Atlanta | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 2

Never Date this Man

November 18, 2014 Athens- GA, Atlanta 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this loser right here his name is Cory Chancey from Monroe GA. He claims he’s straight but he’s gay or doesn’t know what he is. He broke up with my best friend because he said he was bi or gay or doesn’t know what he is. He is the biggest loser I ever seen. He is not a good person he lies about EVERYTHING I won’t be friends with her or date him. (I hope ladies will take my advice and not talk to him).

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Nasty in Barrow County

November 10, 2014 Atlanta 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Machelle Gresham. Fcks everyone she works with. She owns a hair salon in Statham Ga call All in One where she preforms sexual acts. She looks like a transvestite. Poor thing has YouTube channel (machelle731) where she is the most ratchet and ghetto, trashy, videos . The bad thing is she thinks she looks good. She claims to have so much but her husband left her because she fucked his brother in front of their kids

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Old Saggy Stripper

November 5, 2014 Atlanta 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Claire she’s a old stripper. She told me she was 27 I say more like 47 on a good day. She tried to get me to pay her for certain services I declined because her co workers said she had drd

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Little Dancing Kobi

November 4, 2014 Atlanta, Charlotte 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Kobi is one of the lowest lives of them all. He comes off as a cool dancer hitting up royal hookah and casa Blanca every weekend. But those events cost money, which he uses girls for. Believe me, also he doesn’t work, have a car but claims to be a father to his little girl. This guy will sleep with you, date you and be kissing on another female infront of your face. This guy is dirty, I know the ratchets won’t resist.

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Roosevelt Anthony Bridges, Jr

November 4, 2014 Atlanta, Detroit 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Roosevelt Bridges else known as Ton or Tony he’s a BIG TIMES manipulator, lier, cheater, disrespectful , drug addict , alcoholic , big time woman abuser VERBAL and physical , he is lazy as hell use womans for their money while he makes them believe his deeply in love with then, watch out for this danger individual because he can be extreme charming at first, then he’ll star off with his reverse psychology on victims. Firstt warning should be ” I GOT STAIGHT A’s on psychologist ” He can only believe it because he never even made it to college, he’s a truck loader for UPS.

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Sloots karma

November 3, 2014 Atlanta, Augusta 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this nasty slore is Erika Rhodes from Warrenville, South Carolina. She was married to a great guy that loved her and her kids, and worked his butt off to support them. How did she repay him? While he was off working out of town she was driving his vehicle around fcking and sucking any guy that she could find. She cheated on him nonstop the entire time they were married, and never once felt any remorse for it. Thankfully the skank finally got caught, and he got rid of her nasty ass. Since then she has continued to cheat on any guy dumb enough to be with her. She is so busy being a whore that she neglected her kids so bad that the oldest moved away to live with her father, and hates her mother so much she refuses to have anything to do with her. Erika THINKS she is hottest thing walking, and its time this two faced bitch gets a reality check.

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Smelly Stripper

October 30, 2014 Atlanta 28

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this bitch right here is the nastiest ugliest her p*ssy is the loosest in barrow county she loves to fck and suck anything and anybody even if it was her own dogs she smells like sardins and draino with all the meth she does her ass sags cause it’s so loose it gets fcked by at 6 a night , she especially likes married men that she can not have and only want her for a free piece of ass , beware of this nasty stripper whore !!!

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Delusional Tawny Swain

October 29, 2014 Atlanta, Nashville 1

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, check out yet another delusional cyber girl who thinks that she’s an A list celebrity. I’m sick of seeing this dumb redhead Tawny Swain talking herself up all over the place. She was a Playboy cyber girl LAST YEAR and still reposts the old over airbrushed photos of herself to get attention. She recently filmed an episode of MTV True Life about being slut shamed, once again trying to extend her minimal cyber girl fame as much as possible. She constantly brags about all of her Michael Kors crap that her parents buy for her. Without photoshop this “model” is a train wreck. This girl needs a reality check. What do you think Nik? (For more laughs check out her song DJ Kid on iTunes under the name Tonie Swain. Sorry your lawyer daddy’s money can’t buy you any talent!).

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