Ratchet Scheider

August 30, 2013 burnaby 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Raquel Schneider. Kelownas dirtiest girl, Id get checked if youve slept with this one, shes got the drd and has a new boyfriend every week.. She gave Cody Bruno drd and then continued to pass it on knowing shes infested. The reason this nappy ass hoe wears so much make up is to cover up her butt chin that can pass for a mans and her herpe sores on her face from sucking guys dicks after she infects them with her genital herpes. Dont get too close because this tramp smells like a fish market is a few feet away. Dating Pepsi dealers to get her fix, the only reason she lost her muffin top and tree stump legs, even though you suck in when taking pictures every guy that sleeps with you can see your gut and fat ass, you thought Beyonce had thunder thighs! This SKANK is fake from the feet up, you could write your name in her face, HIDE YOUR BOYFRIENDS.

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Cheating Sack a Noodles

August 27, 2013 burnaby, Coquitlam 61

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This chick is a lying two timing whore who finds guys to fck around with on plenty of fish. Her name is Hayley Lam from burnaby she dated a guy for 6 years and for that 6 years she did nothing but sleep with other guys behind his back. She needs to be put on blast

Anybody you meet on that site is without a doubt sleeping with anybody else they can.- nik

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Biggest Sloot In Burnaby

August 7, 2013 burnaby 179

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This basic bitch runs around burnaby thinking shes Kim Kardashian, the only thing her and kim have in common is they are both sluts. This itty bitty titty bitch has fcked around with so many guys she claims she loves her bf but cheats on him all the time.. this hoe comes from a broken family her mom lets her fck around with guys when shes home, smokes, blazes and drinks with her daughter. not to mention the mother cheats on her dad infront of her. her mom is like 40 and acts like shes really hot haha sonya sangha is a fukin nasty ass bitch who has no friends and a loose pssy.

The wrestling version maybe, she’s huge!- nik

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Jordin Robinson

June 20, 2013 burnaby, Surrey 55

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is jordin robinson one of the dirtyest girls ive ever seen or have met in my life i thought that wen the first time i met her i cood already smell the fish coming out of her pants and how shes so fat and her legs got so much cottage cheese at the back of them ugly ass thighs i woodnt even fck her with a junkies dick my frenid asked her one time to suck his dick and she said ill only do it if ur other freind gives it to me in the ass while i do it she said she needed something in return too and this one person i know said her pssy looks closest to a blue waffle now thats some greasy shit id rather have sex with a big mac form mcdoanlds before even going near this thing from one guy to another dont ever fck with this nasty bitch ur in for a real nasty treat if u do i wonder how much this girl has swallowed in her life kelownas very own cm dumpster

Those are some heavy arms…- nik

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Lacin Thinks She’s Hot

May 31, 2013 burnaby, Coquitlam 128

THE DIRTY ARMY: Lacin is a Turkish girl who thinks she is nuts. She is only 18 and uses fake id to go in clubs. She fake tans every day and it looks so nasty on her. What do you think would you do Lacin?

Why are there no back seats in that car?- nik

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Lalaine and My Ex Fiance

April 23, 2013 burnaby, Winnipeg 348

THE DIRTY ARMY: Lalaine Trinidad is at it again! I am sick of her sleeping with everyone’s man, this stupid tramp threw herself on my fiancé at the time and he had sex with her!! He felt guilty about cheating on me and came clean to me about what happened when I caught her messaging him. Not only that but he contracted genital w**ts from her!! I am scared that I might have it to but I don’t have any symptoms yet. I called off our engagement and relationship of 8 years. We have met a few times through a mutual friend, but I never believed the rumours about, I wish I did! You would think that Lalaine’s first post would have made this prostitute change her slooty way but no, she is still running around the city spreading her DRD’s and A*DS to her clients and other girls boyfriends. Just because your a low class escort does not give you the right to act all high and mighty. Lalaine darling your not special your a disgrace!!!!! Stop stealing from your friends!! you ghetto trash including their boyfriends!! Stop whoring yourself and go to rehab and get sober from being a pepsi junky. You have a son!! You look like transvestite, but even they have much better skin than you. With all your prostitute money I would hope you would invest in some proactive instead of drugs. I HATE YOU AND YOU DESERVE THIS YOU EVIL DISGUSTING C*NT!!!

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Trasha DeLeeuw

April 22, 2013 burnaby 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Tasha (smasha) DeLeeuw now known as trasha. she was married to two time post Morgan Elder until she fcked his best friend Daryl Abate, from there she went on to slut around town. she used to work at outbacks and for a extra tip she would take guys out back and take their tip. she gets black out wasted and goes home with whoever will at the end of the night

I hope those beers weren’t found.- nik

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Macloed Sisters

February 5, 2013 burnaby, Kelowna 61

THE DIRTY ARMY: These… are the macleod sisters. Dirty nasty s*anks. Lets start off with Casey, this smart kid moved out in gr.9 to live with her promising boyfriend. of course she ended up getting pregnant and 3 months after giving birth they broke up. Shes now living back in mission with no job, not going to school smoking weed and drinking all the time depending on her parents to pay for her and her child. the same child that she puts pics of on instagram followed by bong hoots. Her breast milk is probably half alcohol. little dose casey know about her younger sister. While she was living in kelowna, the dirty marley blew one of her sisters exs, kyle and got him to eat her out. She was 12. Thats also the age she lost her virginity, but it goes on. Then she proceeded to fck quinton lachpelle, Tyrel chenery and adam mellis on the same night.Marley looovvveess putting nudes on instagram too .She hooked up with that dirty nig jamal in cenntenial park then fcked him for the cheap ass gucci purse she carries around. There is a video of her having sex with a 30yr old named Bobby, ask around it should be easy to find. The girls on 14, but she WILL get into anyones random car as long as you got some blow or weed. Props to falyn caddy though for kicking her in the face after she slept over at clayton pireces house. This bitch is a f*cking theif and will steal anything she can get her hands on. As for both of them, there fcking lying dirty little sl*ts. Casey has a booty call in kamloops, and marley has an online boyfriend in alberta. haha there both f*cking retarded and deserve to have there faces crushed. THESE BITCHES NEED TO BE PUT ON BLAST NIC!!!

Sounds like they have a promising future living on the internet.- nik

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