Can’t Take a Hint

February 20, 2014 Calgary 15 6,954 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Where do I start? Nik, this homewrecking man eating sleazebag Teresa Chowace was posted a few weeks back and she still cannot take a hike!!! She needs to be Blasted again! paybacks a bitch and she should know first hand!! You don’t fck with lives continuously and expect no retaliation!! She’s ugly as f*ck and smells pissy so who the fuck wants you!! Her photos should say it all! Whiny little skank should learn her lesson by now!

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Dark Rose

February 19, 2014 Calgary 110 8,912 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: this stupid cnt actually thinks she’s a vampire, she calls herself Dark Rose when we all know her real name is Amber she’s so disgusting even her own mother calls her a heifer! she cheated so badly on her last guy that he finally left her ass (guess he couldn’t stand the sloppy seconds he was getting from the flea market guys) her only claim to fame is bartending at some goth bar and selling her shit at the flea market and 1** ave I hear she’ll blow you for 5 bucks and if you let her pimp watch (some old fat guy) she’ll even drink the blood from them as well no added charge! Just head down to the cemetery by 1**th ave her new main stay is some gross old pedophile who tried to fuck her when she was underage and now she just uses him for money. even her own mother is a shamed of her and will tell you that amber is nothing but a failure and that she should have aborted her when she had the chance.Word has it she’s living in her shitty old truck after her basement apartment flooded after she clogged the toilet with her bloody underwear (ya she doesn’t use tampons she just toss out her underwear and steals new ones from la senza) Amber you are a disgusting failure who fcks guys for money you need to realize your not a vampire, you look like a bloated crooked toothed whale even arron cant stand you. grow up and realize high school is over and stay out of fucking cemeteries you filthy whore

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The Drunk You should Avoid

February 19, 2014 Calgary 42 7,812 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This guy is one of the WORST!!! He drinks on more then a regular basis and always drives drunk, or makes his “girlfriend of the week” drive up to his favorite Bar (Mustache petes) to get him and his truck. The night either goes one of a few ways, she either stays with him, or he gets made, or she leaves and he gets mad, or they don’t show up cause they are sick of his crap. Now not only does this guy love to get loaded, and make whoever he can lie to his parents (26 living at home on mommy and daddys dime), but he will often drive drunk no matter what, and have people tell his parents that someone else drove his truck home. He loves coming between friends as well, he recently over the past summer came between two friends trying to fix their friendship, calling the first a beluga whale amongst other names (believe me all of which are true) and a nice girl that woulda done anything for this guy, including the lieing to his parents, taking care of his drunk ass, at all times of the night and catering to him hand and foot, and she shared a lot of the things he loved, and could actually drive the lifted truck he has. But once he didn’t get what he wanted from her (believe me she couldn’t find it in all the fat rolls) he then decided he would take the pussy way out, let her fill his truck with gas, tell her he had to work so that they weren’t going to this privileged assholes cabin, and called her at 4 in the morning from the cabin to break up with her. After telling her to leave him alone he then again decided to come between friends and date one her best friends, who was the second best thing to happen to him. Now both these sweet girls made huge judgment errors on being with this hideous asshole. Nik this guy is bad news, he will push you to drink and party and worse of all, he will push you to do Cocaine with him several times a week, especially when his parents are out of town, he takes advantage of messed up judgement to ruin friendships, he is the worst of the worst. Beware anyone whos near Edgemont estates, if you see a white Silverado with a monster sticker on it, stay far away, not only will this drunk idiot most likely plow into but he keeps the guns he loves to shoot off while drunk (and had shot one of his friends with by accident) in the truck too….. in short hes too fat to give you any, acts like a sweet heart, but deep down just wants to get drunk get high as hell and fuck peoples lives up, Jamie Redpath is not a good guy, as good as he seems DON’T DO IT LADIES!!!!

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Lena the Cleana

February 18, 2014 Calgary 133 7,268 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: I’m Lena good eye but I go by Lena Rae because I have way to many haters finding me by my last name. I am a betraying boyfriend stealing c*m dumpster hoe. I ditch my son for the d but I put other girls down for it because they can’t do it like I do. I also use to diss girls for drawing on theyre eyebrows, wearing fake eyelashes, showing cleavage even though mines not real because I have no boobs and dressing like a tramp but now I do because I understand it makes me look sexier than ever. I also tend to homie hop dicks but the guys have no problem so doesn’t matter. Im just a girl who gives happy endings whether it’s switching dicks or black guys some guys have said I have a stink loose pussy but I don’t care as long as I liked my fck. I’m also a stuck up shit talking girl because these girls can’t stand up to me! Girls lock on your men because I am the hottest tooth pick broad with no ass you will ever meet

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Famed Calgary Car Hoppers

February 18, 2014 Calgary 33 7,438 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: hello there i am here to tell you of two well known car hoppers Cody Allan Kelly and greyson hallett in the lovely city of calgery alberta they have repeatedly gonw through the city of calgary in the past two years breaking into cars and stealing many other valuables from them as well as money they on one occasion found five thousand dollars in it and took the money for their own spending purposes and again found another eight thousand dollars again for their own spending habits they have spread their crimes across the city of calgary they have done jail time but after they are released from jail they go right back to car hopping in many locations across calgary sad to say their crimes have been moved up to also stealing cars if they find keys in them even after doing jail time their crimes do not stop so chances are if your car has been broken into or stolen in the last two years these two have done it in short lock your cars up and dont leave valuables in sight if you do they will get it

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Saddle Lake Pass Around

February 14, 2014 Calgary 172 6,948 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik tell saddle lake ladies to lock down their husbands.. This scum bag will suck off anything for her next fix… She will steal your man, f*** your dad and rob your mother blind. This cum dumpster cheated on her bf of 4 years with me and pretty much every guy I introduced her too.. And gave a few of them a drd… Ariel crane is it’s name… She used to live in Calgary but she ha to move to saddle lake because everyone realized she was just a narcissist . She thinks she’s the hottest thing on earth but the only thing nice about her is when she hides in her room.. The world really would be a better place if she stayed there. Sorry Matt for fucking your girl… She wasn’t even that good bro idk how you stuck with her for so long.. Her twat stunk like a can of sardines that have been opened and left one the counter for a month. And I would’ve had more fun putting a bag over that face. But still I know she hurt you and I’m sorry I had to be a part of that.. And so does mike.. And Brent, and Steve, and Carl, and john… Ariel.. Get a job. And please just dont reproduce. I know you want this world to be a better place too so do your deed and keep those legs tight. HAHA.. That was a joke. Because we all know that will never happen. Good luck to her current boyfriend.. She will suck the air right out of you after taking you for everything youve got… Oh ya… Your not Miley Cyrus Ariel put that tongue back on your mouth.. No one wants to see your nasty teeth.. Brush that shit. And get braces.. Looks like ur teeth are pushing out of your mouth

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Ferret F’er

February 14, 2014 Calgary 19 8,283 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This dirtbag freeloading lowlife skid is VLAD and ruins everything he touches. If Satan walked this earth, it would be him. He has scabies and other disgusting diseases I wouldn’t even want to be in the same room as him because you will catch one of his nasty “bugs.” He has a pet ferret that he can’t even afford to take care of and he lives off the people around him and refuses to pay rent or bills to everyone. He won’t get a job and is the dirtiest human alive, he doesn’t shower… EVER! He also has a girlfriend but goes on dates with other broads and she KNOWS about it and stays with this dirty ferret freak.

So he crashes your couch and brings a rat with him…Hope he brings a cage.- nik

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Fat Gold Digger

February 13, 2014 Calgary, Dartmouth 51 10,511 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: hey nik . listen man i just cant stand seeing this low life piece of shit not being on here her name is tanya anderson a.k.a. tanys levy she lives in airdrie calgary now but is from dartmouth nova scotia whereever her lesbian lover goes she goes her lovers name is aimee avery used to be aimee richard a.k.a. stuck up piggy number 2 uses her man scott avery for almost everything but forgets she never had a pot to piss in growing up the 2 of them are the biggest skanks and users out there but take a look at this pic at tanya wow aint that f*cking ugly EWWWWW shaves half her head like a lil boy f*cking big butch she got her lil brother out west with her david levy the biggest low life possible got 2 kids and doesnt even try to see them or send them a christmas gift or birthday card nothing then blames the world for being rap*d by his daddy growing up and his sister both but yet there both stuck up his ass literally LOL i just dont understand how the 2 of them get away with using everyone like they do tanya calls me up every so often bitching about aimee avery how she braggs about everything lil thing she got and this n that and thinks her son is the shit but yet says how she cant stand the lil fu*ker was her own words some friend ehhh?? wow talk about phony ass people

Most people who search for gold never find it, better to give up while your ahead.- nik

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