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Were We Wrong About Ashley Alexiss

December 16, 2014 Boston 4


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Ashley Alexiss apparently bought her mom a car, as was reported by her and Q97.9 in Maine. Were we wrong about her? Is she actually a “model” now and making money? I kinda feel like it’s mostly a result of her calendar sales, and her appearance in Maxim South Africa, but still…I have to wonder how she managed to do any of that?

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Boston BBW

December 16, 2014 Boston 2

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THE DIRTY ARMY: I went to school with this girl who was despie as fuk to get myspace famous, and was thot who posted those whore train bulletins all day every day. she has gone through every career until she gets bored with the title and realizes her job/school requires actual work. lazy biatch used to judge “sluts” HARD via her crazy twitter but- surprise! she’s now a cam girl and pornstar for XL Scoreland! she used to shame me for being a “whore”, so i guess paybacks a fat bitch) And yes, she really just turned only 22 and goes by Kelli Maxx- like Christy Mack but not even remotely. She also claims (over the course of maybe months) to have dyslexia, Aspergers, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, an eating disorder, a junk food addiction, anxiety, and has false threatened to commit suicide. She gives people with real problems a terrible reputation- there’s nothing wrong with having a disorder, but take responsibility for it and GET HELP not whore it out on twitter for attention.

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Bulgarian Mail Order Bride

December 15, 2014 Boston, Manhattan, The Dirty 41


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so this hot shot lawyer from Boston name Adam Rowe. Crow and Dunn law firm in one of the most prestigious firms in Boston Massachusettes has decided that he wants to do drugs.. Coke.. Ex.. Weed… Just to please this Bulgarian mail order bride.  They get high every weekend on drugs and somehow he convinced this lesbian to be his wife. The funny thing is is this sl*t is as gay as they come but hey she doesn’t care as long as she has access to his big bank account. I want to put these two on blast because they walk around Boston thinking there big sh*t when in reality she is a money hungry sl*t and he is a desperate old man that married a damn lesbian just to stay with her together… Nik, please post this you don’t understand everyone knows these two assholes here she’s opening up a gym in Boston and he is a a hot shot attorney… Thanks.

Adam has that Jon Stewart meets Saul Goodman look to him.- nik

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Stefan And Karen

December 14, 2014 Boston 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: This man had a good loyal loving woman for almost nine years, bared his child and dealt with his shit for almost 9 years just to be cheated on by a girl a decade younger than her, and gave his wife drd. Stay away at all cost!! The girl farthest to the right!!

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Ashley Alexiss’ “Fans” Are Idiots

November 18, 2014 Boston, The Dirty 83

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Ash Alexiss’ fans must be blind or as delusional as she is. I decided to look at her IG and you can see the blatant difference between her videos and file posts.

Looks like they cut about 40 pounds from her sides.- nik

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Danielle Doe

November 6, 2014 Boston 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: It is now confirmed local Woburn woman, Danielle Doe, has drd and doesn’t care who she spreads it to.

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Ashley Alexiss’ Photoshop Fails

November 5, 2014 Boston 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Ashley Alexiss has been posted on here a number of times, mostly for being a delusional, narcissistic fraud… and for photoshopping her ‘professional’ photos to blatantly unreal proportions. I get it. Everyone does photoshop. But if you are so proud of your curves as you always claim to be, why do you edit your shape in such a ridiculous manner?? Because you are so desperate to be a real model and a celebrity that it’s made you completely lose touch with reality, that’s why. She’s always bragging about being an ‘international model’ (Playboy, Maxim, Esquire) but the truth is she begs and pays and has her followers pay her way into the spin-off (aka international( versions of these magazines, because the main ones want nothing to do with her fat sloppy ass. Check out some of her priceless photoshop fails here.

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She Is A Lunatic Con-Aritist

November 2, 2014 Boston, The Dirty 91


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this woman is 41 years old. She is married with 3 kids. She lives in Haverhill, MA but she travels to major cities claiming to do photoshoots for her magazine called Platinum Weddings Magazine. She rips modeling agencies off with using their models and never paying the invoices like Next Models. She is being sued by Matt Dunn a photographer out if Fort Lauderdale for ripping him off of $3200.00. She sells add to companies for advertisement but uses that money to go on lavish vacations with young men in their early 20′s promising to put them in her magazine, as well. It’s the only way she can get these guys. Her face is full of acne and the wrinkles make her look 50. She photoshops the sh*t out of her pix she posts of herself online. She claims she worth 200 million folate but is posting pictures of herself in her bra and things on her Instagram in front of a wooden mirror propped up against the wall. She talks about herself constantly claiming to own 7 companies, and that she’s so rich. No one with that kind of money talks about their wealth. She claims to be launching her fake magazine in Atlanta because she has a fatal attraction obsession with a guy that lives there and is doing everything in her power to stalk him outside his home and his office. This woman needs to put her clothes on, shut her mouth, learn how to be a mother, and keep her nasty vagina out of Atlanta and at home with her husband. She’s a complete fraud and will con you for any and everything she can.

Does she have a First and Last name?- nik

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