threw that divorce and take his baby away and get all his money while dragging the divorce longer. When she married his she keep her 2nd husband last name and hyphenated it with her married last name. This girl is out to get money and benefits. She is a horrible mother and needs to be stopped. So i am warning all military or guys with money and benefits she dose not love you she wants money and only cares about her self

You gotta be a bit of a pedo to like her.- nik

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Ashleigh Mofle Pregnant

November 25, 2013 Anchorage 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ashleigh Mofle just got out of prison and is already on drugs and now pregnant!!! Ana Perez her ex who is also a druggy lowlife just to throw that out there. Ashleigh wants Ana to take care of the baby … Has this girl not learned anything her other child was lost from not caring now this poor child…

Aren’t they both chicks?- nik

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Alaska’s Cheating Army Wife

November 22, 2013 Anchorage 760

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik meet Amanda Knickerbocker She is stationed at Fort Richardson in Anchorage,Alaska with her husband Christopher Knickerbocker who had passed away Recently this November from suicide. See Nik Amanda thinks she’s very sly trying to hide her husbands death under the rug and try and move on within a month with another soldier in his platoon in the Cav. Miss Amanda is all over the place you could say she is very easy. And if your military kudos points to you cause she will open her legs for and man in uniform who is willing to give her money or help pay for her 2 kids. See nik this girl dosnt understand why her husband wanted to pass away. When its because she was committing adultery and never at the house and always arguing with this guy for not going her enough money or attention. Nik her husband Christopher was a good man he deserves nothing but respect. Her on the other hand adultery is adultery She is on craigslist saying she is single not even a week after the death, She flaunts herself sending naked pictures. She hangs out with some E5 on base who you see coming out of her hotel room on base which she has had him stay late nights with her all day everyday. Also man number 2. Is some E6 or E7 She walks around with this guy daily. From what i heard his name is SGT O’Brian from what the army wives are saying. She’s been seen in his car close to each other. hugging each other. She’s quit the scandal. She’s a druggie as well. She will popo pills anything to make herself feel like she’s the shit. Her poor kids are brought up in this mess and its a horrible situation. Looks will fail miss Knickerbocker. What do you say Nik?

No comment, RIP buddy.- nik

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