Hana Bakkar, Texas Sized Continued

December 10, 2013 Austin 246

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hello Nick. This is Hana Bakkar. This pathetic piece of shit is posted here by her haters already but some naive people still think that shes an innocent girl, so I wanted to prove that shes a huge slut, a compulsive liar, a drugged up bitch who talkes shit about other people, even about her close friends. Anyway, this bitch is on okcupid now, she has the app on her phone and shes online 24/7 trying to spread her drd. As you might know, you have to answer her questions to see her answers on that website, so I answered the questions to show you guys hers. Take a look at her answers, and don’t let this bitch to fool you anymore. Oh, by the way Hana, I know for a fact that you’ve done all those drugs that you said you wouldn’t. And you said that you’re curvy on your stupid profile but youre not curvy, you’re fcking fat so stop lying you bulimic slut. Also, the first thing people notice about you, is how fucking huge you are, how bad you smell, your witch nose, and your pimples, then they notice your crossed eyes and your poop hair you ugly dumb bitch. If I hear you talking shit about good people one more time, then I’ll really flip out and show that okcupid profile to your parents, got it? And stop filtering your fucking photos, you’re ugly as fuck no matter what.

Pictures speak louder then words.  Catch her in the act.- nik

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Reality Check

December 9, 2013 Austin 35

THE DIRTY ARMY: Where to begin? This girls priorities are so out of whack that i cannot even begin to explain it. She is from cedar park, but currently resides in Austin with her meth-head boyfriend (who she cheats on pretty regularly) She sends nudes to guys she thinks are hot without them even asking for them(can confirm) And even though shes only 20, has an in at almost every bar on 6th, and likes to spend her time being jobless, and trolling downtown for free drinks. She knows that her behavior is f*cked and claims to “want to change”, but then weeks later shes back to her usual slutty ways. She thinks shes entitled to be treated like a queen, and is in serious need of a reality check. If you have tattoos, piercings/ stretched ears, ect, its pretty easy. just buy he few drinks. But i urge you not to; instead just tell the poor girl to get her life together before she goes off the deep end any more than she already has.

One mistake leads to another…now she’s left with a blob.- nik

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Dirty Girl

November 22, 2013 Austin 310

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Kimberly Norman from Austin, Texas… she works at BBVA Compass off Anderson Mill as a financial sales advisor. She meets her monthly quotas and gets all her accounts by screwing the guys that come in there and using them for their money. She has had her boobs done twice, the first time they were big enough so she had to go bigger… both times they were paid by her sugar daddy at that time. She had a nose job as you can see because she has a huge snout and it still looks fuuuuuuk*d up!! I think she should have had another nose job instead of going for the bigger +2s!!! She has two kids that she doesnt have custody of because she has been in jail numerous times on dwi charges and possession charges. She thinks she is \”barbie\” and calls herself that. Put her on blast Nik and let her know she needs a new nickname… just sayin.

Nice mugshot.- nik

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The Black Guy In Starbucks

November 13, 2013 Austin, The Dirty 481

starbucksblackguy copy

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m sorry but Starbucks is totally racist. The whole thing reads “The Black Guy in Starbucks”. This is not a joke either. I have always told people that Starbucks hates our kind. They are always trying to push us to McDonalds. They act like they are so high brow.

That is messed up.- nik

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Bring Her Back To Earth

November 6, 2013 Austin, Would You? 40

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, what do you think of this chick? Her name is Holly, she thinks she is hot shit, puts down other people, thinks she is hot shit, on a still lives with her mommy. She is a hairdresser, of course, and did one fitness competition but you know, now she is a world class athlete. Would you?

Answer: No, I’m not into the bottom-heavy trend.

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Am I Wasting My Time

November 2, 2013 Austin, The Dirty 80

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, please help me out! This girl goes by the name Aubree Simpson on FB. We talk everyday via FB, texting and over the phone but after some recent pics she posted I think shes another catfish! Her page says she resides and works in Redding, CA but she posted recent pics of herself graduating from University of Texas at Austin? When I asked her about it she avoids my questions. Here are some of her “friends/family”. Anyone know these girls because she doesnt tag anyone either??? PLEASE Nik, post her pics so I can find out if she’s real or am I just wasting my time.

Always crop ladies. Focus on the upper body like the first image… works better for Catfishing purposes.- nik

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Most Ratchet Dude in Austin

October 31, 2013 Austin 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this dude is Jonathon Ross Kimbrell a.k.a. “Ian Jacques.” He is the craziest asshole I have ever met. Before I met him he was dating a HUGE slut who would do it anytime, anywhere. ‘Ol girl got caught fcking behind a grocery store, behind her school, in the back of a car, and she was caught fcking Ian in the bathroom at the park! It makes sense seeing that Ian is a poor fck who lives in a group home, so it’s not like he can afford a hotel room! Ian complains that his slore of a girlfriend has a “sour vagina” and that she “never cleans herself” but that does not stop him from running when she calls! The elevator obviously doesn’t go all the way to the top because he can’t spell, write, and read worth a shit. He can’t even count money! That doesn’t stop him from trying to manipulate people into feeling sorry for him by coming up with crazy-ass stories! He met a gorgeous Black girl from Atlanta over four months ago (she has moved to Brooklyn since then, so I’ve heard) and Ian’s crazy ass tried to wife her three days after they met! ATL girl got away from him because he lied to her CONSTANTLY and she always catch him in a lie because he is too stupid to cover his own ass! She also said that dude told her that he thinks he’s a “vampire” and that he “ate a bunny rabbit” when he was a kid! That’s when ATL’s dad told her to pack her shit and move to San Antonio, then she went on to see her fam in Brooklyn a few months after that. I certainly wasn’t suprised when ATL told me that Ian does not bathe, brush his teeth, wash his clothes, etc. She refused to kiss him and had to make him brush his teeth. WOMEN OF AUSTIN: STAY AWAY FROM THIS DUDE!!!

That’s the most un-gothly goth I’ve ever seen.- nik

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Playmate Valerie Mason Is Pregnant

October 30, 2013 Austin, The Dirty 35

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, playmate Valerie Mason is pregnant! She’s already got a huge bump. I remember her dating Addison Scaglione but that seems to be in the past now. The last time I saw her around was working in a bar in her hometown a few weeks ago and now all of a sudden I hear that she’s pregnant. Didn’t even know she was dating someone. Gosh who is the father!?

Yeah, who is the father?- nik

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