Sociopath Drunkard

November 8, 2013 Baton Rouge 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this piece of work right here has quite a story! First off Her name is Rebekah Williams Bayer and shes evil as fck! She will leech off of any success you have in your life. She’s had 4 kids.. 3 of which she gave up to the state because she’d rather get trashed on cheap wine and whore herself out than to be a parent! HOW SAD!! She also provokes men to hit her so she can run around calling every guy she spreads her nasty legs for a “woman beater” This girl is dangerous as fck and can not be trusted.. the sick thing about it is the fact that she has a black widow spider tattooed on her neck… what the fuk kinda trash!! LOL here’s your sign!! She also goes around fuking all of her boyfriends/husbands friends. One time she lead a guy to believe she was pregnant with his kid. That dude took her in, moved her into his house, took care of her kids as if they were his own.. then 8 months down the road ol boy gets a big ol slap of reality when the truth came out. can you say LEECH?? or SOCIOPATH?? people like her need to be burned at the steak without the courtesy of being urinated on!! I personally hate this individual, and it would have been in many peoples favor if she would have never been born. If she died tomorrow I can honestly say that even people in her family would be relieved! So next time you see this girl at the bar giving you the eye.. understand that if you go that route your life will perpetually be ruined. Oh and did I mention that her pussy smells HORRIBLE!!!!! like spoiled meat!! she always uses the “I have a bacterial infection” excuse…. HOW FUKING NASTY!!!!! WTF!!!! STOP FCKING OLD MEN FOR MONEY BITCH!! THEN YA MIGHT NOT GET THOSE TYPE OF INFECTIONS WHORE!!!

That explains the layers.- nik

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North Shore Slores

November 7, 2013 Baton Rouge, LSU 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik here is the northshores #1 whore for sure! this krusty slurrr been all around….and I mean that literally not only is she in the process of a divorce but has 3 babies that she refused to take care of and pawns them off on their dad. Where can you find this sleeze? In every bar, and on aNY dick that will give her attention Monday-sunday. She gets her kicks by sending naked pictures to every dude around but she likes to make sure everyone know her pssy is pierced and it looks like roast beef..thats not ever the worst part she likes to rob people for HER DRUG MONEY yep she spends her days smoking away her life with none other than THE NUMBA ONE STUNA KARA REID WHO was feat on your site before yes these two can be found smoking it up in Holden with their 50 year old drug dealer. not only do both of the winners have kids that they don’t take care of, but they are spreading the  around all Hammonds local bars. So beware ladies and Gents these two will be pssy poppin in the clubs mon-sunday!

Why am I looking at four knees?- nik

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Toilet Tramp

November 4, 2013 Baton Rouge 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: nuff said

Toilet rolls on the counter is so ghetto.- nik

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Fakest In Louisiana

October 31, 2013 Baton Rouge 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Jessica Tigner. A low life poser from Walker, La. At first, we all thought she was cool. She liked all the same things as we did. Then we start to notice, she knows NOTHING about them. Her whole life is a lie. She lies about her mother abusing her, her Father dying (yet somehow, even dead hes a cop in a camaro) and even being molested. She pretends to be a super pot head, spends all her money on weed, then doesnt have rent. She even had to move back home at TWENTY FIVE. Even after ties have been severed, she’s continuously harassing every McDonalds employee (where she works) and blatantly stalking my friend’s boyfriend. he’s SIX years younger than her. This heifer needs to learn her place and quit getting trashy Zelda tattoos, a game she’s never even played. But, I still have to ask, Would you??

The double arches say it all.- nik

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No Proof of his Mistakes

October 29, 2013 Baton Rouge, LSU 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dont let the looks fool you Baton Rouge. This is Geraldo Miguel Reid A.K.A. Jerry Michael He,s Been on here before because he liked to take his frustration out on the kids his mom babysits.Nik you didnt care about that I mentioned he beat the kids up his mom babysits. Now he,s become a notorious drug dealer,who kidnaps family members,who dont pay for theyre addiction and forces them to eat hotdogs. You might not take this seriously or anyone else who knows Geraldo might be laughing or feel offended but I just exposed 1. Jail has a bed for him when he gets caught up or his victims come forward.

You can’t mix serious and sarcastic, you lost me at hot dogs.- nik

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Whale Wars Getting Fatter And Fatter

October 28, 2013 Baton Rouge, Hollywood, The Dirty 239

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m so happy to see Whale Wars getting FATTER AND FATTER by the day! So sad that this is what is considered a “Super Model” these days! Looks like she’s only super sizing to me!

It looks like a maternity dress.- nik

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Ascension and Iberville Parish Slore

October 2, 2013 Baton Rouge 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: Heather Buchanan or Heather Barleycorn (her married name) is sick and needs help. I encourage everyone in Ascension or Iberville Parish to share these stories in order to expose this multiple personality, sick, twisted whore. BACKGROUND INFO: I just met this girl and she’s affected 3 very important people in my life. Heather met my one of my best girl friends, Hannah, 14 years ago at Blue Bayou and they became best friends-inseparable! My friend tried to stay in touch with Heather as Heather began a relationship with her now ex-husband, however blamed her exhusband as to why she would never return calls or make an effort to see her. Heather and her exhusband has 3 beautiful girls in their years together and then decided to divorce 3 years ago. Heather blamed the divorce on the fact that her ex beat her, which I now dont believe..and neither will you after hearing these following stories. Anyway, she started dating her now exboyfriend Phil. She bragged and bragged about how everyone knows who they are. That its like back in highschool where she was Miss popular, and he was Mr. popular. THIS IS HOW IMMATURE THIS WHORE IS! They dated for a couple years and in those years a woman dropped off a beautiful little girl on their doorstep and claimed it to be for Phil (which both Heather and Phil figured out it wasn’t his because the time Phil met the woman and the little girl’s age didn’t add up). So together, they had 4 girls. Heather made their relationship look like a fairytale (to her friends and on Facebook, which it could have been because Heather lies so much she doesn’t even know the truth). Phil bought Heather an SUV, however, Heather had been paying the notes on the vehicle (could be a lie too). One day, Heather claims to have been working on Phil’s iPad when she found text messages and videos of “at least 30 women” he had been sleeping with while in a relationship with Heather (I don’t believe this either). She decided to end it with Phil and (the way her stories add up) seconds later started dating a guy named Jared and moved her and the girls out of the house she was living in with Phil. She moved on into a trailer on her family’s land. According to Heather, this is when the stalking started. Somewhere in all this she dated a guy named Brady..she told everyone she dated him for 2 months and never slept with him and gave him the alarm code to her parents house-even though he never met them..(truth is she “talked” to him for a week AND slept with him). I met Heather on July 19..with about 30 of our other friends and openly told everyone that she is “newly divorced”, done with guys, and just wants a one night stand. In these three months that I’ve known her she told everyone she was pregnant for Jared’s baby and had a miscarriage, slept with 3 guys from Iberville and 3 guys from Ascension (which is true because I have seen the texts and pictures to prove it) and was even raped by her ex Phil. She then got pissed at all our friends because of the reputation she developed as a whore because the guys she slept with were sending her pictures to everyone. In defending herself, she laughed and said, “everyone from my side of the river would laugh if these rumors were going around about me. I’m the good girl in my town.” She also openly told everyone that she was being stalked by her ex Phil, found 2 trackers in her car, knew where everyone lived, and had his new girlfriend following her. (I’m sorry but what new girlfriend would follow her boyfriend’s exgirlfriend around because he told her to???).. From July 19 on, Hannah started bringing her around everywhere (when she could get in touch with her). Everyone talked so bad about Heather but couldn’t make Hannah understand how bad of a person everyone thought she was. Hannah had a kid-friendly party at her house in which Hannah’s boyfriend tagged her in a status that said “Sunday funday”… Heather’s mom private messaged Hannah on facebook saying, “if you love my daughter, please understand that she needs help.” Hannah confronted Heather about the message and Heather told Hannah that her family thought she was on drugs and they wanted to take away her kids. So Hannah ignored the message. (Come to find out, Heather’s mom was talking about the double lives Heather has been living and the pathological lying. Heather’s mom wanted to get her professional help). She started dating another one of my guy friends (we will call him BILL so no one will get confused!) the beginning of September. They fought every damn day. He wouldn’t be able to get in touch with her ironically between 7pm-2am when she didn’t have her girls. When she did have her girls he was always able to get in touch with her. She worked for her ex boyfriend..Jared..the one she was supposedly pregnant for. Bill had a son whom Heather immediately fell in love with. Heather would talk about their future, moving in together, getting married, and having more kids. Heather made all these promises to Bill’s son, and broke them time and time again. She would facetime his son to tell him goodnight every night, help him with his homework every night. Heather would brag about her 7 bank accounts and how much money she had, how much money her parents had, and all the “big wig” people she knew…all to get attention. Then the stalking of Brady began (which is also a lie) in which Heather’s parents made her and her daughters move back home..Heather said because of the stalking (it wasn’t because of the stalking, it was because she was a pathological liar and her parents wanted to keep an eye on her). When Bill couldn’t get in touch with Heather, she claimed to have a cop (we will call him James) over at her house to “fingerprint” and “swab for DNA”. She also told Bill she had a cop passing her house every hour on the hour. Her and Bill said goodnight at 2:03am.. the next day, Bill finds a missed call from Heather around 2:30am and a text message of a screen shot of Heather and James’ text message to each other. 2:08am…James: are you sleeping? Heather: (a pic of heather sleeping with only 1 arm visible so she could have clearly taken the picture and sent it to him). James then started sending sweet texts to her and her sending them back. Heather told Bill that Phil (who she later says it was really Brady) put in her house alarm code and took pics of her sleeping and sent the pics and sweet text messages to James. Bill then begins to question her..How did he know your alarm code? Heather said I gave it to him. Bill said, “I thought he never met your parents?” Heather ignored the question. Heather says she knows who it was because of a letter she found. She told Hannah the letter said “call me” in Brady’s handwriting. She told Bill the letter said “call me, I love you, I want to adopt Abby (her youngest) and lets have a sleep over”. Both Hannah and Bill start comparing her stories daily and find out that she is lying about every little detail. Weeks earlier, Heather made a commitment to play in a softball tourney the weekend of Sept 20. She told both Hannah and Bill her parents wouldn’t let her go because her stalker was going to follow her. She eventually came to the tourney, played one game, in which Heather struck out twice. Heather and Bill fought for hours, even during the game. She told Bill she was done, but wouldn’t leave. Hannah gets a phone call from Heather saying that she is not done with Britt and wants to make up (This happened every damn day..EVERY DAY). The next day, Saturday, Heather claimed to have to go back to Prairieville to go see a psychiatrist. ON A SATURDAY! Hours later, Heather never showed up. She texted Hannah saying she got a letter in her parents mailbox saying, “why is your name city slicker? You hit good”. EVERYONE knew this was another lie because Heather struck out twice that night. Never hit the damn ball. Hannah was done with Heather. Too many lies, too many stories, TOO MUCH DRAMA! Bill decided to stay with Heather. About a week later, Hannah was working and saw the cop, James, on a scene they were working. Hannah asked James if he was dating Heather. He said yes for the past 2-3 months. Hannah then confronted both James and Bill about everything. Showing James pictures proving her whereabouts, text messages from Heather to Bill.. EVERYTHING! When Bill confronted Heather, she states that James legally has to say they are together for her safety. BULLSHIT RIGHT?! Then when Bill tells Heather that James has seen all the pics and texts, Heather FINALLY comes clean. WITH EVERYTHING. She told Bill she was only with him because she felt he was a bad dad and his son needed her. She even told him that because both Bill and James were from different sides of the river, she didn’t think they would find out. (What she failed to realize was Hannah saw Bill everyday..and Hannah was also in the same line of work as James and she ran into him every now and then)<–dumb ass whore!!! She told Bill that she felt she could be the bad girl. She even told Bill that James wasn’t the one she was lying to and that Bill will pay for what he did. Neither Bill nor James knew about Heather dating either guy. They were blindsided. Heather then tells James she isn’t worried about James because she can talk her way into him staying with her. According to Bill, Heather claims her and James are still together. I still don’t believe it. Days later, Hannah finally messages Heather’s mother back saying that her daughter does need help. Hannah asks Heather’s mom about all the details. Turns out she was never raped, was never stalked, moved back into her parents house so they could get her professional help, she was dating 3 guys at once (one guy I didn’t mention because he was 2timing her at the same time), while sleeping with 6, and lying to her “bestie”. I HOPE THIS BITCH PAYS FOR WHAT SHE HAS DONE TO ALL THESE PEOPLE. AND TO THE GUYS SHE’S SLEPT WITH—I HOPE YOU GET TESTED!!! Heather is the dark complected girl in the pictures. the other girl WAS her “bestie” ps. I am not hiding behind the dirty, I just have no way of contacting her!! she deleted her FB, I don’t have her number…trust me, I want her to know exactly what everyone thinks of her!!! If I could tell her personally, I WOULD!

Sounds like trailer park drama.- nik

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Thirsty Cox

September 27, 2013 Baton Rouge 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this chick gets around everyone’s dick so fast its cray! She loves to play innocent to get your money and bits. She talks mad shit about her friends and thinks she can get around without her cop dad knowing. My friend dated her and tryed to get back with her and she used him while f*cking 2 other dudes. SHe works in the mall and loves being asked to hang out after work. Throw some cash and charm in her face and she’ll for sure fck you in the parking lot. She can even steal some cards and shit for you too. This girl is mad thirsty and my boy says her crotch always smells so Homies in gonzales and red stick beware! But if your desperate, this bitch will put out!

Her teeth look like red n white dominoes.-

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