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Deadbeat Dad and loser girlfriend

November 25, 2014 Atlanta 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Once again this loser tywan Freeney who Owens gottatrainer** or drram1122 has ripped off so many people. Tywan has over 6 kids who he doesn’t take responsibility for. He steals money and needs to be stopped. His girl Thida Penn is bad news as well. Battery charges and money stealing. Stop these losers.

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Kinda Like a Man

November 21, 2014 Atlanta 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This is Jennifer not sure of the last because she has many. She was left by all of her husbands because she tends to have a habit of cheating. Her husband she has now says she can’t have babies because she had a sex change When she was younger but claims it was other reason! She also has many stds sadly. She gave her best friends husband an std. When she meets a couple she always tries to get them to have a foursome. I don’t know how she gets any dude.. She looks like a man. She is worse naked. She tried sleeping with an ex boyfriend but he had to fight her off. Not only is she ugly from the outside but also inside. She is a total bitch that likes the manipulate people. She thinks by trying to get men to sleep with her she can get what she wants.. I think the reason she does it is to help her self esteem. Poor girl. Hopefully she stopped doing dugs because she is aging dramatically!!!

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Jet from Seeking Arrangements

November 21, 2014 Atlanta 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: I met this guy on an online site that is a beneficial relationship. I did my part of the arrangement and never got myside I want the world to know he is a liar , cheater , he say’s he’s a pilot but in reality he owns nothing works for no air lines he has no money just a guy cheating little girls on the site. He clearly can’t get laid so he has to call hookers or go on sites that he promises he will pay them. But gives an excuse when he;’s done which is literally 20 seconds . He saw my girl friend the next night and did the same thing the only thing is she didn’t use a condom and now has been crying for days he gave her herpes. I know she’s not smart to not be safe but so all you girls who are on the site to make money to go to school, have help with your life , have responsibilities that you can’t handle on your own. Please stay away from this guy my girl friend learned the hard way. I just lost on money. I’m the lucky one. His names is Business man on the site he says hes a pilot bla bla…I will leave his info in the photos!!!

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Never Date this Man

November 18, 2014 Athens- GA, Atlanta 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this loser right here his name is Cory Chancey from Monroe GA. He claims he’s straight but he’s gay or doesn’t know what he is. He broke up with my best friend because he said he was bi or gay or doesn’t know what he is. He is the biggest loser I ever seen. He is not a good person he lies about EVERYTHING I won’t be friends with her or date him. (I hope ladies will take my advice and not talk to him).

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Nasty in Barrow County

November 10, 2014 Atlanta 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Machelle Gresham. Fcks everyone she works with. She owns a hair salon in Statham Ga call All in One where she preforms sexual acts. She looks like a transvestite. Poor thing has YouTube channel (machelle731) where she is the most ratchet and ghetto, trashy, videos . The bad thing is she thinks she looks good. She claims to have so much but her husband left her because she fucked his brother in front of their kids

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Old Saggy Stripper

November 5, 2014 Atlanta 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Claire she’s a old stripper. She told me she was 27 I say more like 47 on a good day. She tried to get me to pay her for certain services I declined because her co workers said she had drd

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Little Dancing Kobi

November 4, 2014 Atlanta, Charlotte 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Kobi is one of the lowest lives of them all. He comes off as a cool dancer hitting up royal hookah and casa Blanca every weekend. But those events cost money, which he uses girls for. Believe me, also he doesn’t work, have a car but claims to be a father to his little girl. This guy will sleep with you, date you and be kissing on another female infront of your face. This guy is dirty, I know the ratchets won’t resist.

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Roosevelt Anthony Bridges, Jr

November 4, 2014 Atlanta, Detroit 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Roosevelt Bridges else known as Ton or Tony he’s a BIG TIMES manipulator, lier, cheater, disrespectful , drug addict , alcoholic , big time woman abuser VERBAL and physical , he is lazy as hell use womans for their money while he makes them believe his deeply in love with then, watch out for this danger individual because he can be extreme charming at first, then he’ll star off with his reverse psychology on victims. Firstt warning should be ” I GOT STAIGHT A’s on psychologist ” He can only believe it because he never even made it to college, he’s a truck loader for UPS.

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