Alan Donald Million Is A Perv

November 7, 2012 burnaby, Surrey 117

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik, this is alan donald million. hes on pof daily harassing girls to come over to his house…this is 100 percent true!!!! he is the biggest scum bag on earth. hes a drug and addictions counselor and everyone hates him, even his own co-workers. he thinks hes some dolce gubanna underwear model in his brain. he is sooo beyond fcked up. i feel that its a need for this man to be known for what he is. you have been warned. nik what do you have to say about this coward?

He looks like a Hollister manikin.- nik

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Stop Harassing Women

November 6, 2012 burnaby, Vancouver 79

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This Gujarati piece of sh*t needs a lesson. A vegetarian living in Burnaby, Tarak Desai likes to add random ‘hot’ girls on Facebook, and try and get with them. When rejected, as he always will be, he shows his temper, and threatens and harasses them. He remains single because he’s terrible in bed, and likes to be ‘rough’ – his definition of which equates to a violent and awkward clumsiness. What makes him comical is his short height, which is proportional to his small dick. Even years after being rejected, he continues to harass girls despite the fact that he never gets a response to his phone calls or text messages. He has no consideration for those girls who have moved on and may not appreciate receiving his messages. He is so desperate he cannot let these women go. All of these factors, and many more that I’m sure I’ll remember later, make him an overall bad person.

Stranger danger.- nik

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Straight Out Of YYC

October 18, 2012 burnaby, Calgary 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: UPDATE! Nik, these two drug addicts have been on here many times as well as all over Calgary news for being busted for the largest credit card scam in Calgary history. Well on there latest bust they where also charged with drug possession with intent to sell and CHILD PORN! Yes you all read that right. Unfortunately Curtis Douglas Keller and Amanda Lee De Bakker are now PARENTS! There child Skyy was born on October 3rd. Now we all have to feel bad for any child the satin and his sloot girlfriend produce. Not only is Curtis currently incarcerated for 3 years. He is a pepsi snorting special k injecting now child porn loving sicko. His sloot girlfriend Amanda rather fall with on her back to any guy that will feed her habit. She was found in possession of child porn as well!!! Who knows if this child is even his! The city of Calgary should remove this child immediately. & for all you people who dont believe me read the article yourself . [click here for article]

Yup, someone defintely has their pants off.- nik

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Morgan Mctaggart Is A Paramount Stripper For A Living

September 21, 2012 burnaby, Vancouver 501

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik, my brother witnessed this btch dancing at the paramount. this stupid btch portrays herself to be a nice sweet girl but she is a money hungry filthy whore who takes off her clothes for a living. she use to work at the burger king in scotia bank theatre and now shes moved onto not manager at burger king but a stripper at the paramount in new west minister. all her friends that she hides her secret from are probably wondering how shes making so much money now. WELL YOU DUMB NATIVE HOE. YOUR SECRET IS OUT !  SHE WILL CRY AND BE YOUR FRIEND WHEN THINGS ARE TOUGH FOR HER, BUT WHEN SHES MAKING MONEY SHE WILL LITERALLY TREAT YOU LIKE YOU ARE NOTHING! THATS EXACTLY WHAT SHE DID TO HER BF AND WHAT SHE DOES TO EVERYONE THAT TREATS HER WELL. WHY DO STRIPPERS ALWAYS LEAVE THEIR BFS ONCE THEY START STRIPPING?? BECAUSE UR A DUMB WHORE. AND LOOK AT WHAT VANCOUVER HAS COME TO ? PAYING FOR AVERAGE TO DANCE ON YOUR LAP IS NORMAL THESE DAYS. nik, what do you have to say about this infesting trap hole.

That picture with the guy must be her work face…- nik

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Meet Melissa Drouin

July 27, 2012 burnaby, Dirty Craigslist, Vancouver 20

Meet Melissa Drouin

Meet Melissa Drouin

Meet Melissa Drouin

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Melissa Drouin. She lives in Burnaby, British Columbia and is the Lower Mainland’s biggest wh*re. She is white, but pretends to be spanish, is obsessed with black men and has 3 kids from 3 different men. She claims to be a strong and independent woman but she has been collecting welfare for 15 years and is a craigslist wh*re who has a live~in babysitter for when she wants to go party….her Mom!!! She has a sexy body, pretty face but BAD CHARACTER. She sleeps with her friend’s boyfriends. She is an evil woman and needs to be shamed. Shame on you Melissa Drouin!!

Her double knee and smurf outfit are making me feel sick.- nik

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Disgusting Little Pig

July 26, 2012 burnaby 10

DISGUSTING little dink pit

DISGUSTING little dink pit

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This is Chelsy Conners. This girl is the definition of DISGUSTING. Her class as a woman is out the window. This thing thought it was cool to get “C*NT” tattooed on in the inside of her bottom lip. She’s a mother, even though she never takes care of her child, but pawns her off to anyone that’s willing to take her. She’s used and abused. She goes through men like she changes her underwear. Her life consists of partying, doing lines of c*ke, getting f*cked by any guy she can, and leaving rude remarks all over facebook. This isn’t the first and I’m sure won’t be the last time that this pig is on here. From what I hear, she’s dating her FATHERS friend, gross! Clearly she has some daddy issues to go and date such an old man. But I guess old saggy man balls slapping against her stretched out vag is what she fancy’s. This chick needs to be put on blast for all the shit she says about other people. She can talk the talk, let’s see if she can handle the feed back that her dirty mouth puts out.

There’s a lot more appropriate things she coulda put on her lip, fitting no the less.- nik

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This Pig

July 5, 2012 burnaby 9

This Pig.

This Pig.

This Pig.

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Vickie Donofrio I don’t know where to start with this woman. The most selfish, f*cked up human being I have ever heard of in my life. I know too much about this woman that I need some release. Anyways this troll that we have here is a lying, stealing, manipulative mom of 6. Let’s start of from the beginning. Both of her daughters were abused in she did nothing to defend them or stop this from happening. She sided with the suspect which in both circumstances was proven guilty one also spent 5 years in jail for his crimes still wants to go back to the man that spent 5 years in prison. Recently her mother had passed away it was not clarified to me where the money that she stole from her mother was stolen FROM , but needless to say she stole a bunch of money from her fathers home (btw she is 50 y/o). She has slept with her sons friend m**ke b***ke, how her son found out? When he was out partying with these guys they made fun of him and the one guy in front of the rest of his buddies said “I slept with your mom”… The guy she is dating now, she was only introduced to him because she tried to sleep with his son first m**t l***ie but he pawned her off on his father. This one is the best that I have heard, she has her dad still, and she borrows his car all the time he needed to go to the dr he asked her if she could bring the car back to drive him but “she was to busy”. I could go on and on and on … All this woman cares about is herself, she will fck up anybody in her way. When she reads this, I hope she truly knows how much her children hate her, there is only one that is in contact with her as far as I know and the only reason why is because they “feel bad” because they know everyone else hates her either then that the only child that does is fake with her and just talks to her to be nice that is ALL. Everyone makes fun of her when she is around, Vickie you need to settle down. I hope this is a reality check for the worlds worst mother. She works for Canada post, has dental one of her kids all his teeth have fallen out, and she won’t put him on her health insurance or make an appointment for him can you imagine being a 13 y/o boy and having no front teeth? I don’t know why people like her are created when all they create is misery for everyone else around them. You have a baby now Nik, wouldn’t you do anything to protect her? PS LAY OFF THE DRUGS VICKIE PSS all her kids are absolutely amazing no thanks to her fucking troll. PSSS. She isn’t your granddaughter you are supposed to stay from her you dumb f*ck. She needs to get a grip, all this is true I can get anybody to vouch for it. I’m fed up with hearing everything she does and nobody being able to do anything about it. Sad story.

I wonder how she got it to change his diapers.- nik

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Pot Smoking Welfare Mom

July 3, 2012 burnaby, Vancouver 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Deanna Nelson, her ‘man” Lewis, & “Bella” Jackson. I have seen Bella so much around the complex, I swear she is living there. Rumor has it she is screwing Lewis. GREAT bestfriend ;) These people have no quams about smoking weed around her 2 kids, she never leaves her house unless it is welfare day. They go ahead and threaten little girls. The list goes on. The posts will speak for themselves. I am sure these ghetto rats will go on and on, but the reality is Deanna does nothing but mooch off her kids dad, her “best” friend & the system. Nice eyeshadow pig. Go be a mom.

How can you be on welfare and weigh about 250…doesn’t make sense.- nik

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