Aaron Lenz

October 23, 2012 Baltimore, Washington 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: NIK check this self proclaimed “BOSS” from BALTIMORE. He claims to be “BOSS” but all he is, is a wanna pill and pot slinger. If you are ever around middle river MD. make sure to visit a lil bar called chug-a-mug he bartends there. He will hook you up with free shots if you buy his percocets. He also swings both ways. I dated him for 2 months before he told me he likes to as he said “play the skin fluet” once in a while. ladies take it from a sista and stay away from this looser.

His right arm must be pretty heavy.- nik

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Warning Don’t Date This Guy

October 22, 2012 Baltimore, Washington 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: He’s name alejandro juarez he works at acapulco mex restaurant and he’s current girlfriend ernestina mata works at acapulco as well they are both h** positive so he said? Anyways I was with him for almost 4 years this dude likes to treat all the women like shit to top it off he tries to rape women as well he tried doing it to my own sister and later I found out she was not the only one he has tried doing this to? The only thing I’m glad is that he got hiv from he’s current girlfriend that me and my son are clear of all that? He has a son but does not help at all with him cuz that btch that he’s dating is a 2 face big time she tries to hurt kids her own son was taken away from her so don’t let this bitch close to your kids? This 2 are so dirty but just keep in mind what I’ve said 1 works at the restaurant on gollihar and weber the other one on saratoga and weber? They live on dodd st?

That double popped collar is a new technique.- nik

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Sourcream Panties

October 15, 2012 Baltimore 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This girl right here is Jamie Rayburn. 20 yrs old. Now this girl sleeps with everyone’s dudes. She thinks just cuz she’s white everyone loves her and wants her.. says she has money but then again lives in housing. Partys all the time with her dirty whore friend amanda. While her mom watches her child. Told everyone she didnt want her child.Everyone who sleeps with her says she has a lose pusy and they find sourcream stains on her. panties. Has a lil girl but don’t know her baby’s daddy. V Working at the strip club ans doing every Guy made. her not know who the father is.

You lost me at strip club.  No way they’d let her on the pole.- nik

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Slore In South MD

October 5, 2012 Baltimore 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this chubby ugly who*e, Brittney, is on the loose and having sex with any guy who is willing. She’s disgusting and sloppy. She gets drunk in local Southern Maryland bars including the one she works at, and is known to have sex with men with families, guys with girlfriends, and just any last person who is willing. Not to mention she cant go two seconds without talking about her echo chamber she calls a v*gina. Did I mention she has a boyfriend? Her self respect is almost as bad as her face.

They must use the same head polish.- nik

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Beware Of Tessa Bender

October 3, 2012 Baltimore 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Tessa Bender from Dundalk Maryland. Just turned 18 and living the hooker life. Grew up dancing naked, hooking and doing drugs at the Black Hole. Always so high she doesn’t know whats up from down. She’s f*cked every guy who has ever given her attention regardless of if she has a boyfriend or not. She doesn’t care. Spends her days walking the streets wearing hardly anything. The other times you can find her at her stripper friends house where she currently lives because she was kicked out of her house. She works part time at Tony’s pizza with her dearest mother who looks like a crack white. But you know what they say “like mother like daughter” right? An during the nights you can find her getting high an going to work at dreamers strip club where people thing she’s a d*ke. She has sort the past few months starving herself so she could get more tips at the club. But we all know that 50$ gets you a 10 min bj from this wh*re. She needs the money considering she has no diploma, no college, no listener, no car, and nothing going for her. Nude pics of this sloot have just surfaced on AnonIB where she is freaking out but has no idea what guy posted them. How many people have you set them to? Dang? And what does it matter???? You take your clothes off to make a living. What do you think of this sk*nk Nik?

She can bend her stomach away but not the butt.- nik

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Mother Of The Year Chantelle

October 1, 2012 Baltimore 805

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Chantelle Chilcote/Lucas. She’s recently lost her mind and I’d like to let the Dirty crowd know what she’s been up to. Starting 3 years ago things were going good for Chantelle. Recently married a great guy, had a baby, bought a phat *ss house, not working and driving around in a Mercedes truck…living the dream. Fast forward to today. She’s a serious drug addict, stole all her husbands money, sleeping with whoever will have her, and trying to convince the world that she’s really just narcoleptic. (“that’s why I’m always nodding out.”) For the record Chantelle, you nod out because you’re sniffing h*roin. Well I’ve gotten tired of seeing all the bullsh*t and just wanted to set the record straight for those that didn’t know the REAL story. Chantelle is on a downward spiral and she’s falling fast. Don’t be fooled by her facebook statuses and comments. This girl is not the princess she likes everyone think she is. If you see her out, take her to a meeting or something. You just might save her life.

Don’t do drugs.- nik

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Low Down Dirty Dog

September 21, 2012 Baltimore 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Terrell R. Mitchell in Temple Hill, MD. He sold a dear friend of mine a dream for 7 months. Had her come all the way to Maryland from Atlanta just to “conquer” and have sex with her and sent her packing. She ends up pregnant(after thats what he said he wanted with her) and now leaving her high and dry with a child to raise while he’s out partying it up. I’ve included screenshots of their conversations and pictures of him. What do you think Nik?

I think he looks ridiculous with that hockey hat on.- nik

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Dirty Slore Karina

September 18, 2012 Baltimore 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, there are some girls that can send pictures to me and I like it, but this girl right here that goes by the name Karina Gonzales is a nonstop gold diggin hoe that can’t stop partyin with guys and she leaves her baby with her parents while she goes out n f*cks me and every other n*ggah. Tell me what you think about this puta!

She totally looks like an InstaGram model.- nik

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