Atlanta Falcons Knowingly Drafted A Rapist

May 14, 2014 Atlanta, Dirty Athletes, The Dirty 88


THE DIRTY ARMY: So Nik, we all know the tragic story of how Notre Dame covered up the rape of a young lady by its star linebacker Prince Shembo. We also know that young lady was driven to suicide by Shembos friends who launched an intimidation campaign against her. But the Atlanta Falcons are just like Notre Dame: they believe winning football games is more important than justice. I ask the dirty army to boycott the National Football League until Prince Shembo is given a lifetime ban and the owner of the Falcons is banned like Donald Sterling. Furthermore, I ask for a boycott of Notre Dame until they fire coach Kelly who covered up the rape, release the names of Shembos friends and ban them, and publicly apologize to the girls family. Together we can all unite to stop rape!!!

That’s not how professional sports work = Click here = winning makes things magically disappear.- nik


Notre Dame’s Beloved Prince Shembo Got Away With Rape

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Sweet n Innocent

May 13, 2014 Atlanta, University Of Montana 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Met this girl in a bar. I knew she didn’t belong as soon as I saw her. Turns out she is in some shit relationship where her boyfriend beats her. I planted the seed because I could see myself being with her. She remembers me and adds me on facebook a few days later. She finally breaks up with her boyfriend in a week or two so I say hi. I picked up her shattered pieces of a bad relationship. It turned out she had a kid and I\’m not normally the guy who would be down for that. We talked everyday for nine months and we had the best relationship I have ever been in personally. We had sex and she told me she loved me. It was sort of a long distance relationship and I wasn\’t sure if I should get into that because I didn\’t want to hurt her. A few months later I finally cracked. I was totally dedicated to this chick and would do anything for her. About a month ago she visited on spring break. She got really fcked up one night and told me how I should move to her and marry her. Not going to lie I dug that. I told her I would finish school and do everything I could for her. She went back and I noticed she was acting weird. I asked her if she was seeing somebody else and she told me everything was fine. For a full month she put me through torture and wouldn’t tell me what was wrong. I ended up getting with my ex and had to tell her the next day. She ripped me apart saying she never wants to see me and that I’m disgusting. I kept pursuing and she said well since you did it then you can’t get mad if I do to. I said okay. I loved her and I felt like I deserved that. I broke down one night a few days later and told her the idea was messing me up. I hated the thought. Well idk what to tell ya. She did it. I kept ripping at her wall and she did it a couple days after she left. Right when I began to noticed. I was pissed off and said some not nice things. I treated her like a queen and she lied and strung me a long for a full month. It destroyed me. I sent her little boy friend pictures she sent me that month and other things for proof she’s a scandalous chick. Question is… What would you have done? Am I a douche for doing that to her? Should I have done something else. I told her I forgave her and I shouldn’t have to. Pretty damn low if you ask me!

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I Hope Nikko of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Knows What She Is Doing

May 12, 2014 Atlanta, Hollywood, Miami, The Dirty 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Nikko of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta signed a major distribution deal with Famous Records in Sunrise, FL.  They distribute via Universal Music. The A&R that signed him is a guy you did a story a while back named Jonathan Borrero. The label CEO is Jeffrey Collins a 60 year veteran of the music industry originally from England. I guess that Jonathan guy was the real deal after all. TMZ is already working on breaking the Nikko story. So I wanted to give you a heads up. Thanks!!!

You would think if the paperwork was legit, they would at least use a real font.- nik


Jonathan Borrero of Big J Management Is A Fraud

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ITG Awareness In Our Nations Schools

May 9, 2014 Atlanta, The Dirty 323


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so… my 15 year old neice informs me that there is now curriculum included in her health class that addresses the ITG phenomenom and explains how your genetics are the determining factor in your ability to have an one. Seems like they would have more important things to teach than how it’s no longer PC to fat shame any longer. IMO many people grow and progress due to being shamed for unacceptable behavior. So I’m sure the previous post about this was from a fat 15 year old.

Why do they keep teaching our children lies!- nik

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This Man is a Player

May 8, 2014 Atlanta 0


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Short Fat Smurf

May 7, 2014 Atlanta 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: A true story is a good story! Taylor Matthews-Castro has been on this site before. A run down of her previous story: Married a military man for his money. Cheated on him countless times. Got pregnant. Didn’t know who the father was so she aborted. Husband got discharged. No more money was coming in so she left him. She fcked her BESTFRIENDS boyfriend. Became a meth head… Well, Smurf is at it again! She’s a junky who snorts Roxy’s. She has fcked countless men. She has no morals. She doesn’t care about anyone but herself. Her and C.C are friends again. Only for her to fuck the guy she is cking. She has drd! DICKS BEWARE! DONT LEARN THE HARD WAY!

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Carson’s old cheating habits

May 6, 2014 Atlanta 1

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this guy is named Carson and is desperately wanting to be famous, so I will give this little fuker his glory. Meeting a sexy man is always a score right? Especially when he could look like Johnny Depp at times. This man was talking to me and prolly many other girls for the past few months, showing nude pics, texting, calling and what have you. I started to get interested in this guy, so I googled his band.. By that I got a hold of his last name and searched him on FB. Come to find out, he has a dirty little secret himself, a fiance and a baby on the way! Little does this poor beautiful girl know that he use to get on other websites and chat it up with chicks and ask them if he could stay with them while he goes on tour, but I don’t know if he actually ever did it. (By the way, he might be cute as fck but he has a pencil dick)But I guess shit happens!Here’s your fame and glory sweetie, thank me later. Your women deserves better to be honest. I hate that a still drool over his pictures tho

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Help Me Nik

April 29, 2014 Atlanta, The Dirty 62


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I just want some advice from you and DA. I’ve been reading n giving some advices over the years now for the DA. This is not a fake story so pipe down! I really need your opinions.  I’ve been dating (I don’t even know what to call it) this guy, but he’s 3000miles away. You could say that I’m in love with him. He’s just my kind of man or maybe I’m in love with the fantasy that we will be together someday coz I’ve never really settled down to any guy around me. Yes, we’re humping other people and we talk about it with each other and having a laugh. I can tell that we’re both commitment phobias. We’ve been playing this f*cked up game almost 3 years, never met this guy before but we Skype almost every night. I’ve never felt this strong connection to a guy around me. We’re just too perfect for each other.

It’s always like this.. I distance myself from him but he will do anything in his power to get me melt down n fall in love all over again, saying nice things and beautiful promises even demand some sort of commitment but once I fell right through his trap he starts to distance himself from me, every time, I’m so tired I don’t even know what to do anymore.  So Nik, the question is should I burry him alive and never talk to him again and find the right guy around me or should I hold on to the thought that me and him will be together forever one day? I know it sounds cheesy but help me please. After all I’m a girl I feel insecure sometimes.. Is this all for real?

Skyping and all that bullsh*t is not a real relationship. If you can’t use all your 5 senses with a man then it’s NOT REAL.- nik

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