Miss Austin – Ariana Perez

September 2, 2014 Austin 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Please expose this dirty little hamster. Don’t let this beauty queen fool you, shes the filthiest girl to ever be named Miss Austin. She’s a waitress at the Yellow **e who bare f*cked the owner of Geisha up until his girlfriend Amber Prowl (very well known in Austin) came back from Cali. She screwed the manager of YR (Zach) AND his brother Jonathan. Guess she wanted to see who’s was bigger. Oh! But not to worry she only screwed his brother one time as a “revenge thing” to get back at Zach for choosing his then girlfriend Tara over her. Luckily Tara was smart enough to get away from the drama. Ariana is a cum dumpster who takes anti-biotic pills from her VET clinic to make sure she doesn’t get any diseases. Zach knows all about those pills too since he’s had a few drd scares of his own. When it comes to needing money for bills, her sugar daddy pays for it all. He’s from the YR who gives her thousands and poor thing would be mortified if he found out how much his princess opens her legs for so many guys. She’s made a nasty reputation for herself on 5th street bouncing between Geisha and Summit. She plays the innocent victim but this compulsive liar is as dirty as can be.

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Chief Kief Wannabe

August 25, 2014 Austin 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Please put this Broke Down Chief Lief wannabe on blast! Fool lives with his momma,livin off of her EBT TANF CARD to buy more beeswax for that nappy ass hair he gots that he never washes and wants to act like he gots swagg! He Cal’s himself rapper and claims all the ladies want him,when in fact he smells so bad like rotting onions in the sun and his breath makes one want to choke cuz it smells like rotten boiled eggs. Borrows clothes from friends to go to the club but he is so funky nobody wants their clothes back. He owes people shit loads of money and even dated this Mexican chick who couldn’t speak English and would take her Jack In the Box paychecks to pay for studio time. He would threaten to have her deported if she said anything. So Nick put this ashy basTurd on blast because he ain’t shit with his side mouth crust!

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Prince Jose Gomez

August 15, 2014 Austin 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik, this is “prince jose” (aka) jose gomez. this little hoodrat grew up in dove springs and thinks he is SO GANGSTER! he drives around in his car that his mama bought still LIVING IN HIS MAMAS HOUSE, thinking he is gods gift to women. he pretends to have it made, the only job he can keep is selling drugs to other local “gangsters” he is so proud to make his 8th into a “zone” and show off his UNLICENSED GUN on his facebook account for everyone and their mothers to see…. he even admits it is unlicensed on his “amazing” rap videos he makes with his other loser friends. the kid smokes so much that he barely has any brain cells left and looks like he has down syndrome. (no offense to anyone) he used to hang out with a group, they called themselves the “tailor gang” and hung out with chloe the hoe vasquez (still fake as they come) and zachery telford (cheated on chloe and got some other girl pregnant with twins)( he did the right thing and left her to help out with his kids)surprisingly…(all published on the dirty) go figure! back to “prince”, the only nice thing about this guy are his teeth, probably whitened with his mamas money. he thinks he is so hard in his name brand clothing, always showing off the next gucci belt he bought. its not hard to buy name brand clothes considering he doesn’t have to pay any bills or rent. they all treat women so poorly, calls them all thots?!. ladies you have been warned. . BLAST THIS HOOD TRASH NIK!

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Jose Sanchez aka JJae

August 14, 2014 Austin 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jose Sanchez also known as Jjae is a deadbeat father of 4 children. From 3 different females. He is on the run he left the Half way house in Houston he was at. He is wanted!!! He has sex with different females and uses no protection. So ladies you might wanna check yourselves. He has no job is a pothead goes from baby momma to girlfriend to other females lives with his girlfriend drives her car! Is a fat tatted up piece of crap. Thinks he is hardcore but ain’t about nothing can’t keep a female. Is the dirtiest or all dirty.

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Farrah Abraham “Pretending” To Be A Stripper

August 13, 2014 Austin, The Dirty 103

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Farrah Abraham recently began a stripping gig at Palazio Gentlemen’s Club in Austin, a source confirms to E! News. “She was hired a couple of weeks ago as a cocktail waitress but wanted to make more money dancing, so they moved her up to the stage,” the insider dished. “She was on all three stages, the main stage and two side stages.”  She said she is working there for a researching job?  Um, is she for real?

Wow. Can’t wait to see how she lies her way out of this one.- nik

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Music Scene Pro

August 5, 2014 Austin 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Brandi or Nikki, she is a groupie hoe on the muzik scene in Austin, Tx. She will sleep with anyone who is a wanna be rapper. She does gang bangs and you can find her on back page. Potent Tai is just as dumb as she is but loves trashy ass drd having hoes. This girl is full of sad stories but will fuck you and the crew and drink down some cum. would post the videos, but gotta save the crew, just want to expose this dirty wanna be hood rat for who she is.

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Benji the Binger

August 5, 2014 Austin 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Benjamin Ramirez or his nick name “benji” He has been arrested for possession of cocaine, of course because thats all he does and the only thing that matters in his life. Well besides mooching off his successful friends that he wishes he could be like. He thinks he’s so cool because he gets to fly on private jets with all his rich friends and party like he has money to blow. That has to feel like shit when most of them are younger than his old ass. Or maybe he isn’t that old it’s just all the cocaine aging him making him look like he’s 45. He has a business but it is very very unsuccessful. He sold his first company because it was going to shit and he wanted to get what he could get out of it before it just failed miserably. Now he owns a car wrapping business. Nobody ever wants his blowed out dumbass to wrap their car. But when they do Benjamin wont get back to them until 2 weeks later bc he’s always getting fucked up. No wonder all his businesses fail. His ex girlfriend introduced him to everyone he knows and he wouldn’t be shit without her. Well he still isn\’t shit, everyone just uses him for the blow he sales. He used to pay his ex friends to give him lap dances, he even hit her a few times. The shit blow does to people… not good. The only income he has right now is from dealing. Oh and all of austin knows because he’ll walk around with cocaine on his nose because he thinks its cool. LMAO Nik, this guy needs rehab and a reality check.

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Abilene Elementary School Phone Sex Operator

July 31, 2014 Abilene, Austin 15



phpo2erZs (1)

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this woman as I found out… quite alarming… is a elementary school teacher in your area. She is the following phone sex operator profiles on the website talktome.com : sexy vixen, Ridem Cowgirl, Adventurous girl, hot babe and sensual domination. You can check her voice on the website without even having an account. She is online usually between 8pm – 2am Texas time. This isn’t a joke, and I’d like to find out which school this woman works at so I can report her, if you know her… please make a post with the following title here on the dirty “Abilene elementary school phone sex operator”, children shouldn’t have to be subjected to her as a teacher.

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