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Da’rick Rogers Has An Issue On His Hands

December 18, 2014 Atlanta, The Dirty 32


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Tyler moved from Ohio to Atlanta to fix her messed up reputation for sleeping with any man that wears cleats or basketball sneakers. She’s in an online feud with Instagram thot Jena Frumes over former Colts player Da’rick Rogers. She’s also shaped like a deformed pear.  Ladies, you know Da’Rick has more than you two right?

What a waste of good elbows.- nik

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Chelsia Gay Moore

December 18, 2014 Atlanta 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this whore’s name is Chelsia Gay Moore and she lives in the Loganville, Ga area. She goes around pretending to be this good little christian, but the truth is she is nothing more than a pathetic whore who doesn’t seem to realize that a relationship is for 2 people not 3. (Clearly this bitch can’t count) She is the true meaning of crazy stalker. She obsessed with her ex in highschool, and now as an adult she has transfered her obsession to someone else. She has even paid guys to be with her. Begged them to leave their girlfriend and tells them if they do she will give them any amount of money they want. (Money that comes from mommy and daddy because tha’s who she lives off of) If she doesn’t get what she wants she isnt above calling the cops on a guy, and lying about him hitting her. She has put trackers on her victims cell phone, and apps that sends copies of all his texts to her phone. When a guy she has dated moves on with someone else she doesn’t care. She is content with being a lowlife side bitch, and flaunts that fact to whoever the current girlfriend is. This bitch needs to be exposed to the world for she really is, a whore.

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Lame Wannabe Danielle Thibodeaux

December 14, 2014 Atlanta 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Danielle Thibodeaux she lives in Walker. She just loves talking about how other people are rats, but as a 2faced hoe she still wants to hangout with those peps. You posted that Victoria was a rat on the page and a few days later posted how they need to free her and you miss her. Bitch you want to be her! You could never be or look as good as Vic. Im surprised she ever hanged with your sorry bad built ass. Then she claims to know all these ppl like ODB Jr, said Kevin Gates gave her a shoutout yea right. No one believes you. And you were arrested but somehow you have been out? Why is that…..rat. Stop trying to be Vic you outta her league and stop trying to clown other ppl doing big things. Heard you clowned Saadi when she was by Boosies and you said she was fu****** the help?! Jealous much? Go exercise, run or something take care of your cross eyed child please

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Gia the Atlanta Hooker

December 10, 2014 Atlanta 2


THE DIRTY ARMY: Everyone meet Gia the Atlanta Craigslist outdated prostitute. These are pics my devastated bf found on her husbands computer. After she contracted durd and found these pics, I feel it necessary to put Atlanta on on Public Health Hazard Alert

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Sean Miller wearing Pony Panties

December 9, 2014 Atlanta 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Think the skirt is nuff said.

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Clarksville Slore Strikes in Georgia

December 2, 2014 Atlanta, Louisville 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Denise Cobb, army slut of Ft. Campbell has struck again. This time in Canton, GA fcking married men. Pictures prove it all. What’s next? Beastiality? Don’t let her work on your teeth guy, she might spread H** while doing dental work…or if that’s what she\’s really doing. Oh. And you can supposedly get a blow job from her for $5. Nik, this girl is raking through states. Put the warning out there for people to stay away!!! When she fucks everyone in one city, she moves on to the next city.

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Scandal Shonta Bronson

November 27, 2014 Atlanta 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: A chick name Shonta Bronson that stays in atlanta ga, Decatur ga starting seeing me telling me she love me, got me spending money on her and she meet my family, but she fail to realize to tell me she had a in house boy friend that she loves with and fcked nightly so I finds out when he text me from her phone one night and asked who is this texting my girl this late and i was shocked so dont not trust this chick here shonta Bronson from Atlanta Decatur ga

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Deadbeat Dad and loser girlfriend

November 25, 2014 Atlanta 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Once again this loser tywan Freeney who Owens gottatrainer** or drram1122 has ripped off so many people. Tywan has over 6 kids who he doesn’t take responsibility for. He steals money and needs to be stopped. His girl Thida Penn is bad news as well. Battery charges and money stealing. Stop these losers.

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