Mizgan Bahrambic Sloot

September 15, 2014 Calgary 66

THE DIRTY ARMY: Missy bic…this skanky afghani is a gold digging biatch who only goes after married men and men who are in relationships because she’s a classless who’re that f*cks anything and anyone with a little bit of money and a nice ride. She is hardcore into drugs and alcohol…if you give her a ride in ur fancy car, she wil l suck ur GREG any time of the day regardless if the person clean or dirty! Everyone in calgary needs to stay away from this c*nt or be prepare to get tested with drd! She stalks men who’ve already f*cked and chucked her! If you all know whats beat for you, keep ur men away dom tho hoooooe…good luck missy!

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Calgary’s Bike

September 15, 2014 Calgary 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl is most deserving of being on this site. She runs around the city, finding whatever guy gives her attention, has sex with him and leaves him with a nasty drd… she will sleep with every guy in a group of friends and then wonder why they all treat her like the slutty bimbo that she is. Total cum dumpster. This is a warning to all guys.. if you decide to lower yourself and actually hook up with this total mess, MAKE SURE YOU WRAP IT, and if you hit it raw, make sure you make an appointment asap.

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Not a man or Father

September 15, 2014 Calgary 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Colin Roberts he Is a bad human being that shouldn’t be alive after what I am about to tell you he got two girls pregnant one he can barley support and the other he said wanted the girl to get an abortion and that he can’t afford to help the second girl cause he can’t fit anymore kids in his life style which is tattooing and piercing people he will tattoo and pierce any girl and get them to party with him just to have sex with that girl dude if you can’t afford to have anymore kids keep your fucking dick in your pants and then you wont have girls chasing you for child support or help so men hold onto your girlfirends or wives and ladies warning STAY away from the despicable human being please I don’t want to see this happen to you like it did to us two other girls….

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Kimberley Fivehead Simeon

September 15, 2014 Calgary 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this witch looking twig thinks she’s a milf.. uhh k then. Kimmy is a well-known slut/pass around. She loves sucking gregs and loves when they shoot off on her huge forehead or should i say fivehead. this little gremlin likes to talks down to and talk shit about everyone. She acts like she is superior to everyone when really she ain’t shit. She’s a sneaky, conniving ratface bitch. She also loves to act like she\’s so ballin when all she does is sit on her bony ass and collect a cheque. She has no drivers licence and trys to act like hot shit driving around. She always trys to hide her bald eyebrows and HUGE airplane landing strip she calls her forehead. Trys to act all innocent but she\’s just an evil little cunt just like her mom. Her best friend’s siste\’s baby daddy and her were even together sucking face at the club. Nasty, and no loyalty for people who are your supposed, “fam.” she also was hooking up with her baby daddies best friend. A lot of people have been through her and she even had chlamydia, gross. she thinks she’s some sort of saint because she popped a baby out of her nasty hole. yet shes always at the club. if you see her at Boudoir Rouge or any other place where her and her skanks congregate make sure you spit in her face and rub her eyebrows off.

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Not a man or Father

September 15, 2014 Calgary 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Colin Roberts aka know a squishy…..this person isn’t a man he is a boy he got one of my old friends pregnant and isn’t helping her support his daughter and then got another girl pregnant and said he can’t support anymore kids right now cuz he can barley support himself or his other child told this girl to get rid of the children and goes around talking about it like he is proud of saying it so lady’s I am warning stay away from him please he is bad news I promise you this ll he can afford in his life is tattooing and piercing himself and other people and he will try to talk you into letting him tattoo or pierce you for sex lady’s or to party with him for sex so again I warn you stay away from him.

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Dirt Squirrel

September 11, 2014 Calgary 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: dis is who I like to call the “flying squirrel” She has sooo much extra skin (you know the hamburger type) that she could stretch it out, and literally glide off of a building. When she walk’s it’s all JIGGLE JIGGLE JIGGLE, soooo much jiggle, its disgusting..go on a diet, or mabie get a docter to cut off all that extra skin and fat. chu need it. She’s also a homewrecker, she likes to hook up with me that are taken and then fuck them in the storage room at her work. and then years later, lies about it. even though everyone that worked at carl’s junior knows its true. as a co-worker walked in on her being a skank with a guy who was in a relationship. this girl “melissa johnson” is grotesque. when she was little a dog took one look at her and thought to itsself “your fcken ugly, fatty penguin” and ripped off her top lip…now she looks like shes got a cleft lip! lmao!!!! ugly face to go with her ugly soul. she thinks shes all hot shit. which is kind sad( I kinda feel bad for her..poor girl is so blind to her ugliness, and the fact that she looks like a MAN….sweety start taking some estrogen pills!!! your wayyyyy to masculine..im sure a platic surgeon could work wonders with ur face to make u look more like a female, than a transsexual that u look like…I wonder if her current boyfriend is really gay?? i guess time will tell

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The Sexless Innkeeper

September 11, 2014 Calgary 48

THE DIRTY ARMY: She has no where to live so she fcks whoever has a house . Bur while doing so sucks the life outta everyone. Thru there penis or even there jugular….plus she look like the . Alien from the cartoon tripping the rift .. U know the alien with four hooves. ..anyways u ca. Smell her coki. Down the block . Which I way I’ve hopped off my nose. Cuz she’s always on my corner hooking for cheeseburger s

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Hobbema Refugee

September 9, 2014 Calgary, Red Deer 53

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Shelby M. Krause, this wanna be gangster whore is simply pathetic. She will climb on any finger tattoo’n moron that has served any time…. Ass to mouth back to ass is how this girl rolls, if you met her in person, even for Hobbema trash she isn’t bad to look at if you roll that way. But you see how she lives and how totally drd’n she is and its sad. I feel for her kid who will end up in the system by the time he is nine, she is well known by RCMP, and this gutter slut moves from guy to guy, given her boy a new daddy every three months. The guy that with her now has no idea about her dating sites, and multiple guys shes working on the side. This is no fit mother, and should be run back to the reservation permanently. If your lookin for a loose fittn hooch, with a worn out ass with no skills other than being a cum dumpster shes your gal. Hopefully her guy wises up and sees her for the tramp she is. Eventually social services will end up with her kid due to her drug habits and life choices…another victim of the system.

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