Sissy Beth Is A Liar

March 20, 2014 Atlanta 0 6,346 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well this sissy is a slut! he/she keeps asking for love but its all lies. please expose him/her!

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Laura Davis Craigslist Homewrecker

March 19, 2014 Atlanta 2 6,706 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: This disgusting c*ke slooth regularly posts on craigslist offering “cardates”. She goes by the name of Laura Davis and she has been doing this for a long time now. She’s 29 and she’s been doing this since she was 22 long before she had a boy with this nice guy. Poor guy didnt even know that this slooth was hooking behind his back. At least he finally figured it out and kicked her to the curb and got custody of the boy 3 years ago. But that hasn’t stopped this slooth from hooking and shes regularly posting on her craigslist usually late at night and spreading her legs for her next fix. It has been confirmed she now has more drds and drd. Ewww. She’s been in the game long enough and she pretends to have a regular job restoring old furniture “The Modern Antique” on facebook but it’s a front because the nice lady upstairs who is renting her house for practically free. she would kick Laura out if she found out she was hooking from her basement suite at Arbour Ridge Way NW. Funny on her facebook page, she says “Always Open”, yeah her legs are always open lol. She recently called my boyfriend asking him for money (probably for her fix, who knows) and that if he came over with 2 bills, she would make it worth his while. WTF who would do that sort of thing? Laura Davis would. Think I’m joking, look at these pics she sent my boyfriend. And these are the same pics she posts on slimey hooking sites as craigs and backpage. Guys, don’t bother wrapping your tool with her, her crabs will still get you, and ladies, keep your women away from this DRD walking infested hooking slooth. What can you expect from a slooth who has been hooking on craigslist for 7 years. I am surprised there hasn’t been a blast about this slooth earlier. Keep your Herpes and Crabs to yourself Laura you disgusting slooth homewrecker

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Francois R Russ

March 13, 2014 Atlanta, Georgia 7 9,552 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This husband and father of two small children and one adult child decided that he wanted a girlfriend. So, he decided to cheat on his wife, with one of his children’s teacher. He began by calling and texting and then the relationship started. He continued to call, text, email and online message his girlfrind and not long afterwards, began a sexual relationship. They would meet each other 4-5 times a week, at her home in Gwinnett County or in DeKalb County. He bought her gifts and gave her money. All the while returning home to his wife that he claimed he hated and no longer loved.

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Do Men Want To Watch Porn With Their Wives

March 4, 2014 Atlanta, The Dirty 219 122,915 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I have been feeling conflicted over this issue since I got married a few years back. Here’s the thing. I like porn. My husband doesn’t know this, but I know he likes it too because I’ve seen it on his phone before. In the beginning of our relationship I used to get mad when I caught porn on his phone but now I just get horny and want to watch it together whereas I used to yell at him for it. The hypocritical thing is that I’ve loved porn all along myself, but I just got jealous when HE watched it. Now I feel differently for some reason. I don’t feel jealous anymore. Do you think I should bring it up? I’m kinda scared to because what if he doesn’t like the idea?

Ask him if he ever looks at the Greg being filmed during Porn? You have to look at the Greg action so the porno makes sense. Technically he is Gay. He is getting off to another man getting off.- nik

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Nevin Mizelle Is A Scam

March 3, 2014 Atlanta 0 9,274 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is Nevin Mizelle. She is the biggest joke I’ve met. Her face is beat to hell so she thinks that dyeing her hair green, wearing tacky press on nails, and shoes from the 90s makes her look cool. She’s a stripper for the fun of it, she doesn’t need the money, she enjoys being groped by dirty old men. Her roommate is just as bad and her roommate is disgustingly skinny and makes tacky “lingerie”. Everyone laughs at their “fashion blog”. You’re a joke. She “twerks” but she can’t even move her body. It’s sad.

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Jamie Davorens life is a mess

March 3, 2014 Atlanta 8 6,301 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jamie Davoren is no stranger to this site. Her life is a mess for a woman her age with children and she just can’t seem to get that it’s time to grow up. She is always looking for jobs because she gets fired and can’t keep one longer than two weeks. She is always moving because she gets kicked out for non payment of rent, she complains she never spends enough time with her girls yet instead of staying in with them on a Friday or Saturday night she dumps them off with whoever will take them and goes out partying smoking weed and getting wasted. She has a new fb every month, can’t keep friends because she lies and steals from them, can’t keep a car because she would rather party and lie on her back than work to pay for it. I could go on and on about what a trashy whore she is. She is approaching her thirties, when will she finally realize it’s time to grow up and be a mother? Even better questions why hasn’t their father sought custody of those poor kids yet?

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Nasty Ass Horse

February 27, 2014 Atlanta 37 7,379 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl is a nasty ass hoe aka Kelly Jones (Miller)! She will lie to you, steal all your money and chat on you with all of her friends! She uses men for everything they will give her, then she leaves them for someone new who doesn’t know her lies. She claims to have served in the United States Marine Corps, which is one of the BIGGEST lies ever! Ask to see her discharge papers and the less will start rolling! Her ex-husband proudly served his country, but her? Hell No! She cheated on him the entire time he was overseas with Numerous men. She also spent all of his money as well. Go figure, she’s a known tag chaser only for the benefits! Her ex divorced and left her after he came home and found all of this out! She also had a son. That poor boy never sees his mother bc she is to busy partying all the time. She pushes him over on her grandmother and only keeps custody of him so she can collect the child support! So sad! She will also steal from you. Make sure you don’t leave your wallet or anything valuable lying around for her to take! The Bitch doesn’t work so she’s gotta make money somehow when she isn’t opening dem legs for it! I feel sorry for any man STUPID enough to fall into her trap. She doesn’t love you! She only loves you money! And when that is gone, you can bet she’s be gone just as fast!

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Gina Bresler Is Drugged Out

February 26, 2014 Atlanta 4 5,987 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this isn’t just a dumb drug addict she happens to be sister of Alix Bresler as well as making up stories about Alix when on drugs it’s sad but true life like that is just pathetic!

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