Charles Nicholls

April 24, 2014 Calgary 2 5,109 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Charles has been telling two women for two years that he loves them. Both thought they were his only one. There are also many more women that have enjoyed his company in the last few years. You should be able to find him at looks or Robinson hall on the weekends, after all he’s only 47, still in his prime. He hit on many women while married and when his wife tired and left he went all out ruining as many women’s faith in men as he possibly could. He’s a charmer, has a great big smile andcan make you feel like you are the only one in the room, but make no mimistake ladies, there is only room for him in his world.

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Goth or Vampire

April 23, 2014 Calgary 10 7,608 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: OKtober knight this special case thinks he’s a vampire he was even commited. he thinks he is the reinacnaition of the vampire lestat. Everything he says and dose is a mimic from some vampire movie or tv show.He is self absorbed egotisitcal thinks hes a romantic gothic verision of cassanova. In realaity he is a overweight frog faced middle aged child preditor that perferes to whoo charm and then emotionally or even sexually take advantage of younger girls online.not to mention he looks a painted clown that applied his make up with out a mirror,I know unpractied drag queens that have better make up skills then he dose.Although his so called goth make up skills are so bad its still an improvment to his actual face.he goes around online on sites like POF and vampirefreaks looking for his next unsuspecting underaged female victims.His true character is revealed when he Dosent get what he wants. he has made and lost soo many friends, after they see him for what he really is.He is now shunned from the scene because of his own stupidity afflitcion for causing drama and using/abusing countless girls. He was Officallily banned from a popluar bar New City after loudly voicing death threats. His real name is Marley more commonly know in the scene as cocktober vampire fag or fairy princess. He switches from Edmonton to Calgary. I would like to warn any potential female victims of his emotional and sexual abusive ways! keep your distance from this one he aspergers’s
syndrome and is cinailly infuckingsane.

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Public Warning

April 23, 2014 Calgary, Edmonton 26 9,727 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Let me introduce brooklyn sweet, thee oldest man you well ever meet. You can find him trolling the city’s of Calgary, Edmonton, Regina and Saskatoon. Praying on young even under age aboriginal girls. He claims to have a magazine called ibeauties “indigenous beauties” first of all he doesn’t even have a shred of native in him! Get your own culture. And second of all its only a cover to get girls naked in hopes of being a model but only to be prayed on and later convinced to become hookers. He’s even went to jail for prostitution of under age girls. And to let every native girl know the first issue of “ibeauties magazine” will never be published! Any idiot with web graphic design software or Photoshop can make a magazine cover. Trust me ladies! Not to mention Brooklyn your photography is horrible. You use way to much airbrush and your style is completely trashy and has no class. Stop giving aboriginal women a bad look and undermining the true beauty of aboriginal people. You’re not native! You’re old creepy BALD man, that needs to be exposed!!

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Vernon Drunk

April 21, 2014 Calgary, Red Deer 27 5,628 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This winner of trash of the year award is Marissa, I dated this girl a while back and I must have been drunk the whole time, just like her! All this girl cares about is getting drunk, stoned and sucking cock. A long while back she blew a dude off in a bar and probably the rest of the bar too. She will suck you your booze bottles and your wallet dry, who knows how many kidz she has by now cuzI have not seen her in a while as she does pop them out like popcorn. My sister ended up with her at a hair cutting place by her house and she butchered it, she must be drunk as she did not recognize my sister when she went into the salon and my 5 yes old nephew could do a better job, she is dumb as hellz!! Master manipulator and liar, cheats on any man she says “I love you” too. Watch out for this disaster you may never know what kind of surprises you will end up with dating this one, weather they are drd on your dick or another dude in your bed, beware, she has made her ways around Vernon BC and Red Deer as well.

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Kenzie King – Stay away

April 21, 2014 Calgary, Red Deer 4 8,491 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Kenzie King Is a Cheating Drug using Sloot, Boyfriend stealer, She has slept with many of my friends friends making friendship difficult. She got naked and played with her dirty snatch for a few lines in an RV while her BF was at home sleeping because he works hard to provide. If you find yourself being hit on by this one– turn the other way she has ruined lives and will ruin yours she will steal your money too. IE: She has an amazing twin sister so, If you are speaking to Morgan you are safe there is no need to worry. Consider yourself warned boys- Cuteness only goes so far

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Dirty Dyke

April 21, 2014 Calgary 7 8,148 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Where to start… this bitch is such a whore. Always trying to find different women to sleep with, always showing off her tits. She claims to be a lesbian but is always craving mens attention.. shes so nasty, her tits are nasty, and shes so depressing its pathetic. After knowing me for 3 hours, she proposed to me and we were engaged for a few weeks before she broke up with me, because shes a psychotic bitch. Calgary, beware this bitch is stupid and a slut. Always looking for attention and showing off her tits.Its disgusting. She also cheats on her girlfriends.. she was with someone for almost a year, and started talking to me, and ggot engaged to me and told her current girlfriend she was going to visit family. But in reality coming to see me. But she was also sleeping with her “ex” girlfriend while being engaged to me. Any thoughts about this lying lesbian Nik?

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Her Next Victim

April 21, 2014 Calgary, Red Deer 27 8,061 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Little does he know but hes in for the ride of a life time. You think she actually loves you? Haha yeah right. That’s what she tells all the guys she is using. Your not the first bud. Give it a couple months, you will see her true colors or better yet, do some digging. I bet you will find what she is terrified you will. Be careful, you are about to be screwed over big time.

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In Need of a Man

April 18, 2014 Calgary 36 9,057 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik, This is Alyy, she for some reason has had a problem keeping hold of a man and now likes to go after men with girlfriends. Just thought Calgary and Flordia should be warned..this girl will go for your husbands,boyfriends,dads shit probably granddads as well, anyone who will give her 2 minutes attention. Poor little Alyy..

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