Baltimore | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 6

Deadbeat Trick

May 7, 2014 Baltimore 0

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THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This is Anna she is a nasty poor low life piece of shit scum bag who has no respect for anyone not even herself. She is disliked by many people because she is an easy back stabbing trick who talks the most shit but can’t back nothing up. All this bitch knows how to do is run her Dick sucking lips. She so call claims her babys father is a piece of shit meanwhile he’s the one with custody of their daughter and takes great care of her meanwhile she don’t do anything for her daughter and hardly even calls to talk to her. She fcks for the low and will do anything to smoke and turn up. If only she was that motivated to get her daughter and take care of her Smh. This trick got girls in line to fight her because she don’t know how to do ntn but put shit in her mouth. She’s bi and will fck anyone for some weed or a lil bit of money. Shes truelly the definition of dirty.

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Pernell Pedo Matthews

May 2, 2014 Baltimore 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hide your teenage daughters from this ass hat Annapolis. I had more then a few friends end up dating this jerk back when I was in highschool (and he was in his late 20′s. If you type him in google his criminal history will pop up. not only that he’s has 8 children! Who the hell has 8 kids when they are in and out of jail all the time! the man cant hold down a job and there is a good chance if your dating him (and of legal age to drive) that he’s dating you for your whip.

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Courtney Is A Lemon

May 2, 2014 Baltimore, Maryland 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl (girl in green) is one of the most disgusting human beings I could ever meet. I mean we’ve all met some messed up people but this girl takes the cake, the girl has no respect for anyone including the dead. Recently she broke into her old employers home after the women had died (the employer owned a cleaning service).Then tried to cash check shes had stolen from inside the dead women’s house (mind you she isn’t the smartest cookie either…it was broad day light outside when she broke into the house and all the neighbors saw her and her boyfriend). She has a really bad drinking problem! If someone comes to clean your house and her name is Coutney Lemon don’t let her in she might steal your stuff.

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Draven Star, Baltimore’s Sloppiest

April 24, 2014 Baltimore 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik!!! big fan! I don’t think I have ever seen this chick on here. Her name is Draven Star. She is a stripper/feature dancer from Baltimore. She is also a alt porn star. She constantly post photos with her mouth open (we know why..) and with that stupid duck face. She has NO +2′s. Is there a cup size smaller than an A? What kind of stripper/feature dancer/porn star has NO +2′s whatsoever??? You should see some of her shitty tattoos. I know I won’t be getting my tattoos there..I also think she does meth or at least coke. What do you think???

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Hoesaura from the West

April 17, 2014 Baltimore 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl rosaura cervantes aka HOEsaura is a homewrecking hoe! she shows her body for money and works at a restraurant called mariposas on guadalupe she goes to work half naked just to make tips, this bitch fcks different guys every day of the week she claims to be a proud mom of two kids but yet parties and takes guys go her home were her kids lay. this girl is just straight up dirty and probably has diff drd’s.. sorry to say but she has no class what so ever and all she is worried about is making money by showing her ugly ass body. Honestly i wouldnt want to be caught hanging with this girl because of her bad reputation, shes a big time HOE! she loves the dick and loves to be on her knees at that. i dont know what shes thinking trying to make a living like that. Nik do you think this girl is a proud mom or slut from the west side?

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Del City Dopehead

April 14, 2014 Baltimore, Oklahoma City 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey guys. So let’s meet Cameron Patton, or if you want to find her on facebook (cam elyzabeth smokeey). So let me tell you about her. She is my really good friends now ex. She currently lives in a city called del city. She is very well known as a dope head. Well tonight she went a little to far when my frend broke up with her. She said she was supposedly raped and beat but yet she won’t call the cops. She gets mad at him if he says hi to another girl but she thinks is ok to stay the night with her dope dealer. She is psycho. No joke. But if you want dope or want to get laid hit her up. She will also have sex for dope. But nik what do you think?

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Northside Slore

April 7, 2014 Baltimore 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Aint trying to write a book about this ratchet girl. Aint very much to say except shes a weak punk bitch that pretends to be so bout it but when it comes to throwing down bitch is saposaly pregnant every couple months and punks out lol shes all barkno bite AT ALL! her teeth look like my finger throwing up gang signs. She edits all her pix thinking she looks good but dont still. Shes spread her legs tocthe whole Northside but thinks they are all her homies but everyone laughs at her and cant stand her rat lookin ass. So many chix wana fuk her up but shes scared. Aww poor thing

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Raven Psycho

April 4, 2014 Baltimore 2

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THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is raven the dirty psycho slut who seeks attention she’s a dirty nasty ass gold digger she’s a filty unfit mother who can’t take care of her kid she’s always all up in tha clubs giving blow jobs she has stds she lives off of her mom she’s a fake  homewreking hoe who tried to ** her self beacuse some nigga left her’she might even try to do something to her self beacuse someone finally put her fake ass on blast nasty looking bitch wit her fake ass titties dirty psycho slut YALL STAY AWAY FROM HER YALL MIGHT CATCH SOMETHING FOR FCKING WIT THIS PUTA SUCIA

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