Master manipulator Alex Bowes

June 17, 2014 Atlanta 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: This boy is a disgrace to society. I’m sure you have heard of him most people have. His name is Alex Bowes. He dated Tawnee Ayers for two years. She is an absolutely beautiful girl. He beat her stole from her cheated on her with her best friends and it eventually lead to her suicide. He didn’t call the cops he watched her die. If that isn’t bad enough this kid has no remorse. He spends his days shooting up m*th and staying up for weeks at a time and stealing anything he can find. It doesn’t matter if you worked for it or It came from a dead relative if Alex gets his hands on it it’s gone. This boy cannot keep a friend to save his life he either steals from them, gets caught in a lie, or they just realize what a piece of shit he is. He mooches off everyone and tries to get people to feel sorry for him yet he sits on his ass everyday and smokes meth. I don’t think this kid has one idem that isn’t stolen. He manipulates, steals and he has probly and he basically murdered tawnee. He is all talk he ain’t hood and he definately ain’t getting money. The most money I’ve ever seen this kid have is 7 dollars. Please keep this dead beat off the streets!!! Oh and tell me that isn’t a line of drugs in his last picture

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Photog Needs to be Shut Down

June 17, 2014 Athens- GA, Atlanta 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Mary Lee, owner of Mary Lee Photography. Don’t book your session yet folks. This bitch has done very little actual photography of her own. Three months ago this whore had no job, no equipment, and no training. Fast forward to now and she has her own home, over $10,000 worth of equipment and her own studio. I know a lot of “professional” photographers and a few who actually are pros. There are no photographers in this area who make the kind of money in three months that it takes to get that much stuff. “Maybe she got a loan” you say. No, she’s got no credit. I’ve known this bitch for years and she didn’t have a pot to piss in until recently. So I did a little research, turns out she’s been trading “services” to some photographers in the area in return for money, equipment, studio time etc. I personally don’t think she’s worth 1.50/hr. to fck since she looks like a skeleton wrapped in alligator skin. She’s got more freckles than the MAD magazine kid. But, to each his own. If some of the photogs around here want to bang the biology dummy and pay her for it, more power to them. The problem I have is that she is now posting all over social media how successful she is and showing off all of the equipment sh’s bought and other things. Meanwhile she blasts other photographers in the area for “stealing” her ideas and trying to ruin her “business”. I call bullshit,she’s the only one using other people’s stuff, can you say SUGAR DADDIES?!!! Please shut this bitch down!

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Backpage Nasty

June 16, 2014 Atlanta 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Nicole Evans. She is a nasty nasty girl. I met her once while scrolling backpage not my brighter moment I know but she seemed pretty nice although she uses fake pics of a skinny girl tho she is not. Later I found out that she has two kids and a black boyfriend who she says beats her and makes her take care of his two kids that she says are horrible and ugly… The funny thing is I actually offered to help her and her kids until she left to go “pack her stuff” and I realized I had 1,000 dollars missing and her phone number had changed. She lives in forest Park and hapeville just below Atlanta GA. Guys beware of this girl.

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Atlanta Player

June 13, 2014 Atlanta 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy claims to be a nice guy but is secretly a compulsive liar with no morals. He’s from the Atlanta area pursued one of my friends online after they met a few months ago. Sh’s a bright, beautiful girl and has gotten hurt in the past. He strongly urged her to give him a chance. This douche led her onto to thinking he‘s a trustworthy guy. They started dating. Soon enough he started cheating around in the cyber world while promising he wasn\’t a cheater and wanted to make her happy. It was her first serious relationship yet this guy kept bringing up his ex and how he would always think about her. Can you imagine a pathetic loser who manipulates a girl into a relationship then brings up his feelings for someone else? The liar told her he wasn’t in contact with his ex and lost his opportunity a while ago. Either this douche has a serious memory problem or is a compulsive liar. He told my friend he loves her he’d never go back to his ex; she had sacrificed for the relationship too but he broke his promises. He used the progress they made in their relationship to get back together with his ex and cheated on my friend. This pathetic use of an human being is a liar that claims to be a good Christian yet he goes online sharing his private photos with anyone. He abused my friend’s trust and love to get back with someone who never loved him. My friend is a good person, she didn’t deserve this. What do you call this guy?

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Ricardo Ponce

June 12, 2014 Atlanta 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Ricardo Ponce is the biggest deadbeat father in Atlanta. He has 3 kids who he refuses to take care of. He doesnt pay child support. His son just had a birthday and he didnt even get him a birthday present or show up at the party. One of his kids just lost a tooth and this cheap ass will not give his kid money from the tooth ferry. Total dead bead. Spends all his money getting wasted at bars and at gentlemens clubs.

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Nasty Back Pager

June 12, 2014 Atlanta 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Nicole evens, goes by amber or Jessica, or whatever name she is using this week. Stay away from this B***h. I met her on backpage just trying to get into something. She came over and before she could get in the door all the way she blurts out that she does donations.. In my head I know it was wrong but I don’t have any issues helping a young girl. So the evening goes on and we are talking and thats when she tells me she has two kids and a black boyfriend who beats her and pimps her forcing her to raise two kids that aren’t hers plus her two. I felt bad for the girl and offered to help her, and the next second she went phyco talking about he loves her and she enjoys what she does. She is unstable!!!!

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Gina Amendola, East Cobb TBT

June 11, 2014 Atlanta 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Have you ever had one of those kind of friends on facebook, that specifically you look for when you feel like hating on someone just because you know how dumb of posts this fried of yours posts that it almost makes you feel like you are so much better and nt only that but every single person that knows this one friend of yours thinks exactly te same way about its stupidity over the persons posts? Well lets introduce, little miss rich mommy and daddy;s super extremely stupid whore, daughter, wanna-be, really tries to fit in (but never does), this is Gina amendola, originally from miami, grown spoiled as a dumb east cobb hoe w her rents in miami. Her count of guys?.. lost…. she escapes from trying to molest a different one just to get with a different “stud” every night (vomit); issue is that they all seem to be jail bait, tattooed wanna be wiggers mostly ex convicts that have nothing to prove but their “so pro flow lingo” which just translates ti cheao u=basement momm and daddy raper mr nobodies. She changes boyfriends more than she changes her own underwear and posts on her wall the most non one gives a f**** stupidist comments on fb 24/7, every hour of the day, including how her shit at the toilet went. such a daughter from a judge in miami, but the hoe has to work at tilted kilt to show off her sagged out raisin like boobs and face make up done like her 5 year old sister did it while she was drunk. not enough? Hoeass has to chill w pretty lads so she looks barely ok. HOE

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What Do You Think About This Georgia Peach

June 10, 2014 Atlanta, The Dirty 26


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, could this cute little South Georgia girl be your brunette for 2014? She is just as sweet as she is cute. Nothing bad to say about her just think she is adorable.

The nose doesn’t do her any favors.- nik

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