Daddy’s Little Disappointment

August 2, 2012 Baltimore 553

Daddy’s Little Disappointment….

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, let me introduce you to Kristin Marie Kress, the assistant manager of Golds Gym in Dundalk. Her father is a Baltimore County Police officer and she’s a closet c*ke wh*re & pot head. This former fat *ss lost a little bit of weight (columbian diet maybe?) and now she thinks her sh*t don’t stink. She puts on the innocent good girl act but the truth is that she’s a home wrecking, drama starting attention whore that will stop at nothing to get what she wants! This little gold-digger married into money at a young age & cheated while he was away in the service…separated for over five years and still not divorced yet because everything this broke whore has is still in her husband’s name. She snagged herself a bodybuilder from Gold’s Gym and strung him along for 3 years so he could pay her mortgage & remodel her house. But recently she got caught cheating on him for a car painting pill popping toothless wonder that has a criminal record a mile long. She maxed out all her credit cards trying to buy his affections because she thought he had money. She soon found out that he was just another broke user just like her. Currently they are secretly living together so she can squeeze every last cent out of him before he goes to jail, while all along denying their involvement to her family and even her closest friends! I’m just putting this out there so everyone knows she’s not as innocent as she pretends to be.

You sure her dads still a cop, dude must have a lot of miles under his belt.- nik

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Homewrecking Hairdresser Slore Vanessa Vale

August 1, 2012 Baltimore 13

Homewrecking Hairdresser Wh*re - Vanessa Vale

Homewrecking Hairdresser Wh*re - Vanessa Vale

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girls name is Vanessa Vale. She works as a hairdresser in Baltimore. She will go after your boyfriend even though she is in a “committed long term” relationship. Hope someone lets these poor guys know that she is a wh*re. She go after your man and text talking dirty. She is a nasty cheating wh*re and should be stopped!

You almost can’t tell she’s doing a 7head cover-up…almost.- nik

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Beware Of The Hearse Photographer

July 16, 2012 Baltimore, Dirty Predator, The Dirty 49

BEWARE of The Hearse Photographer!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, ladies in the tri-state area of MD/DC/PA please beware of a so-called photographer named Mike Hearse! He stalks goth/tattooed girls on Facebook and lures them to his house to take naked photos, saying he’ll put you in a magazine! He drives around Baltimore in a hearse that has the name of the “supposed” magazine painted on the back. This perv will invite you to his house, try to get you to pose nude, perform sex acts, stay the night and secretly video tapes you! Every word out of this guys mouth is a lie. This guy is a grade A SICKO!

Nice gloves Mike Hearse (fingerprint hiders).- nik

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Baltimore SugarBaby Jessica Hannon Hits Miami Like A Hurricane

July 14, 2012 Baltimore, Miami, The Dirty 14

(Click on her face to see some naked +2′s)

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so I am sure you remember past dirty girl, Jessica Hannon. She was featured in your Baltimore site. She has since relocated to Miami. This is her story: Jessica Hannon (wanna be fake model) one of Baltimore’s biggest wh*res and gold diggers had moved down south because her sugar daddy recently put all of her belongings along the curb. Apparently she was seen out with someone else’s man. Needless to say I guess that there are just some things fake t*ts and a pretty smile cant get you out of since her Sugar Daddy sent her packing. Im glad to see that guy finally smartened up. She is now said to be trolling the streets of Miami looking for her next sugar daddy. She is also looking for random guys to hook up with for one night. She definitely does not want a commitment. She is also said to be looking for work as a stripper in an attempt to find her next victim. So All men beware. This hoe is only looking to dig in your pockets and ruin your life. She will do whatever it takes to get what she needs to pay her bills and keep the “fake” status that she tries to portray. I honestly hope that MIA chews her up and spits her out!

Jessica Hannon is not hot enough to run game in Miami. She has a gut.- nik

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Bill Froat Has Been Living A Double Life

July 14, 2012 Baltimore, Dirty Predator, The Dirty, Washington DC 9

Skeeziest Guy In BMORE... and DC.

Skeeziest Guy In BMORE... and DC.

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey- This is Bill Froat… The skeeziest F*** I know in Baltimore… Apparently he’s been leading a double life, staying with his girlfriend four nights a week and going to DC twice a week to see a girl he’s been having an “intensely sexual relationship with” (her words.) Also taking home girls who are “just friends” on weekends. He denied for six months that he was doing anything with the DC honey, claiming she was just a friend with a crush on him and that he never even really talked to her. He got matching tattoos with his girlfriend in January when they were reconciling from a three week break. Apparently he started seeing the DC chick two days later, she put ointment on his tattoo. He claimed to go to UMD, (he didn’t.) He said to both the girlfriend AND the DC girl that he wanted to be with her when he got back from bootcamp. (He’s leaving in two weeks for six months so Missouri girls WATCH OUT FOR THIS PREDATOR…) He took the DC sidechick to Ocean City twice while he was in a “in a monogamous year long relationship.” And he hassled his girlfriend for going out with her guy friends. This guy has ZERO shame or self respect and ALL of his friends and family are in on it too… He uses everyone for what they can offer him. He manipulates women with promises, claims every other woman in his life is his friend and that nothing sexual is going on… He creates alibis like “my sister had her gallbladder removed so I had to visit her.” He committed fraud by collecting unemployment for 2011 while working an untaxed job as a wealthy couple’s b*tch boy… If you’ve slept with this guy, go get tested FOR SURE. Sad part is that after the DC girl sold out her dude, she still spent the weekend after with him, posting “DC found love in Baltimore.” Y’all will have a meaningful, long lasting relationship.

Are you sure there is nothing going on between him and Soul Glo?- nik

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Little Guy With A Huge Temper

July 3, 2012 Baltimore 38

Howie Bartz- Little guy, huge temper

Howie Bartz- Little guy, huge temper

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This guy’s name is Howie Bartz. This c*aine snorting, prostitute hunting, 40 year old loser has now added women beating to his resume. He recently cheated on his most recent victim and when she broke up with him for it, he physically attacked her at her home and now she is scared for her life. She has since filed a restraining order and has domestic violence charges against him but I saw him just last weekend making the moves on another dumb sloot. This isn’t just heresay, please refer to his criminal record on maryland judiciary case search. The website is [article here]. Anyway let’s please get the word out so this loser doesn’t claim another victim.

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Debbie Curly Headed Slore

June 25, 2012 Baltimore 2

Debbie....Cocky Bitch and Slore

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This chick runs around town like she owns the city. She’s an old bitch who acts like she’s a hot 25 year old. She also sells herself on Craigslist for a couple hundred a pop. These are two of the pictures she sent me a while back from her CL post. THE ULTIMATE WHORE….don’t let her fool you.

Dresses like that are only good for photoshop, not real life.  Your unflattering yourself even more then you are.- nik

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All She Brags About Is Bottle Service

June 19, 2012 Baltimore, The Dirty 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl thinks shes hot sh*t. She thinks modeling (even though shes not getting paid to do anything) will allow her to find a rich dude to sleep with. What do you think Nik? This is is the Baltimore area, all she does is go clubbing in Bikinis bragging about bottle service. Tell her to shut the hell up.

There is no such thing as modeling in Baltimore.- nik

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