Slums Brightest

May 12, 2014 Calgary 14 6,945 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: We all know a dwayne from some where, but is it the same dwayne nik? this sleezy ass dope head has nothing better to do but sleep with young teenagers and pop them dillys in the evening. he caused so much drama for a local girl, ran her outta town and thinks RED DEER is his own “watch out” piss this guy off and your outta town next! he lives at home with mommy and daddy and hes in his 30′s living off of his brothers insurance. poor guy! recently, he keeps him self busy scavenging around town drivin by his old friends house ‘the one whom he caused all this drama for’ and has been seen starring at the window for several hours ! for what might you ask? maybe to cure his curiosity! who knows nik! this guy is a true troublemaker. wherever and whoever u are stay away from this kid. he has two children and doesnt support either, and both mamas left him.. wonder y sleez bag! nik, can you provide some insight?

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Calgary Jiggalo

May 12, 2014 Calgary 27 9,406 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Andrew Arreaza. He’s the grossest sleaziest douche bag ever. He brings new girls over every weekend to have sex and then leaves them high and dry and never talks to them again. He\’s fcking gross and wears his raunchyness on his sleeve like it’s something to be proud of. He doesn’t only constantly fuck random girls but he also does a shit ton of blow. He’s probably diease ridden. He’s honestly disgusting, please help warn other Calgary girls of this nasty fuck.

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Devyn Shannon & Justin Gumby

May 9, 2014 Calgary, Red Deer 55 8,298 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Devyn Shannon a.k.a ( Devyn Divine) her soon to be Husband crackhead Justin Gumby . Devyn wasn’t more then just couple years ago she her self was prostituting around red deer to pay bills and support her and her child then introduced to justin few weeks later hes in love she ditches him to go suck his buddy off for 400 bucks kid starts flippin shit hits the pipe for the night and thats not harsh enough he was tring to slice up ppl split for a bit after that then the girl goes gets pregnemt year later. Near the end of her pregnency she starts stirin up her drama now that she found it that showing family shes marrying into & been best friends with for very long time that the backpages.*** in the escort section and little buisness management on the side to look like its doing something in life is just to open a brothel house or it be legel to keep human trafficing justins cusin for fck sakes and justin needs to be more of a man pull his pecker out from between his furry frodo legs stop renting out a house he stays tied to for prostitues and mth heads to flip tricks thats shit is a flop house right ? This stuff happens everywhere mostly closet cases most the time and why you ask I donno ask them why they think all this is suppose to be ok in todays society and how scadiolus can one peraon be nikki ?

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Ryan takes it in the butt Elvins

May 9, 2014 Calgary 20 9,295 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ryan Elvins nice tattoo the one the half dragon with the head of a cartoon caracter he is fostering a m*th head he met outta red deer this guy cant raise his own child let alone house a chick with two young ones already on the meth pipe theres A&B pipline labour he is huge helper in the world today real role model for children him and his friends are someone should ask him and his gf if you can borrow the kids crayons and draw fake tattoos on themselfs what a way to sin arounds kids ! The spider web of drug junkies right on just what the society needs these days ( whos gonna miss these losers when thier gone ?

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Scum Bag John Petro

May 9, 2014 Calgary, Medicine Hat 13 8,503 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: I don’t even know where to start with this guy. He lives in Medicine Hat where his girlfriend lives, but he goes to school in Calgary and fcks any girl who gives him the chance. He met me in a bar and came home with me and the next weekend I saw him leaving the same bar with another girl. This guy is a real piece of work and has his poor girlfriend completely fooled, He acts so innocent but he’s not… If you’ve slept with this guy you should get checked, he definitely makes his rounds.

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Alayna the Golf Course Pass-Around

May 9, 2014 Calgary 25 6,556 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: If you haven’t already met this chick (doubtful), STAY AWAY! She can be found at many of the golf courses in Calgary since she can’t keep a job for more than a month. This s**t is known for being a complete lunatic and going home with anyone who will tip her more than 5 dollars, even if they’re older than her father. This girl thinks shes hot shit, even though her mouth looks like a wood chipper, and her tits hang to her knees. She’s constantly cheating on her boyfriends and texting other guys all night. If you hook up with this chick make sure you double-wrap it!!

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2 Faced Holly

May 9, 2014 Calgary 8 8,469 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear Nik. Meet Holly. She likes to get down & dirty (in all ways possible) she likes knowing your friends your BF. Etc… just so she can get in bed with them. She has a baby and still leads on her dangerous destructive life style. She can out “snort” anyone. If you know what I mean. She party’s till dawn. And screws anything that has aheart beat. She is dirty 2 faced. And knows how to get around. She uses her friends for personal gain. And her good looks to get things in life. She truly is scum. She also smoked during her pregnancy and partied up until 2 months of knowing

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Dann Martin Is A Creep

May 7, 2014 Calgary 14 6,285 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Dann Martin also known as hungrytrucker and hungrytruckeryyc on Twitter and Instagram recently accused someone of cyber-stalking them when it is, in fact, he who is the cyber-stalker. Dann got mad after his sexual advances were turned down by a woman and even went as far as tweeting authorities about it. This guy is one to be avoided.

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