Calgary | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 15

Hobbema Refugee

September 9, 2014 Calgary, Red Deer 81

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Shelby M. Krause, this wanna be gangster whore is simply pathetic. She will climb on any finger tattoo’n moron that has served any time…. Ass to mouth back to ass is how this girl rolls, if you met her in person, even for Hobbema trash she isn’t bad to look at if you roll that way. But you see how she lives and how totally drd’n she is and its sad. I feel for her kid who will end up in the system by the time he is nine, she is well known by RCMP, and this gutter slut moves from guy to guy, given her boy a new daddy every three months. The guy that with her now has no idea about her dating sites, and multiple guys shes working on the side. This is no fit mother, and should be run back to the reservation permanently. If your lookin for a loose fittn hooch, with a worn out ass with no skills other than being a cum dumpster shes your gal. Hopefully her guy wises up and sees her for the tramp she is. Eventually social services will end up with her kid due to her drug habits and life choices…another victim of the system.

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Calgary Dumpster

September 9, 2014 Calgary 100

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this Nasty Hoe Name Is Maria Gibbons Shes Nothing Just A Deadbeat Mom Still Doesnt Know Who Her Bbdaddy Is Stupid Slut Couldnt Hack Out Being a Mom So Instead She Turned Into A Big Hoe After She Gave Up Her Son And Top It Off This Bitch Thinks Shes Gods Gift Just Cause She Has Some Ass And Some Tits And All She Does Is Talk Shit About All The Ppl Shes Cool With But When In Reality Everybody Talks Shit About Her. And Shes A Cheap Hoe Gets Money From Old Men And All She Does Is Fuck Around With Black Men And Then Hits Up Everyone Of Her Friends Boyfriends.Plus Shes Going Around Saying Shes Pregnant By Some Black Guy When Shes Just A Side Bitch. Someone Needed To Put This Bitch On Blast.

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Eric Tailfeathers

September 9, 2014 Calgary 29

THE DIRTY ARMY: he is well known to the scene, and cheered on for it. typical guys. but little did you know this gross little skeaze gave his poor pregnant ex girlfriend ch***a, and he still spreads it on to this day? ladies wear a condom if you’re that desperate to sleep with him! who knows what he has now after being with back with two of his exes who are also known sluts bags. Why? because he is a depressed alcoholic, if he’s not chugging down a 2’6 I wouldn’t be surprised he’s sweaty messed up on his mistress Molly trying to grind up on underaged drugged out girls at raves. Keep an eye out and stay away from Walking drd’s

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Kaitlin Dixon

September 9, 2014 Calgary 160

THE DIRTY ARMY: Kaitlin Sleazy Drunk Dixon, is a well known home wrecker. (she is not afraid to be a rebounded mistake when a family has hit the rocks) she has been known to be a total black out, maybe calm down on going out when you’re not sneaking shots from the club you work at. Maybe it’s time for you to put down the bottle and check into rehab. Why? because the love of her life threw her out for being a raging alcoholic now she has to scam on poor innocent loyal girls boyfriends. btw, where is your bum in that photo?

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Ian Campbell Adams

September 9, 2014 Calgary, Kelowna 31

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ladies in the Kelowna and Calgary areas: this is Ian Campbell Adams, a manipulative piece of skum. He will sweep you off your feet, make you feel comfortable, get you to open up, tell you he loves you and he will also claim to have a strong career and life goals. He is smarter then the average bear, and will take his time slowly screwing you over. Don’t let him fool you, he uses women for their money and sex. He runs around with different women stuffing as much cocaine up his nose and liquor down his throat as possible, all while his four month pregnant girlfriend sits at home without the slightest idea. He is out on a 10,000$ bail for major bank fraud. He will tell you that he paid the bail himself, but in reality his girlfriend paid for it, and also gives him a 100$/week allowance. Most pathetic disgusting human being I have ever met.

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Cave Women of Medicine Hat

September 9, 2014 Calgary, Medicine Hat 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this here is Steven Stinson(aka Cheddar) and his disgusting girlfriend Danielle Cooper(aka Dani Stinson,corryann cooper,Amanda buck,cortny cooper,cortny stinson) these people so so fucking nasty is amazing they haven’t been posted on here before. First off they bed for food money and pet food they constantly ask for 3 sums with EVERYONE but usually when some idiot falls for it its just Danielle fucking someone else while cheddar watches/ videotapes no matter how old usually under 18 they both disgusting pigs who don\’t know how to clean up after them selves they leave mcdonals and other various fast food hidden in there room for weeks before eating it, Danielle’s even go as far as having sex or offering sexual favors for fast food(taco time,taco bell,KFC and McDonald), animan food and money, they also don’t know how to clean up after there animals as Danielle never changes the one cat box she has for all 30 of her cats one time she just took the nasty cat shit filled box and just put it down stairs so no one would see it.. Cheddars on wish because he’s to lazy to work and would rather sit on his as eating and playing video games its no wonder he’s not aloude to see his kid. Danielle claims to have a job but in reality she baby sits once or twice a month until she loses the job for stealing, they pawn anything they can get there hands on just to get there fast food fix and pot. Oh and Danielle’s been trying to get pregnant FOREVER but can’t probably because she’s an anerexic crack head, she constantly thinks she’s pregnant and will even tell people she’s pregnant then will get mad when she reilises she’s not. They hord animals(30+ cats and 10+ dogs along with god knows why other animals) they move from city to city because eventually they piss off so many people they get an out of town.. Currently there in Lethbridge Alberta using every reasorce possible. Both Danielle and cheddar have genital worts that they refuse to get treated for and Danielle repeatedly has the clap.. Neither one showers or baths unless its aish day and there going to taco time or taco bell, Danielle/Cheddar your both Disgusting people all you do is lie and steal from your friends,family,people you”work” for. You lie to the government to get free money to blow on drugs and god knows what else. Stop begging people for food,money,animals food and get a fucking life, give your animals away to better homes where people can actually look after them get REAL fucking jobs and quit bumming around,its no wonder your family’s and everyone else hates you

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Sara Dawn

September 8, 2014 Calgary 72

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Sara Dawn Lavigne she’s a fking loser she has no friends, failed grade 12 math barely graduated talks down to everyone because she’s a piece of sh*t and she knows it. She’ll do anything to make her self feel better since she was 16 EVEN IN LONG TIME RELATIONSHIPS she goes on pof looking for dudes who want to sleep with her and then “hangs out with them” its absolutely pathetic. Shes one of the dumbest people ive met and she tries harder than anyone to fit in with all the hardcore kids even though she looks like a complete dumba$$ and everyone can tell. She also tries to tell everyone shes smart but could only get in to a shitty university for japanese classes. And shes a pyscho she has to see a therapist for attention because her parents dont love her one time this ugly hoe tried to send my bf pictures of another girl to try to get me to break up with him. Id also never go to her house its absolutely filthy and her dad is like 600 pounds.

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Low Life Lindsey

September 8, 2014 Calgary, Windsor 148

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik This dirty girl is Lindsey D my cousin. She had a baby and then left it with her mother a year and a half ago so she could move out to calgary with some goof she met online. Now she just parties it up in Calgary and never gives her baby she left in windsor a second thought. This girl just does massive amounts of drugs and steals money from her family honestly the baby is probably better off with out her. The last I heard of her (from a family member) she was in backpage. Lindsey get ur shit together you’re supposed to be a mom.

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