For your own sake, stay away

June 2, 2014 Austin 30

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey there nik- First off, let me preface this by saying I didn’t want to do this. What you’re about to read isn’t done out of animosity or revenge, I’m doing this because if I can stop one guy from making a huge mistake, I’ll do it. I’m not the best person in the world. Don’t have a car, I have to work 7 days a week when my boss doesn\’t get drunk ad just not work, I live in a shitty little apartment and any money I make is instantly sucked up. That\’s my deal, but I work hard for everything I have or have ever had. The person I\’m about to talk to you about is my exact opposite and made my life hell. So this person, who I won’t name because some of you know her, is actually a good person in many aspects. Her problem is her ego, and her drinking. She used to complain that I never had money, all the time not realizing that I\’d spent my money. On her. I would buy her food, put gas in her car, buy her alcohol (the vast majority of my money went here). She would get up at 8 am and need a tall boy just to get up on the morning. When she\’d get drunk, she had a hair trigger. Anything set her off and sent her into a flying rage, and this is coming from a guy with anger issues. The nite we broke up, she informed me in detail of how superior she was to me, threw all my stuff outside, slapped me and literally tried to THROW my dog across the room for peeing on her carpet out of fear. They say insanity is repeating the same mistake after getting the exact same result. If this is true I am a madman. I got back with her a month later, after she had replaced me after 2 weeks (ain’t love grand?). She dumped the guy and got back with me the same nite. This time it lasted 12 hours. In that 12 hours she gave me an ultimatum about one of my friends, insulted another friend, insulted my house and my roommate, got drunk by 10 am, slapped me, choked me, then said I tried to choke her when I took her hand off me, awhile damn near biting off a chunk of my arm. Nik, a man as smart as yourself would know that if I was choking her, my arm would\’ve been nowhere near her mouth, but around her neck. Plus i’m twice her size, I can lift her one handed if I felt the need to. If I wanted to choke her, there would\’ve been no doubt that I would\’ve succeeded. And of course, as I walked away, she was on the phone with the guy she just broke up with. Again, I know I’m not much better than a scrub. But how superior is a woman who lives and drives in property owned by her mother? How superior is a woman who went to culinary school for years, and can\’t hold a job longer than a month? How superior is a woman who tells a man she loves him and then throws him away like garbage? I\’m a poor blue collar guy, and if she is what superior is, I\’m glad I\’m inferior. Again, I\’m not trying to insult. I\’m trying to warn. Gentlemen, if you see this woman out in the world, do yourself a favor and stay away. She\’s sweet, she\’s charming, but all of this is a facade. She broke my heart and I don\’t want anyone else having to go with what I went thru. This is basically to get what happened out in a nutshell. I guess I\’m not really writing this for anyone, I\’m writing this so I can move on. I hate to sound so bitter, and yeah maybe i am a little. But despite all my flaws and shortcomings, i didnt deserve any of that, and neither does anyone else. Thanks for listening.

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Doralinda Reyes Fajardo

May 30, 2014 Austin 48

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this “lady” thinks she can take married/taken men. It seems like she is so unhappy, she is married and always cheating on her poor husband that works so hard for her and their kids. All her family and friends think that she is the sweetest thing. Even her best friend Karla…lol..Her sisters myra, yesi, and karla always have her back. She is now with another guy who thinks she is the sh**. So everyone one watch out for her..she loves to go out and leave her kids with whoever and invites different men over. Im so glad her husband left the house..Poor Erick. My friend fu**** her one night and said it was worse than tuna, but she sure gave him a good blow job…you can find her on facebook as Linda Reyes Alvarez and on instagram Reyes aka Queen… Put this slut her in her place nik…

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Russian Girls Have The Best ITG’s

May 23, 2014 Austin, Moscow, The Dirty 87


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, DA Strong in the ATX!  I found a Tumblr site called “Russian Selfies.” You should check it out.  Lots of ITG going on there. Take a look at this girl: good ITG and good +2s.  The site has NO links to the source pages for any of the girls there, which is a huge PITA. I don’t have the time to figure out where the pics are coming from. These girls put the Austin chicks to shame. Women in Austin are a huge pain in the ass and need to stop thinking the world revolves around them and this overrated city. Meanwhile I need to ID the Russian selfie-takers and find out if they take green cards and one-sided pre-nups.

Who is this chick?- nik

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One Of My “Best Friends” And My Ex-Girlfriend

May 19, 2014 Austin, The Dirty 50

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, my ex-girlfriend Elizabeth Sanders (who kicked me out) is here kissing my Ex roommate Chris Garcia who, among other feats of sociopathic fortitude, wrecked my car, pawned off all my music instruments and even stole a pair of dress shoes. Hes even taking to shacking up with that ratchet ass POS. Yup, Austin’s most talkative con artist is living with my Ex girlfriend in the same place I was kicked out of. Yet I still don’t hate them. They’re my ex lover and my lost friend. He is so lost and his spirit guides have become just as corrupted as he. He’s like me. And he’s not from this planet either. I’m actually quite pissed off at how things turned out but I’m writing a lot of great lyrics and melodies. Truly empowering stuff. To be fair I used them in numerous ways. My sad excuse for a friend can have her. She drug me down and absolutely refused to encourage or support my music career. He will steal her identity and empty out her apartment in what I predict would be a series of methods he’d use to f*ck her over; for fun and profit! They deserve each other, the “bipolar basic bitch” and the “con-artist wannabe-hippie-aryan-brotherhood-POS” have united! I’ve got other plans.

Earrings are for girls, gays and Michael Jordan. I decided.- nik

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Kung Fu Saloon Hates Black People

May 19, 2014 Austin, Dallas, Houston, The Dirty 346

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, you need to bring attention to this. Kung Fu Saloon in Houston and Dallas both discriminate against all Blacks, Mexican and Asians who try to enter their establishment. Let’s hope the liquor board actually does their job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Donald Sterling should invest in Kung Fu.- nik

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Amy “Gulpin” Gallagher

May 16, 2014 Austin 7

THE DIRTY ARMY:Nik tThis is Austin’s finest sloot. This chick has been around more blocks than a Toddler at a Daycare. She is married now to some poor sap but that wont stop her. She has a child with her ex and is looking for a free ride from anywhere. Be careful guys. I\’ve seen her with multiple guys at multiple bars. I will praise her cock swallowing ability though. Best I\’ve EVER had. Before a shower, in the shower, after the shower, anytime is the right time to drop to her knees and get you off. And you can cut the usual time in half for however long it would normally take you to finish. You can feel how many different techniques she has when she gets to work on you until she finds the one that will suit tonights poor sucker. Usual story about how bad she was treated and how unlucky she has been, blah blah blah. She just wants a free ride, free drinks, and a man dumb enough to believe her story. Hide your wallets, and get what is coming to you and run for the hills afterwards. One or two blow jobs is all you want from this sloot and consider yourself a winner if you didnt spend a dollar. Good luck.

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West Banks Veronica Bauer

May 15, 2014 Austin 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this first class sloot here is Veronica Bauer, she likes to hook up with guys she meets on cruises and at work she’s a lazy nurse at (Oshner main campus) when she’s not having 3′somes and eating vag, she’s a first rate brat with fake tits and a shitty attitude who loves other girls leftovers even if she has to make booty calls all the way to Thibodaux while driving drunk on the reg which has already landed her a one DUI… Oh and she has tasted the purple crayon many times and I’m pretty sure she has the drd.

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Double Doses of Douchebaggery

May 13, 2014 Austin, Temple 10


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THE DIRTY ARMY: Who- Mike Stevenson & Sarah Robertson What- Horrible parents. They have a rat infested apartment and allow their baby sleep on the floor. They keep a dirty house that smells like BO and Feces. Sarah Robertson cheats on Mike Stevenson with his own best friends. Mike Stevenson is such a pussy/no back bone he has allowed Sarah to continue having outside affairs. Sarah likes to have things shoved up her ass…so much so Mike has had to put his arm to elbow up her ass to take out a sex toy that got stuck. Mike Stevenson got fired from his job for sexual harassment on a minor. Sarah makes all the money and Mike only works as little as he can. Worlds worst smelling,dirty and mentally screwed up couple/parents.

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