Smelly Emily

April 22, 2014 Austin 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this is Emily she walks around as if she’s the hottest girl in town. She likes to pretend she’s the girl next door, but really she the slore on the corner. Emily is from the buttcrack of Texas (Killeen), she’s got hardcore daddy issues and she’s a brat that gets what she wants because mom refuses to say no. Emily laughs about her mother’s inability to control her behind her back. Since starting school in Austin shes had numerous one night stands! She drives back home and pretends to be the good girl when we all know she’s living a double life. Emily thinks that being on birth control means she can sleep with as many people as she wants without protection! Gross!! Shes sometimes engaged and always desperate. Her on and off again bf/fiance cheats on her regularly, but she goes crying right back to him time after time. Her cheap ebay extensions are as fake as her personality. She’s extremely messy, she leaves her dirty underwear with crap streaks laying all over her bathroom floor and never picks up after herself. She had sex with my friends brother who is engaged and has a baby on the way! They’re both idiots with no sense of responsibility. She didn’t come to Austin to study and go to school she came to austin cause she ran out of greasy guys in Killeen to fk! If you’re an older man with a fat wallet and can’t get a decent lay then call Emily. She’ll gladly walk her kankles over to you!

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Jaymi sloot March

April 14, 2014 Austin 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: She is a dirty sloot who looks like snooki, you can find her at any strip club wasted and always trying to take some d home, one time at a friends house after a haloween party came back to find her passed out on the couch in her bra and underwear waiting to be screwed by anyone, she is always looking for a free meal ticket along with her friend Olivia sharp both strip club whores

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True Crazy, Belle Star

April 14, 2014 Austin 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is what a meth head looks like. Shes a crazy bitch that doesn’t work and is in an abusive relationship. they share the abuse between each other how sweet. she has a son but cant keep him because she is too busy smoking meth with the shocking no job money and hanging with her homeless besties in the park. she fcks every guy she meets for drugs . she did a few videos for porn but no one watches it so she had to go, because shes a sellout and bores everyone. as you see in her busted picture those are not zits they are meth tweaker scars. she goes by the names i believe are “belle, star, hannah..” and many more because shes suppose to be in jail. im tired of her ruining my brothers life.

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Drink Eat Play’s Dirtbag Dan Silberstein

April 14, 2014 Austin, Dallas 35

THE DIRTY ARMY: Millionaire promoter and founder of Drink Eat Play, Dan Silberstein is a true dirt bag. He used his money and personality to win the heart of a leading “B” movie actress and scream queen. She has asked to remain nameless. anyway he did and said anything and everything he could to win her heart and get into her bed. Including convincing her that he wanted a family, which she desperately wants. so she proceeds to let him into her life, then her bed. From the first time they begin to have unprotected sex as they are both in love and if a child is produced then so much the better as that’s what they want right..happily ever after and all that goes with it. Then she ends up pregnant!! And our hero here completely flips and the madman in him comes out. He proceeds to tell her he’s not ready for kids and that if she doesn’t have an abortion immediately that he will sell everything he owns and kill himself as to make sure that his child will grow up with no money and no father. The actress is confused and lost and in a lot of pain and has asked me to try and get the word out about this dirtbag. She doesn’t want to be named but wants to make sure this ass cant do this to other women.

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Sexy Texas Brown Sugar

April 5, 2014 Austin, The Dirty 68


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is Jade Green.  I went to high school with this girl and even still at 6ft tall, I find her nothing but pure beauty.  She is without a doubt one of the hottest girls in Austin and you cannot miss her.  Wanted to see what you think about this brown beauty.

Why is she in Austin? Shouldn’t she be modeling in NYC? Her amazon kind needs to migrate to the money.- nik

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Check Out Jen Wilkes Armpit

April 4, 2014 Austin, The Dirty 52

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, on Jen Wilkes new video post begging her fans for votes for a new contest she is in she becomes the innovator of the new modeling trend. Armpit Camel Toe. Looks like she is gaining some extra weight since in previous times she was actually borderline anorexic. Pretty disgusting if you ask me!!!

If she was hot I would try banging her armpits just to check it off my sex list.- nik

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Luling Terran Oakes

April 3, 2014 Austin, Texas 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this be Terran Oakes the biggest man whore in Luling tx 830 he be fuking every bitch I know in the hood or any bitch he meet at the club, frm what I heard he gots a little pipi and don’t ever satisfy the females, he has c***ia and drd just thought I would let u know before u let him hit it

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Austin, Be Warned of Luna Mayflowers

April 2, 2014 Austin, Kansas City 28

THE DIRTY ARMY: LOOK OUT AUSTIN, TEXAS! I have recently received word that this world class fraud is on the move again and this time TO OUR BEAUTIFUL CITY! After being successfully run out of Tampa, and Kansas City she is now headed here! Her real name is Harley Kapp, but she goes by “Luna Mayflowers”. She claims to be some peaceful enlightened bohemian but she is actually a pathological liar and a fake. She voluntarily works as a stripper and then she’ll cry rape when any douche bag slips a dollar in her disgusting crotchet panties. She abuses her animals. Her first dog ran away because she didn’t take care of it and then she got another dog, which after a few weeks of shamelessly flaunting it on social media, it mysteriously “ran away” as well. She claims to pay her own bills yet we all know her grandmother gave her a credit card, which Miss Luna uses to buy alcohol, pot, and crystals for her shitty jewelry. She had to pay for a majority of her Instagram followers because in reality no one wants to see her nude pictures and her crappy crotchet clothes that she tries to sell. Oh yes, and, she claims to be some “dread headed goddess” yet her hair is completely fake. If you took the weave out her hair is fried and probably about two inches long. This girl is the ultimate fake. My people in Kansas City are glad that they finally ran her out of there and everyone that knows who she truly is is sick of her having a huge ego and thinking she’s some super angel feminist martyr. She moves to a new city and changes her entire existence to fit it. For instance, when she moved to Kansas City she was claiming to be some type of burlesque performer, until that flopped and all of the burlesque teams declared her a laughing stock. And now, she’s moving to Austin and claiming to be a hippie princess. Don’t be fooled by this dirty trollop fellow Austinittes. GO BACK TO THE HOLE FROM WHENCE YOU CAME!

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