Rich Is Not Rich

January 19, 2014 Austin, The Dirty 97

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Alaric “Rich” Richard who lives in Austin, Texas. “Rich” as he calls himself is in his early thirties and likes to envision himself as a self made man who is on his way to building his “global conglomerate” as he likes to repeatedly inform people.”I’m an idea guy”. “Rich” is currently unemployed and at 30 something doesn’t even have a place to call his own… .just a rented room that he can barely pay for. He waits tables but can’t keep a job more than a couple of months due to the fact that he can’t admit he knows nothing asides from what he googles on his 500 dollar phone. He likes to envision himself as a entrepreneur and all around knowledgeable guy who is setting up his “empire”.  He likes to creep the malls and high end stores in a black an white suit so he feels “important” his words not mine…. truth is the suit he wears out everyday is his work clothes from Perry’s Steakhouse. He lasted two months at that job until they realized he is a compulsive liar and they canned him at Christmas because of complaints from customers he was creeping out.

That’s a nice suit Jamie Fox… I’ll take a side of fries and no onions on the hamburger.- nik

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Cedar Park Trollop

January 9, 2014 Austin 36

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, check out this dirty hobag sleeping her way through Cedar Park. Bitch wants to act like you’ve got a thing going on, tells you all the right things, and out of nowhere she’s on to the next guy. Got knocked up by one a few years ago, now brings dudes back to her parents house to bone! Fucking outta control these dirty skanks up here… gotta stay south of the river! Keep an eye out for old danielle_tab and RUN THE OTHER WAY!!

Hi, I’m reality.  Nice to meet you.- nik

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Austinite Michelle Is Perfect

January 8, 2014 Austin, The Dirty 64


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Michelle here is adorable.  Great face, great body. I can’t find anything wrong with her! Find something Nik, before I go crazy.  Austin, Texas is where its at, we have the hottest girls on this continent.

Austin doesn’t have hot chicks. They just have normal looking girls who don’t eat pizza (like Michelle whose belly smile is scary).- nik

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Brandi Gurule Is At It Again – NSFW Images

January 6, 2014 Austin, The Dirty 71


THE DIRTY ARMY: NikBrandi Gurule is listed as “engaged” to the famous Heather Healy aka Turbo, Brandi is sending nudes all over Austin.  Also, I need to mention that Brandi’s ex-boyfriend from Waco allegedly has a possible life ending DRD.  You know, the one that the famous basketball player had.

Aren’t all DRD’s life ending and what is with the tennis balls? Brandi, it’s common knowledge that you get a nose job before +2′s.- nik

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Gay for Pay

January 3, 2014 Austin 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Dustin Kiser, the biggest user I’ve met in my entire life. I haven’t been a victim of his schemes and lies but I know someone that has. He lies about being in the Army. The dude couldn’t cut being in the National Guard and doesn’t have a high school diploma! He has a child he doesn’t take care of or support but wants others to support him. He’s current source of income is being a dancer at ‘high end’ clubs. News flash kid you’re 19 and you’re taking your pants off at gay clubs in Austin when they have strip contests. Nothing high end about that. Dude can only get dudes to buy him things and support his drug habit so he’s decided to be gay for pay.He’ll take it up the ass for whatever drugs you’ve got in your pocket but be careful not to fall asleep, he’ll steal all your money and booze. Don’t waste your time, drugs or money on this butterface loser.

Better look for a real career before your straightening balls for a living.- nik

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Meet Shelbii Burch

December 28, 2013 Austin, The Dirty 96

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this lady grew up in the Detroit metro area and has a reputation for being a bipolar drunken mess and a spoiled brat. I seen her around my high school but never talked to her. I think she is really pretty I’m the face do you agree? However about 5 years ago she moved to Texas and blows up everyone’s Facebook newsfeed of food pics from her sugar daddy dates and if its not that she’s whining about being depressed and broke or asking people to come up to the local strip club Ricks that she’s a “waitress” at.  She’s really annoying and has nothing going for her whatsoever and probably hasn’t seen her two year old son on at least 6 months.

Why is she showing her teeth?- nik

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Franccesca De Struct

December 26, 2013 Austin 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: so nik im on facebook the other day and i see someone on my friends list commenting on franccescas post. in the post she starts bragging about how at 19 she was some executive genius, and then goes into a incredibly attention seeking, self deprecating rant about how she cant be taken seriously as a model because she is too awkward when its pretty clear she is actually in love with the site of her own face(obviously seeking praise and attention). Then she starts going on to say how she cant be taken seriously as a musician either because she is a female, and to be successful in the music industry you have to act like a whore (which from reading all of the other posts about this girl on the dirty she is no stranger to acting like a whore). it is incredibly offensive to other female musicians out there who have made plenty of success for themselves without using their sexuality. Nik, could you please explain to this girl that the reason people dont take her seriously is because she is a huge sloot who fucks her way to where she wants to be and that she actually has no talent at all? going through her facebook it seems to be the norm for her to whine about people having a normal reaction to her off putting nature and appearance. maybe if you didnt dress like hot topic threw up all over your body you’d be a little easier to take seriously. of course she has surrounded herself on social networking with sycophants who feed her delusions of grandeur about herself and its sickening. she posted a video on youtube of her singing that i will leave you with. anyone who actually told her its good needs to take some music lessons. she is tone deaf as sin. girl, this type of shit is why no one takes you seriously. youre delusional.

I wonder what comic book her looks from.- nik

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Hana Bakkar, Texas Sized Continued

December 10, 2013 Austin 250

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hello Nick. This is Hana Bakkar. This pathetic piece of shit is posted here by her haters already but some naive people still think that shes an innocent girl, so I wanted to prove that shes a huge slut, a compulsive liar, a drugged up bitch who talkes shit about other people, even about her close friends. Anyway, this bitch is on okcupid now, she has the app on her phone and shes online 24/7 trying to spread her drd. As you might know, you have to answer her questions to see her answers on that website, so I answered the questions to show you guys hers. Take a look at her answers, and don’t let this bitch to fool you anymore. Oh, by the way Hana, I know for a fact that you’ve done all those drugs that you said you wouldn’t. And you said that you’re curvy on your stupid profile but youre not curvy, you’re fcking fat so stop lying you bulimic slut. Also, the first thing people notice about you, is how fucking huge you are, how bad you smell, your witch nose, and your pimples, then they notice your crossed eyes and your poop hair you ugly dumb bitch. If I hear you talking shit about good people one more time, then I’ll really flip out and show that okcupid profile to your parents, got it? And stop filtering your fucking photos, you’re ugly as fuck no matter what.

Pictures speak louder then words.  Catch her in the act.- nik

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