Carson’s old cheating habits

May 6, 2014 Atlanta 1

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this guy is named Carson and is desperately wanting to be famous, so I will give this little fuker his glory. Meeting a sexy man is always a score right? Especially when he could look like Johnny Depp at times. This man was talking to me and prolly many other girls for the past few months, showing nude pics, texting, calling and what have you. I started to get interested in this guy, so I googled his band.. By that I got a hold of his last name and searched him on FB. Come to find out, he has a dirty little secret himself, a fiance and a baby on the way! Little does this poor beautiful girl know that he use to get on other websites and chat it up with chicks and ask them if he could stay with them while he goes on tour, but I don’t know if he actually ever did it. (By the way, he might be cute as fck but he has a pencil dick)But I guess shit happens!Here’s your fame and glory sweetie, thank me later. Your women deserves better to be honest. I hate that a still drool over his pictures tho

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Help Me Nik

April 29, 2014 Atlanta, The Dirty 62


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I just want some advice from you and DA. I’ve been reading n giving some advices over the years now for the DA. This is not a fake story so pipe down! I really need your opinions.  I’ve been dating (I don’t even know what to call it) this guy, but he’s 3000miles away. You could say that I’m in love with him. He’s just my kind of man or maybe I’m in love with the fantasy that we will be together someday coz I’ve never really settled down to any guy around me. Yes, we’re humping other people and we talk about it with each other and having a laugh. I can tell that we’re both commitment phobias. We’ve been playing this f*cked up game almost 3 years, never met this guy before but we Skype almost every night. I’ve never felt this strong connection to a guy around me. We’re just too perfect for each other.

It’s always like this.. I distance myself from him but he will do anything in his power to get me melt down n fall in love all over again, saying nice things and beautiful promises even demand some sort of commitment but once I fell right through his trap he starts to distance himself from me, every time, I’m so tired I don’t even know what to do anymore.  So Nik, the question is should I burry him alive and never talk to him again and find the right guy around me or should I hold on to the thought that me and him will be together forever one day? I know it sounds cheesy but help me please. After all I’m a girl I feel insecure sometimes.. Is this all for real?

Skyping and all that bullsh*t is not a real relationship. If you can’t use all your 5 senses with a man then it’s NOT REAL.- nik

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Your Average Slore

April 22, 2014 Atlanta, Sacramento 51

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik.This slore right here is Stephanie Archie Tresca. You can find this slore all over fb instagram and sacramento.It is not hard to find her just follow the fish smell and empty pill bottles. She has even been arrested for prostitution.She has two kids by 10 different guys lol. She needs to stop leaving her kids with everyone. She has ** and drd.Please expose this walking example of Sac trash

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Played by Corey Speck

April 18, 2014 Atlanta, Salt Lake City 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: I guess I’m wishing I would have googled the name Corey Speck (from Atlanta) before now, you have a previous story on him. Well now he’s he’s here in Cedar city Utah doing the same thing. Now he drives a red corvette and still uses the fact that he’s served to will woman in. I started dating him Christmas of 13 and called him on bs right from the start. He has a profile on plenty of fish, Mrblueeyez84…. He wouldn’t answer calls says he’s always busy blah blah blah then I see this post on your page and I tonight hopefully informed everyone on his Facebook or at least til he wakes up and sees it haha. The reason I’m mad he persuaded me to keep seeing him and I told him multiple times if your playing games I have a child don’t involve me. He obviously has no remorse to get what he wants !

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Homeless Junkies

April 17, 2014 Atlanta 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: These two junkies Dylan Galaktiadis & her homeless street junkie boyfreind shoot herionin her grandfathers house while her grandmother Eva Galaktiadis lies through her teeth for her.Dylan convinced her grandparents to take her babys daddys Mother who was raiseing her baby to court and took the child away from his loveing grandmother in Tennessee so she could bring him down to Atlanta where she lives with her grandparents,Demos & Eva Galajtiad, so she could shoot herion in Demos house while Eva ,married to Demos over 50 years covers and lies to her husband about Dylans Dirty habit..which she does with her baby Chase Goosetree in the same room..sick fck.Dylans mother Jana Galaktiadis send her to get pot at the same place Dylan gets her h*rion. Dylan works for her Grandfather at The White House Restaurant with scabs an tracks on her arms,,gave her little brother herion for the first time in her grandfathers house..has her idiot grandmother Eva lieing to her husband of 50 years,so she and her junkie boyfreind can shoot dope in Demis Galaktiadis house..what a sleaze bag.. Everyone go see dylan in buckhead at the white house resta urant and she will show you her tracks

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Andre Anderson is on the down low

April 15, 2014 Atlanta 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: I dated this loser for almost 3 years only to find out that he’s an homosexual and in an incestuous relationship with his father and brother. This man asked me to marry him then got me pregnant a month later only to leave me for his biological father two weeks later. Believe me I know all of this sounds crazy but I assure you it is true. I found out he had also been dating men and women off the internet and paying them for sex. This guy plays this nice sweet role but he’s really just a master manipulator looking to use women. He hates women because his mother has never protected him from his pervert molester dad so he blames her for his tragic life. She lived in the house while this was happening and still does. The father drugs her to sleep so he can have his way with his sons. He’s been sleeping with his dad for 32 years. His brother has been doing it even longer and he’s a transsexual now. Andre told me this out of his own mouth and said we couldn’t be together anymore. His father has a weird control over him. He gives him lots of money and buys him stuff just to keep him subservient. Andre does whatever they say. He hid this for longtime but i found out he calls his dad every morning to cuddle talk after he gets off work. He works overnight and he admitted he sometimes took off work without telling me to spend the night with his father. I just thought they were really close but now I know the truth. I throw up every time I think about it..sicko….Im pregnant by this man right now wondering how I’m gonna raise a baby by myself. Well at least I didn’t get **V, but with the way he’s living i’m sure it won’t be long before he gets A**S. RUN if you meet this man him and his whole family will drag you through crazy insane life wreaking drama. Save yourself don’t be like me pregnant in shock with PTSD. He wouldn’t even answer the phone to discuss his own child then he changed his number. He came back 2 days after he left trying to steal my stuff with 5 of his family members including his sisters foster children. Poor kids. I had to call the police on this loser. Run he will ruin your life and leave you pregnant sleeping on the floor after he’s run off with your stuff. Run!!!! Fast as you can don’t end up like me wondering how you will explain to your child that his father left me for his grandfather. Pray for me.

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Homie Hopper, Destiny Knapp

April 14, 2014 Atlanta, Augusta 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this girl has been railed by everyone from Placerville to San Fran! She sucks dick for money and fast car rides. She has has drd and w**ts on her vag. She loves to spread her legs and drdS. Aka dnasty! If you have a big black dick she could suck plz hit her up!

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Sean Miller, Sissy Mansloot

April 2, 2014 Atlanta 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Sean miller loves to wear panties/sniff panties he needs to be exposed to the world!

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