Hottest Girl In Baltimore

April 5, 2013 Baltimore, The Dirty 141 87,147 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, DA strong here from Baltimore.  I don’t know to much about this bombshell of a blonde, but her name is Krysten.  She is huge in the party scene, yet I haven’t heard anything bad about her.  All the girls want to be her friend and all the guys want to wife her up.  DA, can we get some more info on this beauty?  Possible a DC from Baltimore?

I can’t get past her nose… don’t waste your time. She is nobodies soulmate.- nik

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Ex Porn Chick

April 1, 2013 Baltimore, Fresno 75 6,313 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this bitch Tiffany Martin a.k.a. John Clovis, is all about makeing a website that lets people talk shit on each other, but yet gets her undies twisted when people speak the truth about her and her friends… she “used” to do porn, but apparently has moved on to stripping… oh, and she used to be a roin user.. as in Her**n!! I have to ask nik, would you rent one of her vids?!

Her pipe dreams failed.- nik

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Midget Scumbag

March 5, 2013 Baltimore 16 7,477 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This angry midget acts like he is in touch with the community and an owner of the bodmod tattoo shop in annapolis when really it is owned by painfulpleasures (He owes them and several other people large sums of money) he is a drug dealer who hangs out with scumbags at strip clubs a thief and a liar. He charges 5 times as much as normal for a tattoo and will ofter tell customers a tattoo is one price then insist they pay more afterwards. Stay away from this angry midget and don’t believe his lies.

People who can’t see their feet have an altered sense of things.- nik

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Why Do Cops Always Get Away With Murder

February 19, 2013 Baltimore, The Dirty 381 91,324 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, on January 14, 2013, a young man with Down Syndrome went with his companion to see Zero Dark Thirty at the Regal Cinema in Frederick, MD. At the end of the movie, apparently because he wanted to see it again, he refused to get out of his seat. A Regal employee, rather than allowing him to stay and dealing with the situation later with his parents and the companion, called not one, not two, but three off duty Frederick County police officers who were working security for the theater at the time.

According to published reports, when the officers/ security guards asked him to leave, he mouthed off at them and “resisted arrest”. Those of you who know my son Landon can visualize what this would look like. In response, the officers wrestled him to the ground where he asphyxiated in handcuffs. The handcuffs were removed and EMS called and according to the police news release he later died at the hospital. I don’t know how that reconciles with the coroner’s finding of asphyxiation which I thought was pretty immediate.

The price of a ticket at the cinema is between $9 and $11. The additional cost to Regal of allowing him to watch the movie again was ZERO. But instead a beloved young man died on the floor of a movie theater in his neighborhood at the hands of people he was taught would protect him. The police officers remain on duty and were allowed to invoke their rights as police officers not to provide statements even though they were not on duty or performing official duties at the time. They were security guards in police uniforms.

The county police are investigating and the story has received local news coverage. Please share this everywhere both to ensure justice but also to raise public awareness. Thank you Nik.

What a disturbing way to lose your son. RIP Landon.- nik

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Another Teacher Arrested For Sexual Relations With A Student

February 16, 2013 Baltimore, The Dirty 49 87,441 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, whats up with all of these female teachers having sex with their young students? Furthermore, where were they when I was younger?!?! PS. If this was a man, he would be crucified by the media and serving the rest of his life in jail. I’m sure she will get off and try to sue you or something idiotic like the Bengal’s Cheerleader…  Amanda Kay Miller really needs to be in jail and set an example for all these child molesting female teachers.

Student sex with female teachers is not a big deal these days. It’s like getting a DUI.- nik

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The Cheating Wife

February 12, 2013 Baltimore, Washington 37 10,331 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This women is women who cheats on her husband and like to stalk any girl who messes with her ex husband. shes Know in baltimore as the dirty wife, if anyone come in contact with her they should run for she is bat shit crazy and will chase you down. She thinks shes hot because for fun she plays on a stripper pole. She thinks she is hotter then any girl in her area and nikki she needs to be put in her place.. Please let people know who she is and if they see her run far she will try and do what she can to sleep with you, she likes her prescription pills for they help her to be normal.

I think everyone can agree on one thing.  Thank god she’s wearing pants…- nik

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Joe Flacco Needs To Watch His Language

February 4, 2013 Baltimore, Dirty Athletes, The Dirty 142 67,143 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, last night as we watched our Ravens win the Superbowl. I have never seen my 7 year old son so happy.  Joe Flacco is his favorite player and he wants to be a quarterback like him one day.  But, man did it piss me off after when Joe was going off with the F bombs and it was actually aired live.  My kid started saying the F word last night because he heard his favorite player say it and now he thinks it is ok.  Just wish these guys would think a little sometime.

Am I the only one that thinks Joe Flacco is a little slow? The guy has ZERO personality… terrible MVP.- nik

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Dirty Dori

February 4, 2013 Baltimore 37 8,742 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: WARNING: CONTACT WITH DIRTY DORIS SHROYER PUGLIA MAY LEAD TO VENEREAL DISEASE AND POSSIBLY DEATH. APPROACH WITH CAUTION! Nik check this nasty creach out, its name is Dirty Doris Shroyer Puglia. Dirty Dori is by far the ugliest beast I have ever had the misfortune to lay eyes upon. It has the nastiest body, and a total man bear face! The worst part is, its personality is just as ugly as its appearance. It lacks any form of intelligence, and common human decency. Dirty Dori seems to think that she is Gods gift to men.. The only thing God ever did for this beast was beat the he&& out of it with the ugly stick! Can you believe that in person this dog is even uglier? If your ever in Eastpoint Mall [which i hope no one is bc its gross] and your in the mood to see some zoo animals, stop by the Piercing Pagoda and ask for Dirty Dori. f#@%ing Ratchet!

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