Atlanta | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 4

Dumbest in Monroe

October 15, 2014 Atlanta 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this hoe from Monroe could possibly be as dumb as they come. She is married and word round town is she and her husband cheat on each other with best friends, strangers, strippers, etc. she kinda looks like a fly that surrounds poop. Sh’s got her man fooled and he’s got her fooled. Their marriage is a joke. She only stays with him cuz iof the money she only has a part time job and story is said that the husband does illegal things for extra money. The point is she’s the dumb hoe of ghetto Mionroe

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Amanda Cameron, Anderson SC

October 15, 2014 Atlanta, Augusta, Charlotte 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this “woman” wanted to attempt to drag my name through the mid all because her husband has been cheating on her since they got together. Something everyone who knew him tried to warn her about. Guess she wanted to learn the hard way. Two years after she found out how much of a scum bag he is, she made this post on a website calling me a homewrecker. Okay birch here’s a vocab lesson for you in order for me to be considered a Honeywell I would have had to wreck your home. You stayed with Chris who BTW for all you who can see the pictures, he’s in the military. You want to call me names and remark in my weight yet that didn’t stop your “husband” from blowing my phone up wanting to get with me. You sat there and got people to not only harass me but those closest to me. Wonder how you’ll feel if the shoe was in the other foot. And remember karma is a bigger bitch than you’ll ever dream of being. Oh and FYI I wasnt the only one so why don’t you go cry to your counselor about how you’re the moron to marry Anderson’s biggest man whore. That’s right! The award goes to your “loving” husband, Chris Cameron. Congrats! You’re the dumbest bitch ever. Sincerely, The woman who wouldn’t pay to be around your nasty ass, man whoring husband.

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Michael Phelp’s Girl Is A Pro Groupie/Stalker

October 10, 2014 Atlanta, Hollywood, The Dirty 64


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, she isn’t stalking you.  She stalks everyone.  So don’t feel special or anything.

Is she rolling 24-7…what’s with that jaw?- nik

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Jonny Mitchell

October 7, 2014 Atlanta, Augusta 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this loser is Jonny Mitchell. He is 32. He is a burger flipper at Steak N Shake. He will never be anything more than this because he thinks being a manager is too hard. He doesn’t have a car or a license and so his family has to take him everywhere. He hasn’t had one in 10+ years. If you date will have to take him everywhere. He will say you don’t have to but if you don’t then be prepared for an argument. He is best at taking any insecurity you tell him about and using it against you. He will then tell you that he doesn’t mean to hurt your feelings and that he is just too truthful and will work on it. He has hit, pushed and/or scratched EVERY girl he has ever dated. He has even hurt his own mother. He will tell you that he did not mean to do this or he was drunk and doesn’t remember. He will say how ashamed he is. How depressed it makes him that he acted that way. DO NOT FALL FOR IT. HE DOES NOT FEEL BAD. After you agree to work through it, He will then find a way to make you feel bad. He will make you feel crazy. He will give you the silent treatment. Once you leave him..He will move on to the next girl (who he has either been talking to on Snap chat, a dating site or various other social sites he frequents) and tell her that you are crazy. That you make things up. Believe us. Its best to just stay clear of him

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The Walton County Slore

September 26, 2014 Atlanta 10


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this dirty bitch is Jessica Hardy. She is 28 years old, and from around the Monroe area. She thinks she is sexy as hell, and every man wants her. She THINKS she has “haters” and is actually a good parent. The truth is none of the above is true. She will spread her big cottage cheese legs for any man, and invite them to enter her “gates of hell” after only knowing them for two days. But fair warning to anyone who is thinking about taking that journey, don’t be surprised when you go to take a piss and it feels like you are literally pissing fire and brim stone. Because her shit is more than nasty, and a smell comes from that will knock your dick in the dirt. Her favorite kind of man is one that is currently in prison, but she will also go for the married man as well. She has 2 kids that get thrown to the side anytime mommy dearest has her a man. She will have her kids shacked up in the local dope motel with one of her many men, while he does drugs around them and she puts out for him with the kids in the same room. She was homeless here recently AGAIN, and her daddy had to pay to put a roof over her 28 year old ass. Last but no least, she has a handicap sticker for child. Even if she doesnt have her kid with her she still parts her big ass in the handicap spot, because she is too lazy to walk. She needs to be parking her ass in the back to walk of that big nasty gut.

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My People Need To Have Real Goals In Life

September 26, 2014 Atlanta, The Dirty 110

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, check out there 2 young brothas… dumb as sh*t. Poor kids can’t even figure out the simplest of math questions… I blame rap and sports. Ask any young black kid what they want to be when they grow up, 99% will have one of the same 3 answers… Rapper, drug dealer or pro athlete… and can we blame them? Our people don’t talk about being in school and working at a 9-5… all you hear in music is how they are banging strippers, smoking weed, drinking lean and selling drugs… what do we expect?????

I blame Obama.- nik

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Constance Lynne Platypus

September 23, 2014 Atlanta 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This is Constance (Connie) Lynne aka seanoftheded aka lilmisscutie19 aka missy19, Guys you watch out for this big fat nasty ass, i’ve had the pleasure of speaking with her. I’ve caught her in multiple lies. She photoshops/edits her photos to appear smaller. As a matter of fact, she got caught using a models photo, her makeup is poorly done, she shops at the dollar store. She has a new guy every week, and claims to be in a relationship, when she acts like a whore, which clearly is a lie she has nobody. She wears the same bra she had for several years, and says its still fits, that is quite frankly tiny on her fat ass. She thinks she’s Belle from Beauty and the Beast, she also thinks she’s Miss Piggy and some other characters. She claims herself to be sweet, cute and she is conceited as hell which Nik let me tell you that’s a lie. She claims to think every guys wants to hit that. Oh and I shouldn’t forget that bitch is as fake as they come, she stalks the hell out of other people, and is phoney and fake. She will do anything to get the center of attention, whether it is to act like a big whore, or to copy how people look. Face it Constance, you are never going to be anybody, so just save yourself now, and have respect for yourself, oh and maybe go call Jenny Craig, you need it, put the bucket of Chicken and the bottle of Cola down. She tries to act like she’s hot, making them duckface looks, and sucking on different things. Save yourself, bless your heart!

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Atlanta School of Ministry Sloot

September 22, 2014 Atlanta 19



THE DIRTY ARMY: This whore is supposed to be studying to become a pastor and she is sexting every person on campus. I walk in her dorm room and she is banging 2 guys at the same time. She has never had a boyfriend that she didn’t cheat on..

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