Jay Penske Goes Public With The Porta Potty Movement

August 13, 2012 Boston, Providence, The Dirty 1 7,649 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, it seems you’ve started a trend. Billion dollar babies Mark and Jay Penske were just nabbed for peeing on some chick in a yatch club, apparently it was only in the parking lot but that’s close enough, am I right? They were charged with assault and battery, both of which I think are being dropped, with a huge settlement out of court im sure. (Marks on the left, Jays on the right) [click here for full article]

If you have money you can literally pee on anyone.- nik

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AR Mystery Is No Mystery

July 29, 2012 AR Mystery, Boston, Hollywood, The Dirty 8 7,072 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I hate to say it but Arielle Reitsma is actually making a name for herself in Hollywood. Here she is in another music video. Will this dirty celebrity be your Mona Lisa?

I’m not happy with the make-up and wardrobe situation in this video = Low Budget.- nik

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Would You With Jessica Clements

July 17, 2012 Boston, New England, Would You? 8 5,971 Views

Would you? with Jessica Clements?

Would you? with Jessica Clements?

Would you? with Jessica Clements?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is a model from Boston named Jessica Clements. She works a lot in Boston as a model and is very pretty!! Shes really gorgeous and she is in a lot of local magazines here. I know you dont usually like a lot of the brunettes but isnt she an exception. She is always out at the best parties and post a lot of her modeling pictures and they look really good. I think she is on the road to being a real star. So would you with this gorgeous model?

Answer: No, I don’t bang normal looking chicks.

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Drug Addict Mom Angela

July 16, 2012 Boston 0 6,962 Views

Drug Addict Mom

Drug Addict Mom


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Angela. She has 3 kids from 3 different fathers, her children were born drug addicted and has used drugs with her kids in the same room as her. Angela also likes to spend all day, everyday in chat rooms, trying to find “love” Angela has been in and out of jail for drug possession and has even sold her body for drugs or money for drugs, she keeps popping out babies left and right and doesn’t give a crap about her kids, all she cares about is getting her next fix and to top things off. She thinks that she is a “great parent” she is pathetic! That is why she needs to be exposed as a low life junkie and a sorry excuse for a mother.

I think the lesson here is “Don’t do drugs”.- nik

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But Seriously Though

July 13, 2012 Boston, San Jose 0 9,891 Views

But seriously though, who hasn't she fucked?

But seriously though, who hasn't she fucked?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl is so pumped up on adderall and meth all the time that she never f*cking eats and she actually thinks she looks good too. She has f*cked 35+ guys since her sophomore year, two years ago. She’s 5’7 and 105 pounds! She walks around in see-through clothing and fish net shirts. Now she’s off to college in Boston. She tells a colleague about how she doesn’t want to get a job. Instead she runs around and gets old men to buy her stuff by sleeping with them. This girl is literally a walking DRD. Don’t ever sleep with her or you’ll be infected for life.

Throw some +2′s on it.- nik

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Ashley Alexiss Finally Got +2′s

July 12, 2012 Boston, Cape Town, The Dirty 33 6,499 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I follow Ashley Alexiss, who has been posted on here many times before about how she thinks she is famous, and runs around Boston to all these parties acting like she is someone that people actually care about. Well she recently got some +2′s and I have to say they are the WORST boob job I have EVER seen!!!! I am wondering if she did it to make her waste seem smaller or to get attention. I saw her out last night and she looks like a giant sumo wrestler! She’s gotta weigh 200lbs! Who the hell gets t*ts and names them?! Meet Coco & Chanel.. ps- she is now asking for us to vote for her in Playboy South Africa. WTF? We live in AMERICA!

Playboy Africa makes perfect sense and I say that in the most respectful professional way. Her body type in Africa would dominate.- nik

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Bedford Sloot

July 12, 2012 Boston, Manchester 0 8,703 Views

Bedford Slut

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl from the trashiest part of New Hampshire likes to act like shes the classiest thing around. When she can’t even get one single guy to settle down with her. I guess thats why she feels the need to move in on other peoples boyfriends. I mean if i had the mouth of a beaver I wouldnt expect a guy to settle down with me. File down your teeth and maybe you could attract a guy in person, instead of editing your pics. Wh*re.

You can tell she edited out a lot of masculinity from that neck.- nik

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What A Real Model Looks Like

July 4, 2012 Boston, Charlotte, New England, The Dirty, Would You? 62 10,585 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Amber Shonts. She grew up in the country outside of Charlotte, NC. She now lives (and models) in Boston. I went to high school with her and even in highschool she was always so effortlessly beautiful. She was such a sweet girl to everyone and never made a big deal out of her looks. So anyway, I see her pictures on facebook all the time and she goes to glitzy parties wearing dresses that I certainly couldn’t afford or posting modeling shots that a professional photographer took and that a magazine paid her to use. No +2s on Amber but I think real models know that if your t*ts end up looking like 2 basketballs sitting on your chest you’re not going to be booking to many shoots. And why mess with perfection?? Anyway, Nik this is a real model… not some Facebook, wanna-be, instgram Hoe… so would you?

Answer: No, she is not a real model. Real models don’t live in Boston. The reality is, Amber resides in Boston so that she can be better looking than her peers. Any other major market she would be normal looking.

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