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Warning Ladies About This MLB Loser

November 19, 2014 Austin, Dirty Athletes, Kansas City, The Dirty 114

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy is a joke. He dated one of my friends in Austin recently and I don’t see how his reputation isn’t already tarnished. He talks to girls all over the US, they all last about a week MAYBE. He is nuts and is an abusive guy. On baseball sites where they ask about players’ reputations his comments about him always somehow disappear. This man is a danger and one step away from seriously hurting someone. He is a typical baseball player who thinks he is God. He rolls around like he has money but his bonus check has got to be gone. That was back in 2009. He still has his picture up on everything showing himself in his Royals uniform. He isn’t even on the Royals anymore. He also has tons of Christian postings on his walls on fb and has a tattoo of scripture on his arm. WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP. its all a mirage. Not only is this guy extremely jealous and controlling, he’s violent too. Please warn America to stay away from him.

What is his name? I only know real players.- nik

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She Bad

November 11, 2014 Austin 6


THE DIRTY ARMY: She is a homewrecking whore who has a fiance but sleeps with all of killeen. she wasnt satisfied with her man so she had to steal mine and my ex. she sends them naked pictures and videos of herself getting off to get their attention. she replies to guys on Craigslist sleeping with them and trying to tell people that it was rape. shes dirty and a whore. ladies lock your men up cause she will go after them no matter what.

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This guy is a jerk

November 3, 2014 Austin 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: He is a CEO of a nonprofit organization. I assumed he would make sure he acted accordingly to being a CEO, but in reality he is an idiot, smokes tons of weed and is the biggest tool I have ever met. I haven’t checked to see if he is on the website, other than a name search but I’m positive he has to be on here already somewhere. His mugshot is online for being a fraud. I wish I could get my night back that I had to spend with him. I left like he was going to keep me captive when I met him. This guy is a creep so I would like to warn other women.

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Sarah Faye Wilson

October 31, 2014 Austin 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Okay nik, so this girl is actually the lowest the you can possibly get here in Texas, other than her skeezy friends that is…but so this girl actually fuked these two guys in the same night just for some free shitty coke, but that’s bot the worst part…she had/has drd!!! She’s spreading disease all over the place, if I saw this girl making my food I would probs throw up,

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UT Bound Girl Spreading at ASU

October 31, 2014 ASU, Austin 6


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik, this is Debbie Wasem. Girls might remember her rushing Delta Zeta this fall. She has drd. If you happen to get her in bed the first thing she says is how much she likes it raw and that she’s on birth control. Recipe for disaster. Next thing you know you’re taking Zovirax and she finally comes out and tells you what you just found out. She has herpes. Fellas beware she’s already onto the next guy. She’s planning on heading to her hometown school University of Texas to see a football player who goes by Easy. He doesn’t know she has herpes. Guess that’s an “easy” victim.

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Sarah Faye Wilson

October 26, 2014 Austin 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this fcking fat nasty doubled chin worhless peace of shit from Round rock Texas, thinks she is hot shit, problem is she stinks really bad and you can’t really tell where tits begin and her belly starts, but yet she clowns on people constantly and her fat ass works for this place called torchy’s tacos, smashing food by the hand fulls drooling like a rabid beast, the most pathetic thing is that she must of been born in a barn cause she talk like a backwards hillbilly. Stay clear from Sarah Faye Wilson she will infect you with her gangrene canker sore mouth, she looks like the Michelin man with pink hair. Plus her hairy snatch is filled with nasty eating cra**. BEWARE!!!!

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Richard Herrera

October 22, 2014 Austin 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Chubby chasing forgy.  Your typical one night squeeze.

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Tara Rich

October 15, 2014 Austin 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: Tara Rich is a bipolar skank. She has been shitcanned from every strip club in the ATX because she gets stoned/drunk and goes off on people. Of course she will be nice and sweet at first. Wait. She will go off on you, punching and kicking and then call the cops ON YOU! ATX cops take you away! Tara will feed you some bullshit about how she just passed the real estate exam. Don’t buy that line of shit. Of course she looks hot; she will make you take her out to dinner and shows and then won’t put out. Avoid this skank like the plague.

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