Calgary | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 15

Beautiful Sloot

October 28, 2014 Calgary, Grande Prairie 51

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Jessica Walsh. I knew her when she was living in Alberta, now she’s in saskatchewan or some shit. this girl is obviously drop dead gorgeous and she makes a great first impression. But she is a backstabbing slut. She definitely cheated on her boyfriend Cody while he was working up north and a few other times too. Im not the only one who knows this. Not even sure if they are still together but fuck Cody deserves to know cuz he is a legit dude and a great dad. I don’t want him catching a drd and have it be a surprise cuz the same shit is probably happening in sask. He probably already knows all this shit but yeah, this girl loves to party so she will probably blame it on that and he will probably take her back, but he deserves to know at least. come clean jessica, what goes around comes around. Never trust a hoe lol.

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Pay your Debts Bramley

October 28, 2014 Calgary, Red Deer 39

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this piece of trash is named Lance Bramley. First off he owns a shabby concrete company called Lances Concrete. Hell hire you and not pay you. I did many jobs with this guy and he stiffed me. He owes me 7000 to date. When I inquired into his business they said they cant do anything for me because he owes the government 80000 in backed taxes. While working with him he was high on pepsi the entire time. Smelled of booze too. I asked him once why we don’t work weekends and he told me he had to do his weekend jail time then. Found out he beat his ex gf so bad he got thrown in the clink. Real stand up guy. Also found out he has 5 restraining orders against him from other women and 2 from guys who he has assaulted. Hes a real creep and has 4 or 5 women on the go at all times. Claims hes rich and drives a miled out truck and crappy old Cadillac. Don\’t know why women would bother with him when he looks like a lizard. Also found out from his ex Sherry that he has herpes and gave her them. How many other women have contracted this from this scum of society? PAY YOUR DEBTS, STOP BEATING WOMEN AND DO US ALL A FAVOUR AND DISSAPEAR.

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Mr Teeny Winey

October 27, 2014 Calgary 40

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Let me introduce you to anas aldasouqi, this super fob can be found at sleezy hookah bars and clubs so dirty you could catch something as soon as you walk in the door. He acts like he is he is king sh*t until you walk in on him doing lines like there going out for style. He does shit work that he glorifies as quality stone work and a wanna be ufc fighter with nothing better to do then talk shit about everyone he knows behind their backs.I wonder if thats why you started working out so that when you get confronted you dont get your ass completely curb stomped? Maybe if you stay off the blow you might be able to get your pathetic little d*ck up. Go back to pakistan or where ever you came from and stop infecting our women.

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Compulsive Liar/Wannabe DJ

October 27, 2014 Calgary 34

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik The biggest scum bag loser, who lies about being a DJ, and lies to everyone about absolutely everything he does. Name drops like no tomorrow, and lies to get nothing but bottom of the barrel girls from the run off of roadhouse nightclub and then some. This guy lies his way to getting gigs, messes up and blames gear when its clearly his inability to DJ period, and even says hes the biggest Trap producer in Calgary. You guys be the judge. If you meet Dakota Martin anywhere, Beware. Lies through his teeth. Oh ya, and hes also sponsored by Nike and travels the world playing dj gigs, and is a world karate champion. his words.

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Medicine Hat Theif

October 22, 2014 Calgary, Medicine Hat 59

THE DIRTY ARMY: hey nik, what can I say about this skank in medicine hat. well she lives her life by sealing from all her boyfriends. she will have them move in, she will clean out your bank account then kick you out and change all the locks. keeping all your personal stuff. she did this to a friend of mine, her entire house is furnished by him. he even paid for her to have lazor eye surgery!!! I would have paid for liposuction!!! both her house and everything in it have been conned out her boyfriends!!! even her 2 dogs were taken from her BF this person gives all woman a bad name!!!

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Closet Case

October 22, 2014 Calgary 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: moe khalil and bilal elajami are sooo gay together i cant wait until there parents find out there bangin all the time and around people they act like there enemies but really there asses are itchy for each other ……and the desouki buddy has a huge mouth and talks a bunch a shit and he fcking stinks like c*m stains from bilal and moe bilal jommaa is just a low life fckin head borrows money from ppl to go rent a car and pick up under age chicks and drive them around ” i thought we caught michael jackson” and he sits around braggin hes a drug dealer moral of the story there al fcked up and stupid gay fcks

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Ashley Kinzer Possibly a Man

October 22, 2014 Calgary 29

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, 8 year DA supporter. Multiple poster. I have a problem and I might have rubbed one out to a picture of a man. I need you to review this photo of a little pig named Ashley Kinzer. He/She is currently found on seeking arrangement trying to suck gregs to get through life. I found some pics on model mayhem (since he/she is a legit model and all) and was bored so I rubbed one out after my moment of weakness I realized what I had done and need you to clear this up for me and tell him or her to get his or her life together. What do we think of sugar babies who are possible men Nik?

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Shaelene Desgroseilliers

October 21, 2014 Calgary, Red Deer 91

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet the biggest cheat! This 20 year old whore has already slept with your man guarnteed!If not yet shes about to! She thrives off attention and thinks she is the hottest player out there.Go back to BC and try out for your dream girl calendar.Excuse me but dream girls are supposed to stay loyal to their boyfriends who support your cottage cheese ass. QUIT THINKING YOUR SO HOT AND BRAGGING ABOUT YOUR BODY!!! #fckmeover#fckuover# Watch your men women this one is out for the money out to just get fcked for more attention with TIPS!!!Once a wild bills LOW TRASH uprgraded to Tilted Kilt where she blows men in the car out back. All while stealing your blow just so she can stay UP to get more attention. She lays it on so thick that shes this nice girl who wants only you. Except while shes sleeping with your man her boyfriend is at home paying her rent. Poor guy doesn’t even know! I used to be her boss till I found out she was texting MY EX to meet up with her. Her boyfriend cant make her cum she tells him so she has to have others. Always in need gold digging SLUT.She will give your Dick warts. SHAE fuked my ex this weekend and he just fucked a lotus whore. You stupid CnT!!!!!!!!!!!!Take out your FAKE hair, YOUR FAKE eye color, YOUR FAKE personality,and maybe you will do something with your life other than being a LINGERIE WAITRESS!! HAHAHAHAH! Fantastic goals! By the way your fan page? PATHETIC, you’re not a model. Your a SKANK who has warts NOW!!! LMFAO

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