Lying Cheating Scum Adam Begg

May 26, 2014 Calgary 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: So this lying cheating scum bags name is adam begg he is a lying stealing peice of sh*t we dated for a little less then three days bud during that time he had a 16 year old girl friend. adam stayed the night at my house during the time he was spending the night some chick he had in his phone under the name (myboo) which he said was his sister no one calls there sister my boo kinda creepy this b*tch phoned at least 30 times with in a five hour time span thats when i knew something was up. next morning he’s on face book i read his status and sure enough he’s gf was saying your just mad because you got caught i asked him wtf this was about and he ignored the question he went home and didn’t speak to me for over a month then he asks me for my banking info so he can replace some money he borrowed for me in stead he uses my bank account and then tries to lie to me be aware ladies he his lying cheating scum and he will say anything and everything to make you believe him.

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MiMi the Trout Mouth Fishbox

May 23, 2014 Calgary, Edmonton 107

THE DIRTY ARMY: Break yourself Nick! This is a whole mess of ugly coming your way. Edmonton and Calgary’s nastiest bitch. Just look at the trout mouth on this bag of slut. MiMi has had so many stds and gives so much head to guys at the club in the parking lot. Bitch came up to me with stinking breathe asking me if i had gum because she just gave some African guy head without a condom and there was white shit all night on her face. Ill never hang out with this whore again. Look out guys she’s been up and down the alley with that nasty pussy. Her mother is an old prostitute and mimi is just a nasty chug wagon burning blackie. I hear she gave colin so many drd’s and she told me she let him eat her out after she fcked Richard. She also let Rocky fuck her with no condom for weed and coke. Go back to the reserve you dirty chug. Your mouth smells like shit.

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Stole my Money

May 22, 2014 Calgary 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: This cke head stole my money and went and bought cocaine. He’s full of dessesses. I went and got checked and got H**. Red deer faggot hope you die mother fucker.

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Airdrie White Trash Psycho Path

May 22, 2014 Calgary 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Kyle Bruce of Airdrie, I feel like every lady needs to be aware of this scumbag. He likes to prey on sweet innocent girls, joins POF and Tinder just to lure them in; tells them lies upon lies and makes them feel so pretty and that he is their knight in shining armor; don’t be fooled by his fake country charm! the reason he lives at his parents house isn’t because he’s a building a house on their land, its because he’s 30 year old leech who can’t afford a toothbrush let alone rent. He drives his parents shitty jeep because he can\’t get any loans or afford anything. In fact he’s so broke ass that he has maxed out loans, two maxed out credit cards, 4 years of back taxes; collections are looking for him. AND THA’S JUST THE BEGINNING OF THIS LOSER! He lies to girls to guilt them into staying around. Including his mom having cancer, she is healthy. People die everyday and its disgusting that he plays with emotions like that to have sex. This loser is going around dating 100′s of girls lying to them; all while wanting to get his beautiful fiancé (who works her ass off to support him)pregnant and wanting to start a family with her He is so disgusting Does this sound like a guy who should be coaching kids, because he does? NOPE I DON’T THINK SO EITHER! Calgary/Airdrie consider yourself warned stay away from this toxic, blood sucking leech. If you don’t be prepared to be asked to put a strap on and fuck him in the ass or be forced into an abortion.

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Deadbeat Dezzy Bone

May 22, 2014 Calgary 27

THE DIRTY ARMY: This Chug Indian Dezzy Bone aka Mistahbone aka Desmond George Joseph Bone has got to be the straight up dirtiest man in the whole range of Canada! He is a walking drd dead beat dad that cant even be man enough to take care of all his kids, he cant hold a job, he thinks he can rap lmao he is a wanna be thug more like straight chug a lug that likes to live off people to support his drinking and drug addiction habits. All he does is steal even from the Dollar store how hurting He beat the hell out of me and his X girlfriend he is a woman beater that likes to sleep with his own family his own sister wtf that is sick and twisted Incest disgusting he even beat the hell out of his own mom that whole family is whack! They all need to re locate on their reserve where they belong he thinks he is the rapper Cannibus Nigga learn how to rap Steal Packing Mistahbone lol! All your rymes are the same wanna be Manitoba Warrior U got a warrant out for your ass be a real man and handle ooooooohhhhhh I forgot you love playing ass sex with TAP Troy Alexander Purdy yuck!!!!!!!!!Ur time is now coming Dezzy Bone! He had his kid in his custody for only 2 days then his sister stabbed his brother WTF tell me that this family is straight twisted!

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Jesse McNeil

May 22, 2014 Calgary 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hello everyone! This is Jesse McNeil, he is a cheater and a liar he has 2 kids and a girlfriend he has cheated on and continues to cheat on. He is a dirty dirty this guy needs to be added to the dirty army he thinks he is the biggest lady killer ( I THINK NOT!) he is a fugly dweeb that doesn\’t know what he has/had I\’m not sure if him and his baby momma are still together but if they are she is a fuckin retard for staying with his stupid ass. This guy was found on countless dating sites (while still together with baby momma) and everytime he has thought he was the shit! Girls stay away he probably has some rare drd’s!!! He needs to learn his priorities and stop being a player and take care of his family….. If he even has one anymore!

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Justin Scrutton thinks Heather Mcintyres baby is his

May 20, 2014 Calgary, Edmonton 664

THE DIRTY ARMY: She claims she is 12 weeks pregnant, clearly she is further along. EVEN if she was 12 weeks pregnant – Justin – She was with her EX until the end of March but she lied to you. Its easy to lie when guys are in camp. This isn\’t the first time for her. I can bet this isn\’t your baby BUT she will play you like it is and lie to you to get your hooked. Many time in the past she has lied about being pregnant to keep men. It isn\’t her first time. This will be her forth pregnancy. She doesn\’t even get to see her first child, She lives on the island with her Father and Heather has no right to contact them PERIOD. Justin- do yourself the favor and run. Get a paternity test and maybe contact the ppl who really know this girl. At 12 weeks as well you cant tell if its twins just by feel her belly. Shes covering up the fact she is further along so you don\’t put it all together and catch onto the lies. She is playing you hard just like she does to all the men she has fucked over in the past. She is a scammer, pathological liar and a physcopath. She has meds and needs to get back on them. Her two children that are with her right now have lived the worst life with her. Oh and by the way – their father is still around but she refuses to be in contact with him. Most time he cant find his kids…So when she says he’s basically a dead beat she’s a liar. She\’s looking for your sympathy to keep you around. Run Justin while you still have the chance and get a paternity test before you pay her a dime.

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Purple aka Shorty Candace

May 19, 2014 Calgary 28

THE DIRTY ARMY: chases purple

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