Austin | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 6

Colby Maxwell

June 30, 2014 Austin 57

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Colby Maxwell he has the herpes. He admits it and still bags nasty hoes. He feels he I a God’s gift to the earth in reality he is a piece of crap. Girls, and the few guys he has admitted to having sex with are now infected with the disease. Sorry but you have been warned. He will also on occasion beat his girlfriends to make his weak mind feel better. Don’t walk but run from this awful and disgusting sorry excuse for a human.

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Austin Has Normal Looking Girls

June 25, 2014 Austin, The Dirty 138

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I never understood what you meant by ‘normal looking’ girls. Now I can see it. I cannot believe how much I settled for the normal look. I use to think these girls were hot. I was crazy. You showed me the light Nik. Sorry Brittany East, you are normal looking. Right Nik.

Nothing special here — besides the huge blow hole in the last picture.- nik

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Can We Dissect Jen Wilkes Recent Interview

June 18, 2014 Austin, Hollywood, The Dirty 67



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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, can we please dissect all the bullsh*t in this new interview with Jen Wilke. This is a perfect reason why models online need publicists. She comes off very conceded and people who know of her could easily see through all the lies contained in this. I will go first. In her answer for the question about what makes her stand out as a model. She says it’s because she runs all her social media accounts unlike other models who have people doing it for them as it’s a way for her to stay humble. Well for the first 2 years of her career she had someone running her twitter and 2 facebook fan pages until she screwed him over and he announced in public that it was not her running her fan page. Also in the answer to the question about how not two of her photos ever look the same. I present you with these two pictures. It’s basically the same except they airbrush her sickly ribs out of one. What is the deal with this girl? She wins Playboy Miss Social and some how got on the cover of The Playboy Swimsuit Calendar and now things she is a giant celebrity and doing all these photo shoots. The only reason she is doing them is because Greg Hale is paying for them. None of the shoots get picked up for any publications. I think she should just quit now. One other Jen Wilkeism: She states on her model mayhem account that she is not interested in non paid features in unknown online magazines that are not in print. Yet her newest interview is in just that. She is a publicists nightmare!

Here is my question: How much do you make a year getting naked?- nik

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Hutto Homewrecker

June 16, 2014 Austin 38

THE DIRTY ARMY: Lets just say that I am really good friend of this person’s “bf and his wife”. Yes WIFE. This person has not cared that the person she is seeing is married and has an 18month old at home. She updatedly post stuff on her Facebook taunting the wife of her “bf.” I know for a fact that she also sends the wife pictures to throw in her face that she is sleeping around with a married man. She has not shame. She likes to play victim when the only true victim is the wife of her so called bf. Even her parents know that the guy is married and they do not care that her daughter is hoeing around. Luckily the wife is smart and has decided to file for divorce after she found out what was going on. The tramp\’s name is Noemi Salazar from Hutto, Tx even though on her Facebook she has decided to take on the “bf’s” last name even though he is still legally married and divorce paperwork has not been filed.

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Cheating Soldier

June 11, 2014 Austin 41

THE DIRTY ARMY: What can I say about Christian wood, first he\’s my ex & we broke up cause he’s a fcking cheater. He fucks everything that moves. He thinks he\’s better than everyone. He is seriously bipolar and is the biggest asshole I have ever met. The biggest mistake I have made in my entire life. So, ladies in Fort Hood area or any where around that area, watch out for this cheater cause he\’ll break your heart just like he broke mine. P.S. he has ch**ia.

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Trizzy Hoe Life

June 9, 2014 Austin 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Trizzy. Aka Trey.This nigga thinks he’s bout that life counting money and fucking bitches but little does he know his nasty ass gave me g***ea. Yes yall this nigguh is a man hoe!!!! H’ll text you pics of his dick and ask you for nudes. Lady’s y’all need to watch out for this Eminem wanna be. He will fck anyone anytime. He’s a walking DRD. Who knows how many females he’s infected with his nasty dick smelling like fish and shit. Girls are all over him but if you’ve fcked him GO GET YOURSELF CHECKED ASAP. Don’t let him fool you, when he invites you to “chill” and “smoke” cuz he roofied my home girl when she didn’t want to fck him. He should be in jail. Oh and he’s been there before where the negros made him their bitch!!! Hes not hard like he claims giving his culo to mayates and shit. Nik PLEASE expose this hoe!!!

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New Visitor Please Read

June 6, 2014 Austin, The Dirty 285


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I discovered this website from Page 6. I have spent the last 3 days surfing The Dirty and I must say you are a jerk. I’ve dated plenty of terrible men but you Mr. Richie take the cake. How dare you disrespect other people’s private lives. The only reason this website exists is because you are a miserable person. I hope you find God one day because he is the only one who can save you.

Actually, the only reason this website exists is because humans make stupid decisions.- nik

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Woman Beater on the low

June 4, 2014 Atlanta, Austin 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dexter Samples is a woman beater he\’s in the army pretending to be crazy when he just likes to be his wife Ashley or ex wife now for things he goes through with the military he has mommy daddy issues…he’s a very negative person also an alcoholic so steer left ladies…I also think he\’s mentally retarded I felt bad for the poor girl he knew she was too tiny to fight back I just hate coward..he waited until he got that girl away from her family…he better be glad it wasn’t me…would’ve put my foot in his ass…I know he’s from Atlanta he’s been stationed in honolulu Hawaii and also killeen texas

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