Austin | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 5

Greg Toucher Convicted

July 22, 2014 Austin, The Dirty 79

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, about a year ago, I posted about a guy I went to high school with named Greg Kelley was accused of touching two 4 year old boys. His trial started last week, and wrapped up last Tuesday night when the jury found him guilty of two counts of super aggravated sexual assault. He was sentenced to 25 years in prison. According to the details about the trial, Greg had the boys touch him, rub lotion on his genitals and “lick” him. Last week, there was an enormous rally at the local high school for him, they’re raising money for him and his family and people are still defending him even after he waived his right to an appeal. Nik, what do you think? Guilty or no? If it wasn’t for his social status, would he still be getting all of this support?

Looks like he loves the attention. No wonder his name is Greg.- nik

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Is Jen Wilke On Drugs

July 22, 2014 Austin, Hollywood 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, Jen Wilke recently spent the week in LA with her bestie known drug addict/sex offender Jessica Vaug. Pictures of the two completing stuff of their bucket list like getting tattoos, going skydiving, kissing another girl have been getting posted. I have a feeling after looking at these new pictures Jen posted of her first shoot in Austin after being in Hollywood is that smoking meth was also on her bucket list. Look at what hollywood has done to this poor girl. First picture is from like three years ago and then the next three are from last week. I need your person opinion on this one. DO her eyes say drug addict to you?


Jen Wilke Returns To Hollywood With Her Sugar Daddy Greg Hale

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Gonzo Sloot

July 21, 2014 Austin, Chicago 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this here is Jessica Marin I’m sure everybody seen her before on here from her last post when we talk about her and ray ray. I heard she finally left her fiancee, husband, boyfriend, babydaddy or what ever he is to her and she move to Chicago. I guess she finally realize nobody like her big nose ugly face here in San Antonio because she ain’t nothing but a fake. So she ran away from her problems and left her baby daddy which she was cheating on him anyway because sh’s a straight up hoe and always will be no matter what city she lives in. If she thinks the guy is cute she will meet him up if she can and have sex with him she’s not about that faithful love relationship life. Jessica stop trying to think you can fit in with anybody when all you do is talk sh*t behind their back remember that’s why no one likes you cuz you’re fake friend, glad I’m not that hoe\’s friend anymore. All I have to say is once a hoe and a fake always a hoe and a fake no matter what city you live in. Ta ta for now…

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Runaway Chester

July 18, 2014 Austin, San Antonio 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: This idiot thinks hes cute and is gonna get away with trying to have contact with my kids… alil fyi he is a registered sex offender he has 3 court orders from bexar county judges that he can not have contact with my kids he has felony fugitive warrants for his arrest has been trying to write my daughter letters under his uncle ric rios name lies to everyone about him being a childmolester. Owes $47000 in child support for my 2kids no telling how much he owes for his other son try to kidnapp my daughter n take her out of state when she was with him wtf dont u get leave my kids alone they dont want nuttin to do with u… u think u can run but u cant hide they will find u. EVERYONE HELP ME SHARE AND REPOST THIS TO GET THE WORD OUT IF U SEE THIS GUY CALL THE COPS HE IS A REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER HIS VITIM WAS ONLY 13 HE AGGRAVATED SEXUALLY ASSUALTED HER… GET THIS BASTARD OFF THE STREETS BEFORE HE DOES IT AGAIN HE MAY BE IN GONZALES TX HE IS ALSO KNOWN TO WORK AT RESTAURANTS ALONG THE RIVERWALK

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Bobby Zabala – ConArtist

July 15, 2014 Austin 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: Stay away!! He was in the Army for 17 yrs &claims to have been injured while he was in Afghanistan and was able to con the Army into believing it and gets a disability pension!!! Hes been married 4 times & cheated on all of them! Hes cheated on every single woman he has ever been with. He says everything right, he has had alot of practice being a con-artist! He is a smooth talker that makes you believe he has been the victim to all the women in his past. After you trust him he will take every dime you have & steal everything out of your house while you arent home. He has done this to TWO of his wives- one of them was in the hospital with serious complications in her pregnancy with his kid when he stole all the money and emptied their house, his last wife was at work while he and his douchebag adult kids emptied their house & their bank account. His own family has nothing to do with him. Bobby claims it is because they dont agree with him being in the Army but that is complete BS. His family disowned him because he stole money from them all, He lied to the police and said drugs that were found in his house belonged to HIS DAD. His Dad was arrested and served time for it, Bobby tried to burn his sisters house down with her and her newborn son inside because she “Bowed Up” to him when he brought a prostitute into her home!! Hes addicted to porn & drinks a case of beer a day!! If you see him RUN FAST, KEEP YOUR KIDS AWAY FROM THIS ABUSER!!!!

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Cheating Baldwin

July 6, 2014 Austin 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: Mr. Jack Baldwin here has been living a double live, for the past 8 years. He started off with his first Girlfriend dating her for 2 years, then decided since they were having problems he would find another girl that would take care of the loneliness. He began dating his second Girlfriend while he was clearly still in a relationship with the first girl. Both did not know about each other until 5 years later. When the second girlfriend began digging around and found the first girlfriend living in Austin with him. Unbeknownst to her she was still living with him to. He has played everyone in Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, and even Mississippi. He gets around….and as he likes to say I have my people and my ways…His ways were two different ladies stupidly giving him money to go back and forth between the two of them. He is broke with no job he can keep longer then a couple of months. He lies to everyone about business successes he clearly does not have or ever had.

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Everythings Bigger in Texas

July 2, 2014 Arlington, Austin, Texas 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this is one of texas’ biggest hoes! Well known for escorting and calling it ‘self employed’! she has absolutely no shame in showing her nasty sweaty clam around texas, and to make matters worse, shes being pimped out by some lesbian crossbred mutant (Jackie chan/miley cyrus) who refers to robyn as baby mama’. She cant dance, what she calls dancing just really looks like a troublesome 3 legged dog in heat trying to walk. And get this, she ‘claims’ to have just gotten out of rehab a few months back for being addicted to pills. shes just an attention whore, and overall a loosey goosey. PUT THIS HOE ON BLAST NICK! BTW..HER SISTER HAS REALLY SAGGY TITS.

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Alyssa Cevallos

July 2, 2014 Austin 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this girl blows anything that seems like it has money or a job offer. She thinks shes super inspiring, but shes really just a hooters girl that failed english class. what do you think of her?

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