Jason Porchensky

September 30, 2013 ASU, Westside-AZ 8 6,286 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik, Alright so this huge old-man moocher needs to be put on blast. JASON PRONSCHINSKE of Glendale, Arizona is a PSYCHO! He says he’s 39, when he is actually already in his 40′s. He has a job, I’ll give him that but he is financially imept. No car, no place of his own because he is too lazy to acquire these things on his own. I quote, “I don’t feel like going through all that just to have a place and Dish..and the things I like.” He says he doesn’t like kids but has two kids of his own. My bad, his babies mothers have them, as they are in another state and this deadbeat doesn’t call them, doesn’t talk about them, no pictures of them, nor does he send them child support. Yet, he admits he has kids. How much od a deabeat can you be? To top it off, he’s got this “fake” pill poping-caregiving-theif(steals pills from her clients) psycho bitch girl he’s fucking while he’s also fcking another neighbor in the complex. He will find anything to complain about. Will talk major shit about his room mate and her kid. He always has something bad to say about someone else’s parential skils, when he’s a HUGE deadbeat. Jason never has any money because he spends it the moment he gets it. He tries to get others to feel sorry for him, to the point that one of the neighbor’s would feed him (neighbor is a good person and single mother)…omg how low can you get? Jason is a coward and bully. He doesn’t have the balls to tell his room mate how he feels so instead, Jason speaks his mind to his room mates son. Well today I watched as Jason got ripped a new asshole but the female neighbor that would always help him out. Now this lady isn’t very tall, nor is she big…I seriously thought she was going to kick his ass. All Jason did was get mad and go into his rooma nd slam the door and tlak shit under his breath. To avoid the truth, he texted his room mate and lied about what happened. But when his room mate, called the neighbor (who watches her son for free cuz she is cool like that)..the room mate was told the truth by the neighbor…now Jason is pouting like a little bitch while packing his bags and moving out because he knows he’s in the wrong. Did I forget to mention that the room mate and neighbor are bestfriends. So what did he think was going to happen? Talk shit and all would be well… It wasn’t like he wasn’t warned by the room mate and the neighbor that drama wasn’t going to fly. Jason fills his FB with younger pics of himself and lies about where is living currently. He LIES about EVERYTHING ALL the TIME!! Blames others for his problems and NEVER takes responsibility for his actions. Such a mooching dumbass! LADIES STAY AWAY FROM THIS F*CKER!!

I can’t help but notice he took this pic with 2 hands.  You know what that means…(forgy).- nik

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There Needs To Be A Class On Alcohol Drinking

September 30, 2013 ASU, Scottsdale 2 10,553 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, my buddy went to go use his bathroom and look what he found… an almost dead girl that puked all over his toiled… some girls just can’t hand and need to learn how to drink.

I wonder if those are dermal scars on her back?- nik

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Broken Nose And Red Cups

September 30, 2013 Arizona / UofA, ASU 1 8,720 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, college roommate knows how to party. F*ck UofA.

Looks like he lost.- nik

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Amber Nolte is a Dirty Stripper

September 24, 2013 ASU, Scottsdale 12 7,273 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Its about time somebody put this discusting HOE on blast nik. Amber Nolte is a stripper at Centerfold’s Cabaret and steals money from her fellow dancers as well as steals money from her customers. I have even seen her make out with fat lesbians in the club and kiss dudes as well. She is complete white trash and deserves to be fired from her club cuz she gives them a bad name and has even given her drd to a guy she gave a lapdance too!!! Eww

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Unibrow Defends ASU Gay Goldigging

September 24, 2013 ASU, Baltimore, Scottsdale 65 6,958 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Looks like Sam Miquirray aka Unibrow is defending his right in the latest issue of the ASU State Press to gold dig Scottsdale Cougar-men. Looks like the gay BMW drivers at BS West need to hide their wallets a little better. This guy is going to seek you out with a vengeance!

Whatever you say Sam-wise, you’ll never get the ring.- nik

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Another ASU Sloot

September 23, 2013 ASU, Scottsdale, Would You? 25 8,848 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Leslie Galvez. She might look cute but she is one of those girls that makes lose hope in women. She is the easiest sloot in the tempe area and thats saying something. she cant even count how many guys shes f*cked and she isnt even good in bed but she thinks shes the best. she always brags about how good she is in bed and thinks shes hot shit. The more attention she gets the hotter she thinks she is but when she stops getting attention shes the most thirsty desperate bitch in the world. she acts too good for every guy who likes her and strings them along as a backup, and is thirsty for the dick of whoever is trying to get with her friends. They all end up with her because she will take any dick she can get her hands on and her friends are all hotter but stuck up and wont get with anyone so they’ll settle for leslie to get their dick wet. dont let her pictures fool you, shes got some saggy +2s. I didnt even know what pictures to pick because all she does is take pictures of herself but none of her body and I am sure you can see why. I’ve hooked up with her many times and so has probably most of the guys who read this. I’m not proud of it. To any future victims, wear a condom. Dont listen to her when she says its ok not to. Trust me. so Nik, would you? and be careful if you bash her. Not being attracted to her turns her on.

Answer: No, Saggy’ness is a sign of weight to come.

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Erica Diloreto Cheated On Scott Wolf At The Zedd Concert

September 23, 2013 ASU, Scottsdale, Seattle, The Dirty 50 90,214 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, me and my girls just wanted to tell you that Erica Diloreto (the biggest sl*t in oldtown) cheated on her boy friend Scott Wolf of Smashboxx while she was out at the Zedd concert. She made out with TWO different dudes while Scott was working hard to support them as a bartender. Erica is a total liar but has a great direction in life being a “waitress” at strip clubs where she would trade tips for hand jobs for 50 year old DILFs after the club closed. She has a bright future for her as a waitress and a sl*t trading tips for Greg. Just wish Scott Wolf would realize this and dump her so she can go back to banging another bartender in Oldtown Bartek Bortkiewicz.

I like her Henna tattoo.- nik

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Crazy Butterface

September 23, 2013 ASU, Westside-AZ 74 9,268 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik I missed the clue from all the childish face book statuses that this one would be nuts. Smokin’ body, but the face- not so much. MAC force field and that gap. Been split up from my ex for over a year and I just wanted to get laid. A few of my buddies said it was an easy lay so I went for it. At first this lunatic came off as a sweet and innocent girl from Kansas. We hung out a couple times and I changed my mind about sticking it in this one. This girl tried to play mind games that I saw right through and she was almost way too easy to get into bed. That’s nasty. Have some self respect! I’ve been around the block a few times and chicks that pull that shit with any dude most likely have a *** or are looking for a baby daddy to put on lock down. After a few weeks, I distanced myself and started giving the one worded replies to texts and ignored the calls. Crazy would blow up my phone on the daily “I miss you” “I think I’m falling for you” I DID’n'T EVEN SLEEP WITH HER! Watch out for Michelle.

Its hard to imagine a dream killer face like this would crop out their body.- nik

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