Rudy James Lunsford

May 28, 2013 Austin 5 5,575 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ladies beware man whore on the loos… So for the Last six months i developed a friendship that turned into a ‘serious’ relationship the ended up being a complete and utter lie. He had a girlfriend of four plus years and i was the one on the side, along with a hand full of others. The guy is a sociopath and should be sterilized. All he wants is sex, a free meal, and a ride when necessary.

You forgot to mention a couch.- nik

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Dominick Nervi, Austin A-hole

May 21, 2013 Austin, Fort Worth 3 6,826 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this loser is in jail. He beat up his pregnant girlfriend and put her in the hospital.

Good riddance.- nik

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A Cup Homewrecker

May 14, 2013 Austin 6 6,181 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Whittlei McDonald, Whittlei Melton, Whittlei Burks, take your pick. The girl is 22 years old, has a four year old, been married twice, both marriages lasted less than a year, and most recently broke up another marriage for a man double her age just two months after divorcing her own husband. In wich, she told everyone it was his fault because he wasnt the ‘godly’ man she thought he was. Really? She can go on and on about loving God and her child all day long but you can ruin a marriage and that woman’s and her kid’s lives with no problem? Good job teaching your son that its okay to abandon his family for a home wrecking whore. Nik, I seriously can’t see how men are hung up on her?

These guys probably also pay for play, she doesn’t lighten wallets.- nik

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George Polakis

May 2, 2013 Austin, Corpus Christi 55 7,621 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet George Polakis. His family runs the strip clubs in Austin. Yet when they gave him the chance to run a pool hall in Corpus , he could make it work in a town that has nothing else going on. I dont know how he even attracts the girls he gets. He’s a maybe 5’3 at the most with no college education yet likes to put everyone else around him down. Sweetie , the only reason you arent flipping burgers is because your daddy and uncle let you help at the titty bars. He uses and abuses girls, tells them they are worthless and doing nothing with their lives. Hmmmmm but you arent either George, keep being proud of bringing home strippers and only getting ass second hand because your the nephew. YOU definitely aren’t the GREEK god you like to portray yourself as. Have a fun lonely life.

I’d imagine he tells them he owns/runs a strip club, no slut will pass on a job offer.- nik

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Too Hispanic

May 2, 2013 Austin 64 8,942 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well, here she is again, her name is Nicolette. She was posted on here and people said she was sooo hot, well Nik, this tramp gave my boyfriend DRD! She lives off of Pepsi and the mollies and screws any DJ that will give her attention. Put this sloot on blast.

Why are you still with the boyfriend?- nik

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The Polish/Texan Nanny

April 26, 2013 Austin 20 6,644 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, you’ve been more into brunette on here recently so I present to you a girl who was born and raised in Poland, but now gogo’s in Austin. She is literally perfect. 5’2″ 91 lbs gorgeous face and banging rack. I heard she is a little stuck up but its okay witha face like this.

Sorry too hispanic for me.- nik

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Old Psycho Becky

April 24, 2013 Austin 5 7,867 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this 42 year old plastic old lady is Becky. She’s a physco ass bitch chasing after a dirty ass married man who obviously doesn’t want her because he cheats on her and his wife all the time.  She is insecure and jealous of any girl who is younger and prettier than her. Instead of being mad at the man she’s mad at the girls.. DO NOT F*CK HER SHE WILL BABY TRAP YOU SO SHE CAN GET A TRUST-FUND OF HER CHILD! She will sleep with anybody as long as you pay for some type of plastic surgery!

That is some serious eye shadow.- nik

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Was Leah Looking For Love Or Money

April 23, 2013 Austin, The Dirty 9 84,369 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Leah. She was on the new show Ready for Love and was sent home the first week. I think she is gorgeous and I wanted your opinion.  The guy totally f*cked up, maybe he could tell right away that she is a true gold digger looking for money and not love.

Isn’t this show cancelled already? Props to the hair/make-up team because she looks nothing like this in real life.- nik

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