Sex Offender

June 16, 2014 Calgary 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: I want all you guys to know Rex J Leniczek is a sex offender he raped me a couple years ago i am going through court for this right now but it seems it has been taking awhile so i want to get the word out there! LADIES PLEASE WATCH OUT FOR THIS MAN! he like to party a lot and even though he has sexual urges he can not control and has a very sick mind!

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Sad to say she’s from Calgary

June 16, 2014 Calgary 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: hey Nik i’d like to worn calgary and the world about this slippery snake with a venomous bite. her name is sarah brodeur shes a bipolwhore bitch with no heart she sleeps around with numerous guys and in some cases robs them blind. take this about five months ago she was getting to know someone overseas and told him if they got married she would sponsor him to visit canada, after he welcomed her to his country and spent his life savings on showing her a good time and a wedding ofcourse, it turns out she was just playing him,after a month of love in beautiful beirut she returned home and told him to get lost. lets remember people what we make here in an hour people in third world countries make in a week. she left this young man filled with dreams mentally and financially broke. not cool sarah, i wanna call you low but that would be speaking highly of you

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Big Blond Slore

June 16, 2014 Calgary 28

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this girl here is the biggest whore of tropicana every time she goes to tropicana she goes home with someone new………. Her name is Rebecca Tanner, she’s has a boyfriend and cheats every time she goes out. She sleeps with married men and it doesn\’t bother her. She doesn’t have many friends cause she likes to fuck her friends men. She is dirty, she doesn\’t even use condoms so she may be an infected ho everybody watch out for this girl she ruins relationships and friendships all for dick….. She only goes for black guys but from different countries than her man is from… Her man is good to her and all she does is fck around… Steer clear of this big blond ugly bitch….

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Masquerading Christian Boy

June 16, 2014 Calgary 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: Adam Dormus. a man who things its alright to use a trip thats supposed to be about ‘finding himself’, as an excuse to ‘find’ ways to get his dick wet. here’s the sitch: girlfriend of a year, loyal, hot, kind-hearted, truly cares for and loves him, and he says he loves her. so they take the plunge; move in together. everything seems to be going well until this whole ‘finding himself’ thing comes up. whereupon, he just up and goes to north carolina, once there, almost completely ceases communication, doesn’t return phone call or texts, even when his gf is in the hospital, instead states 2 days later that he needs a break. so his gf, we’ll call her ‘m’, decides to be a decent human being, and look past how much hes already hurt her, and give him some time to think like he asked for. so a week goes by, she hears nothing, and then randomly he’s back in Calgary. she tries to talk to him, he blows her off. she has no idea what’s going on, he’s stopped all forms of communication, but is still living in the same house as her. finally, m has had enough and demands he give her some idea of what’s going on. he then breaks it off with her, no explanation given. 2 hours later, he’s writing love notes to this girl in North Carolina, on twitter and Facebook. then, not even a month after they break up, hes moving her up to Calgary into his, and his ex, m’s, house. that they picked out, they furnished so ladys beware who knows how long he can keep his dick in his pants, he has crabs…

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Easytail Gold Diggah

June 13, 2014 Calgary, Edmonton 70

THE DIRTY ARMY: Steph Easytail HOE bag is all about gold diggin’ and stealin’ older womanz husbandz. 1st things 1st she was a complete HOE to begin with doesn’t even know who her oldest bb daddy is, then she ruins her name in Saddle Lake and moves to Calgary cause all the dudes be talking bout her floppy deuce. So she goes and finds a married man who is what? 70 with kids her age and starts sneakin around with him on the side. Now she is set for life steals him away from the wife starts poppin kidz out left right and centre field from him. Did I forget to mention he is a band council member of Sarcee, this lil HOE lives off her suga’ not having to work or lift a finger and has 3 or 4 kids now. Poor kidz are always getting ditched cause her suga’ can afford a nanny taking trips all over North America leaving all them poor lil ones with who knows…what she gonna do when he cant get it up no more or if he dont make it to council? move on to the next lil ol man who will fall for her skinny lil ass! did i forget to mention her jaw makes her look like a drag queen.

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Tessa Mason

June 13, 2014 Calgary, Red Deer 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: Tessa Lee Mason is a huge whore in this city. As well as being a bad mother. she has a beautiful little girl and she would rather go out to the bars every weekend and hook up with guys who weren’t her boyfriend at the time. she thinks she is some hot shit but in reality she is a whale who wears to tight of clothing. mostly cheetah. when she puts make up on to try and loom better she looks worse cause she over does it. she left her boyfriend who cared about her and her daughter more than anything for the babies daddy who just got out of prison and had wished they both would die while she was in labor. this girl right here is one of the Lotus Sluts when she goes out.

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Ratchet Shady PC Chaser

June 13, 2014 Calgary, Edmonton 110

THE DIRTY ARMY: Where do i start… this slore had been entered more times then a MacDonald’s bathroom… from hitting up hall parties and anywhere poor Caribbean men hang out trying desperately to get any man who looks her way to whoring in Edmonton to make ends meet.. gross.. she fcks her friends husbands and stays there best friends she uses any man for money a phone or food and rent cause she cant get a job.. man i wonder sometimes if her hole can still handle the dick and it dont flop out cause shes soo loose just recently she got pregnant by another man who has a woman did know who bbdad was and aborted it in less then a week. wow talk about no morals or value for your body.. shes nothing but a low life slut.. she likes to talk shit behind everyones back and the guy in the picture yea thats her poor husband who left her ass once he realized how dirty and disgusting she is… shes also a self proclaimed crazy ass bitch but only knows how to run her mouth and scratch up cars she jealous of everyones happiness.. she needs to have the gold star of this website. she also has a 8 year old daughter who she leaves at school and boys and girls club so she can fuck the first man who walks through her door… wow Mother of the year i tell ya.. watch out for this one.. might catch some DRD from that nasty cooch.. claiming people pssy stank when her is stretched beyond belief and smells like rotted cock. watch out black men of calgary and edmonton this ones on the loose. and i mean loose!

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Gold Digging Blundell

June 13, 2014 Calgary 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: This fat tub of shit is Haleigh Blundell. Where do I even begin with this one. She is a unemployed, self absorbed drama queen. She sits on her ass all day getting fat while her currant victim/boyfriend/personal bank account, Casey works to pay for her nails and whatever else this leach needs. Because of her, her latest victim is already in debt and has fcked up his credit. And when Casey doesn’t have cash she starts to treat him like shit and orders him around more then usually. Haleigh, you need to stop going from man to man living off them and taking what you want. Why don’t you go get knocked and not know who the daddy is so your mom forces you to abort it, oh wait you all ready did that. Maybe you should learn what a fcking condom is or closer your tree trunk legs before you fck up someone’s life with your dirty spawn. Nik please put this one on blast, this self entitled bitch needs a wake up call. Btw her older sister Kyleigh Bludell has been on here before as well. I guess being a dirty gold digging whore runs in the family.

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