ASU | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 5

Scumbags & Scams

May 7, 2014 ASU, Scottsdale, Tempe 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, so you think you know the real scumbags of Tempe? Well then I am pleased to introduce you to Shawn Allen and his cousin E.J. Ladies they may look fly (Shawn with his fake diamond chain) but LADDIIES DON’T BE FOOLED!!! These little limp (E.J) boys have a reputation of taking girls out for a night of paid drinks and complete gentleman behavior; but before you know it, you will have woken up missing your phones, money, and anything else valuable. SHAWN ALLEN also has a reputation for knocking up strippers. He is already a babydaddy of two. Sorry Babymama looks like there is a third on the way and its not yours . Can you say welfare checks Shawn? Can you even read this you dumbf*cks.

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ASU Troll

April 22, 2014 ASU, Scottsdale 34

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Mary Burger. I’d be surprised if she hasn’t made it on here before. I meet her at a few parties when I lived down in Phoenix. I wanted to warn people about her and her group of friends who spend all of their time getting wasted and high anywhere and everywhere all while still living with their parents. I guess she moved back to Cottonwood with her parents because she couldn’t afford to take care of herself since all she and her friends do is blow money on booze and drugs. My warning to anyone: stay away from this chunky troll and her generic friends. Word around is she spreads disease and then plays the victim card.

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Some Guys Have No Balls

April 8, 2014 ASU, The Dirty 443

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy is such a pussy its not even funny.  Obviously he went to a pussy ass university and not a real party school like ASU.  I’m a senior now and I couldn’t tell you how many girls I have had sex with.  I’ve been in the same position as this guy over and over, but each time I just took the girls clothes off and had sex with them.  If they passed out in your bedroom, its obvious they were there for a reason and wanted to have sex, just cause they fall asleep doesn’t mean they still don’t want do it.  If she passes out at your house, its cause she wants to have sex.  I laugh at losers like this, poor guy probably never gets any.

This is why men who graduate from ASU are never taken seriously.- nik

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Christina Cassabria

April 8, 2014 ASU, Scottsdale 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik the most nasty slore of all! She sleeps with whoever tells her the slightest bit of sweet words. She claims to be studying law but with the amount of times she’s bragged about and lied about…no one knows if it’s true. Ive been sleeping with her for the past year and just when she was telling me she wants to settle…I caught her on texting her friend lauren she wants a baby! I remember her telling me not wrap it up because she can’t have babies anyways! She will tie you down at all costs. Careful guys!

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Nedim Hurem

March 18, 2014 ASU, Westside-AZ 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nedim Hurem is my ex. After discovering he has been in and out of jail and selling/using xanex I wanted to break up. Unfortunately I also found out that this asshole gave me herpes! Watch out girls no one likes dealing with this shit. FML, at least I got a few seconds of happiness exposing you for the scum you are!

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Youkhanie Khaninia Creep

March 14, 2014 ASU, Scottsdale 73

THE DIRTY ARMY: So I started talking to this guy who seemed to be really in to me recently. He told me about how he got out of a super serious relationship a while ago and made it seem like he’s deffinetly boyfriend material.. Well turns out he’s the type who tells a girl everything she wants to hear just to get into her pants.. I found out that all the money he claims to spend is actually daddy’s money. He’s never worked a real job in his entire life but he always walks around like he’s better than everyone else saying stupid shit like “I’ll buy you” who does that???? Any way so after I found out what loser daddy’s boy he is I left his spoiled fat ass. I seen him around a few times since then and always noticed this disgusting pig always sctratching himself so I decided to go get “checked” thats when I found out the sick pig gave me herpes, and he’s even tried getting with my friends too after all of this. What a piece of shit. Oh yeah, and that serious relationship of his turns out it got him anger managment cause he supposedly beat up his girl friend and her family.

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Douche Manager

March 11, 2014 ASU, Scottsdale 27

THE DIRTY ARMY: This fcking douche bag is John Zanzarkini. He thinks just because his dad owns the hilighter he can do anything he wants. He sends my girl stupid pics and texts all the time and tries to fuck her in the back for a free house. Who fcks for a $20 house?

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Have you met Alviras Twins

March 5, 2014 ASU, Mesa, Westside-AZ 31

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THE DIRTY ARMY: This lil bitch at le girls cabernet doesn’t she remind you of alvira she is not only a homerecker with a serious obsession with being the center of attention high enough to let a guy cum in her ass

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