Justin M Hartman

August 23, 2013 Baltimore 1 9,559 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This is Justin M Hartman a drug addict thief from Abingdon, Harford County located in Maryland.He went to Harve De Grace high school, He is a new crazed junkie thief stealing from people to cope with his addiction since mommy and daddy kicked him out and took his car. He is living in hotel to hotel with the hope of dodging the people he has set up and stole money from. He is a bitch made little boy, he sucks and bangs anything with 2 legs. He claims to be a staright man but we all know the truth the proof is in the pudding or should i say “joe’s ass” hmmm? He plays like tough guy tony when you call him out when he is alone he calls and trys make everything better by kissing your a**!!!! Its not gunna work no more. I feel sorry for the kid but life is life and the more drama you create the worse your own karma will be. He thinks he can hide forever little does he know i did my research and i have alot of incriminating things on him so he better hope he clears up his wrongs or there will be a dirty 2 page on this fg bag boy!!

He is making the squishy face, and rocking an earring…- nik

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Stalker Alert: Amanda Branham

August 21, 2013 Baltimore 15 10,471 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This bitch is CRAZYYYY!!!! Straight from Essex. I met her once at a b-day party that she and her husband were at.I wen to school with her husband back in the day. Days after the party, Amanda started stalking my myspace (at the time) and facebook and repeatedly told me not to talk to her husband anymore. Meanwhile, I haven’t seen her husband since middle school! Never had any relationship or anything other than friendship with her husband EVER! She drove past my house at night, and even prank called my work!! WTF?! The only thing I told her at the party was my name! How she found everything else out is beyond me. She and her husband split multiple times throughout the next two years, and I had messaged him once asking if he was doing ok through this rough time…Amanda replied back and went off again telling me to stop fcking her husband and threatened to burn my house down if I ever talked to him again (Proud and very happy wife of 4 years now, Id never cheat on my husband. She locked her husband out of his own facebook so he couldn’t “cheat on her”… (even though they were split up at the time anyway and she had a boyfriend anyway) and deleted and blocked me from his facebook. This whole situation was insane, and I let it go and just went on with my life thinking that all of it was put to an end. NOPE! She created a fake facebook with different pictures of random people and kept sending me multiple friend requests and told me she just moved to the area and was looking for new friends…I obviously didn’t reply to any of the messages or requests, and when I blocked the profiles, She would message me calling me a stupid bitch, dirty whore, home wrecking slut, etc.. Finally, I messaged her back telling her that I had never done anything w her husband and never planned or wanted too, and that she won’t ever hear from me again if she just leaves me alone. Amanda replied back as if I were her best friend and said she understood and she never meant any of the stuff in the past and she agreed to leave me alone. For about a year, things were peaceful… then she started the same stuff over again once her husband made another facebook that she was unaware of. She’s a NIGHTMARE!! Never had a full conversation with this girl, or hung out with her other then the one time. I just wanted to warn everyone of how crazy this bitch really is. If you don’t believe me… try messaging her husband, even if its just saying “HEY” and see the response you get!

Poor guy never saw that side of her coming.- nik

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Deatbeat Liar

August 2, 2013 Baltimore, Washington 8 8,410 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this Ed Thomas or Eddie, He is a dead beat father of three. He tries to tell everyone that will listen that he is Ex-Navy. He has never been in the military. He joins dozens of dating site in hopes of sleeping with some one but he is married to a crack whore. He tries to sleep with any thing that walks. His facebook page is full of underage chicks from overseas. Look out he has several drdS

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Chunky Monkey

July 15, 2013 Baltimore, Cleveland 0 7,227 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this big ol beefy butterball here is Stephanie Haden, from Warren Ohio. I went to highschool with this chick, and boy is she something else! Always seen with her equally fat and disgusting friend Emily Foy, who I’m pretty sure she dykes-out with. On pretty much any given night you can find this tub of lard hanging out at Big Mikes Club, which is just as trashy as she is. She constantly posts pictures of herself wearing itty bitty outfits with her fat rolls and saggy boobs flapping around. She brags on facebook about how she has ‘such big titties’… Well when you’re pushing close to 400lbs of course you’re gonna have big tits. You have big everything! Then theres the never ending posts of how she gets drunk and high every single day and even goes as far as posting pictures of herself smoking weed. How about you get up off your fat ass, and make something of yourself? You didn’t go to college, you’ve never kept a job, and you still live at home mooching off mommy. Nik, please give this heffer a reality check!

It always amazes me how much can be cropped out of pictures.- nik

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Classic Tale Of A Go-Go Dancer Turned Stripper

June 29, 2013 Baltimore, The Dirty 45 89,963 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl was featured in 2011 in what I assume was a self post, considering no one would have anything that remotely nice to say about her. In a matter of two years I’ve watched this trainwreck go from “go-go dancer” to a small-t*tted stripper. She posts desperate, practically naked, photos of herself all over Instagram and Facebook, and flirts with every dead beat loser to comment on them. She can’t hold down any female friends because she’s too busy lying, talking sh*t, and stealing from them. She’s so sure that she’s the hottest sh*t on the planet and will stop at nothing to try and prove that. Meanwhile, she has the body of a ten year old boy and Scores Baltimore lets her swing from a pole. Never did get that nose job either.

She looks so much better without a face.- nik

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Terrell “King Theif Perk Sniffer” Lambirth

May 10, 2013 Baltimore 27 6,591 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This is Terrell Lambirth he is from Baltimore Md. He was raised in the county his whole life he is “about that life” he is a thug who was selling perks but caught a little habit started sniffing them and ended up selling his car to continue his drug binge. Mommy kicked him out he cant stay with his family (i mean who would want a drug addict living with them?) So he was bouncing from couch to couch, during his traveling he was stealing from the people who were helping him. Now all his bridges are burned he is sleeping from car to car now. He is a leech sucking off anyone who feels sorry for his sorry ass. I mean the fool cant even take care of himself let alone his child who is going to be a year old soon. He blames everyone for his problems and when you call him out about it he trys to reverse it and put it around on the person confronting him. I tryed to warn peopl no one would listen now people want to listen because he has stolen from them. The junkie needs to be exposed and now all of america see this bumb. Working for a temp agency hardly counts as a job period am i right? I guess thats what drugs do to people the change them into animals in this case Terrell or “Rell” as he likes to be called is a wild pill popping hyena. LOL The boy feels so guilty about all he has done but keeps stealing and robbing people to get more and more perks. SMH.

That tags on not for a fashion statement but so he can return it.  I decided.- nik

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Meghan Stone aka Lanamarie

May 9, 2013 Baltimore 13 6,336 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet a nice nasty baltimore city skanky and watch out for this one. Bounce from strip joint to joint is or was a c*ke user (not like it worked) but thinks she is hot shit, pretends she is pregnant with your kid to get her to stay with you but will fck any man around and use the fck out your home and money. was last at club Harlem, possible in south Carolina now but i doubt it maybe in fells point.

This is what a Baltimore stripper looks like…yikes.- nik

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Henry/Alex Madrid is a Scammer

April 22, 2013 Baltimore, Maryland 46 8,043 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Henry Madrid is a major creep. He goes by several aliases. Henry Madrid, Alex Madrid, and now Alex Depp. He pretends to be nice and tries to charm every girl he meets. Henry or should I say Alex is so desperate he tries to pick up chicks on yelp. He lies about being from California when he’s actually from Baltimore. Sadly womanizing and being creepy aren’t the worst things about him. He is a scam artist. He’s been involved in credit card scams and is now running a fraudulent charity. The charity is called Depp Charity where he supposedly sells tee shirts to feed hungry kids. On this site he claims his name is Alex Depp. Henry/Alex is the most pathetic person in Maryland.

Is that Blue Steel?- nik

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