Austin | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 3

Hector Velasquez

October 14, 2014 Austin 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Hector Velasquez- a creepy, ugly 30 or 40 something from Austin who prowls 6th street looking for drunk young girls to fuck. I first met him at a bar on dirty sixth when I was 18 and he tried wooing me with cheap drinks and some stupid story about how he bought his BMW in cash, he even flashed me the keychain to prove his story. Someone needs to tell him BMWs aren’t Ferraris. The guy not only has two DWIs but also sells shitty, low-grade coke and -if you’re a lucky young drunk girl- will try to lure you back to his house in the promise of free coke. He tries so hard to be one of Austin’s in-crowd and will brag about himself to you nonstop- how he only dates models, and rides million dollar horses, and knows Skrillex- when in reality, he’s just an old drug dealer with a criminal record and a history of fcking girls and their moms. A real catch.

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Dealership Sloot

October 7, 2014 Austin 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Let me introduce you to Krista Apley Pearce. The local dealership whore for a large import dealership in south austin. She has slept with more than 5 mechanics from this large dealership. 2 of the 5 men have been married. She has told several guys she enjoys having different men at the same time. They have nick named her the Chupacabra. She shows no remorse for her actions. Not only is she a huge slut she is a bad mother. She doesn\’t have custody of her child and to be honest it probably is best because this child now has a fighting chance to not grow up and becoming a slut like her mother. Krista has introduced her daughter to multiple men in her life and that poor child is confused as to who her mom is dating. After sleeping with each guy she tries to get them to move in with her to help her pay her bills but so far has not been lucky enough to get anyone to do it. All these stupid johns who fall for her at least have some sense of smarts to them. When the guys refuse or then leave her because they realize she is cheating on them or that she is just a plain dirty whore she tries to manipulate them by telling them she is going to kill herself just to make them stay. PLEASE IF ANYONE SEES HER AT THE DEALERSHIP OR ANYWHERE ELSE STAY AWAY FROM THIS CRACK HEAD LOOKING WHORE.

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Austin’s Next Top Model

October 3, 2014 Austin 46

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik – this is Haley Tidwell from Austin, Texas. She’s been trying to blow up in the modeling industry since she was in high school and even started a facebook public figure page to get her name out there. If anyone needs a model for a shoot or for a portfolio you can book her. I think she should be the next dirty celeb. What do you think?

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Is Jen Wilke For Real

September 28, 2014 Austin, The Dirty 354


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, can you please blast Jen Wilke for being ignorant and stuck up? This girl is only where she is because of her sugar daddy Greg Hale is paying her way for her. She needs a reality check and get an education or something because she is going to be 31 soon with out any career and her daddy warbucks isnt going to be there forever.

‘Being in the public eye’ — who are you?- nik

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Joey Christoforo Is A Scam Artist

September 26, 2014 Austin, The Dirty 29

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, need to tell you about this Austin, Texas FRAUDSTER Joey Christoforo. I sold him 2 tickets to the Mayweather Fight via an online site. Thought all was well until I got a call today from said site saying when Joey went to go pick up the tickets from the Will Call window the tickets were not there. I had sent them a week before…I know they were there. Something smells fishy. Since these sites tend to believe anything buyers say, I have to prove myself innocent. 1st thing anyone with a brain does is google the person, I did and up pops his Facebook, and what is on his Facebook? Oh a PICTURE of the tickets I sold his lying ass!!! And for good measure a video of him at the fight. What a f*cking moron. The site is paying me but he will most likely get away with it unless you guys help. Joey you tried to con me out of over 1k…….karma is coming back for you. Nik, what should I do here? Call up his boss and let him know he has a thief working for him? Any other ideas? PS. It should come as no surprise that one of the pages he likes on Facebook is Fake Equis.

Great… now I feel like a loser for owning the same Hurley board shorts.- nik

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Beware Of Lorrie Michele Ryan

September 25, 2014 Austin, Dirty Business 6

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 5.19.43 PM

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, all Guys and students parents watch out for this BIG Liar con artist hooker/ special ed teacher just hired at St. Martin upper elementary school in Ocean Springs Mississippi, she just got busted and terminated at Clear Creek ISD in League City Texas where she bolted in the middle of the night andmoved out in the middle of the night and broke her lease ! to hidefrom the guys she ripped off here like myself !! Michele Ryan is a call girl or hooker and was running a call girl servive out of her apartment in league city Texas she told me finally after 4 months of datind seriuosly . school teacher by day call girl/ con artist by night and weekends hussling men for money! I am a victum of her crimes myself she should be in jail for running her scams agaist the men and other men she been rips offfor years like myself KARMA WILLGET HER ONE DAY AS I HAVE TOLD HER ALL READY ! I was her boyfriend here in Texas and found out the truth about herself and the scams on men she been running and her bad past she trys to hide and cover up and lies about!

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Nicole Trout

September 19, 2014 Austin 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Guess who is one of the most trashy girls in all of Austin?! NICOLE TROUT. This sad girl is a raging alcoholic and is living in a one bedroom apartment with her mom and poor daughter. Her mom pays all of her bills for her. She bailed out her ex out of jail after he beat up her grandma!!She did sexual favors for her boss where she works at in Jonestown, Texas… because who in their right mind would make this fat, lazy,alcoholic a manager? This girl and her mother sleep with the same men and they prank call EVERYBODY they know thinking it’s so funny. They harassed a pregnant woman for a year saying they were sleeping with her man! HOW SAD. She dropped out of LEANDER HIGH SCHOOL the day she started.This bitch deserves to be on the dirty because of all the nasty shit she talks about EVERYBODY AND ANYBODY who comes into contact with her. Lord knows this girl needs help and hopefully just mayyybe deserves it..thank you Nik Rich for making a site like this one so girls can rant about everything that happens..

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Amanda De Leon-Moreno

September 19, 2014 Austin 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Amanda left her husband and son to go live and fck her husbands mechanic. She even left her son at home alone when he was an infant while her husband was at work. She left her husband several times and she would come back to him whenever he would start dating. She only went back because she needed to keep her options open. Amanda loves anal sex and would have sex and then come home to her hubby and have sex with him so that he can catch what she had. Her hubby finally stopped taking her back and met a nice woman and they had a child. Amanda and her family cornered the woman while she was pregnant and tried to jump her. Finally Amanda went to Austin with her family and tried to get the hubby to leave his pregnant girlfriend which never happened cause he loves the woman. Once Amanda realized she was not gonna get her husband back she decided to get engaged to a wetback and marry him to make the ex jealous (did not work). The ex was a real father and turned himself in to child support. Amanda keeps their son away from him and he has not seen his child in 3 years. She is bitter and mad that the ex chose his now wife over her. Amanda tried to ruin his life but is only ruining her son’s life. Funny thing is that she calls her ex and his wife fat and bloated and she is huge herself. Only posting selfie’s to hid her weight. Luckily for her ugly friend she posted body shots and we can all see that Amanda has a lot to be bitter about. This bitch will burn in hell. Karma bitch!!

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