Ashley Alexiss ‘The Role Model For Women’

July 26, 2014 Boston, The Dirty 37



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, looks like plus size wannabe celebrity Ashley Alexiss has finally decided to stop pretending that she’s some kind of role model for fat, insecure women. Since her ‘very public breakup’ with Shredz tool Colin Wayne, she’s been sucking down as much booze as she can fit into that giant squishy gut of hers. All she’s been posting on her Twitter and IG are pictures and videos of her partying with her nasty friends and ex boyfriend (who she constantly defends…”exes CAN be friends, blah blah…” Whatever Ashley. Like you aren’t banging Travis. You are so desperate for attention. It’s really rather pathetic. You are not a super model. You are not a role model.

Looks like Ashley Alexiss needs AA.- nik

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Barstool “SmokeShows” Are A Joke

July 22, 2014 Boston 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I am sick and tired of of Barstool Sports definition of a “smokeshow”. These dorks idolize porta-potties and fatties like The Office, Spanish Nanny AND WHALE WARS. Plus, on top of it all- post beat ass college chicks that are a 4.154868 on a national level. Not sure if they are blind or just need more blog posts but either way, put these losers on blast or at least give them a gift card to lens crafters. Thanks Nik.

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Would You

July 17, 2014 Boston 2


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Beware Of Kandy

July 17, 2014 Boston, The Dirty 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Kandy. This girl was engaged to a friend of mine. They got married early so she could get on his health insurance plan so she could have surgery on a kidney stone. She went through multiple surgeries with my friend (who works out of town) by her side each time. After her final surgery she went home to visit her family in Boston. One week later she packed her sh*t, text my friend telling him she was moving home and she wanted a divorce. She is now 4 months pregnant and married to a new guy. Come to find out this bitch had this guy in my friends house (in FL) and was cheating with him the entire time AND POSTING ABOUT IT ON TWITTER. Who the does that? She used my friend and then dropped him the moment she got what she wanted, leaving him to pay for the divorce and with a sh*t ton of medical bills. This new guy should be leery, in 5 months she may drop his ass once she pushes that kid out. This girl is a liar and needs to be exposed.

You lose her the same way you got her. It’s basic math.- nik

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Ashley Alexiss Is Moving Onto The Next One

July 9, 2014 Boston, The Dirty 60


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, poor Ashley Alexiss was dumped by the fitness model on the 4th of July. Left all alone in Alabama when she flew to be with him for the holiday. Apparently she isn’t housewife or mother material. NO?! Really? This vapid, narcissist shouldn’t be surprised when her whole claim to fame is being a plus size “model”. Don’t worry, she found a hoard of sheep to stroke her ego and posted a video on IG later that night with what seemed to be male strippers, in a crappy apartment, grinding on linoleum. Keep it classy, boo boo!!!

This chick really thinks she is famous.- nik

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I Spy – Alfred Abi Hanna

July 8, 2014 Boston, Fort Worth 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Alfred Abi Hanna is a 51 year old Lebanese man who takes advantage of anyone he can. He lies about everything he does. Acts like he is rich, steals by manipulating and moving funds to private banks like credit cards. Makes up new business names to fit his needs. He secretly stalks women, puts apps on their phones to follow them, he\’s at the top of the pedifile list. He blackmails people to do what he wants. He even goes to the length of sneaking into a business and installing spyware on the computer so he can remotely steal information and get into bank accounts and see figures. little does he know, he\’s not smart enough to get away with it, he’s in boston and thinks he pulled a fast one until we pulled the plug on him. He\’s not as smart as he thinks. he married a beautiful smart Lebanese woman in Lebanon this year and brought her to America, only to leave her sit at home, chase women and now she has fled to her family and he married his drug addicted mistress. what is wrong with this man. he’s dangerous and very cunning and I want everyone to know that you should avoid him at all costs and do not go into business with him or a relationship of any kind. he will cheat on you right under your nose. easy to identify, he has one glass eye, gray hair. i’ll attach a pic. I’ve never had to say things like this about anyone, but this is a major exception to the rules. the worst is that he acts like he is religious and says god bless you while he\’s stabbing you in the b

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Ashley Alexiss Is All Photoshop

July 8, 2014 Boston, The Dirty 83

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I decided to add Ashley Alexiss’ boyfriend on snapchat since I tend to find what people really look like there, and what I came across is nothing but hilarious. Colin Wayne snapchatted a picture of himself, but little did he know Ashley Alexiss his girlfriend was in the background with her stomach pretty out there. She claims to be so pretty and curvy but to me she’s pretty huge and loves to photoshop her arms and stomach. All she does is post pictures of herself different sizes and even adds a filter to her snapchats. I noticed Colin’s snapchats were all natural and I hope you find this as amusing as I do. She’s nothing but a mess and should probably stop photoshopping herself because it is only so long before she runs out of money to pay for photographers to take pictures of her and edit everything on her body. She needs a WAKEUP call and I’m here to give her one.

Looks like Ashley Alexiss’ has been storing lint since the 90′s in that blow hole.- nik

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Playmate Barbie… More Like Delusional Barbie

June 27, 2014 Boston, The Dirty 38



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, you are lucky you don’t live on the east coast.  The girls here are thick as hell and even more delusional… just like this girl who calls herself “Playmate Barbie”, what a joke right?  First off, she couldn’t be a Playmate and they don’t make thick Barbies, so not sure where she came up with that.  Oh ya and you have to love the Instagram selfie in the rental Phantom right lol!!!

I’m calling photoshop on the RR logo.- nik

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