Erick Morillo Cuts Boston Gig Short

June 12, 2013 Boston, The Dirty 19

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, we all know Erick Morillo was a no show at his friends club in Long Island a few days back… and now he has done it again.  45 minutes into his gig at Ocean Club in Boston, he walked off stage and wasn’t seen again.  Everyone said how he could barely stand and seems very disorientated… what the hell is he thinking?  This guy has almost single handedly ruined his whole career.  Drugs are winning.

Erick Morillo should just retire. He is losing fans every minute.- nik

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How Come East Coast Girls Are Not As Hot

June 7, 2013 Boston, The Dirty 123

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Katie the bartender from Boston is a New England gal who thinks she is it. She works at a bar and tries to act so hot when reality outside of Boston she is like a 6.283900.  Why is that on the east coast we don’t have as hot as girls as you find on the west coast?  It is just not fair.

It’s because you guys are closer to Europe so you get their runoff.- nik

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Ashley Alexsiss Is Not Gaining Weight Revision

June 5, 2013 Boston, The Dirty 59

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so someone just posted “Ashley Alexiss Is Not Gaining Weight” *cough self post* And I would just like to add this video to the ones that were submitted earlier to show how horribly the originals were edited to make her look thin. You can clearly see the difference in size from the photo she submitted and the video I grabbed from her page. ALSO the video here was posted on her fanpage. She is friggin HUGE! Then Ashley you have clearly gained weight. I mean… you were fat before too, but you HAVE gained weight. Accept it, or lose it. Stop drawing more attention to yourself.

Fan page??  She needs to be making videos for World Star Hip Hop, not Facebook.- nik


Ashley Alexsiss Is Not Gaining Weight

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Ashley Alexsiss Is Not Gaining Weight

June 2, 2013 Boston, The Dirty 150

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Ashley Alexsiss has been on here a few times and everyone is saying she has gained weight… I wanted to shut up all the haters.  Don’t be mad cause she has nice +2′s and a lot of junk in her trunk.  Haters back off.  She is perfect.

Thanks for clearing that up AA.- nik

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Classless Boston Girls

May 20, 2013 Boston, Harvard, New England 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I just moved to Boston from LA and I have been so disappointed with the lack of talent in this city. I pulled up to a ‘club’ in Boston this weekend and the first thing I saw were these three girls PEEING on the sidewalk maybe 30 feet from the front door of this place. One stood watch while the others dropped their pants and peed on the sidewalk then just pulled them up and walked the the front of the line, like their piss don’t stink. Being DA strong I had to call these classless b*tches out. I feel so bad for whoever went home with these dirty, classless girls. Names anyone?

If you caught em in the act they could go main and then we may find out.  The consequences woulda been some douchebag peacocking his way into some numbers, so I understand…- nik

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Boston Treasure

May 14, 2013 Boston, The Dirty 54

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Julie thinks she is the queen of Boston.  I have to agree with her, you know in Boston we don’t have a ton of hot girls, especially one with huge +2′s and a backside to match.  I wanted to ask you what you thought of this Boston treasure.

Her thighs touch and her nose looks heavy. I’m out.- nik

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Ashmonts Finest

May 8, 2013 Boston, Edmonton 73

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ladies and gentlemen, this is Kathy Ladouceur, aka Katalina Lee Ladouceur, aka Shy Ladouceur. Let me tell you a bit about this Low life Ashmont sloot. A few years ago she became honorary Captain of a Baseball team….thats right, she is now the proud mother of 9 chilren and owner of only 1. The rest have been taken away or with the fathers, or with child welfare(thank goodness). A real model citizen we have here! She claims to be a chef, and even a former stripper but in reality she has never had a job. She is broke, has nothing and lives with her Parents. she is pushing 40…Sad. Maybe thats why she is so messed up. She just got out of rehab (not her first trip there) and is hard drinking and popping the pills again. She will do anything(and I mean anything!!)for a pack of cigarettes. She thinks she is hot but, the missing tooth, bad breath, extra large gut and wide body tells us otherwise. She’s always posting half nude pics online…not pretty. She is trouble and if she comes your way you should run as she probably owes money to most of the people in Trashmont. A welfare case at its finest! Time to grow up and get a life dont you think Nik?

I don’t wanna know what 9 kids would do to a women.- nik

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D-bag Of The Year

April 24, 2013 Boston, New England 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Graham Douglas, the predator I made the mistake of getting within 10 feet of. He goes to Boston College, where he is a senior and consistently complains that girls don’t “put out,” yet he fails to realize that no female would ever willingly have sex with him. His glory days were in high school, which are long gone. He is an experienced drug dealer and user, and it is clear that the damage has been done, physically and psychologically. As a naive freshman, I did not get the memo to stay clear, and did not want to judge a book by its douche bag cover. I unfortunately ended up in his bed, where he then proceeded to take my virginity without my consent while I was blackout drunk. He uses no condom, and calls me the wrong name the next morning. He somehow justifies this, and we begin a texting relationship, where he makes promises to me that literally everyone at our college that calls him a tool or a douche bag is just trying to get into my pants, and that he is a nice guy. He brags to his friends about taking my virginity, while no one realizes that it was non-consensual. You would think he would be thankful a female touched him, but instead he goes on to make fun of me for being a virgin and suddenly cuts off all contact with me, leaving me hurt and confused. I am sure few girls will be as dumb as me to be in the vicinity of this drugged up creature, and a warning is not needed, but please be aware of this predator, and continue to stay clear girls (and perhaps boys?).

Welcome to college.  Don’t trust anybody on campus.- nik

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