Megan Miller And The Brunettes

August 7, 2014 ASU, Scottsdale, The Dirty 47


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, you have to move back to Scottsdale or do something about the brunette invasion. ASU was the home of every hot blonde in the nation. Sh*tty grades and easy lays. Now it’s nothing but boring brunettes with buff legs. i.e. Megan Miller and her crew. ASU is dying Nik, you need to save our campus this season.

At least Arizona State has adopted the +2′s program. You can’t win every battle my friend. And I will never move back.- nik

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ASU Douche Bag Creeper Hussain

August 6, 2014 ASU, Scottsdale, The Dirty 57


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is a warning to all the ladies in Tempe. If you get a naked picture from Hussain please delete it. He tried to get with my friend and she said no and he got super violent. All Hussain does is take naked selfies of himself all day and if you reject him he gets major roid rage. 

Definitely nothing natural about that body. Clean your mirrors dude.- nik

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Rush Arizona State Pi Beta Phi

August 6, 2014 ASU, Dirty Greeks, The Dirty 192


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is to all the beautiful incoming ASU freshman females. Make the right choice and pledge Pi Beta Phi. No fatties, just beauties. Right Nik? We lead by example, just ask anyone on campus. We love you Allie Stellrecht. Thank you for always supporting your sisters and keeping us hot. Be like Allie, be a Pi Beat Phi.

I support whichever house has the most blondes.- nik

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ASU Is Going Downhill Fast

July 31, 2014 ASU, The Dirty 77

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, ASU released a statement this morning that we are no longer allowed to have kegs during our tailgating parties before the ASU games… they said kegs and other apparatuses that would “encourage the reckless consumption of alcoholic beverages” in designated tailgate parking lots are not permuted any longer… what the hell happened to this school? I came here to party and damn this is sad as f*ck.

ASU sucks now. Don’t go there.- nik

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Undercover Fairy

July 22, 2014 ASU, Tempe 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this meat head is Ian K. Everyone one knows that The Hub, (now University house) is infested with diseases. Not only did he catch chlamydia, but he’s throwing it back out there too. Ian likes to act like hes a macho man who gets all the ladies (which he succeeds easily) however, little does everyone know this guy is a certified GAY! Not only were there videos of him sucking a big black cock, he has also been called out by other guys for his actions. He never denies them nor answers. So ladies be careful and dont mess with this infested penis.

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Biggest Loser @ ASU

July 21, 2014 ASU, Tempe 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, just like to drop this out there. The wannabe loser on the right is Mike. He tries way too fcking hard to fit in that it turns everybody away. He’s about the fakest asshole on campus and he’s so deep into steroids now that he looks like a gorilla. He thinks Greek life is all about being the biggest asshole-so he goes around trash talking all the frats. Rumor has it, he’s been giving out DRDs to girls that won’t “sleep” with him unless they’ve passed out. Someone needs to put this douchebag in his place.

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Laney Oleniczak

July 16, 2014 ASU, Scottsdale, Tempe 47

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik first off I wanna say I am a huge fan of! This site makes my day I love how you expose all these low lives and speaking of low lives I have a good one for you: Laney Oleniczak of Mastodon Tatoos and formerly of Samurai Comics until she was fired for sleeping with an employee’s husband. Laney parties all over both Old Town and Mill Avenue, smoking spice and drinking cheap vodka in a desperate effort to make people think she is cool. She worships her dog and says that she would be willing to abort a pregnancy if her boyfriend made her choose between the baby and selling the dog. Now I love dogs too but I wouldnt sacrifice a child for one. As you can see she has a horrible taste in tatoos but even with all those tramp stamps removed she would at best be a 3 out of 10 even with +2s done correctly. I cant believe my friend once dated her back in the day at Paradise Valley High School she was a slore back then sucking off almost the entire football team while always sneaking out to party with them when she should have been studying, I will never understand why girls want to be lazy and spead their legs for any guy who comes along instead of working hard and doing things the right way. Laney you could have had it all, your rich ass parents were willing to pay for your education at ASU. You could have been a doctor, lawyer, or at least someone with more self respect then a hack tatoo \”artist\” who will put out for any guy at any time just to rebel against her poor parents who were way to soft on her and spent her whole childhood giving their little princess everything she ever wanted. Laney this is your old friend Brandon and I am the one who put you on blast, karma\’s a bitch, stop spreading your legs, get tested, laser off those ugly tatoos, dump that loser boyfriend, take out a loan and go to college and make something of yourself, get off drugs, and start acting like a lady if you want people to respect you.

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Tempe Bar Owner Jay Johari Arrested For Rape

July 9, 2014 ASU, The Dirty 93

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, the owner of Vintage Bar and Grill in Tempe was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of groping and unlawfully taking photos of a job applicant in October 2012.  Jay Johari, 35, was booked into the Tempe City Jail on two counts of sexual abuse and two counts of unlawful-surreptitious photo. The victim, who was 20 years old, brought with her to the job interview a bikini and cocktail dress at Johari’s request, a court document stated. She was interviewing for a waitress job. On two occasions, Johari allegedly left the victim alone in the bar’s office to change. He reportedly did not tell her there was video surveillance in the office. On one occasion, she undressed down to her bra and the other time to only her underwear without a bra, according to a probable cause statement.  What a jackass right? Its crazy to see how many girls are posting this on Facebook and saying they can’t believe they worked for this guy.

Who knows how many ASU college girls this has happened too. #BoycottVintage- nik

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