Meet con artist Brandi Leever

November 26, 2013 Atlanta, University Of Central Florida 29 9,682 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Brandi Leever con artist and abuser she scams everyone she gets near she lives to spread hurt and destruction. Her latest victim she scammed for 1000′s of dollars with her lies she has the moral values of a cheap hooker. Not only will she take your money she will take your soul nothing more than a snake with a very deadly bite. Seems someone started a group for her on face book just search her name she resides in Gulfport,Florida travels to Atlanta frequently. Do not let this person invade your life she will rip it apart as she has done many.

How so, is she still using her oiled up pics from the 90′s?- nik

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Keep Your Man Away From Parisa

November 26, 2013 Atlanta 15 6,823 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this skank Parisa Hervani had eyes on my husband and wrecked my marriage. I know she lives in Atlanta, Georgia and my husband met this slut online on some site for high priced escorts. My husband went to Atlanta a lot for business and I figure he met Parisa during one of his trips. I got suspicious of his behavior and started checking his phone and emails and saw that he was talking with this ugly witch named Parisa Hervani. She must prey on married men since I know my husband was paying her to have sex. Obviously this troll couldn’t find a single man so she has to go after married men like my husband. She left my marriage broken and she couldn’t even stay in Atlanta, she had to come to my hometown with my husband and continue her disrespect for another woman’s marriage. I guess when my husband was done paying her bills she hightailed it to the next married guy. Hopefully some slut will return the favor if she ever gets married, but who would marry this pig!

High priced or craigslist?- nik

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Atlanta Hottie

November 20, 2013 Atlanta 11 6,034 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this little girl AMANDA JEAN FLEEMAN AKA AJ is by far the skankiest bitch in GEORGIA! She runs after your man and sabotages any and everything she possible can. If you are single she doesn’t want you “well maybe for a side dish” and if you have children oh that’s a score…the bet is on! After she has completed her mission which is to break families apart and leave poor innocent children to broken homes she then seeks out her victim which is the “wifey” as if she hasn’t been through enough and goes in for the kill. She is a disgrace to all women and should be ashamed of her doings.  She actually trapped my soon to be ex-husband by getting prego and also by giving him DRD so he wouldn’t be able to come back.

That is a huge margarita.- nik

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Sorry But Grace Isn’t That Innocent

November 11, 2013 Atlanta 2 6,814 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Wow. I’m actually really surprised at the latest post by Grace Giles. She tried to come across as an addict who made a few mistakes here and there which is not true! She’s a thief and a liar who doesn’t care about anyone but herself! Shes dating Russell Breaker who is currently serving 22 years for voluntary manslaughter. He broke into his ex wife’s apartment and shot and killed her new boyfriend. Instead of being sympathetic to the family and friends of the man that her boyfriend murdered she goes on and on about how it was a crime of passion and how he doesn’t deserve to be in jail. It’s absolutely horrible to see that, as someone who knew Michael. I’ve had a few encounters with Grace that were less than stellar. She definitely has narcissistic personality disorder, in her view the world revolves around her and instead of making real steps toward her big goals she simply just talks about them or takes easy shortcuts like escorting and shoplifting. She’s alienated so many people in her hometown that she was actually thinking of moving to Miami (probably to escort more) But sadly for her what may be considered pretty in Charleston is not even Waffle House waitress material in Miami, but the drugs are plentiful there so I guess that would be an upside for her. Oh and her shoplifting doesn’t stop at retail stores, she also stole quite a bit from a friend she stayed with recently.

Nobody without eyebrows ever is.- nik

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I Bet Her Teeth Are Fake Too

November 11, 2013 Atlanta 18 6,703 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this old fart still frequents the clubs in Atlanta with her 24 year old daughter and her daughters friends. She is 53 years old and thinks that she is 20. She’s hardcore in the drug scene. I think she thinks her nose is a holding cell for drugs. She takes pride in screwing guys who are at least half her age and gets butt-hurt when guys at the club aren’t interested in her. Do you like her photoshopped pictures? She really looks young, doesn’t she? I think she took photoshop lessons from the createra of Twilight…. I’m surprised she’s never been on before because no one likes her and I’m sure everyone would agree with this post.  Here’s some advice from all of Atlanta to Amy… Do us a favor… Stay home in your rocking chair and knit something. Find another use for needles.

I really thought she was 63 at first glance.- nik

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Matt Ryncarz – Fitness Guru, Purveyor of Awesomeness

November 8, 2013 Atlanta 8 6,629 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this piece of garbage is Matt Ryncarz. He’s famous for a couple of things. First, his sister – Amanda – she was represented by Gloria Aldridge after she smeared an ex boyfriend online, and was sued. She subsequently won the suit somehow. (Also See) The second, he is the inventor of negative ion fusion technology (). What ever that is. He claims he is some chemist developing some exotic rock dust and harnessing the energy of the earth – he’s hocking his plastic bracelets as a medial cure all – yet he doesn’t even have a college education. His “cure” to lose weight and getting fit was fat boy stomach surgery and illegal steroids. Now he claims he is some Crossfit guru. When he’s not cheating on his wife, he’s busy evading a bench warrant in Florida, getting awesome firebird back tattoos, and getting arrested for theft by deception in Fulton County Georgia. This isn’t his first scam. He’s been living the high life off other peoples dime for years. Read about his adventures here.

Fitness guru…he’s fat.- nik

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Vixen Wannabe

November 7, 2013 Atlanta 16 6,817 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, please put this rihanna wannabe on blast! she thinks shes tumblr famous,she aint nothing but a wannabe vixen. doing home videos for amateur rappers. Girl you need to get over yourself. you look like a freaking junkie bragging about your pot smokin ways. she changes her hair color every week = attention. we sick of seeing your played out ass everywhere. or should i say play dough. this is your reality check! dont be sucha mean cun*t, your not even close to famous. Stay humble bitches!

I think Minnie is really a Mickey.- nik

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Southern Girls Need To Come Up North More Often

October 29, 2013 Albany, Atlanta 7 5,859 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Allie Roberts. She’s a 23 year old bartender in Albany, NY. She came from Athens, GA and I have to say I think she’s one of the hottest girls in the area! Most girls in upstate NY look like the wannabe Dana Marie Livingston who I’ve seen you post about. Very New Jersey ’06 wannabes. She needs + 2′s but other than that I can’t see a flaw! I would! Would you!? What do you think of girls from upstate ny vs southern girls? Is that what makes her stand out?

What am I looking at? This chick is normal looking.- nik

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