Amy “Gulpin” Gallagher

May 16, 2014 Austin 7

THE DIRTY ARMY:Nik tThis is Austin’s finest sloot. This chick has been around more blocks than a Toddler at a Daycare. She is married now to some poor sap but that wont stop her. She has a child with her ex and is looking for a free ride from anywhere. Be careful guys. I\’ve seen her with multiple guys at multiple bars. I will praise her cock swallowing ability though. Best I\’ve EVER had. Before a shower, in the shower, after the shower, anytime is the right time to drop to her knees and get you off. And you can cut the usual time in half for however long it would normally take you to finish. You can feel how many different techniques she has when she gets to work on you until she finds the one that will suit tonights poor sucker. Usual story about how bad she was treated and how unlucky she has been, blah blah blah. She just wants a free ride, free drinks, and a man dumb enough to believe her story. Hide your wallets, and get what is coming to you and run for the hills afterwards. One or two blow jobs is all you want from this sloot and consider yourself a winner if you didnt spend a dollar. Good luck.

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West Banks Veronica Bauer

May 15, 2014 Austin 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this first class sloot here is Veronica Bauer, she likes to hook up with guys she meets on cruises and at work she’s a lazy nurse at (Oshner main campus) when she’s not having 3′somes and eating vag, she’s a first rate brat with fake tits and a shitty attitude who loves other girls leftovers even if she has to make booty calls all the way to Thibodaux while driving drunk on the reg which has already landed her a one DUI… Oh and she has tasted the purple crayon many times and I’m pretty sure she has the drd.

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Double Doses of Douchebaggery

May 13, 2014 Austin, Temple 10


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THE DIRTY ARMY: Who- Mike Stevenson & Sarah Robertson What- Horrible parents. They have a rat infested apartment and allow their baby sleep on the floor. They keep a dirty house that smells like BO and Feces. Sarah Robertson cheats on Mike Stevenson with his own best friends. Mike Stevenson is such a pussy/no back bone he has allowed Sarah to continue having outside affairs. Sarah likes to have things shoved up her ass…so much so Mike has had to put his arm to elbow up her ass to take out a sex toy that got stuck. Mike Stevenson got fired from his job for sexual harassment on a minor. Sarah makes all the money and Mike only works as little as he can. Worlds worst smelling,dirty and mentally screwed up couple/parents.

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Proof Jen Wilke Uses Her Fans

May 11, 2014 Austin, The Dirty 72



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, a little while ago Playboy Miss Social winner Jen Wilke posted on facebook that her brother was in need of help to pay for improvements needed on his car to get to work so he could make money and pay rent. I find it a little upsetting that after her fans donated over $700 that her bother Chris WIlke is posting pictures of his new car stereo. Pretty lame! I don’t blame Jen. I point the fingers at the perverted loser dudes who follower her on facebook and are dumb enough to play into her families scam. 2 years ago Jen would always complain about being poor and now her family eats out every night. Get with it fellas!!!

I told you… the internet made the whole world famous. Everyone has fans now.- nik

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Chris Spence

May 8, 2014 Austin, Cleveland 19


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Chris “Crew” Spence. Originally from the Cleveland, Ohio area now in Austin. He claims to be God’s greatest gift to women. He claims to be certified physical trainer, certified pickup artist and minimalist. Lets just be straight on this one, he barely finished high school and was other than honorably discharged from the army. He treats women like garbage and attempts to teach men how to sleep with women on the first night. He actually has a business to where men pay him to teach them to pick up women and if they sleep with them that night the client owes him bonus money. Back to Ohio, so he got ran out of Ohio and fled to Austin, Texas because he was in so much debt here and he hurt so many people and relationships in Ohio he had to flee. He cant hold a job and his stories change every time. He told me one thing and not knowing my friends he told them another. He is a complete douche-bag. He is scum. He also claims to be Black, when he is really just mexican. He is not even proud of his heritage. He cant even hold a job and his girlfriend Kate supports his lazy ass, because he keeps getting caught up in lies. He will stab you in the back any chance he gets. and then years later will think you forgot and try and be your friend again. What do you think Nik?

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Jen Wilke Is The Hottest Girl In Austin

May 6, 2014 Austin, The Dirty 43


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I came across this girl on plunder guide and think I fell in love. She looks like the girl next door and I am instantly infatuated with her.  I end up googling her and a bunch of stuff comes up on TheDirty and sucks to see this girl just uses men for money.  Either way, no one has asked you how hot you think she is, so I wanted to get your opinion on her looks, not her lifestyle.

I’m calling real butt based on sloppy breasts.- nik

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Pandra Mark

April 25, 2014 Austin 270

THE DIRTY ARMY: Let me introduce Pandra Mark, or whatever alias she is going by right now to try and stay out of jail. She is an absolute sociopath that has at least 3 assault charges against her. She basically gets beyond messed up every day of her life and then decides she wants to fight anyone and everyone. She currently has a felony warrant out for her arrest for aggravated assault on a friend of mine. Crazy bitch doesn’t even fight fair, and assaulted her by punching her in the back of her head while she was sleeping and then putting her in a choke hold till she almost passed out. Wtf?! Can’t wait till her stupid ass is in jail where she belongs. Btw, there is a reward so if you come across her contact Round Rock Police Department. They would love to chat with her! She’s very easy to spot with her meth face and hideous tattoos all over her body.

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Veronica Olivo

April 22, 2014 Austin, Texas, Would You? 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Veronica Olivo aka Vero. She’s a town sloot has 2kids she never spends time with because she’s always out partying with different guys! Vero is a home wrecker she sleeps with all the BLOWBOYS. Then has the nerve to smile in there wife’s faces like nothing’s wrong , she complains she can’t find the right guy ? Honey the right guy wants a stay at home Gurl not someone everyone’s had laying on there back! This Gurl thinks she’s the shit when clearly she’s not! Someone please expose this hoe !

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