December 23, 2013 burnaby, Vancouver 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: Christine McCuaig. This slut belongs here! This is more of a heads up for anyonoe thinking of stiking their dick in this filth. This fat junky likes to fuck guys of off craigslist for money to be able to pay rent. She’s addicted to cr*ck and meth. She’s a scumbad prowling dating sites (pof) in search of guys to infect them with . She lives with another pee drinking f*ggot whos also in this site. Brandon is the faggots name. Watch out guys, don’t be fooled. She looks nice in pics but she’s not, she a fat beast. This one is dirty!!

I can see why she does the top crop.- nik

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Shantel Prasad

November 22, 2013 burnaby, Surrey 249

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this Nasty ass ratchet thinks she can getaway , I wouldn’t be so pissed if she would have told me nicely, but she basically told me in text that I got played. Well nik shantel should have been in here from day 1 , she’s very well known in surrey/burnaby area . She was going out with a guy and telling me she had problems with her bf saying he beats her and that he’s a broke ass nigga, being a nice guy i was being supportive , so we went out and what not , and eventually feelings got serious, but low and behold this cold hearted slut was just playin me the whole time. This broke as hindu doesn’t even work all she does all day is eats and watchs tv!? Like way to be productive , she says she so mature like reallyy?! She has sucked more dank then lil Kim and Pryia ria combineded. So if any of you guys that wanna and hit this, all you gotta do is buy her food/drinks and even blow and shes yours, Nik put this sloot on full blast.

Cleavage shots are a cry for attention.- nik

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New Westminster Douchebags

October 28, 2013 burnaby, Surrey 223

THE DIRTY ARMY: These two douchebags live in New Westminster with their parents. Nav (the older brother pictured in plaid) has a girlfriend, yet he is constantly chasing tail and hanging out at the Paramount strip club with his younger brother Deep (aka Robby pictured in red) Nav walked into his brother’s room while Deep was naked with a girl and tried to have a threesome with this chick and HIS OWN BROTHER. Did I mention that HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND?! I hope she sees this and finds out what a lying scumbag he is. His younger brother Deep goes to The Paramount and gets lapdances in front of his own girlfriend and makes her cry. He also walks around with a broken front tooth because he got high and thought it would be funny to bite a fire hydrant! How could anyone be so moronic? These two are players and will do and say anything just to get laid.. These two have no respect for women and will hump anything that moves.. they are like dogs in heat. Put these two losers on blast please!!!

One flannel per group boys.  Only 1.- nik

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Kamloops Jibb Update

September 18, 2013 burnaby, Kamloops 29

THE DIRTY ARMY: Since i met this girl…she has been f*cking with my head !! She acts nice to your face before and after she talks sh*t about you, and screws you over! Using my age because im older and her popularity to suck me in and suck me dry !! She is evil, and she just doesnt care ! She thinks people are on levels and most are below hers …she needs to grow up !

If you’re older you should know the importance of breasts that aren’t supported by a stomach..- nik

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P.G’s most Ratchet

September 18, 2013 burnaby, Prince George 65

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m here to make sure everyone in or around Prince George knows who this nasty eddie murphy lookin’ sloo is! She goes by the name Tyneesha Savory. Shes your typical black chick: looks like a man, wears too much makeup, has nasty hair (weave?) that looks like a rats nest. She wanders around the hood thinking that she’s the hottest thing around, trying to start some sort of drama with anyone who’s potentially weaker than her. She called out my little sister (13 yrs old) because she looked at her funny! Not to mention she’s the Reconnect queen and thinks she’s some sort of cool kid because she hangs out with people who slang crack n’ side.(And for those who don’t know what Reconnect is, it’s the homeless shelter for youth who’re fcked up and ran away from home & trying to pull off being hustlers)She’s a drug slut and will do anything for a line. Tyneesha adds provocative pictures of herself on facebook for attention, where’s your self-respect? One day i seen her grabbing handfuls of free condoms so i looked at her funny. her exact words, “YOU DUNNA HOW MUCH I FCK.” Needless to say, this bitch is the definition of “ratchet” and maybe if she stopped putting all that blow in her nose n’ acted like a normal fuking human being.. she wouldn’t be on here! Nik, please help me warn pg about this wild c(ke’d out ape!

Nice wig…PS: you got a little something beside your mouth.- nik

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Ratchet Scheider

August 30, 2013 burnaby 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Raquel Schneider. Kelownas dirtiest girl, Id get checked if youve slept with this one, shes got the drd and has a new boyfriend every week.. She gave Cody Bruno drd and then continued to pass it on knowing shes infested. The reason this nappy ass hoe wears so much make up is to cover up her butt chin that can pass for a mans and her herpe sores on her face from sucking guys dicks after she infects them with her genital herpes. Dont get too close because this tramp smells like a fish market is a few feet away. Dating Pepsi dealers to get her fix, the only reason she lost her muffin top and tree stump legs, even though you suck in when taking pictures every guy that sleeps with you can see your gut and fat ass, you thought Beyonce had thunder thighs! This SKANK is fake from the feet up, you could write your name in her face, HIDE YOUR BOYFRIENDS.

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Cheating Sack a Noodles

August 27, 2013 burnaby, Coquitlam 68

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This chick is a lying two timing whore who finds guys to fck around with on plenty of fish. Her name is Hayley Lam from burnaby she dated a guy for 6 years and for that 6 years she did nothing but sleep with other guys behind his back. She needs to be put on blast

Anybody you meet on that site is without a doubt sleeping with anybody else they can.- nik

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Biggest Sloot In Burnaby

August 7, 2013 burnaby 199

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This basic bitch runs around burnaby thinking shes Kim Kardashian, the only thing her and kim have in common is they are both sluts. This itty bitty titty bitch has fcked around with so many guys she claims she loves her bf but cheats on him all the time.. this hoe comes from a broken family her mom lets her fck around with guys when shes home, smokes, blazes and drinks with her daughter. not to mention the mother cheats on her dad infront of her. her mom is like 40 and acts like shes really hot haha sonya sangha is a fukin nasty ass bitch who has no friends and a loose pssy.

The wrestling version maybe, she’s huge!- nik

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