Baltimore | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 4

Cartel Wannabe

August 15, 2014 Baltimore 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this Slits name is Shawni. She claims to be in the Cartel and has endless flow of cash. Truth is the bitch USED to have a busted ass eclipse a whack ass apartment, and constantly begging for money. She has 6 kids that all live with her mom, she’s in and out of prison constantly. She hangs out at Fuerte and Joes, claiming she VIP knows the owners and all the bouncers have her back. She’s constantly seen leaving with different guys every weekend. I did hit it a couple times so I will give her credit she can throw down in bed.

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Stay away from Anne Welling

July 29, 2014 Baltimore, Washington 7


THE DIRTY ARMY: Just wanted to warn men out there that she is married and has slept her way all over the dmv. She was sleeping with multiple men while engaged to this guy in pa. It takes a heartless person to do that. Does anyone else notice the weird knots in her chin and her huge caved neck. Wtf- thoughts nik

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Incest Melissa

July 17, 2014 Baltimore 3


THE DIRTY ARMY: This little bitch right here is melissa sanchez barely turned 18 n since shes “of age” now shes hitting up all the old men she can first off this bitch has been in a relationship with her BLOOD COUSIN knowing its her cousin sick! she aborted her first baby n yet continued fucking her cousin leading to pregnancy #2 in whivh she gave birth to a child! haha disgusting as if its not bad enough for the child she abandons him to run off with a 30 yr old she just met in the alazan courts yup trashfor trash shit sticks with shit even though hes a child molester she sticks by his side cause his mom “spoils” her lmfao typical ghetto girl whos never had anything lol she ruins homes n doesnt care one bit that she breaks families apart she tore her own nieces family apart by fuking the husband while he was dead drunk lol shes been getting laid since she was 12 like i said typical ghetto! shedoesnt care that her 30 yr old bf doesnt take care of his kids she spends all his lousy minimum wage money n doesnt let him use the phone little does she know her bf is constantly crying blowing up his ex she doesnt get it he’ll never leave her alone n this dumbass gives the 30 yr old loser a home he doesnt have shit to his name he has to borrow his grandmas old ass white car lmfao can anybody say LOSER! she uses him for the dollar menu burgers n trash car he has but of course thats all she can get no one but him wants her nasty incest blood filled pssy lol no other word for her but marana! why would she choose a loser over her child that she brought into this world oh must be cause shesdisgusted by him to which is why she sitsin her room all day smoking with him in there when she has him for the few hours thwther deadbeat bf allows her to have him lmfao she is a damn nasty joke! beware n guys throw her a burger she’ll jump at your dick n go to a motel with u easyyy!

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Who Is Christina Haines

July 11, 2014 Baltimore, The Dirty 25


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, who is this girl? She claims to be a realtor in Maryland, a search on the website for licensed realtors turns up nothing on Christina Haines. She recycles old photos constantly, deletes her twitter when people call her out for being a catfish, and has guys sending her money/gifts constantly. My guess is some backwoods busted chick from Maryland is somehow using this girls’ photos and pretending to be her. Everyone has done every possible search they can think of to bust her, but she modifies all of her pictures so they won’t show up in a google image search. Please Nik, help us find out who the girl in the pictures really is, and who the catfish is behind it!

If it smells like a Catfish down below… it’s probably a Catfish.- nik

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Rubi Rangel

June 30, 2014 Baltimore 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl is Rubi Rangel… biggest dirtiest slut you’ll ever come across. She had sex with 2 guys and they filmed it. She claims to want love and deserves it. But ahe jumps from guy to guy claming she loves them. She lies about being pregnant anfd will try to get pg to keep her dudes. She has no shame in her game. Easy too. She needs to be exposed because she’s dirty and smelly. She doesn’t do shit but worru about having sex I should know bevause she slept with my married friend. Slore

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User and Abuser

June 24, 2014 Baltimore 129

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jack Goldberg jr. Likes to find women that are happy and have a good life. Then plays this nice role and takes them for granted. Yells and screams everyday. Treats people like shit. Thinks he is better than everyone. Drives a big black ford f250 right now. Works at the port of Baltimore. Talks shit about everyone. He is prejudice but is so scared he acts like he is friends with all the black guys at work. But all along talks about everyone. How he can beat everyone’s ass and this and that. He shoots steriods to get big with his little dick that can’t stay hard. Can’t even last longer than 10 minutes. When approached to fight he bitches up then says he will get his boys to handle it. Any one out there that knows him he is nothing but fake. Don’t believe anything about him. He has herpes and a bacteria infection. He always has something going on with his dick. Saying it’s raw from tanning. Burnt from tanning. Skin peeling and bumps. Doesn’t brush his teeth breath stinks like shit all the time. Never washes his hands. He goes to the bathroom and doesn’t wash his hands. Pisses on hisself and stays in the same boxers all day.

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Air Freshener Amy

June 11, 2014 Baltimore 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ladies keep ur husbands locked up! This dirty hoe is on the prowl. I was fighting with the hubby 2days later this whore scoops in and tucks my man. Ive worked with this girl had her over for dinner she was dating my friend of 10 yrs a couple weeks ago. She gets in where she fits in uses the men bleeds them dry and takes off for days at a time trying to find a new victim. She is known at her job as the lot lizard hood rat whore. 20 men at her job and she did all of them within 2 weeks damn bitch keep them thunder thighs closed for an hour. This woman is an absolute pathetic and waste of space human being. Ive done my research and most of the men she has been with have said and I quote that bitch needs to hang an air freshener from her pssy cause the smell from that thing is ridiculous. One of them made her wear shorts to bed!!! Damn thats harsh but the truth hurts. Come to find out from a reliable source she has trigamonis bacterial vaginitis hog and c**ia. Yup thats right no wonder she smells so bad her vaginas about to fall off!!!! She does any drug she can get her hands on meth crack heroine pills anything. Her daughter was removed from her custody at a young age for child abuse yes thats right she was beating her young daughter. I think she should be locked up personally. Shes fake smile in your face fuck ur man behind ur back conniving. Once the men are dry she moves on to his friends. LADIES BEWARE U DONT WANT A STINKY VAGINA NOW DO U? Her name is amy sprague if u see her coming run not only from the stench wafting from between her legs but because she weasels her way in and destroys ur relationship without a second thought. Good luck ladies and to all u pathetic men out there that fall victim to her trap dont be silly wrap ur Willy…

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Cheating Guillermo

June 11, 2014 Baltimore 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Guillermo also goes by G! I met this lying ass a few months ago at a Valero off of Culebra we would sleep together and everything I came across a FB page of some female and him well he mentioned he had kids just not how many an he really forgot to mention he had a WIFE. poor girl should know her husband is a lying cheating jerk !!!!

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