Miss Skank Louisiana Supreme

January 16, 2014 Baton Rouge, LSU 33

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well for starters, this infested little cu*t Mickey or Michaela has threatened me, and massively overloaded facebook with her so called “Photoshoots” in her bathroom and on her kitchen counter. She is in the middle of a divorce with a 200+ lbs douchebag who hits her. She runs her mouth and spreads her legs all across town and brags about how good she can inhale a greg. I just need to put this bitch out there bc she really does have an *** and Baton rouge is #1 ranking contracted city. She also threatens people on the daily says she will fight them, and never does. She also is in the habit of chasing her friends exes and shacking up with them. Girl is so dumb, she states that since since she left her TWIC card in someone’s car that it can be used to get into any plant and can gain the cardholder access to government documents and nuclear weapons. Nik, if you’ve ever seen or heard about these cards, they have a picture of the person on the face of the card. She also declares that a girl whose hown was burnt down while she was pregnant, asleep inside the home at the time should have died and her unborn too. Nik would you with this PSR? (PSR= public sperm receptacle)

That angle’ing only works when you crop the body.- nik

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Janna White

January 15, 2014 Baton Rouge 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: Let’s see here we have the dirtiest low life no good whore of ascension she has 2 kids she doesn’t take care of makes another man adopt her daughter so she could have him by the balls for the next 18 years she makes guys but her and her kids Christmas presents then the next day takes the gifts and runs she has jumped between an entire group of friends fcking anyone that will give her money and attention she takes pills gives her kids to other people while she goes out and gets fcked up she has used every person in her life to the point that she has no one left she is a cunt a all around cunt she has moved her kids from one mans to another’s not caring about how it makes them feel she’s a piece of shit mother she feeds on the soft hearted and she will suck your dick just to get in your pockets she treats her parents like shit she has got to be infested with some kind of disease she has slept with over 200 people and I can promise you this selfless fake ass weave wearing stanky pussy having ass cunt whore will use anyone for anything she needs like getting her car note paid I feel bad for who ever fucks this girl So moral Of the story IF YOU FUCKED JANNA WHITE GET CHECKED ASAP!!!!!

Question is if anyone could even recognize this ghost.- nik

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Jennifer Taylor

January 14, 2014 Baton Rouge 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jennifer Taylor, Jennifer Ochoa, Jennifer Cabiness –lots of different names. I’m not positive how many times shes been married or how many men shes dated, but she likes to try to marry out of the country so she can still slut around in the US. She is AN ESCORT & travels of course never in the same place for too long. Shes already had her child taken away. If you happen to get into a ‘relationship’ with her or meet her somewhere RUN. Just turn around and DO NOT LOOK BACK. She will completely ruin your finances & leave you high and dry while looking for a new man. Whatever the case, she is not faithful. She is evil, and has no conscience. It is very hard to keep up with her, so if she is up to something new I am unaware of that. If someone doesn’t believe this I’m sure a background check or help from a PI would be all the proof you need. I really hope someone recognizes her and I’m doing them a favor.

Collecting stamps..- nik

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Jennifer Elise Is A Thief

January 10, 2014 Baton Rouge, The Dirty 41

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, so Jennifer Elise Soileau or Jen Elise is a thief go figure. Any one who knows of this girl knows she’s semi crazy I mean she does have 2 kids 2 different dads is always bashing on them. Looks like a circus freak in pictures and is totally beat in person. Will allow married men to stay over and stalks people via Facebook yup people if your her FB friend believe she is stalking you and talking about you and your life to any and everyone she knows. You would think though that for someone her age she would be worried about her kids and not social media, but I guess not because where else is she going to find men to help pay for things?! Men beware because she’s all smoke and mirrors, she will steal from you, use you for things and looks nothing like her pictures. Ladies beware as this gutter trash will do anything to get attention from any male.

What’s an access card… is that like a credit card?- nik

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Paige Whittington

January 8, 2014 Baton Rouge, LSU 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok so Nik, This girl right here is literally DISGUSTING. She claims she is a “model” while posting pictures of herself on Instagram in her bra and panties and puts a black and white filter on it… yeah you’re a great model. Not to mention she was caught in a strip club dancing naked for a fun day in new Orleans, while she had the audacity to put a picture up of her “best friend since kindergarten”. What a true friend right? Then after that she blamed her friend for vandalizing her house, due to her early on Alzheimer reaction from taking one too many Klonopin per day, she tried to get her “friend” kicked out of the cottages, while being the bar baby she is she posted a nude picture of her friend on FACEBOOK AND INSTAGRAM. Damn this girl is hard huh? I wouldn’t wanna mess with her she may go to her facebook app and upload a picture! By the way Paige if you are reading this PLEASE for the love of God go buy a hair brush and do everyone a favor. And next time you snort a Xanax or Klonopin please do another line because what karma has coming for your lack of sophistication and class, you are going to need that benzo to keep your body from not feeling anything. Oh and make sure not to say good vibes around her she hates that… just a tip for ya

If you need to take off your clothes for people to look at you you’re not a model..- nik

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Cuong Vo

January 7, 2014 Baton Rouge 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: A few years back while I was minding my own business in a chat room I got a message from this self professed “nice guy” who’s yahoo handle is [removed]. We chatted for a few days and soon it grew intense and then he started love bombing me, eventually asking me to move in with him and marry him. (see lovefraudfor more info on love bombing) Well Asian he is, born in 1973 he is NOT and a nice guy he definitely is NOT. HE IS A COMPLETE PSYCHO! BATON ROUGE BEWARE! Like any great psychopath, he preys on vulnerable women. He has radar for hurting or weak ladies and at that time I met him, I was going through the loss of my child so he picked up on that and ran with it. He used my pain to take advantage of the situation and prey on my weakness I had back then. My bad! I didnt know any better so … I gave him my heart and all he did was LIE to me, USE ME and play me and another woman at the same time, behind each other’s backs He also lied to me about almost all the people he works with at the DCFS office downtown on 4th street, slandering them and spreading horrible gossip about them every time he came home. I have since found out that everything he said about his co workers down there, his past, and every other part of his life is lies! I cannot stand liars!! He also has killed his pets when he was young and has a sexual obsession with his step sister. He is 43 and claims his age to be much younger and is obsessed with barely legal, drug addicted or broken women. He has inmates calling his house from a prison in N Texas and has driven 9 hours to go visit them (he says he met them online too???). This psycho is a real loser! I felt sorry for the guy since he has a narcissistic mother and sister who control his whole life and so I stayed with him and tried to help him get some sanity, but he acts like a 5 year old and cannot make any decision without consulting those 2 bitches first. I do not feel sorry for him anymore. A psycho is a psycho. They choose to be that way. He lives in Baton Rouge and works for the Dept of Children and Family Services. He claims he is some big cheese down there but I found out from one of his co workers he is only a low man on the totem pole. (Another lie). He also works at Hammond Aire Car Wash on Airline and Old Hammond one weekend a month and has told me on numerous occasions how the owner (Gene’s) wife has been after him for sex for years. (Probably another lie). I have attached a photo of this lovely creature for all of Baton Rouge to see and to be aware of the psycho in your midst!

Its time to let the hair go bud.- nik

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Classic AP Trash

December 31, 2013 Baton Rouge, Would You? 42

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl is a complete fake bitch she is 21 divorces with a daughter who she hardly spends anytime with she changes boyfriends like underwear pressures every guy she meets to become her husband most us dudes just laugh at her pass her around cuz she kinky as fuk in bed she dated a 60 year old who had kids older then her she gets super drunk acts like she is better than everyone else she was obsessed with me she was really clingy and superficial she talked bad about all her friends who she gets a new friend every week she’s two faced and just has a terribly insecure personality that causes her to be annoying a hell she thinks she’s all that bounced from me to another guy to another guy to another guy. So nik tell me would you?

Answer: No, she looks like a puppet.

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I Know Optical Illusion Can Make It

December 20, 2013 Baton Rouge, Optical Illusion, The Dirty 20

THE DIRTY ARMY:   Nik, check out one of the most famous DC has became a singer.  I do like what I’m hearing from Optical Illusion and I truly believe she has a shot at making it in the music industry, what do you think?

I doubt O-ill was the singer. They probably just casted her as the witch. Anyway this was mediocre at best.- nik 

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