Vernon Hamilton Is Just Frontin’

January 8, 2014 Atlanta, Dirty Athletes, The Dirty 20 86,010 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I just wanna put this messy ass, trifling Vernon Hamilton on blast. People need to know who they’re dealing with, whether it be personally or professionally and this dude is a certified CLOWN on all fronts. He’s a pathological liar, I swear he got a vag instead of a Greg too, cause he’s way too emotional, even online. Dude is straight up one of them “Drake be like” types, cause he will write you, then block you, then unblock you to write you and block you again. We’re out here trying to get real money, nobody got time for this dude who is stuck in 1997 and swears he’s all star athlete when he’s not even in the NBA-D League any more! If you let Vernon spit it, he’s an NBA player though. He tries to use that swindle to pick up like 5 different girls, even though he’s got a “steady” girlfriend who seems to be completely blind to the fact she’s getting played. Maybe she’s dogging him out too.

What real black athlete reads the paper in the morning (maybe classified ads)? Vernon lives for likes.- nik

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ATL’s Newest Perverted Photographer

January 2, 2014 Atlanta 27 5,917 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this guy hits me up on instagram asking to shoot with me, i said yeah why not but i should have picked up on how creepy he was coming off. I show up for the shoot and right of the bat he starts hitting on me like none stop, keeps asking me to shoot nude after telling him several times that i do not do nude. After shooting my first look with him i go to change outfits and he walks into the room im changing and starts to grab me and kiss me, I push him off and he just takes his pants off and tells me if i want the photos i will have to have sex with him… I told him to fck off and if he uses any of the photos he took of me i would call my lawyer. Anyhow the guy is a joke, he cant even tell what’s fashion, beauty, or editorial photography. He makes half his models pose in skanky ways, nor does he know how to edit. STAY AWAY FROM THIS GUY!!!!

Sounds like he’s trying to slay from what he heard through the loophole.- nik

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Crazy in her Eyes

December 30, 2013 Atlanta 5 8,674 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Tara Trent. She is a delusional pyscho that trapped this loser into knocking her up but he is an ugly fat guy because he’s all she could get. She is a stage 5 clinger and stalks guys and makes up relationships in her head and tells people she with someone when they have no idea who she is. She is overweight and wears clothes that are way too small for her and it’s disgusting. Her eyes scream psychopath and serial killer. They start bulging out of her head when she lies and everyone at work finds her annoying as does everyone else that knows her except for her fat friends. Quit stalking other womens men and go obsess over the chump you actually got to blow his load in you!

Who can notice the eyes with everything else going on.- nik

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EDM’s Scummiest Shim

December 24, 2013 Atlanta, The Dirty 45 75,160 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this piece of work here is about as low as it gets. She claims to be running a charity for cancer patients so that they can attend edm festivals and raves. IN reality when she got called to the table for a site to link a deposit she offered to have money put into her personal bank acct. She begs trouts and DJ’s for tickets to shows and events by pawning off her 63 year old mother who has cancer and bringing her along. Yes… she pawns off her cancerous mother to get tickets to shows.

Even worse she takes donations to take her mom to these shows. All the while her instagram and facebook is riddled with expensive jewlery and picture of her flaunting cash. The plus two’s are a waste with that beat, weathered face. Mom and daughter look like they could be twins! Please put this on the main page for the world to see. I know you have influence with some DJ’s. Lets not let this type of morbid pawning of a cancer patient continue.

Shame on Tiesto for endorsing Tigers. Doesn’t he follow @LegendofAnwar on Instagram? Tiger is gay.- nik

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Anwar Is More Than Man

December 12, 2013 Atlanta, Miami, The Dirty 101 142,898 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I finally get it.  I thought he was a douche, but after understanding Anwar’s mind the man is a true legend.  I will live by this motto.  Thank you Anwar.

He has the best Instagram on Instagram. I decided.- nik


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Infamous Wills Shocking Behavior

December 12, 2013 Alabama, Atlanta 0 8,761 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this person known on Instagram as infamouslywill is the image of dirty everything he does sleeping with everyone never seen gay guys like this Amanda bynes looks sane to this dude it’s time to have the dish on thedirty

Shocking is the lack of  information you added.- nik

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Londynn Kash Bridges

December 9, 2013 Atlanta 8 7,185 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this diseased ass tramp has and is going around screwing everyone in ATL and surrounding cities for money, SPREADING the disease… she got 2 damn kids (no baby daddy claimin them) collects food stamps and cash aid (obviously, look at her ratchet lowlife self) and she prostitutes on the side, she don’t take care of her kids, she parties every night leaving them with whoever will take them, she smokes meth and crack and is always popping molly and smoking and drinking (lean and liquor) she dont ever buy her kids anything but will stand in line for some Jordans (when she aint driving out to smileys to by fake ones for $40) and she reuses her weave… this dirty skank is the reason black women in the A have a bad name but the worst is that she doesn’t give a damn about her own life and health, she thinks men are the reason shes had such a hard life so shes happy to sex em up raw and give them aids then laugh later. Everyone hates her but no one will tell her, so they pretend to like her on her FB just to laugh and talk about her later… she changes men like she changes her cheap broke ass weaves… Everyone feels sorry for them poor kids, one is like 5 and can barely even talk and the youngest has issues because she did drugs and smoked and drank while pregnant. Nik expose this hoe to the world, warn the men and women (shes BIsexual, of course, all hoes are) and she’s on the loose looking for someone to bum off of and sell herself to for whatever price

Try a mattte sharpie, reduce the shine.- nik

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The Out of Control Alcoholic

December 6, 2013 Atlanta, Dirty DUI 1 7,308 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this Josh. He just recently moved into town and has already taken it to the extreme. When he isn’t “focusing on school” you can find him out at any bar spending every dollar he makes getting hammered to the point where he can barely function. This kid is a TRAINWRECK. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who felt the need to get drunk as much as he does, in order to be around anyone in public. He has lived here for a few months and already has made a name for himself. He has a close group of friends but most people around here just sit back and laugh as they watch him spiral out of control. He recently got a DUI after hitting 4 different bars in one night and driving himself home on the opposite side of the road. You’re really going somewhere bro, good luck with that. This kid is an absolute joke, he runs his mouth every chance he gets and no one even cares what he has to say. His own best friend doesn’t even have his back, but plays it cool to his face. GO BACK TO TEXAS DRUNK ASS, you’ve done enough here already.

He’s drinking away his tuition.- nik

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