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Duane Smith

November 21, 2014 Calgary 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: I dated this man from pof for 5 months and found out hes sleeping around with women from pof and zoosk in alberta and bc.his name is Duane Smith.he doesnt use protection.when i confronted him about it he was furious! So look out ladys he also has hidden mental issues!hes quick to anger being questioned about this.he works for an alberta oil company and is from bc and hates albertans and thinks hes better than them becuz hes from bc but works for them! I hope his dick falls off or hed be an ideal candidate to get prostate cancer! He doesnt use any protection ladies becareful and he only wants anal sex! He broke up with me only cuz i found out all this stuff about him!hes the one in the middle of this photo so becareful ladies!

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Bug Eyed Woosley

November 20, 2014 Calgary 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Samantha Woosley she is the nastiest dirtiest bitch ever! My buddy fuked her once and ended up with C*ABS! I fcked her but didnt get anything luckily. She has the nastiest fcking face i have ever seen. She wears soo much makeup it rubs off every where she goes. Shes the biggest sloot around and loves to fck with taken men. Funny thing is no one wants this nasty drd fcking whore. Her pussy is soo torn and worn it looks like something crawled up in there and died. And that face OMG deff needs to be paper bagged! Her eyes are soo fucking huge never seen anything like that in my life. Looks like someone squeezed her and her eyeballs bout to pop out. She sooo fucking skinny too looks like an anorexic young man. Her + twos are lop sided as well. I suggest that anyone who fucked this chick get checked out she deff is dirt. Stupid little bitch needs to stop sucking dick for bus fare. Have you ever seen anything like her ughh! I think i just threw up a little. Shes soo fucking scary looking. Put this bitch on blast AGAIN.

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Steven Lupino

November 18, 2014 Calgary, Chilliwack 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: His alias is Steven Vulcano, he claims to be a tv and film producer. He fled from Calgary ending up in Cultus Lake, BC with a homeless friend of his that claimed to be an actor. He does not shower and looks like he is allergic to the gym. His background is Italian and his father owns a bunch of art pieces that he is supposedly entitled to when his father passes. He says he has 65 grand sitting in the bank for him to use for his ‘projects’. He hired me as a production assistant and after two weeks he paid me through EP Canada (which is a payroll firm that the film industry uses). Things went fishy after I deposited the cheque, TD bank, of course holds new cheques and he was quite annoyed that they didn’t release the whole amount to me right away. I thought he really came through because I got paid that Friday for a total of $5500 after taxes. EP Canada does not release cheques unless they are paid by the client (Steven) first. But then after the long weekend Tuesday rolled around and EP Canada called me first thing in the morning stating that they were waiting for him to deposit the money, he kept saying he did. Long story short he did not. He is also posted on TheDirty Victoria under Istvan Luppino. He is the biggest con artist going.. Don’t deal with him.. Doesn’t like to pay rent just give various excuses about not getting paid etc. Needless to say he still owes me rent money as well as many others . He pretty much hires people to feed him and use their connections

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Kelsey Mercer

November 18, 2014 Calgary, Kelowna 37


THE DIRTY ARMY: Inside tip for the rest of you, take fair warning with this one…for ones who know her,not a big suprise. Those who don’t well here she is. - getting kicked out of SHSS for getting caught Fcking on the toilet - gang bang by Selkirk saints - 4 some at Shambhala- cheated on her fiancee multiple times - going to concerts and sucking the Dicks of band members - bad coke and alchol problem -sucks dick for free drugs -does lines of coke off of guys dicks -hooked up with multiple guys in one night -she is super fake. -all that hair is fake hair. Weave and extensions. -fake eyelashes and fake complexion -she is full of cellulite and stretch marks cuz she is a fat girl trying to be skinny -throws up all her food -looks gross naked -horrible in bed and at giving blowjobs.-loose as hell and her vagina smells like something crawled up there and died! Nik you gotta help with this infestation and shut her down.

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Closet Junkie Josh Malek

November 18, 2014 Calgary, Red Deer 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Josh Malek when you hear this name do not think of getting into a relationship with this soulless man. He will cheat on you like he has before but claims he is as innocent as a child poking the dead pig with stick. Oh his friends did it first so now he can. He will spread rumours about you if you go against him and hell say he has been so hurt.Lets face it this man is a child who never grew up and resorts to name calling and bashing as a way to face his pathetic life. Yes a coke head now and one point a meth head he can stand so mighty and high… I know his drug problems are the cause to everything too bad he lies to his friends about it..He just blames his ex.. like how long can that go on for? Truth is his pathetic friends actually buy his lines of bullshit. Josh Malek you little coke head get off your high’ll just blame all your problems on the next girl you date.. Too bad she will she through your pile of crap and you’ll be dumped again just as fast as before… why cause your a pathetic lier who needs to spread rumours to feel good about who you are. You got plenty of skeletons in the closet drugs just being the tip of your problems . Why dont you just tell them the truth Josh…. Please stay clear of this child claiming to be a man, he is not … his friends fight his battles based on false allegations and their to stupid to go the extra mile to find the truth. but then you are the company you keep…. Keep complain about your life your just a closet junkie.

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Mentally ill in Airdrie

November 17, 2014 Calgary, Halifax 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Wayne Skinner or MR. 902 a x felon rapper from Halifax. Living in Ardrie now in his x’s house. Hiding out trolling POF daily under different names. Once he convinces you to meet him he will pretend to want a relationship and all the bells and whistles. He’s riddled with drds and is a chronic drug user. He’s a sociopathic compulsive liar and an opportunitst. He is borderline handicapped once you get talking to him. He prays on women that are sweet and then once they find out he i facts them with the clap he turns it around on them . He’s a first class looser and hoodrat. Ladies of Alberta don’t be fooled or sucked in by the body it’s infected and no amount of muscles can make up for this mans mean heart.

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Serial Cheater

November 17, 2014 Calgary 31

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this man is cheater and no good! I meet internet badoo date app because i don’t know many peoples in Canada. He would bring gift and flower to my work and was nice man before. We see each other maybe 6 month, recent he act diff and I see his phone and messages from other girl. He drinking an angry i ask him of messages to his phone he push me. He always drink he change to jerk but mostly nice not drinking. I know now he a cheat I think his gf live somehwere. He tell me he might leave and work in november but I think lie.. she need to learn him cheat! sorry hard to understand English is second language .I dont think my last one worked both image

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Jennie Linnington

November 17, 2014 Calgary 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Jennie Anne Louise Linnington. She is the nastiest girl I have ever met. She dated her boyfriend Gareth for a year and a half before he went to jail. While he was in jail she was living at his parents house and fcked two different guys in her boyfriends bed! She snuck boys in and out of her boyfriends parents house for a few months until she finally moved back in with her parents. She eventually got pregnant from a different guy while her boyfriend was still in jail, and then had an abortion. She is the most bi-polar, self-centred bitch I have ever met. She needs a reality check ASAP. Her tattoos are awfully done but she is so proud of them, and her teeth look like she got kicked in the face by a horse! I mean, it makes sense though she did grow up in Bowness. She will fck anything that moves and I warn every guy to not touch her, you will regret it forever!

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