Home Wrecker Cheerleader

January 31, 2014 Atlanta, Dirty Cheerleaders, The Dirty 103 94,194 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this crazy ugly keeps posting pics of my boyfriend and her… On her FB and Instagram. He dumped her 8 months ago and she is still calling him her bf… Crazy ass girl and cheerleader. She is a dancer for the Jacksonville Sharks attack dance team! And she has even tried to hook up with my brother.

Those are some nice abs.- nik

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Should Eyebrows be a Deal Breaker

January 31, 2014 Atlanta, Columbus-GA 5 8,029 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: I recently found out my husband cheated on me with this fake eyebrowed slut. Her name is Jamie and she’s been a home wrecker for years. She HAD a hot husband that she treated like garbage and cheated on repeatedly. Why would anyone go after a girl that looks like a wet rat in the morning? Nik, would you?

Answer: No, easy access is not attractive to me, nor is the sheen from sharpies.

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Syd Michael

January 24, 2014 Atlanta 8 9,135 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This guy is the biggest scam artist known to man! He is a pathological liar who preys upon the unemployed and others who are in weak positions. He pays women (if you call them that) from a strip club in Atlanta called Flashers to be his “girlfriends” or fuck buddies when he goes on trips to Las Vegas with his business partner Brian Anderson who owns [removed] “Peachtree SEO”. He rents a house on lake Lanier in Flowery Branch Georgia and tells everyone that he owns it. Everything is in his mother’s name because he owes so much money in back taxes. He goes by Syd Michael, Sydney Michael or just Syd.

You can tell by his closet space…- nik

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Curious If

January 21, 2014 Atlanta, San Diego 3 7,417 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: First off this girl use to be ‘Thee’pro with hustling and stripping and using men for money.Cars,boobs,monthly allowences for her&Her bf+meth addiction.Shes from orlando,then moved to atlanta to work at the cheetah.Where she had big time SD’s and men who spent alot of money at the club with her.Was in a few porn flixs,also in playboy a few times.Then she got prego.Moved back to Orlando and all of a sudden is some fitness guru and super mom&Gets married.Strange if u know her from back then.Now she owns ‘muscle mommie fitness And is some international fitness comp.winner.To me something is off if u really know her.She wants nothing to do with old friends and dismisses them like shes better.I want to know whats really up…she married to some guy and it just doesnt seem to fit her style.I think people who hide there past is because they are hustling what’s going on in there life now.

Good thing her teeth aren’t part of the competition.- nik

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Tool Is an Understatement

January 21, 2014 Atlanta 61 9,189 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This Tool thinks he is the King of parties in Atlanta, newsflash, you are SOOO wrong! He will hit on you all night, getting you drinks, flirting, trying to win his way to getting your number, and then, out of no where says “I have a girlfriend.” Umm, ok jack ass, first off, I wasn’t as interested as you must have thought, and two… a girl friend, right…. I can’t see how you have one, where is she while you are hitting on me and my friend all night long?? Then, asking around, you find out not only does he have a girl here in Atlanta, he has one out of state too!! Listen, Bro… You are not that amazing. And these poor girls! I mean if i found out about them both I can’t see how they don’t know bout each other, and what does that say about them? God, why are there so many assholes and bimbos in this state!! Oh, and I guess out of state as well… So dear Chadley, (yes, that is his real name….go figure) You are not as hot as you think you are, and I feel bad for both of your girlfriends, may they never remember you once you are out of their lives (which I am sure won’t take long..)…. even if they are too dumb to remember where they parked there cars..

Looks like he knows a nightlife photographer, nothing impressive jumping in with a horse.- nik

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Mother Daughter Team

January 13, 2014 Atlanta, Would You? 28 10,672 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Mandolynne (42) and HER daughter Reagan (22) both are porta pottys. Like mother like daughter. For the right price you can have them both TOGETHER! They are into some pretty freaky things, like hanging from meat hooks together and going to kinky fetish parties. So would you get down with this incestuous duo too Nik?

Answer: No, I’m more confused then anything.

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Beware Of This Freeloading Squatter

January 12, 2014 Atlanta, The Dirty 230 95,554 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Daquisha Barber.  Mother of 5 kids she collects welfare for and abuses the legal system as much as she can by going around breaking into lock boxes of expensive large homes and moving her and her brood in.  Squatting there for months at a time for free while everyone else pays for her to live high on the hog.  What a great example she is setting for her fatherless children.  Looking at her Facebook shows you she thinks she is the best thing that ever happened to men. Watch out people, she will rob you blind if you turn your back on her for a second!  Stealing your jewelry, money, credit card numbers and even hair weave.  Anything she can get her hands on.  She belongs in jail and hopefully the system will get wise and lock her up.

There is no system in Atlanta.- nik

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Steve Harvey’s Daughter Is A Home Wrecker

January 11, 2014 Atlanta, The Dirty 145 101,462 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is Karli Harvey, daughter of comedian STEVE HARVEY!! She calls herself a “Certified Glam God”. Her father, STEVE HARVEY, takes a VERY public Christian stance, mentoring young men and preaching the importance of fidelity.  I wonder if he knows that his precious little bald-headed, horse-faced of a daughter has been sleeping with a MARRIED MAN for over a year! Now that this slime ball, (Ben Raymond from Dallas) is finally divorced, she can post these types of pictures on her Twitter and Instagram and pretend that they are a NEW happy couple! Poor little tramp has no idea that Ben Raymond “caught the vapors” is just using her! Instead of focusing on “fashion,” she needs to focus on daddy not finding out what a HOMEWRECKING WHORE she is! Sorry Karli, but you have sex with dogs, you’re GONNA get fleas!

Karli sure does look like her father.- nik

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