Anna Carrizoza

November 13, 2013 Arizona / UofA, Scottsdale, Would You? 110

THE DIRTY ARMY: The one and only. Anna aka The Boss.. Some of her qualities… Backstabbing, jealously, Thief, prostitute, drug dealer.. And the list goes on.. Her job is to manage a stripclub here in town.. TDS WEST… Where she lets underage boys get in, for a flat tip to her bouncers… Sells strippers on the side, to “customers”. Oh, yeah she would read this and blame it on “The Hatters”, child please.. Have you take a good look at your piggy self… Guess not…. And just wondering when the Owner, would DO something for his bar . Or the FINES, be on the way by the courtesy of his management, let Guns inside the club, other extra activities… She’s a EGOMANIAC, if she knows the definition… Narcissist.. So, Nik would you.?

Answer: NO, she has swollen pits.

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Perhaps This Is Your Eye

November 10, 2013 Arizona / UofA, The Dirty 63

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so I have had people go bananas over my eyes my whole entire life. I figured I, I’d submit them and see what you had to say. I’m sure I could have done my brows before snapping a photo but this is for best eyeball not best brows. So, the question is: do you see yourself in them?

No, way too dark.- nik

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Tucson Car Scene

November 6, 2013 Arizona / UofA, Tucson 57

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m warning any man in Tucson to stay away from Melissa Norsworthy of Tucson,Arizona. This girl is the BIGGEST slut on the East side. She smokes like a chimney. She has slept with 14 men and maybe even more within 6 months! I know that doesn’t sound like a lot but They ALL know each other and are FRIENDS. She has contacted ***ia twice and isn’t even ashamed. Melissa will fck any guy with a car just for a ride. this girl is so fcked up she dated a guy and after a week begged him to buy her a car she even “promised” to pay him back but, of course being the bitch she is broke up with him 3 days later and started fuking ANOTHER dude! But, I guess Karma’s a bitch because, her car got impounded for running a stop sign and driving on a suspended licence and she’s broke with no job so she cant afford to get it out. That’s why she uses men for rides. To make matters WORSE she has a two year old daughter that she doesn’t take care of because, she’s to busy with men. She will date a guy, fck them on day one and claim she loves them. Her daughter has NO idea who her father is cause she makes her daughter call all the men she’s been with “Da-Da”. She has no respect for herself or anyone if your not in her circle of friends you haven’t fcked her yet. Every man she sleeps with she’ll claim shes pregnant by She’s even gone as far and posting pictures on Instagram asking people what Baby names they like best. Melissa is the DEFINITION of “Homiehopper”. It’s literally a new guy every 2 weeks she’ll post pictures of them together or the guys with her daughter and right after they break up she deletes all the photos,statuses and everything about them like no one will remember. No one really understands how disgusting this girl is but, as soon as u met her you’ll understand. Most of my friends have naked pictures of her. I wish I never would have met this chick let alone fucked her i was so scared after I got tested. She’s never used a condom with any man. Tucson please if you see this girl RUN AWAY if you have a car she will flock. I dont get how any man could be be attracted to her. fck this bitch she’s a walking disease.

Don’t let that promo’ing get to your head.  You don’t wanna be stuck in the land of 20k’s.- nik

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Tucson’s Finest Trash

November 1, 2013 Arizona / UofA, Tucson 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl her name is Daniella Monica. She is nothing but a pathological liar who lives off of the welfare system. She goes around telling a sob story about how her kids dad isn’t actively involved in there lives when she went and got a restraining order against him. She is so miserable in her life that she craves drama and likes to take others down with her. She can’t stand the fact that her kids dad doesn’t want her and therefore uses the children as pawns. She sleeps around and has had numerous house parties with the kids in the house. Smoking weed, doing pills, etc. She seriously needs some help. She doesn’t care that the guy she is dating has a family. That he is in a relationship with kids. This is what the scum of Tucson looks like.

Those flapjacks are having a hard time filling out her dress…just saying.- nik

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AZ Queen AKA Lexi Babi

November 1, 2013 Arizona / UofA, Tucson 44

THE DIRTY ARMY: Here’s AZ Queen AKA Lexi Babi aka the biggest hoe you can ever meet or see in Tucson and surrounding cities. This is a worthless, naïve, ignorant hoe from Tucson, AZ. Sadly, she has no education or any common sense in that big skull of hers which mainly consists of air and sperm. She desperately seeks attention and a “good time” every time a celebrity comes into town. I mean she’s always willing and trying so very hard to have sex with artists that come do a concert. That’s her idea of a good time btw. Getting poked. It is unbelievably amazing how much this bitch continuously has the nerve to put down other females (even her own friends like Alyssa “Tucson’s Fakest”) and gloats about how much cack she takes in. Oh yeah. I’m serious Nik! “No shame lame train” is what all the fellas in the nickel dub (520) call her around here. She’ll brag and brag about all the celebrities shes had sex with and brag about being in their music videos and how she’s some kind of superstar model. L o to the mother f’ing L. OF COURSE These rap stars would pound anything they can get on the road! Poor dummy Lexi doesn’t understand this fact even if it was written in crayon for her fake contact lens wearing eyes. Plus she’s shorter than a midget with a torso so alien like there’s absolutely no way in Oompa Loompa Ville she could ever be a model! What irks everybody the most is how she’ll be quick to label other females hoes and skeezers for posting provocative pictures, BUT SHE DOES THE SAME THING!!! EVEN WORSE! But hey, she’s just a hoe and fellas need some loving from time to time. She’s the perfect candidate for a good bang fiesta. Feel free to contact Lexi aka AZ QUEEN of ***s whenever youre in town fellas.

Hiding behind a heavy grain filter…- nik

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Thirsty for D

October 29, 2013 Arizona / UofA, Tucson, Westside-AZ 137

THE DIRTY ARMY: Stay away from the over obsessive weirdo they call Sarah Reed who thinks she is sexy! Haha with her lbs of make up on I think she is a lonely confused slut. I met her a few times through a friend and she swears she is real and down but the only thing she is down for is sucking on dick and obsessing over guys who clearly fck and leave her. She told me a story about one out of many ex bfs she had and after getting prego from some douche she was still stalking another dude who broke up with her sad ass years ago. Be very aware with this dumb broke bitch who still lives at home with her parents. The only thing she enjoys doing is making herself look like trash with those walmart nails, cheap dye job and that fake mexican accent! Nobody is falling for that its clear she’s a white trashy whore and its about time she was exposed for it. She will fuck anyone that gives her attention and she will also talk shit and claim to be a hood bitch when she gets her ass beat by smaller bitches than herself. Clearly this ugly whore needs a reality check

She’s got a heavy undercarriage.- nik

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Abandoner Chastina

October 28, 2013 Arizona / UofA 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this piece of trash right here walks around like if she is innocent and the best person in the world. She has 3 kids that she abandoned walked out one day and never turned back. Her name is Chastina Mendibles lives in Tucson Az. She works at general dentistry 4 kids lmao works with kids but bitch abandoned her own kids!!! She is a compulsive liar , her family is fuked up as well. Well what is to be expected the mom did the same thing to them. She was married before the guy left her because she is a horrible person. If you run into her walk away she is a liar!!!

If her husband left who got the kids?- nik

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The Mer-Slore

October 21, 2013 Arizona / UofA 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Ariel Alicia Larson. She is the biggest whore around! She was married early in HS divorced, pregnant, and remarried by the age of 22. She also expresses her love of being a mermaid, but this girl has not idea how to keep her legs closed long enough! She does not care if a man is married or single,hell, she doesnt care that she is married!!! she thinks she has the right to anything she comes across. Ladies, keep your men close when she is around! She will try and tear your families apart! Its time the world was warned about her!!!

Those pits are starting to sag.- nik

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