Slooty Celina Mae

August 8, 2014 Calgary, Coquitlam 142

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this chick is just a dirty dirty bird. She cheats on her boyfriend all the time. He cheats on her. They just like to act like they are untouchable. Well they arent. Celina as one of your friends (well ex now) I hope you do grow up one day and stop acting like a snobby stuck up slut. Stop thinking everone wants your boyfriend because honestly we all think hes an ugly little bitch that gets away with everything because his parents baby him. OPEN YOUR EYES. Wake up and grow up. You cant pull shit shit forever.

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August 8, 2014 Calgary 61

THE DIRTY ARMY: im the one who dated monty.. monty has shut down my buissness by posting fake kijiji ads claiming I was scamming people for money.. I was running a childcare buissness.. he also claims I abuse children.. when why the hell would I do that when I have 3 kids of my own in my custody. His son got pulled away from him since he punched his x and she took all of his rights off the moment he went to jail.. monty then continued to spread lies about me all over the internet this is just his next stop.. I pay my own rent.. have my own car.. pay for my kids.. he is full of lies and accusations.. attached I have sent what he said to my old childcare clients.. and also him talking about how he made a fake pof account with just nudes on their just to get messages.. I am married now.. and this drama continues .. this kid wont stop at nothing.. he has no money an a warrant for his arrest from 2002 . from taking a highspeed chase from the cops in taber alberta. I have also attached his one of many facebook accounts.. he has over 10

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Wannabe Manson

August 8, 2014 Calgary 30

THE DIRTY ARMY: This skank is Shayla “Manson”. She sleeps her way through groups and leaves them all wantin more. She’s always nekkid or postin boob shots for the world to see. Her poor bf is clueless and claims to love her slutty ass. Out at all local shows n stuff just paraydin around like shes the queen. This bitch needs a wake up call and stop stealin men.

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Tina The Slore

August 8, 2014 Calgary 72

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this fat bitch is Christina Lovstad, she has slept with over 150 guys from a porn website and claimed it’s because she got rapped twice, she even received gifts afterwards…she secretly talked to her ex while we were together which they have an emergency protection order on and she is using him to get pregnant so she doesn’t have to get off of welfare. she has 2 kids and lives at home with her mommy and daddy in which they pay for everything while she makes fake childcare certificates to claim she runs an approved dayhome in which she has ripped off a lot of people. when she has a bath and drains the tub all the water drains except for the water behind her until she stands up. she lies, threatens, gets her ex to call my mom at work and threatens her for no reason. she uses makeup to cover up the ugliness of her pimples on her face.

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Tyler Freff the Facebook warrior

August 8, 2014 Calgary, Red Deer 45



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik Here one of the biggest scum bags in the red deer and blackfalds area! His name is Tyler greff, you always see him trying to cuss people out that are clearly better then him. Always the one hiding behind the computer as he try’s to act tough. He is in his early 20s and STILL lives with his mommy. When someone try’s to confront Tyler and actually fight he runs to his mommy and calls the cops. I’ve seen more paper work on mr.greff then I have on chance shaw! This guy can’t get a girlfriend which is why he’s always seen flapping his gums at them instead. He tells people he likes to occasionally enjoy a few rails of coke here and there… Maybe he’s not yet ready to admit his problem. Lol! I swear I’m not he only one thinking this… that Tyler greff and His own sister amber greff actually hooked up and that’s where ambers son Lukas came from. Sorry Dustin! I’m surprised this loser hasent yet made it on here..Tyler has a grade 9 education and that’s all he claims he needs. I remember when Justin Mcallum and Lyle Vance tried to fight Tyler and he called 911 on them… Like I said he is ONLY tough via Facebook. Your such a joke Tyler. Grow up, go to school and get a life.

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Dawn Marie Ludlow

August 7, 2014 Calgary 51

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik! Let me introduce you to Dawn Marie Ludlow. This fat whale is what you would call a basic bitch. She is so fucking fake, the way she acts, talks and down to her fake “chanel” bag. This bitch thinks she has so much class but yet she sucks dick for free drinks, is a banff club whore and hangs out with trailer trash. This fcking skank needs to close her legs for good. She stole my then boyfriend and is now recently engaged to him. By the way, Dawn, you’re “fiancé” is cheating on you. Get some class, you ugly bitch!!

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Native Mom

August 7, 2014 Calgary 30


THE DIRTY ARMY: This dirty girl will sleep with your husband. doesn’t matter if your her BFF your man will be blowed. this innocent looking monkey separated over 4 familys due to her stank pu**y. she may look kind but shes the biggest native slut ive ever known. she pretends to follow religion but truth is she did coke,hard and drank all through new years eve. she makes fake profiles and dates them. all she can do is lie and sell herself to ugly old men. she has personally ruined my 4 year relationship.. she slept with my boyfriends best friend then she jumped onto my man. shes a dirty whore and all of Calgary should be warned. PASSAROUND #UGLYHOE men of Calgary protect yourself from this slimy gold digging hoe !! BIG HO I EVER SO AND SHE WILL FUCK ANYONE OUT THERE SO LADIES LOOK OUT FOR THIS NATIVE BITCH..SHE HAS A KID BUT SHE DOESNT CARE ABOUT HIM. SHE DOESNT EVEN CARE ABOUT HER BF. SHE LEAVES AND GOES PARTYS WITH DIFFERENT GUYS THEN SHE COMES HOME AND FUCKS ERIC..WHAT A BITCH..NO GUY WANTS TO CATCH AIDS FROM THIS NATIVE BITCH..HIT HER UP ON FB NAME MENNA ROMERO

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August 6, 2014 Calgary 60

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, i just want to say a few things about this dweeb right here. his name is monty and calls himself mont-dog…. he sleeps around so much its insane! he’s a major loser and mooches off innocent people.. he will live with people for free, he steals, he lies, he also accuses people of stuff they wouldnt even think of doing. if he doesnt get his way he threatens with the cops or some other crazy thing like a threat to burn down your house or something. he will only hide online trying to break you down when he doesnt get his way.. not to mention he has a son that he never sees.. i wonder why! some people say they have seen him doing crack and there are rumours that he steals women’s clothes and cross dresses with them on…. how disgusting! Ladies stay away from this freak, you never know what he’s capable of doing! maybe he’ll steal your man when your not around.

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