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Ashley Alexiss’ “Fans” Are Idiots

November 18, 2014 Boston, The Dirty 55

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Ash Alexiss’ fans must be blind or as delusional as she is. I decided to look at her IG and you can see the blatant difference between her videos and file posts.

Looks like they cut about 40 pounds from her sides.- nik

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Danielle Doe

November 6, 2014 Boston 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: It is now confirmed local Woburn woman, Danielle Doe, has drd and doesn’t care who she spreads it to.

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Ashley Alexiss’ Photoshop Fails

November 5, 2014 Boston 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Ashley Alexiss has been posted on here a number of times, mostly for being a delusional, narcissistic fraud… and for photoshopping her ‘professional’ photos to blatantly unreal proportions. I get it. Everyone does photoshop. But if you are so proud of your curves as you always claim to be, why do you edit your shape in such a ridiculous manner?? Because you are so desperate to be a real model and a celebrity that it’s made you completely lose touch with reality, that’s why. She’s always bragging about being an ‘international model’ (Playboy, Maxim, Esquire) but the truth is she begs and pays and has her followers pay her way into the spin-off (aka international( versions of these magazines, because the main ones want nothing to do with her fat sloppy ass. Check out some of her priceless photoshop fails here.

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She Is A Lunatic Con-Aritist

November 2, 2014 Boston, The Dirty 91


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this woman is 41 years old. She is married with 3 kids. She lives in Haverhill, MA but she travels to major cities claiming to do photoshoots for her magazine called Platinum Weddings Magazine. She rips modeling agencies off with using their models and never paying the invoices like Next Models. She is being sued by Matt Dunn a photographer out if Fort Lauderdale for ripping him off of $3200.00. She sells add to companies for advertisement but uses that money to go on lavish vacations with young men in their early 20′s promising to put them in her magazine, as well. It’s the only way she can get these guys. Her face is full of acne and the wrinkles make her look 50. She photoshops the sh*t out of her pix she posts of herself online. She claims she worth 200 million folate but is posting pictures of herself in her bra and things on her Instagram in front of a wooden mirror propped up against the wall. She talks about herself constantly claiming to own 7 companies, and that she’s so rich. No one with that kind of money talks about their wealth. She claims to be launching her fake magazine in Atlanta because she has a fatal attraction obsession with a guy that lives there and is doing everything in her power to stalk him outside his home and his office. This woman needs to put her clothes on, shut her mouth, learn how to be a mother, and keep her nasty vagina out of Atlanta and at home with her husband. She’s a complete fraud and will con you for any and everything she can.

Does she have a First and Last name?- nik

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You Guys Are Idiots

November 1, 2014 Boston, The Dirty 41


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, clearly none of you can tell when a girl is fit. This is what my friend really looks like and she’s skinny and tall.

Those are three different people.- nik


Boston Girls Are So Deceiving

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Marc Colon

October 28, 2014 Boston, Providence, Rhode Island 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This is Marc Colon, hes a smooth talking Married guy. He thinks he can use all kinds of women, including his wife. but he has no idea the hurt hes causing his child. Anyways I just wanted to warn any ladies out there that cross paths with this douche canoe hes got many women, well he did, until i exposed him, Married to one engaged to another, with multiple girlfriends all over. It’s only a matter of time before he has a new collection of girls. Ladies beware you’ll be on an emotional roller coaster with this minimum wage earning part time employed mega looser. I forgot to mention his mommy got him the job at a home improvement store! He lives with his grandma rent free and she feeds him, for free! It’s only a matter of time before you’ll be supporting him, giving him gas, buying him food, giving him somewhere to sleep besides his grandmas couch! LEECH! Any-who thanks for warning everyone!

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Ashley Alexiss New Bikini Line

October 26, 2014 Boston, The Dirty 116

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Ashley Alexiss has some how managed to bullsh*t her way into getting her own swim wear line called “ALEXISS”. She claims she is in tears yeah well we are too honey after seeing you in that god awful hot pink tacky looking bikini with the cheap beads on it. What really kills me is the fact that ANYONE in their right mind would give this delusional Facebook model a swim wear line. Yes Ashley, tell us all how classy you are and what a famous international Playboy model you are. PLEASE! End the insanity. What do you think Nik, which looks worse the pink bikini or the girl wearing it?

I think I saw that swimsuit for sale at Hustler on Sunset. Looks like stripper wear.- nik

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Boston Girls Are So Deceiving

October 13, 2014 Boston, The Dirty 47


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I can’t tell if this girl is hot or fat since Boston girls are deceiving.  She has a very cute face but I want to see the rest of the body cause it could be banging.  Wanted to see if the DA had any full body images of this beauty.  Also, Nik what do you think?

Fat. You take the makeup off that face and she is probably pushing 200 pounds.- nik

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