I Don’t Get The Obsession With Gold Digger Amanda Dufner

April 16, 2014 Auburn, The Dirty 3


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I don’t understand the obsession with Amanda Dufner and why guys think she is so hot? Next to Jason, yes. In the real world, no. I look at her IG and all the comments are from guys telling her how amazingly hot she is… she is a 4 in my book. All she does is party and shop on his dime and he is rarely seen with her. Weird. She is the trashiest golf wife to date, I feel bad for Jason. Amanda, have some class about yourself and stop throwing it in people’s faces that you are a gold digger!!

Those +2′s saved her life.- nik

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Kevin Lee Thompson

March 24, 2014 Atlanta, Auburn 31

THE DIRTY ARMY: Kevin Lee Thompson.. The BEST known douchebag who is famous not only for getting 6 different girls pregnant but.. SOLD one of his babies and made the others get abortions when they refused to help him sell the babies! Left his friend laying on the side of the hospital after giving him too much cocaine to run away from the cops! Neglected and RAN and HID from all the girls he has gotten pregnant because he is too broke to pay for any medical care.. because he spends that money on dinner with the NEXT chick he gets pregnant… Alison, Mandy, Mo, Hind, Angela.. They can ALL warn you to STAY away from this guy! What would YOU think of a guy who’s been dating a girl with a KID and sleeping with 10+ other women at the same time AND getting few of them pregnant?? But then avoids them to go partying.. and doing ALL sorts of drugs off other girls?? A psychotic guy who is so selfish and FORCES himself into girls after they say NO.. VERY famous for impregnating numerous girls… He has a kid on the way.. AGAIN.. but he doesn’t want to take responsibilities unless the girl agrees to sell the baby so he can buy his other condo at The View! He was more pregnancy tests he bought off groupon than he does of condoms! Cant expect more from a guy who forces himself into girls and makes them pregnant on purpose.. but left EVERY SINGLE on by themselves to deal with it! He says its a HOBBY for him and that he’s not too worried.. wait… is that normal????? He said his parents taught him to do what he does… whoa… is this real life??

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Auburn girl Katie

March 3, 2014 Auburn, Seattle 9

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THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl katie lives in Auburn she will meet you at a hotel or your house any where to please you most likely has every drd there is

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Montgomery Trash at it Again

January 23, 2014 Auburn, Birmingham 37

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy is a complete scum bag filled with lies and drds. Haagen Lee of Montgomery, AL needs to be blasted again as he took complete advantage of my younger sister and apparently a lot of other women in Montgomery and Auburn, AL. My sister started working with him about a year ago at one of those rental car companies, green one. He put the moves on her right away. She fell hook line and sinker and started sleeping with him. She found out he had a girlfriend, and continued it for a while then she ended it. She left the rental car job for another job and 3 weeks later he started calling again. She bought his lies that he ended his relationship and started seeing him again. Then the holidays came and he disappeared. He said he had family things…turns out he was sleeping with two other girls and the kicker, never left his girlfriend some girl named Stephanie. In fact he is engaged to her. Needless to say my sister was angry and crushed. She went and got tested after finding all this out. Just found out she contracted 2 drds from him, dr-ch***a-d & HP-drd-V. This dirt bag needs to be called out and put in the trash where he belongs. He is a liar and a cheat that gives out drds to young women. Girls if you were dumb enough, like my sister, to buy his lines and you slept with him GET TESTED! Nik, do you think Haagen Lee’s wife to be has any idea about any of this?

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Who Will Win The Iron Bowl This Year

November 29, 2013 Alabama, Auburn, The Dirty 28

iron_bowl_auburnmagazinedotcom copy

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this has been an amazing college football season.  Alabama will be playing Auburn this week in the Iron Bowl.  I know you are an avid gambler, so I wanted to ask you who I should take for this game?

My wallet says Bama.- nik

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Larry Bright

July 15, 2013 Auburn, New Orleans 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Larry bright was convicted of manslaughter in the biginning of 2000 for a killing of a black guy from crown point. Larry also is known coc**ne user and drug dealer from marrero.He is a fat buck tooth rat.His girlfriend shannon aka monster tested positive for hiv on April 2nd Shannon went down to the new orleans clinic and was tested for drd the results were positive and she never told her boyfriend Larry Bright the truth.Shannon continued to sleep with Larry Bright.After leaving Larry she slept with countless men on the west bank.Shannon is a H*roin addict that shot up dope with dirty needles and shared them.Its a crime to expose people to the h** virus.Larry is a broke ass  that still lives with his parents.the buck tooth bitch lives in gretna

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The Scurge of Montgomery

February 28, 2013 Atlanta, Auburn 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this dirtbag gave two of my best friend both *** and C**dia. One of them got it from him while he was living in Auburn as April. My other friend contracted these drds in November and December in Montgomery. He uses sceezy line to make the girls believe in him and that he is sad because he is confused that is gf might be leaving him.. Yes the entire time he has had a girlfriend. He hit on me one night and his GF was at the bar with him, she had no clue. This guy is the sloot of Montgomery! His name is George Haagen Lee…rhymes with drd. Watch out ladies he will leave you with more than you bargined for.

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Lochte Nation Is Retard Nation

October 26, 2012 Auburn, Austin, Dirty Athletes 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, did you see Lochte rocking his “lochte nation” shirt on game day last saturday? He was then asked to pick a winner between the LSU and Texas A&M game… he picked Auburn. Once they told him Auburn was not one of the 2 choices, he replied O, LSU of course. also whats your pick for the world series? SF in 6.

I have money on the Giants winning the world series in 5.- nik

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