Air Freshener Amy

June 11, 2014 Baltimore 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ladies keep ur husbands locked up! This dirty hoe is on the prowl. I was fighting with the hubby 2days later this whore scoops in and tucks my man. Ive worked with this girl had her over for dinner she was dating my friend of 10 yrs a couple weeks ago. She gets in where she fits in uses the men bleeds them dry and takes off for days at a time trying to find a new victim. She is known at her job as the lot lizard hood rat whore. 20 men at her job and she did all of them within 2 weeks damn bitch keep them thunder thighs closed for an hour. This woman is an absolute pathetic and waste of space human being. Ive done my research and most of the men she has been with have said and I quote that bitch needs to hang an air freshener from her pssy cause the smell from that thing is ridiculous. One of them made her wear shorts to bed!!! Damn thats harsh but the truth hurts. Come to find out from a reliable source she has trigamonis bacterial vaginitis hog and c**ia. Yup thats right no wonder she smells so bad her vaginas about to fall off!!!! She does any drug she can get her hands on meth crack heroine pills anything. Her daughter was removed from her custody at a young age for child abuse yes thats right she was beating her young daughter. I think she should be locked up personally. Shes fake smile in your face fuck ur man behind ur back conniving. Once the men are dry she moves on to his friends. LADIES BEWARE U DONT WANT A STINKY VAGINA NOW DO U? Her name is amy sprague if u see her coming run not only from the stench wafting from between her legs but because she weasels her way in and destroys ur relationship without a second thought. Good luck ladies and to all u pathetic men out there that fall victim to her trap dont be silly wrap ur Willy…

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Cheating Guillermo

June 11, 2014 Baltimore 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Guillermo also goes by G! I met this lying ass a few months ago at a Valero off of Culebra we would sleep together and everything I came across a FB page of some female and him well he mentioned he had kids just not how many an he really forgot to mention he had a WIFE. poor girl should know her husband is a lying cheating jerk !!!!

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Could Real NJ Housewife Amber Corbino-Marchese Be A Fraud

June 10, 2014 Baltimore, Jersey, The Dirty 19


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I was watching the promo last night for the new season of Real Housewives of NJ and one of the new cast members, Amber Marchese, seemed eerily familiar to me, down to the voice and mannerisms. It dawned on me this morning who this person might be and, if so, she isn’t from a “lifelong resident” of NJ likes she claims to be.

If she is the same Amber I am thinking of, she worked for an auction house in Timonium, Maryland approximately 20 years ago, where she babysat the owner’s baby and did minor clerical work. Her mother, Donna, also did clerical work in the office. Amber, though only 17 at the time, had a reputation for being pretty promiscuous and was always flirting with a lot of the older, wealthy clients that came to the weekly auctions. There were rumors that she got together with some of them outside of work. Her mother was aware of all this and even encouraged her to wear more revealing clothing. Amber and Donna were eventually fired after taking the owner’s autistic toddler to a pool hall while babysitting. I could be way off base but there are just too many coincidences in the appearance and the name. Could make for some interesting digging.

Baltimore and Jersey are two totally separate animals. Anybody in the DA want to look into this… I don’t really care.- nik

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Ghetto Barbie

May 28, 2014 Baltimore 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik. This bitches name is Jackee Nicole (Gutta) or (Babydoll) is what some people call her. Shes a home wrecking gold digging stripper & drug dealer & also an unfit mother .shes been on here before. She breaks up happy couples & gets multiple men to pay her billa n pay for her new fake boobs her fake ass & tattooed on make up. Shes southside trash .put this lowlife on blast

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Rachel Bright Slore

May 26, 2014 Baltimore 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this Rachet ass Slore Rachel Bright and her fat crippled up Mother are trying to get my woman to leave me. It took me months to get her back under my control and they have done nothing but try to take her away from me and bad mouth me.

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Team Player Laura Palma

May 15, 2014 Baltimore 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this nasty Dirty Drds.. loves to fck everyone’s bf and loves married men watch out she gave my little brother a drd. and has ruined my uncles family let’s just say she got around my family. It’s gross don’t invite her to no family get togethers She’s a home wrecker. calling my uncle and crying to my brother she’s just pathetic. .

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Loud Mouth Snitch

May 14, 2014 Baltimore 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Yo nik!!! Put this hoe on blast!!! This bitch sits there and acts like she don’t have no skeletons in her closet!!! Check it out!!! This bitch is a fuking snitch she is always putting ppl on blast and saying their dirty laundry its time to put this hoes dirty laundry out there!!! She is pregnant with TWINS don’t even know if her man is the father since she had a few night stands during their break up. She claims to be independent!!! Ha!!! Her daddy pays for everything including her education!!! She promised to get him reimburse but just fcked over her own family!!!! Who does that!!!! This hoe is sooooo quick so quick to put ppls business out there its time this dick sucking hoe gets put on blast…. Be careful y’all!!!! She a snitch….she claims she’s a felon but come on girl we all know the code!!

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Nancy Gracia

May 12, 2014 Baltimore 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Alright nik this here is Nancy Garcia she goes by the name missathena which happens to be fake profile… I’m so over this how…she is from California and married… But being married dont stop this hoe…she has a group called naughty angels where she post hoe pictures of herself… Why idk this hooe is nasty…. But on her regular fb post bible scriptures… Bitch practice what you preach!!!! She ruined my home boys marriage was messing around got him caught up n now he losing everything over this loose bitch…. She claims her husband beats her but shit I would too if you were cheating on me!!! She says she’s godly but come on hooe you ain’t on your knees to pray!!

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