Low Down Dirty Dog

September 21, 2012 Baltimore 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Terrell R. Mitchell in Temple Hill, MD. He sold a dear friend of mine a dream for 7 months. Had her come all the way to Maryland from Atlanta just to “conquer” and have sex with her and sent her packing. She ends up pregnant(after thats what he said he wanted with her) and now leaving her high and dry with a child to raise while he’s out partying it up. I’ve included screenshots of their conversations and pictures of him. What do you think Nik?

I think he looks ridiculous with that hockey hat on.- nik

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Dirty Slore Karina

September 18, 2012 Baltimore 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, there are some girls that can send pictures to me and I like it, but this girl right here that goes by the name Karina Gonzales is a nonstop gold diggin hoe that can’t stop partyin with guys and she leaves her baby with her parents while she goes out n f*cks me and every other n*ggah. Tell me what you think about this puta!

She totally looks like an InstaGram model.- nik

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High School Football Players Reward Themselves With Escorts

September 10, 2012 Baltimore, The Dirty 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, hahahaha looks like we have some Jr 30k Milli wannabes in the making right here. So get this, the football team at Dematha Catholic High School (who’s actually a high ranking national team) decided they needed some more team spirit when 5 of the players decided to order hookers and bring back to the hotel room! After winning their season opener in Hillside, North Carolina. The men engaged in fun even during bed and hallway checks in the middle of night. Two of the students are suspended while they figure out what to do with the rest. But you gotta admit, that’s pretty ballsy and awesome on their part and worth it in my opinion. You Agree Nik?

Shouldn’t the hookers go to jail for having sex with minors? Where is that part of the story?- nik

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Snaggle Tooth Stripper Sucks Off Baltimore

August 8, 2012 Baltimore 26

Snaggle tooth stripper sucks off baltimore

Snaggle tooth stripper sucks off baltimore

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik she’s an INSTAGRAM MODEL: Where do I begin with this slore… daddy’s little girl, mother of the year, snaggle tooth, trany, suckin off one old man at a time. She claims she is from Baltimore but really she is from the dirty dena. Stripper gone “cocktail waitress” at the infamous SCORES in Baltimore. She recently had a visit to the ER after a golf cart accident while sucking off John Minadakis who her and her friend Nikki had a 3-some with. You can find her at Jimmys Seafood along with all of Baltimores finest. Her dad would be so proud to know that he has more hair then her sugar daddy. They frequent the local Victorias Secret store in Towson and the Gallery. While he fondles her nipples as she sucks him off in the parking garage or his office…she then goes to the market paying with her INDEPENDENCE CARD with her LV in hand. She has a son that she rarely sees, she leaves him with anyone who will watch him to work the pole, travel, suck someone off and get completely hammererd. Even her boyfriend finally left her after years off dealing with her jealousy, cheating, lies etc. She claims to be the baddest…bitch you aint bad….youre doing BAD! Bethany Rand… swallow that.

It looks like she has gut and butt issues.- nik

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Talk Of The Town

August 8, 2012 Baltimore, London, The Dirty 10

THE DIRT Y ARMY: Nik its that time of the decade again, the olympics! and of course Michael Phelps is on everyones tongue.  I got a few things I’d like cleared up, first off wanna get your thoughts on Phelps going clubbing with his 3 gold medals, douche much?? secondly I heard an absurb rumor that any American Olympian who gets a gold medal receives $1,000,000 (one million) from the government, I almost sh*t bricks when I heard that, that means phelps has made 16,000,000 on medals alone, plus endorsements…no wonder he has no trouble with the chicks.  So NIK any truth to these rumors?

Phelps act like you’ve been there before. As for your 1mil theory, I believe you are talking about China.- nik

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Daddy’s Little Disappointment

August 2, 2012 Baltimore 553

Daddy’s Little Disappointment….

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, let me introduce you to Kristin Marie Kress, the assistant manager of Golds Gym in Dundalk. Her father is a Baltimore County Police officer and she’s a closet c*ke wh*re & pot head. This former fat *ss lost a little bit of weight (columbian diet maybe?) and now she thinks her sh*t don’t stink. She puts on the innocent good girl act but the truth is that she’s a home wrecking, drama starting attention whore that will stop at nothing to get what she wants! This little gold-digger married into money at a young age & cheated while he was away in the service…separated for over five years and still not divorced yet because everything this broke whore has is still in her husband’s name. She snagged herself a bodybuilder from Gold’s Gym and strung him along for 3 years so he could pay her mortgage & remodel her house. But recently she got caught cheating on him for a car painting pill popping toothless wonder that has a criminal record a mile long. She maxed out all her credit cards trying to buy his affections because she thought he had money. She soon found out that he was just another broke user just like her. Currently they are secretly living together so she can squeeze every last cent out of him before he goes to jail, while all along denying their involvement to her family and even her closest friends! I’m just putting this out there so everyone knows she’s not as innocent as she pretends to be.

You sure her dads still a cop, dude must have a lot of miles under his belt.- nik

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Homewrecking Hairdresser Slore Vanessa Vale

August 1, 2012 Baltimore 13

Homewrecking Hairdresser Wh*re - Vanessa Vale

Homewrecking Hairdresser Wh*re - Vanessa Vale

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girls name is Vanessa Vale. She works as a hairdresser in Baltimore. She will go after your boyfriend even though she is in a “committed long term” relationship. Hope someone lets these poor guys know that she is a wh*re. She go after your man and text talking dirty. She is a nasty cheating wh*re and should be stopped!

You almost can’t tell she’s doing a 7head cover-up…almost.- nik

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Beware Of The Hearse Photographer

July 16, 2012 Baltimore, Dirty Predator, The Dirty 49

BEWARE of The Hearse Photographer!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, ladies in the tri-state area of MD/DC/PA please beware of a so-called photographer named Mike Hearse! He stalks goth/tattooed girls on Facebook and lures them to his house to take naked photos, saying he’ll put you in a magazine! He drives around Baltimore in a hearse that has the name of the “supposed” magazine painted on the back. This perv will invite you to his house, try to get you to pose nude, perform sex acts, stay the night and secretly video tapes you! Every word out of this guys mouth is a lie. This guy is a grade A SICKO!

Nice gloves Mike Hearse (fingerprint hiders).- nik

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