Calgary | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 2

Jennie Linnington

November 17, 2014 Calgary 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Jennie Anne Louise Linnington. She is the nastiest girl I have ever met. She dated her boyfriend Gareth for a year and a half before he went to jail. While he was in jail she was living at his parents house and fcked two different guys in her boyfriends bed! She snuck boys in and out of her boyfriends parents house for a few months until she finally moved back in with her parents. She eventually got pregnant from a different guy while her boyfriend was still in jail, and then had an abortion. She is the most bi-polar, self-centred bitch I have ever met. She needs a reality check ASAP. Her tattoos are awfully done but she is so proud of them, and her teeth look like she got kicked in the face by a horse! I mean, it makes sense though she did grow up in Bowness. She will fck anything that moves and I warn every guy to not touch her, you will regret it forever!

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Honest Gogo

November 17, 2014 Calgary 37

THE DIRTY ARMY: Tori McGuire is a go go dancer in Calgary and I just want to say, Really Tori ? Have you no shame ?!

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Emily Smith

November 14, 2014 Calgary, Sacramento, San Jose 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: Emily Smith is a nineteen year old scene slut that works at the Lieutenants Pump. On week days when she isn’t cheating on her boyfriend Graham Finnigan after work, she’s at Mavericks watching what ever shitty local band is playing and taking selfies with all the dudes she’s slept with. This girl plays the pity card by whinning about how her parents died and how badly she wants to move back to Alberta because she leads such a hard life. It must be so having unprotected sex with every guy you meet and having two abortions in one year. This girl is stage five clinger material and if you attempt to even get her drunk, she’ll even go on a little rant about how pop punk she is and what her next hair color is going to be. This little girl is the epitome of self pity and everything attention seeking. Oh, don’t forget her two bffs, Nathan Farren and Ryan Wilson who sleep with anything as young as 14 and spread chlamydia among the city. Gosh, she has such a hard life, dont you think.

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Old Hag

November 13, 2014 Calgary 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this grandmas name is theresa horseman she almost 50 years old and she is fcking a 20 year old.. he is younger than all of her kids… could you say dirt nasty? She has her lip pierced and she dies her hair pink. What kind of old lady does that. She has grand children. She just up and left her husband one day and never came home. He left and the 20 yr old bf moved in. She deserves to be put on here she is nothing but a old hag who is tryna live like she is 20 years old.. bitch take out that disgusting lip ring, quit dying your hair pink and grow up! Try dating someone who is older than your kids you sick pig.

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Matt Hansen – Broke as a joke

November 12, 2014 Calgary, Red Deer 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey niki Matt Hansen is the biggest douchbag man whore In red deer !! This loser never works parties mooches off his friends drives a lifted truck *not suprised * he can’t even afford goes for underage girls with kids any kind of girl ugly or hot hes fcked over all my buddies so sick an tired man this playa needs a good shit kicking knock some sense into this kid ! He’s probably carrying some sort of disease the amount this kid gets around girls check your selfs he hangs out anywhere and everywhere mainly lotus picking up the young ones he lies to all of his friends every single girl fcks his friends girlfriends or exs behind there backs gets them fucked on drugs pretry sad can’t trust this shady fck look out bro and watch your back …

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Thunder Thighs

November 12, 2014 Calgary, Toronto 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: This fugley bitch I used to work with gave me the c**p. She’s got drunk and slept with all her coworkers, Toronto, London Ontario and now calgary Alberta. Not many can stand working with her as she is an unskilled, uncouth cnt. She needs to have people wasted to actually sleep with her because come on. Yellow teeth, pig eyes and fat flabby arms and thunder thighs, are really not attractive. She was ‘dating\’ me when she managed to get our drunk boss to fuck her skanky fat ass. Currently pretending to be in a relationship when in reality the cellulite covered bitch got dumped. As is normal when someone sobers up and says hey bitch not ever going to be stuck with you. Be careful when your out on the town. Drunk 10′s are really not even a 1. Beer goggles suck and come with the clap. Apparently.

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Sloppy Escort

November 12, 2014 Calgary, Montreal 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: Rebecca A Brazill a dirty cunt face whore who loves dick and would do anything for the money shes known for escorting in montreal laval .She goes all the way to Calgary every week or two to escort.She does anal,threesomes..anything.Shes what we call a thot .

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Calgary Pepsi Head Grimaldi

November 12, 2014 Calgary 29

THE DIRTY ARMY: Where to start?. I’m sure many of you will recognize this slore right off the bat. Nik, this girl clearly has no self respect for herself or anyone else as she is constantly screwing her friends over and her boyfriends. She works at Sait and is always hooking up with the students she works for. We have partied many of times and you can usually find her hiding out in thr bathroom doing lines of pepsi of random guys dicks. Almost all my guy friends and their friends have hooked up with this slore on more then one occasion shes known to sleep with drug dealers in exchange for blow. Im surprised she has not been put on blast yet. She has a kid that she never sees, which is probably a good thing. Props to the father for raising the kid. I’ll let the comments give you more of a look into what this slore is about.

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