Tainted Mexican Meat

October 30, 2014 Calgary 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik! I’d like to introduce you to Isabella Gringa Bella, who is arguably one of the filthiest drd filled swamp rats that ever crawled into Calgary’s streets. She chases after the Asian dick, and because most Asian guys have more sense than to crawl on top of her dirty Mexican meat bags, she lurks on POF to find some poor desperate sap to put his egg roll into her infected taco. I’ve known a couple of guys who have been dumb enough to dip into her putrid garbage trap, and came crawling out with only disease and regret. She will sleep with any man she can get her chubby sausage fingers on so long as he’s yellow and can fit into her strange K-Pop/J-Pop obsession. Asian men, beware! There’s something much scarier creeping out there this Halloween!!!

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Arissa Lynn

October 29, 2014 Calgary 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: Where do I get started Nik, this girl pays men to take pictures of her and calls herself a model. She’s the sluttiest beer tub girl at roadhouse and will fuck anything that shows her attention and gives her a tip. She will sleep with anyone in a relationship or not this girl is down right disgusting and to make it worse the dumb whore has diseases but doesn’t tell no one BE AWARE OF ARISSA LYNN

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Ashley Maki

October 29, 2014 Calgary, Red Deer 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: I know this chick that likes a lot of posts on here. She lived in Sylvan Lake but now lives in Eckville. This epitome of trailer trash is Ashley Maki. Also known as the town bicycle. This chick makes it out like she’s a great mom but is out almost every weekend doing coke getting messed up while her family or friends watches her kids. Same gold digging attitude that half the women in this town have. Living off the child support that her multiple baby daddies supply. She does nothing but sleep around and collect child support and put on a show she’s an “independent woman. Hugest the hugest user and freeloader and will do anything for that pepsi. She owes me close to $1600 dollars for food, rent of hers I paid, pepsi and booze plus close to 400 dollars she stole.

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Liana Marie Gilmour AKA Tasha Taylor

October 29, 2014 Calgary 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Liana Marie Gilmour AKA Tasha Taylor escort. I met Liana when she was heavy into drugs and hooking to support her habit while dealing coke on the side. She has an amazing hard body and goes like hell between the sheets. Unfortunately she was a thief who stole from me after giving her a lot of trust. You can find her by googling Tasha Taylor on Canada Adult Fun – escort review website and the reviews of her. Be careful about trusting her as she is a thief, dishonest, drug addict and low level coke dealer. She should stick to what she knows best, spreading her legs like the fine whore she was. Such a wild sexual appetite….

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Club Hopping Mom

October 29, 2014 Calgary, Red Deer 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this bitch is the biggest drd infested cheating skank in red deer she claims to be with her babys dad but fcks around on him when ever she gets the chance to she has never had a job since her kids were born she neglects them and they are very unclean they sleep in there own piss kayla time to stop acting like a fat whore & stop sponging off mike and get off your lazy ass and take proper care of your kids no one liles you in red deer and every one knows how much of a loose drd slut you are keep your legs closed quit partying every weekend and start being a role model to your kid’s

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BrokeAss Scammer

October 28, 2014 Calgary 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, the ladies out there need to be warned about this one. He’s out there trolling all the online dating sites and apps looking to scam women. He come on strong, acting like no one you’ve ever met before, sweet, kind until he starts to tell you his sob story on how he can’t afford to pay his rent, fix his truck to get him to work, needs dental work. By the time you realize he’s using you as his own personal ATM and scamming other women it’s too late. Let me tell you about this guy, he has 3 kids that he knows of, only has contact with one of them. His exes do their best to keep this manipulative dick away from them. He uses his kid as a sympathy card. He claims to be a volunteer firefighter, but really he just as the clothes that say Firefighter on them. He also will tell you h’s an entertainer, does stand-up and sings. Dude goes to the bars on Karaoke Night to sing. The ladies need to know this douchebag is nothing but a player. Don’t believe the sweet guy you meet, the moment he knows he has you he will play like a fiddle, get as much money as he can from you, while sleeping with you, your friends, and any girl willing to make to the drive to Black Diamond or Okotoks. The only fire this “firefighter” should be putting out is the one on his dirty dick.

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Mandy Mel

October 28, 2014 Calgary, Vancouver 46

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, let me introduce you to Coquitlam’s Amanda Melnick aka Mandy Mel. A Calgary native and a former exotic dancer. On the other hand, she provides escort services to other men around Vancouver (besides her boyfriend) under several aliases including AALIYAH CUMMINGS and KHANDI KISSES.

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Beautiful Sloot

October 28, 2014 Calgary, Grande Prairie 28

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Jessica Walsh. I knew her when she was living in Alberta, now she’s in saskatchewan or some shit. this girl is obviously drop dead gorgeous and she makes a great first impression. But she is a backstabbing slut. She definitely cheated on her boyfriend Cody while he was working up north and a few other times too. Im not the only one who knows this. Not even sure if they are still together but fuck Cody deserves to know cuz he is a legit dude and a great dad. I don’t want him catching a drd and have it be a surprise cuz the same shit is probably happening in sask. He probably already knows all this shit but yeah, this girl loves to party so she will probably blame it on that and he will probably take her back, but he deserves to know at least. come clean jessica, what goes around comes around. Never trust a hoe lol.

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