Ferret F’er

February 14, 2014 Calgary 18 8,277 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This dirtbag freeloading lowlife skid is VLAD and ruins everything he touches. If Satan walked this earth, it would be him. He has scabies and other disgusting diseases I wouldn’t even want to be in the same room as him because you will catch one of his nasty “bugs.” He has a pet ferret that he can’t even afford to take care of and he lives off the people around him and refuses to pay rent or bills to everyone. He won’t get a job and is the dirtiest human alive, he doesn’t shower… EVER! He also has a girlfriend but goes on dates with other broads and she KNOWS about it and stays with this dirty ferret freak.

So he crashes your couch and brings a rat with him…Hope he brings a cage.- nik

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Fat Gold Digger

February 13, 2014 Calgary, Dartmouth 50 10,495 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: hey nik . listen man i just cant stand seeing this low life piece of shit not being on here her name is tanya anderson a.k.a. tanys levy she lives in airdrie calgary now but is from dartmouth nova scotia whereever her lesbian lover goes she goes her lovers name is aimee avery used to be aimee richard a.k.a. stuck up piggy number 2 uses her man scott avery for almost everything but forgets she never had a pot to piss in growing up the 2 of them are the biggest skanks and users out there but take a look at this pic at tanya wow aint that f*cking ugly EWWWWW shaves half her head like a lil boy f*cking big butch she got her lil brother out west with her david levy the biggest low life possible got 2 kids and doesnt even try to see them or send them a christmas gift or birthday card nothing then blames the world for being rap*d by his daddy growing up and his sister both but yet there both stuck up his ass literally LOL i just dont understand how the 2 of them get away with using everyone like they do tanya calls me up every so often bitching about aimee avery how she braggs about everything lil thing she got and this n that and thinks her son is the shit but yet says how she cant stand the lil fu*ker was her own words some friend ehhh?? wow talk about phony ass people

Most people who search for gold never find it, better to give up while your ahead.- nik

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Bryan Hughes

February 13, 2014 Calgary 22 9,600 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Bryan Hughes he’s been on here before for being a dead beat dad but he’s at it again beating up chicks and fucking dirty street trash what ever he can scrape up he claims to love his daughter yet he still does drugs this guys so fucking sick he stills stuff from other people and there dead family he stole my buddies grandpas ring he left in his will to my friend just so he could sell it for drugs his grandpas wedding ring even sicker my buddy was on Facebook and saw this status Bryan stole this girls stuff that she bought for her sons funeral and he probably gave it to sam he steals from all these girls I know and tells sam he went and bought it and she’s so dumb she believes it Bryan and me used to be bros when we were young but now I realize he’s a white trash goof put him on blast warn people about this low life loser from Calgary maybe you should go back to strath more and give these people back there stuff from people who passed away and stop lying and stealing and running your mouth to everyone

Addictions hit hard.- nik

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Kyle Winniski

February 12, 2014 Calgary, Red Deer 87 8,939 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Thinks his shit dont stink when really he sucks as a man has no intuition on how to plz a women and young girl probably but not a women I had to cheat on him with my ex just to get off could be the small penis thing the fact he has no balls would sound right cuase hes always runnin his mouth about being a tuff guy and works out all the time its all lies from fort mac I found him on pof ever sense I cant get rid of the lost little puppy ; ( his gf now hes dating is an prostitute out of red deer and even shes a meth head junkie fake ppl need help hookers need help and this little boy needs help ……Tricks & Small Dicks !!

Looks like he lives in a closet.- nik

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Decietful Prick

February 11, 2014 Calgary 18 8,289 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: His name is beau walker and he thinks he is gods giftvto woman..meanwhile he us the scum u wanna scape off the edge of your toilet…he will feed u lie after lie to get whate wants from u.which is just sex…for 2yrs i believed him…i found him cheating through match.com..was even dating some gurl for 5mts behind my back..he is still active on sites underv(nielas) he will pretend he cares for u when he only cares about himself…he works in camp one week in n one out so during his time off he will b cruising through towns on his way back to calgary trying to pick up random girls he can use and treat like shit…meanwhile he is useless and a loser

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Day One Ditch Pig Brittney Pohl

February 7, 2014 Calgary, Red Deer 27 8,949 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well let me introduce myself to you all: I am known today as Brittney Pohl tomorrow it will be one of my friends….cause I don’t give a shit about anyone. I want to ruin as many lives as I can. I am the the slung looking piglet on the right who currently is residing in Red Deer,Alberta  so MARRIED women or non-single women LOCK up your husbands and boyfriends because I am on the prowl and I need to stash your cash and valuable belongings deep in my pockets of love. Oh and hey,I love stuffing my bloated,swollen,greasy food shoot that they call a mouth or the proper term for me is cock sucking hole with lots and lots of pills. Mmmmm I just love my pills & many more drugs SO SO SO SO MUUUCCCH!!! I will put my large legs behind my head if I can hold them in the air long enough for you to shoot your hot warm load into my gaping hole that I could once call a pussy. I hope you love a hairy cunt because I haven’t groomed myself in years due to my stomaches love for M&M’s. (Oops!!) So fuck me if you can move my stretch marked ridden stomach out of the way…..Only the true and brave try to conquer my mess of pussy. I’m trying to loose the weight from my belly and my GUNT (My pussy is also fat therefore it is called a GUNT) so please don’t LOL at me!!! So if you dare to mount me up I will stick my flat,pimply ass in the air while you dive and sink right in to the cave of NO RETURN & let you drop that load anywhere you desire. Boys and men of any and all ages step right up!!!! But between us I do have an OLD,sweaty,hairy,small tiny cocked,grey haired elderly man secret fetish as well so anything goes on my face,in my mouth,up my smelly wide twat or hugely,scary big asshole. So let me do what I do best and that’s home-wrecking 101 (I’m thinking of starting a class to teach on this,lol so I can get PAID more than once or even twice) Hehehe I also forgot to mention that my other talents include: •Lying •Stealing •Being a manipulate cunt licker •Seriously egotistic •A total waste of fucking life and disgrace and it’s actually shameful to even think of calling me or comparing myself to an actual woman with lady-like tendencies…..I am SORRY for anyone who does encounter me in the future or even people who may recognize me on this site which I’m sure a lot of you may because after-all,let’s face it…..”I’m RED DEER’S FINEST!!!!” & you can bet your ass that I am gonna wreck your fucking life and stalk the fuck out of you and make you a miserable person for my pleasure only!! Because I have the smile of the devil and my plans and stunts I can pull and mix up in my sick,twisted head are pure fucking evil. I am also a cunty kiniving ass licker (Yes! I will do the skeet skeet on you!! Let me taste your sweet hole and it’s chocolate treats) I especially love rotten,smelly farts in my face and I loved to be pissed on and I rub it all over my saggy tits and I will drink your pee and let you pee that warm yellow liquid inside my sperm deposit box. My non-juicy slimy twat is due to my fabulous DRD that I have contracted from all my SAFE,100% unprotected sex that I keep on having with more and many different men and the odd cat and dog need a lick too! o no gloves guys ok sooo you can make it rain up in my pussy. So if you are ready for me to be your wrecking ball without a cause you shall surely see me out & about whoring it up with this stank,stinky,loose asshole of mine! Oh ya and one more thing I take about 5 hours to cake on my make-up,as you can see I have horrible deep make-up filled wrinkles on that gritty lookin mug of mine and can you spot out my crows feet!!!? WoW I can NOT BELIEVE that I’m only 28!?!! Can you!??? I think my 5 pounds of orange make up sludge makes me actually look like a tanned,45 year old orange peel ompaloompa but that’s how the good goo should look,right?!??!? !? That’s what men love! Or so I’m told…Well I should let you go,there’s many cocks that need sucking and sliding up & down on out there…. I hope my corner didn’t get taken up while I was busy writing this warning letter for you all
Read more: Its name is Karma

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Infected Juggalo

February 6, 2014 Calgary, Ottawa 89 9,086 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, It brings me much displeasure to present you with Ottawa/Calgary’s most infected, disgusting, diddeling and child abandoning Juggalo loser this side of the border. Chad Beaulieu or “Chad Jake Jeckel Beaulieu” is a serious cancerous tumor on society. This guy goes around sleeping with girls half his age, not surprising as i heard he sexually assaulted his sister at the age of 17. She was only two. He knowingly infects girls with his disease cause he thinks he is a ‘bare back king’ This guy pretends to be a hardcore juggalo (lol) but I know for a fact every time he has been incarcerated, he ended up in Protective Custody cause he is such a coward. This guy had 2 beautiful children with someone and walked out on them, hasnt seen or made an effort to see them since. I even heard he pushed around his girlfriend when she was 8 months pregnant with his daughter. This guy is so disgusting, he never showers and smells like dick cheese on a regular basis. Grow the fuck up man, wait, sorry I forgot your mind stopped growing at 17.

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Jesse Topp

February 5, 2014 Calgary 40 7,031 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This loser here is JESSE TOPP this low life man whore will sleep with anybody, hes 5′ nothing! He plays the whole” nobody will love me, nobody can care for me, ill be forever alone”, but this guy plays the cards so well he will have multiple girls on the go, he will lead 4 or 5 girls on and “try” them all out without either one knowing about it. The worst thing these girls dont know, is he has drd!! i know of 5 girls from december alone!!. This low life still lives with mommy, mommy pays his rent, pays his car, gives him money, hes 23 HE WILL NOT! get a job, he says he has “bad days” so he cant work a full time job, buddy grow the fuck up and get a life, stop living off everyone else, and stop ruining girls lives!!!. so ladies if you are talking to this guy, know he is talking to more then one of you, and when he is “busy” hes busy alright, walk away from him unless you want a loser who has no money, who is half retarded, who is controlling and manipulative, and is literally 5’1, with a tiny penis, which he will ask you about constantly after ” my dick is so small, i bet you didnt even feel it”, so that way you have to build his confidence then he acts like hes gods gift to you. just run him over with your car.

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