All Natural

October 4, 2013 Austin 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Okay Nik, so this girls name is Candice and she is new to Austin I have seen her working at one of our local bars and although she comes off b*tchy she is really beautiful and she looks all completely all natural. We are about to go back in to that bar next week and I was just seeing your thoughts before I try and make any moves.

Answer: Yes, just wearing a heavily padded bra.

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Local Bar Douche

September 25, 2013 Austin 62

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this trash trolls the Austin downtown scene on weekends looking for someone to play with his hoe girlfriend. By the looks of him he can’t handle her so he has to pawn her on other guys. Let the world know this loser is not as cool as he thinks he is.

This pawning is in hopes of enticing a threesome, with the dude.  I decided.- nik

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Homewrecker Christina

September 25, 2013 Austin 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Christina aka homewrecker so Christina knew I was dating Keke Mays and still talked to her while Christina had a girlfriend Keke cheated on me but never told me. So January I left keke and she BEGGED for me back I moved on and started to talk to someone knew that’s when keke got the person number i was talking to and told them all lies well lets say keke killed that for me! So April comes around keke and I started to talk again and things was going good until i find out keke is dating christian to sum things up i went and did my own thing ended up getting prego keke saying she wanted to join my family but is still messing with christina. Christina and her bestfriend threaten to kill my baby and jump me sloppy hoes huh? while keke would text me and tell me she missed me

That leopard print should be traded in for large black and white spots.- nik

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Fort Hood’s Dirty Army

September 23, 2013 Austin, Marine Corps 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik meet Jason Lundquist. He’s a what wed call the Dirty Army strong. 25 year old dirty army boy cheats on his wife like no other. and who does he cheat on her with? His own soldiers you could say. He conned his hot ass wife into thinking he gave two shits about her when he was stationed in germany while fuking around. But its okay right Nik? looks will fail. See mister lundquist thinks hes god gift thinks hes the hottest thing to walk this earth. He’s crazy! talks shit to anyone and everyone thinks he can beat any guys ass. Hes just a shit talker who cant back up his shit. I feel bad for his wife who sits at home thinking hes faithful. I guess craziness runs in there family. Hes nothing but a dirty guy who lies and cheats and steals. I think everyone should know about it . WATCH OUT FORT HOOD! hell lie to you for anything to get in your pants!. Hide your wife! Hide your kids this fool wil do whatever it takes to sexually satisfy himself. What do you think Nik?

Anyone that open to showing off their hindside is for the gays.- nik

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Tow Driving Thief

September 23, 2013 Austin 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hello Nik this is Luis AKA Brooklyn he lives in austin tx hes currently a tow driver and hes a money hungry thief. he doesnt pay his bills constantly moving around to other females gets them to like him and steals everything from them. i have had almost 3 grand stolen from me from this pos. hes literally a walking *** stick please ladies stay far far away im sure youve seen him as all he does is go out and party to make it seem like he has money when he really is a bumb cabt take care of himself or his aids please beware of this lying thief he will do anything to get in your pants and give you his disease just to steal your money

You can never trust anybody who straps on a chinstrap.- nik

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Peche Should Not Serve Absinthe

September 19, 2013 Austin, The Dirty 250

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this club Peche in Austin serves Absinthe… you know the stuff that is suppose to make you hallucinate? Well I went out, got drunk, soaked weed and then someone recommended we go there and drink the stuff… I believe I drank way too much of it because I woke up in the hospital several days later and apparently I had some sort of seizure. Doctors still aren’t sure what caused it but I’m confident it was the absinthe.. stay away from this place unless you want to die.

I would blame the weed.- nik

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Keeping Austin Trashy

September 18, 2013 Austin, Texas 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik I love all the progress in austin but what the hell happened to the warehouse district? It used to be classy but now its being run over by this kind of scum.I guess even with all the new people moving here there are still going to be hoodrats allowed in decent areas. Especially this crowd YIKES (exception of the girl on the far left shes a sweetheart but is probably on drugs).

No exceptions…they need to implement a no hipster dress code and cap the # of people per bottle at tables.  10 guys pitching on 1 bottle is not acceptable.- nik

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Naked Photo Collage Disaster

September 13, 2013 Austin, Texas 1

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THE DIRTY ARMY: You think educated women with goals would stop being so desperate as to sending mass emails of naked pictures to randoms, think again. I guess being a nasty c*nt will indefinitely end up getting your grandma tits and overly tanned freckle factory smokers body online. Her favorite is slogan “keep it classy” I think Keep it Krusty works out much better.

Lets get a name and face to match this aged leather, shouldn’t be to hard with that tat.- nik

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