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Skank Brandy LI

September 24, 2014 Aurora, Denver 43

THE DIRTY ARMY: Here is Brandy LI aka Sherrill Carrano. Where do you even begin with the hoe. Oh She thinks she is just hot stuff. Mind you while she is Married she is trying to Get with a Married man. Not only Is Robert married but has a child on the way. When confronted she thinks she has done no wrong. Why on Earth would a man even stoop that low to talk to a woman so ugly. She does this to all married men. She is an insecure little whore that will do anything to for attention. She is a lonely drunk that lives off the government and drinks all day. Then tells you she has a job. Collecting welfare is not considered getting paid hoe!!! Careful Ladies She will do ANYTHING I mean ANYTHING to get in your mans pants!

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Drake vs. Lil Wayne Concert Tour

September 11, 2014 Aurora, Bellevue, Boulder, BYU, Colorado, Colorado Springs, Colorado State, Denver, Oregon, Oregon State, Portland, Provo, Seattle, Tacoma, The Dirty, Vancouver, Washington, Washington State 17


The joint headlining tour marks the first time the two artists have toured together. Get your ticket now!

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Trashy Story

May 13, 2014 Aurora, Denver 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this bitch claims to be real claims to be a best friend to everybody she is close with. Come to find out you turn your back to take a breath & bam bitch fuks your man .. Someone you’ve been with forever . Outta nowhere it’s alright ? Nah dirty bitch is everywhere trung to get drunk and find someone to father her kid Sylus . Sad bitch .

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Beware of Andres

April 16, 2014 Aurora, Denver 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hello Nik. Let me tell you about this man whore right here. So I started talking to him and believed every stupid original line he spoke. He claims to be a good man and knows how to treat his girl. Blah blah but after seeing him for about 2 weeks I found out he fucked my friend and quit it. When we were talking!! Then after I found that out his girlfriend or ex girlfriend, who knows called me.. Assuming she got my number from his phone. Its obvious that he sleeps around so if you have slept with him or know anyone in Denver/Aurora who has. Get Checked !!! Dont believe anything that comes out of his mouth because chances are hes only trying to hit it and quit it!!

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Aurora Trailer Trash

March 24, 2014 Aurora, Denver 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: This nik is auroras biggest , stinkiest pig erica ! One minute she claims to love her so called “husband” (who is a clueless moron btw) then the next day she loves anthony vanduyn or every tom, dick, and harry that will give her fat stinky ass attention. She doesnt ever clean, her house is a pig stye , I know I fcked her in their bed.that ugly baby of hers might mine or a number of guys.little does her idiot of a man know she is a pig that fucks anything .but if anyone ever wants a good blowjob or an easy lay just hit her up on fb, its easier then taking candy from a baby…but beware she smell of fish, bacon grease, and chicken fat lmfao!

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Jelly Kelly

June 24, 2013 Aurora, Chicago 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Kelly from Aurora. Nik this girl is the most fowl mouthed beast you will ever meet. She is quick to put someone on blast but tries to hide all her faults. She tries to be a model but she is sooooo far from being in shape. Those etch a sketch tattoos ain’t going to get you far. Those are the cheapest looking thing ever. It’s gross to see her pics she is always posting trying to become a groupie. Lmao nik this bitch needs to grow up and face the facts. Would you?

#@not a baby belly.- nik

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Tracy B. Williams Was Cheated On By James Tooze

December 31, 2012 Aurora, Portland 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: James Tooze had Linda come over to talk on Wed. night since he had been working out of town for months. Confessed his undying love for linda and talked her into staying..He talked alot about Tracy and her “big butt” and lack of luster in the bedroom. Asked Linda to be his weekly hook-up since his now girlfreind isnt any good.. to hurt to even concider this Linda went home.. but not without first leaving some earrings for Tracy..oh and the tex messages to prove it.. now if tracy would only contact me…I could tell her everything and save her from future pain..Here is a pic of James and one of Tracy… If you know her warn her!!!!

He’s gotaa upgrade from his van is he expects these tricks to work.- nik

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Best Eyebrows In The Game

June 16, 2011 Aurora 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Sandi Rios, best brows in the game.  i seen all these girls with fake eyebrows and how everyone makes fun of dem, well…I thought they could use a little help, a example.  My friend sandi always has the most perfect brows i ever seen, she even uses colors…so nik would u.

Did she draw on a cocked eyebrow in the first pic? she gets no points for that.- nik

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