Burnaby | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 3

Kevin Chand

April 8, 2014 burnaby 138

THE DIRTY ARMY: Im surprised this gandu hasn’t been put on here already Nik this guy Kelvin Chand acts like he’s some thug threatening girls telling them he’s gonna ruin ther lives begging them to fuck him even tho his dick is smaller than my pinky this broke bitch couldn’t even buy viagra he had to go to 7/11 to buy a hard on pill to fuck his gf at the time and he still couldn’t get it up he acts all gangster threatening ppl even his own friends telling em he’s gonna rat them out and show up to their house and stomp them out but this bitch is all talk my buddy called him out once cause he was talking so much shit over the phone when he got to kelvins house he’s like yo man my moms’ gonna call the cops on u so u better leave fuckng pussy he used to steal his gf’s clothes money and car and tell ppl it was his own and when she left him he begged her to come back to him even tried cutting himself which was a fail looked like he was attempting to cut himself with a butter knife LOLOL fcking troll his family acts like they have so much $$ when they’re broke as a joke his mom can’t even give him $5 for food he has to beg his friends and his gf buy him something fat cow his mom begs people to leave him alone and not to hurt him she made up a rumour about her own son being sent away to Toronto and then called the cops on him to make sure he was really gone thats so sad perfect rich family they have there HAHAHAHAHA this family and especially Kelvin are a fcking joke put them on blast Nik

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Caitlyn Nery thinks She’s Sexy

April 4, 2014 burnaby 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this rabbit looking thot thinks she runs the 560 nightclub. News flash, you look like a ladyboy straight from the Philippines. Go fix your eyebrows slut

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Cyber Bullies

March 17, 2014 burnaby, Richmond-BC 63

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, these two are Ashley Rose Hughes (Ashley Larson) and Katye Bowers. They decided to start a page called Shut down thedirty.com . How exactly is stating the truth about someone cyber bulling? It’s just making shit viral so that people don’t make the stupid mistake of dating them!!! It’s an open group on facebook and the cause is to get so many people to like it that this website will be shut down. Sorry but to make the page go viral girls you need to have the money so that you can advertise it better!! I know damn well Ashley has been posted on here once or twice before. Not sure about Katye. They are probably just making this STUPID page because they are pissed off that Ashley is on there. I know that nothing will happen because people before have tried but you just laughed it off. So Nik what do you think?

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Mommy Sloot

March 13, 2014 burnaby 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: Check this ho out nik fckin mother of two likes to fck with married men she always at a bar called pancoZ she like to rip ppl off for money give her a few shots and she ready to suck the blocks big hope this teaches u a lesson ho!

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Jennifer The Drunk Sward

March 12, 2014 burnaby, Surrey 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: This Drunk and violent leech used one of my friends for everything he had and was Sucking dick and banging people for drugs when he was at work. Not only was she violent towards him, she would start fights with anybody smashing glasses in bars and even abused her two pet dogs!! This POS would steel from anybody and now lives with an old man who she fucks for rent and booze. She steels his drugs and then will but them into his drinks or food to make him pass out so she can steal his Dead Wife’s jewellery and pawn it for drugs or alcohol. She collects Welfare and has drd. that doesn’t stop her from fcking anybody who will buy her a drink.. I’ve heard that her pussy is disgusting with sores and smell, which I believe. She hangs out in Westbank a lot. so if you got bus fare and some crack youll get your dick sucked and asshole licked there is nothing this DIRTBAG WHORE wont do..

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Rachael Mackay

February 13, 2014 burnaby, Vancouver 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: Just a little add to the slut, Rachael Mackay. Everything that post says is TRUE! She is the most fucked in the head slut I’ve EVER known. Falls in “love” with anybody that gives her the time of day, drug addicted, jailbird, jailbait SLUT. Nice fb photo ho…

Did you add a heart for me or are her panties hiding in her ass.- nik

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December 23, 2013 burnaby, Vancouver 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: Christine McCuaig. This slut belongs here! This is more of a heads up for anyonoe thinking of stiking their dick in this filth. This fat junky likes to fuck guys of off craigslist for money to be able to pay rent. She’s addicted to cr*ck and meth. She’s a scumbad prowling dating sites (pof) in search of guys to infect them with . She lives with another pee drinking f*ggot whos also in this site. Brandon is the faggots name. Watch out guys, don’t be fooled. She looks nice in pics but she’s not, she a fat beast. This one is dirty!!

I can see why she does the top crop.- nik

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Shantel Prasad

November 22, 2013 burnaby, Surrey 249

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this Nasty ass ratchet thinks she can getaway , I wouldn’t be so pissed if she would have told me nicely, but she basically told me in text that I got played. Well nik shantel should have been in here from day 1 , she’s very well known in surrey/burnaby area . She was going out with a guy and telling me she had problems with her bf saying he beats her and that he’s a broke ass nigga, being a nice guy i was being supportive , so we went out and what not , and eventually feelings got serious, but low and behold this cold hearted slut was just playin me the whole time. This broke as hindu doesn’t even work all she does all day is eats and watchs tv!? Like way to be productive , she says she so mature like reallyy?! She has sucked more dank then lil Kim and Pryia ria combineded. So if any of you guys that wanna and hit this, all you gotta do is buy her food/drinks and even blow and shes yours, Nik put this sloot on full blast.

Cleavage shots are a cry for attention.- nik

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