Austin | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 3

Nicole Trout

September 19, 2014 Austin 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Guess who is one of the most trashy girls in all of Austin?! NICOLE TROUT. This sad girl is a raging alcoholic and is living in a one bedroom apartment with her mom and poor daughter. Her mom pays all of her bills for her. She bailed out her ex out of jail after he beat up her grandma!!She did sexual favors for her boss where she works at in Jonestown, Texas… because who in their right mind would make this fat, lazy,alcoholic a manager? This girl and her mother sleep with the same men and they prank call EVERYBODY they know thinking it’s so funny. They harassed a pregnant woman for a year saying they were sleeping with her man! HOW SAD. She dropped out of LEANDER HIGH SCHOOL the day she started.This bitch deserves to be on the dirty because of all the nasty shit she talks about EVERYBODY AND ANYBODY who comes into contact with her. Lord knows this girl needs help and hopefully just mayyybe deserves it..thank you Nik Rich for making a site like this one so girls can rant about everything that happens..

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Amanda De Leon-Moreno

September 19, 2014 Austin 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Amanda left her husband and son to go live and fck her husbands mechanic. She even left her son at home alone when he was an infant while her husband was at work. She left her husband several times and she would come back to him whenever he would start dating. She only went back because she needed to keep her options open. Amanda loves anal sex and would have sex and then come home to her hubby and have sex with him so that he can catch what she had. Her hubby finally stopped taking her back and met a nice woman and they had a child. Amanda and her family cornered the woman while she was pregnant and tried to jump her. Finally Amanda went to Austin with her family and tried to get the hubby to leave his pregnant girlfriend which never happened cause he loves the woman. Once Amanda realized she was not gonna get her husband back she decided to get engaged to a wetback and marry him to make the ex jealous (did not work). The ex was a real father and turned himself in to child support. Amanda keeps their son away from him and he has not seen his child in 3 years. She is bitter and mad that the ex chose his now wife over her. Amanda tried to ruin his life but is only ruining her son’s life. Funny thing is that she calls her ex and his wife fat and bloated and she is huge herself. Only posting selfie’s to hid her weight. Luckily for her ugly friend she posted body shots and we can all see that Amanda has a lot to be bitter about. This bitch will burn in hell. Karma bitch!!

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Meet Shelbii Burch

September 8, 2014 Austin, Detroit 29

THE DIRTY ARMY: Shelbi Burch, again…how bout a taxi???

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Big Dawg

September 2, 2014 Austin 33

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, please put this ashy ankle player on blast he is married and has a baby on the way but sticks his “love stick” in any woman that has a big booty. Yet he has a loyal wife sitting at home while he is out banging His hoes. He hits up strip clubs on a monthly basis with his “dawggy” gang. Then on monday he doesn’t even have a penny left. While his bitches suck his love stick he answers his wifes phone calls and tells her how much he loves her. Sad thing is he uses the same pick up lines with each girl he trys to get in bed with. This sorry excuse of a man leaves his pregnant wife at home while he enjoys the “single life”.So nik please put this nasty dead beat husband on blast.

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Roxann Carranza

September 2, 2014 Austin 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Met Roxanne this girl thinks she is really something she acts like everyone want s to be her while she lives with her mom and her two kids she claims she’s engaged but they don’t live together she works when its convenient for her with her dad because she can’t keep a real job her fiance finances her so she likes to live off her mom and her fiance how embarrassing. Her mothers house us a pig pen how she has her children there idk. She believes everyone wants to be her and look like her lol girl stop you have the ugliest smile and highlights are in style your friends don’t want to be you or look like you stop acting like every man wants you and every woman is jealous and your ex’s new bm doesn’t even think of you while your secretly wishing he was still yours he new you were a drama how that’s why he left you

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Miss Austin – Ariana Perez

September 2, 2014 Austin 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Please expose this dirty little hamster. Don’t let this beauty queen fool you, shes the filthiest girl to ever be named Miss Austin. She’s a waitress at the Yellow **e who bare f*cked the owner of Geisha up until his girlfriend Amber Prowl (very well known in Austin) came back from Cali. She screwed the manager of YR (Zach) AND his brother Jonathan. Guess she wanted to see who’s was bigger. Oh! But not to worry she only screwed his brother one time as a “revenge thing” to get back at Zach for choosing his then girlfriend Tara over her. Luckily Tara was smart enough to get away from the drama. Ariana is a cum dumpster who takes anti-biotic pills from her VET clinic to make sure she doesn’t get any diseases. Zach knows all about those pills too since he’s had a few drd scares of his own. When it comes to needing money for bills, her sugar daddy pays for it all. He’s from the YR who gives her thousands and poor thing would be mortified if he found out how much his princess opens her legs for so many guys. She’s made a nasty reputation for herself on 5th street bouncing between Geisha and Summit. She plays the innocent victim but this compulsive liar is as dirty as can be.

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Chief Kief Wannabe

August 25, 2014 Austin 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Please put this Broke Down Chief Lief wannabe on blast! Fool lives with his momma,livin off of her EBT TANF CARD to buy more beeswax for that nappy ass hair he gots that he never washes and wants to act like he gots swagg! He Cal’s himself rapper and claims all the ladies want him,when in fact he smells so bad like rotting onions in the sun and his breath makes one want to choke cuz it smells like rotten boiled eggs. Borrows clothes from friends to go to the club but he is so funky nobody wants their clothes back. He owes people shit loads of money and even dated this Mexican chick who couldn’t speak English and would take her Jack In the Box paychecks to pay for studio time. He would threaten to have her deported if she said anything. So Nick put this ashy basTurd on blast because he ain’t shit with his side mouth crust!

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Prince Jose Gomez

August 15, 2014 Austin 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik, this is “prince jose” (aka) jose gomez. this little hoodrat grew up in dove springs and thinks he is SO GANGSTER! he drives around in his car that his mama bought still LIVING IN HIS MAMAS HOUSE, thinking he is gods gift to women. he pretends to have it made, the only job he can keep is selling drugs to other local “gangsters” he is so proud to make his 8th into a “zone” and show off his UNLICENSED GUN on his facebook account for everyone and their mothers to see…. he even admits it is unlicensed on his “amazing” rap videos he makes with his other loser friends. the kid smokes so much that he barely has any brain cells left and looks like he has down syndrome. (no offense to anyone) he used to hang out with a group, they called themselves the “tailor gang” and hung out with chloe the hoe vasquez (still fake as they come) and zachery telford (cheated on chloe and got some other girl pregnant with twins)( he did the right thing and left her to help out with his kids)surprisingly…(all published on the dirty) go figure! back to “prince”, the only nice thing about this guy are his teeth, probably whitened with his mamas money. he thinks he is so hard in his name brand clothing, always showing off the next gucci belt he bought. its not hard to buy name brand clothes considering he doesn’t have to pay any bills or rent. they all treat women so poorly, calls them all thots?!. ladies you have been warned. . BLAST THIS HOOD TRASH NIK!

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