Regina Clements of Poolesville MD

March 14, 2014 Baltimore, Dirty DUI, Washington DC 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this worthless, acne covered junkie is Regina “Gina” Clements. She is a mother of an adorable lil girl who continues to drink and do drugs. She gets high around her kid, was using while she was pregnant, and its a miracle she was born considering the fact that the father was a user also. She had NO idea who fathered her child, the got pregnant with someone she barely knew and decided to keep the baby to trap him, although she wasnt even sure it was his. She comes from a horrible classless redneck family, who are all junkies and ex felons. Her record is a mile long with drugs, theft, credit card fraud, prostitution, drug posession, etc. List goes on and on. No one likes her, shes an embarrassment to herself, her friends and child. She nods out while at dinners with people, its so sad. When she was young she was a huge slore then as well as now. Gina its time to get ur life back on track mama, everyone knows what a pathetic excuse of a human u are. U get high n drunk and put ur child at risk. Not cool. The father needs to get custody because from what ive been told he actually got himself together. stop running around montgomery county banging and sucking off anyone u can for some dope. Time to grow up, get help and be a good mom.

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Mother of all Slores

March 14, 2014 Baltimore 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Angela Marie Cervantes who goes by Angie. She has 3 kids from 3 different people. Decided to go after my boyfriend when i was 7 months pregnant with his second child. She is filthy, home is filthy,kids are dirty & over all disgusting. When her youngest daughter was 1 month old she decided to leave her & go clubbing. She claims to be such a follower of Jesus but yet she is Jezelbel herself.

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Deadbeat Daddy

March 9, 2014 Baltimore 4

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THE DIRTY ARMY: This pathetic loser goes by pak man hes a dead beat dad who is always posting on fb that he’s taking care of his old ass chicks kids who ain’t even his but Can’t lift a finger to help his two beautiful daughters he thinks he’s a gangster selling drugs out housing nigga please  His chick is so old she can pass as his momma two broke ass losers thinking their living the life SMH!!!!

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Guys and Gals Beware

March 7, 2014 Baltimore 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: This chick is Jen Garland she is a total slut. She married Brian Gangi and they were high school sweethearts. They were best friends, got married, had a kid, bought a home and everyone thought they had the perfect life. The poor guy gets fired from work so he heads home to have Jen console him. He gets there only to find her in bed with someone else! She then leaves him for this dude and he was heartbroken. After a while they got back together and had another kid to try to make things better. Crazy right? She then goes and cheats on him again! She leaves him and the same thing happens again. He’s heartbroken and begs for her to come back. She eventually comes back when shes done with the other dude and guess what happens next…they have another kid! So now they have 3 kids and she cheats on him again! This time he was finally done with the bitch (thank God!) and now she posts all these pictures of her new man with her three kids and the house they bought. She is a pill poppin whore who thinks her shit don’t stink but she is fugly! She has taken money from so many people and never paid them back. She used to have jewelry parties where she would show you jewelry you could buy and you’d give her the money and she would order it for you. Well she took money from numerous chicks that thought she was their friend and spent it on pills and never gave them their jewelry. I thought it was time to put this bitch on blast! She needs a wake up call. Her whole family let her think she isn’t wrong for anything she’s done and that Brian deserved her to do this to him. No one deserves to be cheated on like this and he did nothing wrong. He has always been a great father and husband. She missed out on a great man. And it’s time someone put her in her place! Also, this picture is of her and her dad. I’m sure he’s disappointed.

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Says She’s an Astronaut

February 24, 2014 Baltimore, Washington 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: This ridiculous 23 year old girl claims to have a Masters Degree and is a rocket scientist(!) from Lyman Park, Virginia – which is about 30 minutes outside of Alexandria. She goes by the name “Astronaut Joslyn Nisvis” on her profiles, even though she isn’t an astronaut, and lists her occupation as a Naval Aviator, even though she isn’t one (nor is she enlisted in any of the US Armed Forces). She took a tour of some airplane hangar and got a helicopter ride, and says that she’s a pilot now… She claims that she’s going to enlist in the US Navy next summer (suuure), but for now she’s basically doing that whole stolen valor thing by claiming stuff she’s not. She wouldn’t even be able to pass the ASTB Aviation Screening Test anyway. If anyone calls her out for calling herself an astronaut or a Naval Aviator without having the credentials, she goes ballistic and calls them ‘haters,’ says theyre jealous of her because theyre weak and their dreams in life didn’t come true. Veterans are offended, especially those who have sacrificed to actually enlist in the service and go through the treacherous training to actually become what she pretends to be – I guess they’re haters who failed at their dreams, too? This chick just needs to be put on blast to learn that you can’t just pretend you’ve got some rank and/or profession in the Navy without earning it – and to realize that its really disrespectful to those who have put their lives on the line, or lost their lives in the line of duty.

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Shabby Sukunda

February 11, 2014 Baltimore 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Shitty Shelby Sukunda also known as Shelby Suckadicka! At 16 she gave birth to a child who was taken from her and hasn’t seen since birth. 6 yrs later she has another one who was born addicted to Heroine. Currently she is on the run from the police hiding out in crackhouses throughout the city. She has that second innocent baby who She just lost custody of with her. she has a court order to return the child and hasn’t. This is serious anyone who knows where she is should contact child protective services and the police. This crusty Cretan should be easy to spot out she has tattoos all over herself and smells like garbage on a summer day that a homeless person peed on! When she isn’t banging dope she is banging dudes for dope! This human ball of shit frequents the block and sells her disease infested ass on craigslist and nameyourprice. these pics. are older before she became an addict!

She’d be recognizable without her clip-ins and sharpie.- nik

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No Good Father

February 10, 2014 Baltimore 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: hey nik this is ryan McLaughlin 27 with 2 kids by 2 different woman!! this pig cant even pay his cs or take care of his 2 kids yet works a full time job and makes money all his money goes to his whore of a gf that’s cheating on him and her kid!!!! pathtic ass loser if you ask me! spends all his cs money on bar tabs at the bar every weekend when he does see his kids he doesn’t spend anytime with them what so ever his gets his mommy to do everything and buy everything for his sons while hes out running the streets and stealing 4 wheelers and dirtbikes out of peoples yards!!! LAME ASS CLOWN!!!! SOMEONE NEEDS TO TEACH HIM HOW TO BE A REAL FATHER!!

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Karma’s a Bitch

January 23, 2014 Baltimore, Dublin 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I don’t even know where to begin with this lowlife, self centered, piece of shit pill poppin whore! Her name is Lauren pagano. 24 years of age. Graduated from sparrows point. Former employee at the hustler. And used to be an escort. She has One child who she uses anyway she can to collect a paycheck. She’s married to a heroin addict who she actually drove around robbing half the convent/liqour stores in dundulk with just so they could get a little bit of money to support thier habit. But get this, once they got caught they both got arrested and when He couldn’t make bail and she got her mommy and daddy to get her out, she left him. Now shes been screwing half of dundulk, RAW! Since she isn’t able to have kids anymore she could care less. She pawns her kid off onto just about anyone who will watch him just so she can go out and get all fucked up and screw whoever the lucky winner of the week is! Thank god she can’t have any more children. She can’t even take care of the only one she will ever have! This girl thinks she is the baddest bitch in dundulk. She thinks becuase she has an annoying loud mouth she is intimidating. But she got her ass BEAT by someone much smaller then her. Guess that’s what happens when all you do is run that mouth and don’t expect nothing to happen! Fellas, I would steer clear of this one! She is a complete fuckin phyco. Anyone who has ever dated her knows. I mean anyone who beats themselves and then calls the cops and says thier bf did it has something very wrong with them! Karma is a bitch Lauren pagano! And it’s FINALLY coming back to bite u in your fat ass! Who’s laughing now. Haha

I’m not sure how these girls acquire the to good for a 9-5 attitude.- nik

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