Marc Is Keying Cars

December 13, 2013 ASU, Scottsdale 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this kids name is Marc, I saw him key someones M3 on Mill Ave last weekend. Be on alert. I’ve been told when Marc is intoxicated he likes to key cars.

Nice Mimosa.- nik

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Mormon Homewrecker

December 1, 2013 ASU, Gremlin, Westside-AZ 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is about a “Mormon” name London Christoffersen and how she did to my friend and her family. First off London is a drug user and convinced my good friends fiancé to buy her METH! Note: London and my friends Fiancé, Jesse, worked together at Five Guys and she was his manager! Jesse gets it for her with my friends car insurance money because he thought he would get fired. Also they just had a baby and she was only two months old. London goes to their apartment and starts doing lines of meth. This happens twice in a week period and while my friend was at work the last time London came over, London and Jesse had sex in front of the baby and right where my friends father died on her bed. Jesse told a very close friend what happened and how London is “bad and willing to do anything” to get him heroine because he used to be a drug addict. He ends up leaving his fiancé and London starts filing for an injunction of harassment against my friend the day he left her. London had been filing false police reports and trying to get her daughter taken from her. She won\’t even let Jesse see his daughter or else she will get cps involved. DONT LET ME FORGET THIS IS THE SECOND TIME SHE HAS DONE THIS TO AN EMPLOYEE!! The first one was her manager!!! She told him to leave his wife and she even spent the night at his house while still married and acted like his daughters friend because the age is very close and they had sex in the bedroom next to his wife when she was asleep!!! My friend lost her apartment because she couldn’t pay bills alone. London wouldn’t let Jesse near his apartment or his “ex fiancé” and daughter. She also wouldn’t let him send money to help with bills. Now she lives with his mom because she lost her place and because of all the rumors she spread about my friend, his mom was the only one that would let her and the baby a place to live. LONDON IS TRASH AND ALL CONPANIES, BUSNIESS, AND MEN IN RELATIONSHIPS NEED TO BE AWARE OF THE LOWLIFE FAKE MORMON HOMEWRECKING B*TCH THAT THINKS SHE IS INNOCENT AND CAN GET AWAY WITH ANYTHING. The picture of Jesse is currently what he looks like since using drugs again and the last one of London is as well.

This is her link to her blog that she had about her and Jesse openly talking about what she has done to his family:

Nice blog London.- nik

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What The Rich Drive

November 19, 2013 ASU, Scottsdale 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: With some additions and edits… Interesting to note are the habits of wealthy Americans. Thomas Stanley PhD has spent his career defining this. Stanley has written a number of books after interviewing hundred’s of millionaires (at least $1 million net worth) and decamillionaires (at least $10 million net worth). What they do for work, how much they make, what they buy, what they worry about, family profile, education, demographics, and pretty much everything else. Some observations from Stanley’s work: – More then 80% of the wealthy in America are first generation wealthy. They made their own wealth through income and life style choices as opposed to inheriting it. This has been consistent for 5-6 generations, about 110 years. But how can this be you may ask? It speaks to the liquid and fluid nature of wealth. People that work hard, live frugally and become wealthy usually raise kids that blow the wealth out the expense column in the very next generation. – Number 1 vehicle driving by the rich: Ford F150 pickup (number 2: the Toyota Camry). Now it is true these vehicles are also top sellers to the non-rich. The key take-away is proportionality coupled with minimizing investment in depreciating assets. The rich spend a fraction of 1% of their net worth on their ride. The average person spends in excess of 50% of their net worth on choice of vehicle. So who are buying all the sexy foreign luxury rides? They are mostly purchased by either high achievers of income or high achievers of spending other people’s money. But rarely will this lead to a wealth quotient equal to or greater then their social-economic peers. – Income and wealth are very different and difficult to differentiate out in public. Spending habits can begin to give clues to who has tall coin and who doesn’t. When I am meeting a new company to do business with or possibly invest in, I always look at the parking lot before going in to meet the people. If I see many fancy foreign luxury rides in the lot it is telling that the people running this company value and invest in depreciating assets. Why all this focus on wealth? What about love, happiness, contentment you ask? There is a very high corollary between one’s propensity to acquire wealth and one’s feeling love and connected to/with other people, feeling happy, feeling content. I have not seen research about the inverse, but I would venture to say those who spend a lot of their money on life style choices have a lower rating in all these categories. The rich simply do not invest in depreciating assets, nor depreciating relationships. Most millionaires are couples that rarely get divorced. As I heard Jim Ready say years ago…”The world is full of people who are experts at turning $20 bills into $5 bills”. The goal it would seem, if one ventures to be happy and content, is to not be one of them. To sum…You can be wealthy in your lifetime by hard work and life style choices. And rich people don’t care what others think of their ride. It’s simply not important.

30k’s are the only ones with something to prove.- nik

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Taylor Swift Numbers

November 13, 2013 ASU, Westside-AZ 7

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this chick, Traci, always has a guy. Dated this redhead, slept with a guy right after they broke up, then moved on to a completely new guy, within the same week. Now she’s with this black dude who has no idea how she is. She has a reputation and knows to pick guys that don’t know about it. Spread the warning!

I’m surprised this pic was taken herself.- nik

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Moraless Gypsy Clinger

November 12, 2013 ASU, Tempe 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik..this girl has had this coming for a while. Often times referring to herself as the “Michael phelps of blow jobs” you would think that since she “used to be” a fat girl, she might still put the effort in. The top of her head is descent if you overlook the fried cracked falling out hair…someone should tell her that repeatedly trying (and failing I might add) to shove it down her tiny throat and yanking it back out gives you an a for effort not a gold medal. She has (since leaving her husband after ten months of marriage) learned even less about hygiene…god forbid you try to return the favor, you better not be queezy or hungry. When we were together last year she had two pairs of tight pants that filled the car with this cross of sweat and old fish flakes. It is clear she never heard of a’s a hint its not just the last guy you blew for another line of coc. She looks the part of a hot brunette, claiming to be a sexy awkward but the only awkward thing in the room is the urge everyone has to tell her wash inside your ears and guages, we all think your a whore and your edgy sleeve tattoos are about as original as the $5 pizzes youve built that body out of. Razors are a good idea andrea not just for your legs but those weird Blondie’s you have growing inside your V would likely need waxing if they weren’t constantly singed off from the never ending friction of east valley bar boys. Two things that really bug me nick ,( a )”skinny” white girl, ideal in her clothes, somehow covered in cellulite from the bottom of her saggy chest to the tip of her unmanicured toes. (B) a girl that talks a good game but is so insecure with her own body that, despite what she thinks, she has never learned what to do with a mans. Her m.o. is basically get a cock in any hole and get it done quick. If you hang out at “on the green ” in mesa, or have time to stop by “nabersAZ” in chandler, just have a ying yang tattoo, a sub par vocabulary, nose plugs, antibiotics and a bag of white (or chocolate) and you too can have the “pleasure” of bare backing this 23 yr old slut bag in a parking lot nearby. Don’t get excited, she doesn’t like you, she likes being choked to the point of gagging, making you do all the work, and getting abortions when another one slips by. Andrea is as worry free as they come, the only thing she cares less about than her reputation is babies. A real gypsy gym. Enjoy guys find her @ohheyitsandreaaa on IG , andrea Hahn on FB. I’d give her number but she changes it every few weeks. Usually the same day she washes her V out.

That’s a lot of softening you’ve done to your face….(photoshop).- nik

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Theta Sloot

November 12, 2013 ASU, Scottsdale 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik i was with her and some mutual friends up until she went home with a random guy and threw up in his bed. she was so wasted that she spilled the beans to me. she cheated on her ex boyfriend of 4 years with more than 6 guys(thats all she could remember drunk) and he has no idea. she got c***ydia from one of the guys she cheated on him with so she never told her ex either. make sure you were a condom boss!!! she hates her sorority. she hates the girls but pretends to love it just so she can say she is a theta. the first thing she tells anyone is that she is a theta. typical sorority girl, loud, obnoxious, belligerent. she was talking so much shit about her big. it was nasty talk

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The ASU Experience

November 7, 2013 ASU 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: ASU is the Top Party School

This is meant to be a joke right?? It was striped of its ‘top 10′ title years ago and has been spiraling downwards ever since.- nik

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ASU Police Department Is Full Of Perverts

October 31, 2013 ASU, The Dirty 112

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, ASU’S Police Department is full of dirty perverts looking to bang some underage chicks.  Many girls are reporting harassment and I know a few girls that were effected by them directly.  They are losers trying to hook up with girls by letting them drink underage.

Why would they drag this girl out in her underwear? (I see the “dumb tattoo I got in college”)- nik

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