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Sloot Acuna Sisterz

December 18, 2014 Calgary 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: Calgary peeps asked for this and here you go. Take a look at the most nasiest sisterz to ever dwell in the city of calgary. You can catch these trolls at jimmys every weekend and trust me they don’t skip a beat. You looking for a foursome, these are your girls. Just buy a 4 pk of coolers and bang their right on their knees waiting to slurp your goo. They also love to rim so if your like “stunnerr and you like that then you’ve got it made with these bottom feeders (literally). They do have men every last one of them but dont worry their just like them, so that being said if you hook up with any of the 3, there is more then enough drd’s to go around. These 3 should be quarantined, what do you think nik?

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Cochrane and Airdrie Girl

December 18, 2014 Calgary 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Where do I even start, Michayla Borton is a awful slutty ass person. I’ve never seen someone so crazy. If you piss her off, she doesn’t have a problem killing you. She had a fucking gangbang for 3 grams of coke. She’s done all them drugs out there, and has had sex for drugs over 50 times. She also loves having her ass showing on, and she doesn’t wear clothes when she goes out. She has sent nudes to over 150 guys and girls. Who knows what std she has. she even lost her virginity to a dealer. Shes a slutty crazy bitch. Be aware of her. And she will steal and lie to get what she wants.

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Loves to Rip People Off

December 18, 2014 Calgary 3

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THE DIRTY ARMY: tis the season to be jolly guess not well Denise tellevik is one of the worst people you could ever meet I’ve known this girl since high school we’ve had our ups and downs but last night proved to me that she is nothing but a snake a junkie and that’s all she’ll be her and her boyfriend decided to steal money from my house and it was $145 which was for my 15 month old Christmas now because she rather steal money from my baby so she can get high . She cant even take care of the two kids with your in care of or 82 year old grandma because she’s too much of a junkie to pull herself up she is on onxys, beans and teck what ever she can get her hands on and will do whatever she has to to get them

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Compulsive lying Thot

December 18, 2014 Calgary 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: For a girl who fronts so hard like she’s independent claims to pays for all her things her car her house there isn’t any dick she won’t suck for a little attention and a couple of dollars. She going suck your dick. Your friends dick. Your dad\’s dick. She’s a walking a drd and spreading it to all the guys she sleeps with. She claims she’s rich but she works at Wind Mobile and is telling everyone she’s rich. She lives with her dad and says its her house. She’s completely lies about anything and these guys are suckers for believing everything she says and does. Stay away shes a filthy thot The completely lies about everything and she lies just to make herself look good.

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Nasty Mama

December 18, 2014 Calgary 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik this nastiness right here goes by the name Sarah also known as “Marlboroughs booty call” she has 2 little girls yet has no shame she lives with her boyfriend and let’s men and others party and do drugs at her home while her kids watch, she has slept with my friends while still living with her boyfriend left her kids to go get fucked I can go on and on but this trash bag here needs to get her kids taken from her GROWUP AND BE A REAL MOM just because you popped them out don’t make you any kind of mother in anyway

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Peaked in High School

December 17, 2014 Calgary 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Devin Edwards is the stereotypical “jock” who has only gone downhill since High School. Ladies he’ll treat you like shit, threaten to beat up your male friends, and scratch his filthy eczema skin all over your furniture. I met him through a roommate of his who nearly had to burn his room down it was so filthy! He’s a man child who spends all of his money on shitty tattoos and pizza! He has zero respect for women, he will threaten you to get what he wants, or if you say something bad about his precious football team. Stay away from this greasy man child!

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Airdrie Sloot

December 17, 2014 Calgary 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is , Sharla Sally Robinson. She is a dirty crack whore that will do anything for a bit of rock she hoped on my buddys dick for 2 hours just for one bump of cocaine she currently goes around airdrie looking for guys two pay her 5$ for bj’s and 10$ to put it in her ass she is full of diseases and infected 4 of my friends she is not to be trusted for the fact she is a head and will say anything to get you into bed.

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Laura Mariee

December 17, 2014 Calgary 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: this is laura mariee , one of cochranes skanky residents . she’s been with over fifty guys !!! (who the hell would sleep with that?!?) she spends her weekends getting drunk and trying to find somebody to sleep with . the thought of it just makes me wanna gag .

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