Jen Wilke Broke Lighter King’s Heart

August 28, 2014 Boston, The Dirty 15


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, the Lighter King finally cracked. Posts online showed him drinking a bottle of whiskey and taking sleeping pills because Jen Wilke was in Las Vegas with Greg Hale the guy she dumped him for. It’s really sad. In the end he just got really sick and is in the hospital. He posted this video. It’s really upsetting how girls can use guys and cause them so much pain.

The video wouldn’t play… is there anything on YouTube? I want to see it.- nik

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Megan Silva

August 27, 2014 Boston 2



THE DIRTY ARMY: Megan J. Silva, 25, of Woburn, was arrested on a charge of knowingly being present when h**oin is kept. Megan arrested for he**in. She fcks for dope. HAPPY BIRTHDAY

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Grieving Widow

August 26, 2014 Boston 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this gem is Nicole Leah Marie Bounds. Her husband died in a car accident in Palmer. The car rolled over him and apparently his face was pretty much non repairable. Well, 3 months after his passing this ‘grieving widow’ is already dating someone else. I was talking to her when she was married. I didn’t know she was married until my friend told me that she was married to his buddy. She was hitting up a whole ton of guys on POF, myself included. She put up some pictures that looked good, but then I saw her in town and damn she is ratchet. Her poor son is going to be confused with all these guys coming in and out of her life. I just feel sorry for her husband that died. Not only did he die, but he had this whore as a wife. Also, she put on quite the act of a grieving widow… It’s nice to see your whore ass drunk, probably off of the money you got from your husband’s death. I didn’t know the guy, but I heard he was pretty great. Obviously he deserved a lot better than this skank bitch. You’re not cute, you’re a whore, and I hope you see his face every night before you go to bed. Nobody in Alaska likes you. Everyone here in anchorage talks about you and how much of a soulless conniving skank you are. Move somewhere else… Nobody wants your nasty vagina killing someone else. RIP to her husband who obviously deserved someone who cared. Sorry buddy. Nicole, as for you… Just leave so everyone doesn’t have to worry about a disease.

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Ashley Alexiss Let Me Down

August 20, 2014 Boston, The Dirty 150


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Ashley Alexiss posted this and it hurt my feelings.  She loves her curves and is a plus size model and is so confident about herself that it motivated me to stop feeling bad about my curves.  Its like why workout when guys actually love our bodies.  Girls like her and I get hit on far more than a skinny, anorexic looking girl any day.  But when she is wearing size 4 jeans and seems so proud of it… that upsets me.  It’s like did she give me false hope?

She definitely has that fat (after one baby) Jessica Simpson look.- nik

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Daya Barboza Needs To Be Exposed

August 15, 2014 Boston, The Dirty 103


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Daya Barboza. from what I see on her IG and her sugar baby tumblr account, she has a pretty strong following and she gets more followers everyday. Her IG is loaded with pictures of her and her many expensive things all the way from Marc Jacobs bags and watches to Chanel! But what her followers don’t know about Daya is that she was an escort and “sugar baby”. She goes out on dates with OLD CEO’s and government officials.. she was a model or a promo model, moved out of her parents house around 17 with a cocaine addiction to keep her skinny!  This girl dates men older enough to be her grandfather and probably sleeps with all of them and this is how she get her lavish lifestyle. She travels everywhere with them staying in 5 star hotels.. she’s been all over the country! the most crazy thing, she JUST graduated from high school… I wonder how she was able to keep this on the down low for so long without her peers and teachers noticing and how she was able to travel so much during high school. I would never want my daughter to go down this path just for a few expensive things.

I think I see Uncle Chuck.- nik

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Somebody Reads TheDirty

August 14, 2014 Boston, The Dirty 168


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, looks like delusional Ashley Alexiss checks The Dirty pretty carefully, despite all her bullsh*t about being a confident woman. Her reasoning for deleting anything anyone ever tells her other than she’s perfect, is…get this…that she’s protecting her haters from her fans. WOW Ash. Just wow. She has completely lost her mind. Even in her newest photoshopped TFP ‘work,’ her gut is so massive that her vagina literally eats her underwear. Please keep posting her. It’s real obvious that the DA is getting through to her. The more she’s posted, the more out of touch with reality she gets. She’s never going to be a serious model. But she really believes in that sick, over-inflated head that she’s some kind of A-list celebrity. Her insanity is the most entertaining thing I’ve seen on the internet in a long time. Keep doing you, Ashley. You are giving the real world a real laugh.

It should be illegal for people like her to have social media. Seriously though, they need to have psych forms instead of terms of service check boxes. Selfies lead to suicide.- nik

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Dangerous Liar- Stamford New York

August 11, 2014 Albany, Boston, Syracuse 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Joe Farrell. He lives in East Stamford with his wife and two children. I had dated him for 9 months before finding out all of this He made me quit my job because he wanted to “take care of me” and left me without any income though never followed through or provided for me. He is involved in illegal financial deals, illegal gun flipping. He has borderline personality disorder and is accustomed to controlling everyone around him. He’s obsessed with money and doesn’t take his wife out or let her spend anything, while he blew $500 on dinners with me in NY. He has abused his wife in the past by choking her and throwing eggs from a carton at her like a child. He lied to me about nearly every aspect of his life. He also tells women he lives in New York and uses his friend, Peter Santoro’s apartment in midtown west to bring his women. Oh- also, he is 44. I was under the impression that he was 36 for the entirety of our relationship. I always thought it was weird that James Franco looked so much younger than him. Somehow I did not get an drd from him and for that I am grateful. Please signal boost this! He preys on people he sees a “good people”- If I had actually paid attention rather than falling in love with him, I would have realized how fcked up he was sooner. He is dangerous and has threatened me and knows where my family lives.

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Fort Campbell Affair

August 11, 2014 Boston, Tennessee 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: So this bitch names Eva grebe slept with my husband. In 2012 I caught them in bed together. I also caught them again another night in the summer of 2013. I know she’s married and I hope her husband knows what a whore she is. She also slept with my hubby’s best friend… Also a commander.

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