Kyle Tremain Johnson

July 16, 2014 Calgary 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: Alright so for all you tricks that are commenting on the shit that has been posted about me (CARALYNN JOHNSON). Heres a little truth for your hurtin asses…. First of all, I was posted because this mutha KYLE was MAD. Lol he didnt get this. He wasnt going too and it clearly bothered him… I didnt jump up and go chill with him any of the 10times he asked me to. Now if I was such a hoe & I fck everyone and anyone, dont ya think I would of ? Second.. you tricks think you know me and what I do. Lol ACTUALLY. Im 100% positive you girls are the hoodrats/rezmutts here. I havent live in HOEBBEMA in a long time; and u act like moving from there is a bad thing? Come off it. None of the shit being said offends me because it aint true.. But you want to bring my son into this? Like you dont got 3,4,5 kids of your own. I got one son hes damn well taking care of and I dont let no goof around him, not even his GOOF father bc hes locked up on some skinner shit. The next time someone has some thing to say about me ? Say it cause idgaf. But my son ? Il kill for him. So how about Grow the Fck up and do something with all your lives.. get off your computer/cellphone & live a life that doesnt involve talking shit about people to make you feel better about yourselves.. Anyone trying to bring me down; is clearly already *below me*. Live your own fucking lives and quit worrying about wtf other people are doing. Makes you look hurtin & pathetic. & WEAK! LOL. So you guys can say what you want about me…. but at the end of the day; im still sitting here at the end of the day with my head held high and my middle finger in the air.. OH & as for the goof that posted that shit. KYLE? All I gotta say to you is “STAY MAD” hahah fcking squid.

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Tess Jacqueline Firkus

July 15, 2014 Calgary 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: “Tess Jacqueline Firkus” goes around stealing stuff and selling them on kijiji she recently sold a stolen ipod to an individual the cops would get involved if she doesn’t return the money  she’s going to get herself arrested over something as little as $70. the bitch is just thirsty and a dirty pig i must say.

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Two Desperate People Make A Match

July 14, 2014 Calgary 59

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ladies, this guy right here is the biggest player you will ever meet. Yes, I know what you’re thinking. “How He’s so skinny, he’s so ugly”. Well I don’t have the answer for you. All I can say this this girl is 17 and he’s 22. He’s desperate for the young girls because he knows no real woman would ever look at him. I’m surprised her father is okay with her dating someone so old then taking her to Calgary. Talk about no parenting. Should watch over your daughter she’s a whore. As for him, maybe date someone who isn’t a child, and isn’t still in high school.

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Queen Jenny Matthews

July 11, 2014 Calgary 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: This creepy looking girl is Jennie the dirty girl Matthews. You think this girl would learn after being beat up 3-4 times for running her mouth.. Aha she didn’t learn a thing. she faked 3 pregnancies then bragged about killing the “babies” she likes to go around stealing boyfriends, fucking them& when they leave she’s miraculously pregnancy! Shocker right?! In my opinion she reminds me of a dirty alley rat. She’s got that face you just want to smack like a whinny dog! Its moments like these that make me believe in The Lord for not giving her the blessing of a child, she was completely obsessed with my boyfriend when they dated and when he tried to leave she tried to  herself. He was so disgusted by her he couldn’t look at her without wanting to vomit this rat needs to learn what a tooth brush& paste is.. Someone once gave her a doggy bag of dental hygiene products cause they couldn’t even look at her aha. I would love to show this girl how it is, she better think twice with that tiny brain of hers and stop her shit talking& obsessing over my boyfriend!

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Manslore of Woodys Taphouse

July 10, 2014 Calgary 37

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Matt Coulson. He is a cheater and a liar. He is 27 but acts 20 which is why he hangs out with a younder crowd. Buyers beware. No I have not dated him nor would I ever. I just am sick of seeing him cheat on these chicks and play nice girls like hes single. Grow up buddy. This isnt a way to live

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Geoff Sage

July 10, 2014 Calgary 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: Lady’s beware this scumbags name is Geoff sage n he will stop at nothin to chat u up use you and then dump u to the curb with warts !!! He is the dirtiest human to walk the city of calgary if u see him run the other way BEWARE CALGARY LADYS

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Rez Gangster

July 9, 2014 Calgary 28

THE DIRTY ARMY: Preston Onespot just another dirty chug native from. Tsuu Tina this guy should be ashamed off himself lol going around raping really young girls while he\’s blacked out even with his own family ha real gross. Even snorts coke & does many stupid shit such as fcking girls infront of his own little child pretty pathetic surprised he never got called on yet p he’s nothing but a deadbeat loser that should be ashamed nd locked up for so many things he got away with

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Kristine Musgrove Fell Off

July 9, 2014 Calgary 34

THE DIRTY ARMY: Time to give up dear.

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