Says She’s an Astronaut

February 24, 2014 Baltimore, Washington 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: This ridiculous 23 year old girl claims to have a Masters Degree and is a rocket scientist(!) from Lyman Park, Virginia – which is about 30 minutes outside of Alexandria. She goes by the name “Astronaut Joslyn Nisvis” on her profiles, even though she isn’t an astronaut, and lists her occupation as a Naval Aviator, even though she isn’t one (nor is she enlisted in any of the US Armed Forces). She took a tour of some airplane hangar and got a helicopter ride, and says that she’s a pilot now… She claims that she’s going to enlist in the US Navy next summer (suuure), but for now she’s basically doing that whole stolen valor thing by claiming stuff she’s not. She wouldn’t even be able to pass the ASTB Aviation Screening Test anyway. If anyone calls her out for calling herself an astronaut or a Naval Aviator without having the credentials, she goes ballistic and calls them ‘haters,’ says theyre jealous of her because theyre weak and their dreams in life didn’t come true. Veterans are offended, especially those who have sacrificed to actually enlist in the service and go through the treacherous training to actually become what she pretends to be – I guess they’re haters who failed at their dreams, too? This chick just needs to be put on blast to learn that you can’t just pretend you’ve got some rank and/or profession in the Navy without earning it – and to realize that its really disrespectful to those who have put their lives on the line, or lost their lives in the line of duty.

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Shabby Sukunda

February 11, 2014 Baltimore 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Shitty Shelby Sukunda also known as Shelby Suckadicka! At 16 she gave birth to a child who was taken from her and hasn’t seen since birth. 6 yrs later she has another one who was born addicted to Heroine. Currently she is on the run from the police hiding out in crackhouses throughout the city. She has that second innocent baby who She just lost custody of with her. she has a court order to return the child and hasn’t. This is serious anyone who knows where she is should contact child protective services and the police. This crusty Cretan should be easy to spot out she has tattoos all over herself and smells like garbage on a summer day that a homeless person peed on! When she isn’t banging dope she is banging dudes for dope! This human ball of shit frequents the block and sells her disease infested ass on craigslist and nameyourprice. these pics. are older before she became an addict!

She’d be recognizable without her clip-ins and sharpie.- nik

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No Good Father

February 10, 2014 Baltimore 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: hey nik this is ryan McLaughlin 27 with 2 kids by 2 different woman!! this pig cant even pay his cs or take care of his 2 kids yet works a full time job and makes money all his money goes to his whore of a gf that’s cheating on him and her kid!!!! pathtic ass loser if you ask me! spends all his cs money on bar tabs at the bar every weekend when he does see his kids he doesn’t spend anytime with them what so ever his gets his mommy to do everything and buy everything for his sons while hes out running the streets and stealing 4 wheelers and dirtbikes out of peoples yards!!! LAME ASS CLOWN!!!! SOMEONE NEEDS TO TEACH HIM HOW TO BE A REAL FATHER!!

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Karma’s a Bitch

January 23, 2014 Baltimore, Dublin 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I don’t even know where to begin with this lowlife, self centered, piece of shit pill poppin whore! Her name is Lauren pagano. 24 years of age. Graduated from sparrows point. Former employee at the hustler. And used to be an escort. She has One child who she uses anyway she can to collect a paycheck. She’s married to a heroin addict who she actually drove around robbing half the convent/liqour stores in dundulk with just so they could get a little bit of money to support thier habit. But get this, once they got caught they both got arrested and when He couldn’t make bail and she got her mommy and daddy to get her out, she left him. Now shes been screwing half of dundulk, RAW! Since she isn’t able to have kids anymore she could care less. She pawns her kid off onto just about anyone who will watch him just so she can go out and get all fucked up and screw whoever the lucky winner of the week is! Thank god she can’t have any more children. She can’t even take care of the only one she will ever have! This girl thinks she is the baddest bitch in dundulk. She thinks becuase she has an annoying loud mouth she is intimidating. But she got her ass BEAT by someone much smaller then her. Guess that’s what happens when all you do is run that mouth and don’t expect nothing to happen! Fellas, I would steer clear of this one! She is a complete fuckin phyco. Anyone who has ever dated her knows. I mean anyone who beats themselves and then calls the cops and says thier bf did it has something very wrong with them! Karma is a bitch Lauren pagano! And it’s FINALLY coming back to bite u in your fat ass! Who’s laughing now. Haha

I’m not sure how these girls acquire the to good for a 9-5 attitude.- nik

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More of Jessica

January 21, 2014 Baltimore, Washington 20

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THE DIRTY ARMY: If this site is soo sad a only pathetic people go on here how did you find the first post so fast,obviously someone is a part of the dirty army and is still in the closet about it!LOL Here is some more pics of, as someone put it in one of the comments, THE WALKING !!!! You never should of commented on the first post Jessica and this might not of happened. And what is the most hilarious fucking part is the my name is not Brandon so whoever you think did this because your oh soooo smart you got that one wrong BITCH, but you obviously know everything, you always did but you are way wrong on this on whore. Keep commenting and the posts will continue to come up again and again and again!!! and if it was your SUPER CUNT of a mother who commented you can thank her for this one because everyone knows she loves to pretend that she is you whenever she can you can thank her. Oh yeah and didnt she pay for all of both apartments you had…and gave you money to support your heroin habit everytime you made something up to her why you need money….and stealing,HAHA, dont be a hypocrite bitch because you have done your fair share of that too. from your mom,step-dad,brother and pretty much anyone who had anything you needed! Also keep saying your clean u fucking junkie and keep getting all those NA key tags high of ur ass and maybe once u get enough of them you’ll believe your clean yourself,LOL. On a side note everyone feels bad for you Ronnie Pearson jr because she has already cheated on you, most likely many times so u need to RuN as fast and as far as u can while u still can but she prob has her hooks in way to deep already so good luck with that and defiantly invest in a lot of  tests, your gonna need the…. Nik whats your thoughts on her? you didnt have much to say on the first post….hope the army enjoys!!!

Is that a greg?- nik

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Ferndale Junkie

January 20, 2014 Baltimore 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Meet Ashlyn Dailey from ferndale MD. She was a cheerleader at north county high. But no more little innocent cheerleader, This girl has turned into the biggest slut you will ever come across. She works as a stripper downtown and will do just about anything for a dollar to support her heroin addiction. She claims she’s such a “bad bitch” but when it comes down to it she won’t do shit. She runs her mouth all over Facebook but won’t say any of it to your face. She brags about all the men she’s been with like it’s something to be proud of last i heard it was up to almost 100 men! But beware, I heard she has herpes! This girl is the biggest lowlife junkie slut I’ve ever met! I mean you can’t deny your a junkie bitch. Have you looked in a mirror lately and checked them craters in your face? To any men out there I would think twice before sleeping with this one. I don’t think you want to catch any stds this slut carries or get the  she got from shooting up. She drives around in her red eclipse bragging like she drives a Benz. She really thinks she’s better then everyone just becuase she makes money by taking her cloths off.

A tanning bed…how appropriate.- nik

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Homewrecking Man Eater

December 6, 2013 Baltimore 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This is Brittney Seal she is 24 & the worst Home Wrecker there is. Any female that has a man weather you are married or just dating keep them close if the chick is around. She loves to destroy any relationship she wants. If she wants the man nothing will stop her. Just as her own Aunt yes I just said her OWN AUNT. Her aunt had been with the same man for over 15 years ( not married but might as well have been ) they lived together 99% of that time. Now I am not going to say it was all Roses cause no relationship is (anyone that says different needs to get out of la la land) But 2 years ago this HOME WREAKING WHORE decided she wanted her Uncle (O did I forget to tell you that they had 4 kids & one had special needs) & she got him. Then she decided that wasn’t enough for her so she got KNOCKED UP on purpose mind you & had the baby even though everyone in the family begged her not to do this not only to her aunt but to the kids. She bestrode them all. Needles to say she didn’t keep him & he lost everything (dumb ass) . So she moves to Hagerstown Maryland where she finds yet another Married man & yes they start dating & she befriends the wife. I don’t know if the wife ever found out of not but due to him being a drug dealer she got back into the drugs lost her older daughter to her father & ended up having to move back to Germantown MD, Where she starts dating yet another MARRIED man ( Are we seeing a pattern here….lol) but while she is seeing this man she is also seeing another guy who is (uggggg) yes a drug dealer & yes her other Aunts Ex Boyfriend. SMDH Everyone is begging her to get her life together & stop all the Married guys & guys with girlfriends & dragging her youngest daughter around all over (before she looses that one to) but she just doesn’t listen she just jumps from one man to another. She goes through them like they are candy & she doesn’t care if they are attached or not just ask her own family. I could tell you a ton of more stories but then this would never end so that is just a little bit for ya. O & she wont work if she gets a job (LMAO) if might last for maybe a month. She like to just run around all day long while all you good people work your asses off & pay for her public assistants. Cause you know we all owe her them FOOD STAMPS. (Ugg)
Lady’s in all of Maryland beware if you see this THING CUMING anywhere near your man RUN TO THE NEAREST CLINIC FIRST THEN HIDE HIM!!! Just saying Trash is what TRASH is

Family first…where else will she find free babysitters.- nik

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The Insecure Baller

November 27, 2013 Baltimore, Washington 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: His name is Benjiman. Walks around DC likes he owns it wearing only name brand clothes which is probably fake. I’ve never seen a grown man with so many female emotions. He’s known around town as the guy with expensive clothes that lives in a tiny apartment with rats. He tricked me and my friend to come to his house by telling us he had food and drinks, but his fridge was bone dry. He had the nerve not to even take us home so we had to wait 3hrs to catch a can because the wouldn’t come to his dirty neighborhood. You can catch him at Park at 14 at somebody else section because his cheap ass never buys any bottles. At least thats what the security and ppl who work there says.

Ballers don’t distress their own jeans.- nik

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