Maninder (Rinku) Toor

July 28, 2014 Calgary 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy is the slum of Calgary. He is a total piece of shit. He is always high if not on weed then cocaine. He passes out in random places from being to drunk or high! He can be seen on strangers lawn’s passed out face down. This is someone who needs serious help! He goes to West and Black Betty to try and pick up girls, so beware! He will tell any girl anything she wants to hear to get in her pants, his main pick up line is “lets get high”, or “wana smoke some weed”, and then if that doesn’t work the “lets get drunk”… this is the way he gets girls and into their pants, by intoxicating them in some form! So girls stay away! Its also been herd that he has used roofies before to get girls! And another thing, he is known to take naked pictures of girls that end up with him, and then distribute them among his sick-o friends! He goes to SAIT, for any poor girl that is unfortunate enough to run into him at gateway the bar their. He has also been spotted at the Den at the U of C. This is someone who starts drinking in the morning, and keeps drinking till he passes out somewhere! This is a daily and regular thing for this guy!

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Saratoga Broduer

July 28, 2014 Calgary 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik This is Calgarys dirtiest sloot, she plays two three guys at a time looking for guys that sell drugs to support her drug habit and to fulfill her dirty habits like sucking dick and swallowing cum, and it gets better she has genital wa**s but she won’t say. She’ll tell you she’s never had a std in her life. I feel like if you know something like this about a girl spreading disease everywhere wanting to hurt people, all the while acting innocent, it’s our duty to let the world know so people don’t get diseases or hurt. If you reading this and your seeing this girl run cause she will honestly wreck your life. This post is 100% true don’t say the dirty didn’t warn you.

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Beached Whale

July 28, 2014 Calgary 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This fattys name is Sara Girling. She runs around the city flaunting her rolls like its something to be proud of. She thinks shes the hottest thing around and is always bragging how she lives a VIP lifestyle. Shes a sales associate at a MAC kiosk. Hunny theres nothing VIP about you at all, you sleep with people for guestlist at clubs. Its time to put down the gin and stop getting wasted everyday. Grow up and lose some weight barstar.

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Tammy Le Is A Gold Digger

July 25, 2014 Calgary, The Dirty 181

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Tammy Le.  She jumps from drug dealer to drug dealer. She acts like she is so balling but really she ain’t. She works at TD Bank in Chinook mall. Her last boyfriend was breaking up with her and she wanted money but he wouldn’t give any. I was sitting beside her as she called crime-stopers and reported him and everything he does an where he lives ect. feel sorry for him. She think she is hot shit for driving a Mercedes but really she didn’t buy sh*t her other ex boyfriend bought her this ride and she makes such fun of him. She makes so much fun of steven its unreal.  Talks about all her so called close friends behind all of there backs. I know cause she been doing this past few weeks around me. Probably talk about me when I’m not around either. She will f*ck any drug dealer that’s for sure.  Flash her some money and she will love you.

Tammy Le looks like she gives good foot massages.- nik

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Canadian Dime

July 25, 2014 Calgary, The Dirty 169


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, never say they’re aren’t dimes in Canada. Nikki’s a natural beauty! Lets make a Canadian girl your 2014! She lacks the +2′s but thats fixable. Great ass, tight body. Great smile and eyes. Tattoos can be covered. Come on Nik, admit this she’s the hottest thing from Canada! Representing Alberta girls! She actually dated Madchild for a bit.

Can we cut off her arm?- nik

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Victoria Gerula

July 24, 2014 Calgary 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this slut right here is the biggest whore attention meth addict in all of canada. She thinks she’s all hot shit wth her anorexic body, stealing people’s boyfriends… Or trying to at least… She recently moved back to Calgary because she can’t deal with her drunk fionce… Lol ever think you pushed him to drink by being such a slut? Everyone in Calgary hates this bitch and knows to keep their men on a tight leash. She loves to use people and sleep around for mth or what ever drugs she can get her hands on. She probably has Aida from all the puddles and sex. Says she is a model … It’s that face lol you gotta pay the model agencies to take her photo, so they can stomach her body and face. Watch put for this girl she will lie her way into your life and like drd… Won’t go away!!!!

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Victoria is a whore-o-ya

July 24, 2014 Calgary 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this girl here is the biggest mth head slut in the whole country. She is a home wrecker and will sleep around with your man so ladies watch out, She was ‘engaged to some guy in Ontario in niagra falls, and now is apparently back in Calgary. She has been around my girls baby’s dads place probably trying to get him to smoke meth and fck him like she always does. Everyone in Calgary hates this nasty bitch.. She got so many people addicted to meth just so she can sleep around and be a whore, she says she is a model lol more like an escort!!!! Ladies hold your Mann tight when this bitch comes around…. She will lie and take your house and home..

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Jailbird Jessica

July 24, 2014 Calgary 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: Please nik put this bitch on blast. This is Jessica roboch. She’s one of the biggest sluts in Calgary. This girl likes to run her mouth she thinks she’s so tough because her boyfriend is in jail. Funny fact both of them are snitches she starts shit then call the cops. Even her boyfriend checked into protective custody because he ratted on people in the pen. This girl thinks she’s hot shit but really she’s ugly and looks like a rat look at her nose! This girl has fucked more guys than anyone can keep count. She meets guys from jail to fck. She’s 16 her boyfriend is 30. So gross right? Well it gets better this girl has genital hurpies, but she won’t tell anyone. Watch out boys before your the rats next victim. The world needs to know. She cakes makeup on her face daily because the ugly mug under it would kill someone. This girl needs help or to end her life. She has no friends cause she steals and lies and will fuck their boyfriends. Jus wait it gets better this girl goes around downtown trying to fuck guys for drugs. She even posts on craigslist ads about herself for sex. This girl is one of the nastiest bitches I even had the misfortune of meeting. She smells like fish so bad you can’t even have the windows closed in a car. Yuck! She has had mulitple drds. Her drd how ever are for life and the poor men of Calgary need to be warned

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