Lorrie McCulkough

April 7, 2014 Brampton, Brownstown, Hamilton, Hollywood 57 6,192 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Lorrie.Mccullough the biggest cry baby. Her man left her for another woman back in 2003 & this goof,ratt just cant get iver it. She couldn’t fathin the thought of her baby daddy JEVON. THORBOURN being with this other woman so she did every thing possible to try and keep them apart. She had the new girl dragged thriugh court trying to have her thrown in jail so that she could try to keep her baby father. She soon found out that her baby father would never leave his new up dated so much better new woman his life. He chose to get in a long term relationship with the much better in every way esp looks and brain. So why would he want this cop calling ugly no life;no job jail bird Lorrie Mccullough when he could have his new girl who better,better oh dud i mention BETTER ! Than Lorrie in day or time. Lorrie has a 16 year old daughter who spent her every sunday attening sunday mass with her gramma thorbourn side. But you know what they say about them church girls ¿¿¿ their little skuts waiting to explode. Hahaha Lorrie has caught her daughter Deserea having sex with every man she’s tried to have a relationship with. Thats ten years later Lorrie is stilk harrassing and obsessing over the girl her baby daddy left her for. She bkames this girl for everything thats gone wrong in her sorry, sad, pathetic,boring,lonely life. Lorrie got caught in a big ring of credit card fraud snd also has several convictions of theft under and robbing an elderly woman at a bank machine. What a low life fucking loser this bitch Lorrie is. Lorrie is obsessed with Marta. Leite. And her long time dream and fantacy for the past ten years is ti one day become a quarter of the woman Marta. Leite is but that will never happen so poor Lorrie will have to continue living this the disgusting ignorant way of life that she has now passed on her disfunctional traits to her daughter. C.a.s better get on this poor excuse for a mother before she turns her younger daughter Dominique into what she and her teenage disgusting daufhter have become…karma is a bitch. People shouldn’t fck with other ppl and her kids knowing they can do the same RITE BACK ATCHA HOE !!!

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Chantelle Dias

February 28, 2014 Brampton, Toronto 19 7,704 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This slut will bang anything. Escorts but if you pay you are so hurting because she has fuced the entire city for free. Her face won’t be shown because she has nasty acne from all the pills she takes. People need to know about this girl. She spreads drd to people with no shame. A kid she never sees and who knows how many guys think she’s their ‘gf’. If they only knew she was fcking 10 guys a day in hotels.

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Tevin Green

October 15, 2013 Brampton, Toronto 11 7,830 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is tevin green , hes a little women beater. the girl in the pics is Natasha Hablitschek. some bitch he cheated on his baby moms with then when she smartened up and kicked his ass out of the house he moved on to this little home wrecker  ….. So the sad thing is ever since this hoe got in his life his poor daughter has been neglected he sees her twice a month , yet he seems to want to talk shit about deejay < baby moms … who moved 15 minutes away to go to college. but this man ill tell yah something out of hell he’s pushed her down the stairs while pregnant he used to hit her all the time It was a shit relationship but they kept trying well at least one of them did tevin wouldn’t come home tell five in the morning half the time god knows where he was . he thinks hes the shit because that shitty little car he has he got from the money odsp gave him for being to stupid to function LOL . actually sad! but hay he used to beat his other girl friend chantel everyone hate this dude he ditched his baby moms on her bday so she went out with friends and showed up at the same party he was at but in all reality he was supposed to be at home with his one over night with his daughter you can all clearly tell how much this low life really gives a fuck about his kid. yet he posts on facebook all about he possing to be a good dad . funny that whole family is fcked. hes beyond one of the diryest in Hamilton he almost had sex with some random hoe who had aids thank the lord his baby moms caught him , in a way shes stupid too but the shit he put her threw was sad. he could have just left her instead of breaking her heart she did everything for that kid stayed up as late as she could waiting for him to come home just so she could see him for a bit before they went to bed . he put her in to a major depression and hes the reason she lost her kid to c.a because he took her to court , filed the papers when theyre kid was 6 days old because she had to bring the baby to the doctors after she got out of the hospital. and it was the middle of dec and he expected her to hop on a bus and drag the baby threw the snow so he could see the baby . as for tevin and his new hoe , good luck to you stupid you were told how he was so when he beats your ugly ass don’t cry wow was me . lol

So cool that you can tint your pictures green like your last name…- nik

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Couch Surfing 101

September 16, 2013 Brampton, Toronto 19 8,854 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: hey nik get a look at this scum bucket he knows by the name tommy drez on facebook but his actual name is camron brown hes a real piece of half breed trash ok he has three kids with three different girls he never sees his kids but tries to knock up every piece of white trash bitch he can find hes a full out pig and a broke low life couch surfing leaving in a hotel in brampton ontario hes never had his own place or a job he collects welfare and panhandles on the highway for change he scams on good honest working people and tells them he has a pregnant girlfreind at home when he really doesnt hes a low life piece of shit and needs to be put on blast and have his balls cut off

Looks like he swiped a few boxes from the back room of his local No Frills (possibly Loblaws).- nik

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Bobby Grant

September 10, 2013 Brampton, Toronto, Would You? 89 6,977 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this bitch will have sex with any guy with a tattoo and pepsi and break up any relationship in the process.. This little flat chested pale tramps name is Bobby grant and she has *** so guys better wrap it up if they touch her. She has slept with over 50 guys this passed year alone! She fcks guys in Brampton Toronto Mississauga all over the gta. What do you think nik? Would you?

Photoshop much…- nik

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Mass Manipulator

September 9, 2013 Brampton, Toronto 6 9,569 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy, known as “Aye Rap” or daniel mcisaac is the grimiest guy you will ever see. He has haters all over the city and he needs some serious dental work. This guy is 21 but claims to be younger so that he can get with under aged girls. He messages every hot girl on facebook and claims to have added them by mistake. WATCH OUT GIRLS. WARNING: DO NOT BELIEVE A WORD HE SAYS. Nik, this guy hustles welfare but claims to be a full time hustler. He frauds banks and uses people for money. This guy is so ratchet, he doesn’t shower or brush his teeth and wears the same clothes every day. He tries to be in multiple relationships at the same time and he is a woman beater.

I see he keeps all his tags.- nik

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Easy For Drugs

April 15, 2013 Brampton, Toronto 59 5,776 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this easy hoe goes by the name NICOLE GOUDA or her fb name KRISTOFFERSON ALL-GOODA BULL.. she likes to use men for what ever she can get.. she evn passes around drd’s like its a vaccine.. this walking BIO-HAZARD likes to phuck men no matter what.. all she needs izz alcohol and drugs… this METHHEAD CRCKHEAD and SPEEDHEAD phucks men for whatever she can get… she dosed up her reserve with A?**S and *IV that’s why she never goes back there… she’s evn phucking around with a 42old granpa named ART BRAUN so she can have a place to sleep in Edmonton… she likes to hang around JASPER PLACE and WEST EDMONTON MALL… everyone should beware of this easy whoooore… cuzz she goes with n e body… all she needs izz some liquor in her to lick her… this easy sloot been around more than a taxi and slept with more men than a mattress… she izz practically a mattress… she wrecks homes and gets after OLD MEN!!!0 all u need izz cash booze and a place to sleep and she will phuck u…!! this whore deserves to be exposed..!!! so if u want  or drd.. she’s the one to go to… she was pregnant with her 42yr old granpa.. until she did so much SPEED and CR*CK that she had a mis-carriage… she will practically phuck u so she has a place to sleep.. she claims to love her 42yr old man clearly she’s 21yrs old and she alwaiis cheats on him with everyone!!! she evn phucks her so-called “BROTHERS” and cuzzins!!!!! so beware of thizz whore!!! cuzz she’s a lying deceiving cunt… and will say or do n e thing to get her way… she works at a coffee shop.. I wouldn’t evn go there… might get drd or some other S**.. it izz effin grosss!!!! … o.O but this whore needs a check in life or something… cuzz all she does izz sleep around and phucks n e dick she see’s,..!!! so BEWARE of this walking BIO-HAZARD!!!!! if u wanna get drd’s… this izz the hoooe to see!!! so beware of this washed up **I home-wrecking whore!!!!! nikki whatcha think about that??

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Junky Escort

January 4, 2013 Brampton, Toronto 66 8,783 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, LOVE the site.. This is scum bag Ashley Dunstall needs to be on here. first off all LMAO. nice pics Ashley with your fat ass muffin top hanging over your jeans. U look like a pot bellied pig. This girl is a pure crck head, She would lick your sack for a rock. Shes a prostitute now selling her self for the rock. And if your friends with this girl. Dont leave her in the room with your man because her lips will be on his cock faster then you can blinck.. shes a worthless piece of shit. She use to carry around a tooth brush in her purse because she sucked so many stinky old cocks in one day(gotta stay fresh) my boy told me him and 3 of his boys invited her over and she sucked them all off ONE BY ONE…. listen Ashley cuntstell lay off the rock you dead beat mother.

Good call on the one-piece, just not the one everyone was hoping for.- nik

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