Calgary | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 2

Airdrie Sloot

December 17, 2014 Calgary 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is , Sharla Sally Robinson. She is a dirty crack whore that will do anything for a bit of rock she hoped on my buddys dick for 2 hours just for one bump of cocaine she currently goes around airdrie looking for guys two pay her 5$ for bj’s and 10$ to put it in her ass she is full of diseases and infected 4 of my friends she is not to be trusted for the fact she is a head and will say anything to get you into bed.

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Laura Mariee

December 17, 2014 Calgary 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: this is laura mariee , one of cochranes skanky residents . she’s been with over fifty guys !!! (who the hell would sleep with that?!?) she spends her weekends getting drunk and trying to find somebody to sleep with . the thought of it just makes me wanna gag .

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Liar and User

December 16, 2014 Calgary 41

THE DIRTY ARMY: So Nik, this is Cory and I’m putting him on blast because I want everyone to know how he treats women. We were together and each time we broke up, he always caused it by either lying or using me. He got mad at me for being nice and buying him stuff. not to mention, he’s also racist. He said he won’t date a white girl and he’d only date colored women or Filipinos”. Ladies, if you happen to get with this guy, be careful because he WILL treat you like crap and use you for money and/or sex. He is nothing but a lying asshole.

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Shianne Cabral

December 16, 2014 Calgary, Red Deer 40

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Shianne Cabral. Many of you may know her. She is a scum to the streets of red deer. Used to be a crack dealer but got caught slipping and ratted out the squad. She witnessed a murder and pointed the finger but the officer she speaks to (mathes) always gets her off the hook. Everybody sit and think everytime she comes around the cops are soon to follow. I have videos and texts of her telling me how much she gets for Glendale or calgary folk or anyone she knows about. Most recent was some girl pot dealer. If it’s not all making sense it keeps going. She rolls with mad cows but anytime there around mathes and his friends get an arrest. All remember New Years murder. Her friends and she witnessed. Her boy she helped on the run was arrested and guess what?? She was there. Even crazier is the cop she speaks to here in Rd was the arresting officer! Out of province but such a coincident. Not to mention the bitch was starved out from being a worker girl. She fucking smelled and everyone hated the money wasted on her. When she isn’t trying to trick on her own she’s waiting on her welfare cheques or throwing any dealers under the bus for 1500 here and there. She’s a gross ugly schemin bitch who needs to be put down. Has had child services called so many times they know her all to well. So many baby sitters looking for her for money. She pawns her boy off to anyone who is stupid enough to believe her lies. You have all herd it before. The bank messed up my internet doesn’t work im western union it to you. This bitch is the definition of ratchet. Ruins peoples stuff threatens to smash window or bear mace you. Shes a fuking big gummed sideshow bob looking bitch. All be careful she plays to be friends but if you’re working she’s using you or setting you up.

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Third Time on Here

December 16, 2014 Calgary 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: Okay so, this cnt just needs to be put on blast again. Her name is Cherie Nikki D on FB. She clearly doesn’t get that NONE cares about this slut nor do we want to read her pathetic statuses about how she went to the hospital because of “panic” attacks. LOL I guess if I woke up every morning looking like her id have panic attacks too! This thing, thinks shes a model and makes statuses asking for people to take photos of her ugly ass yet NONE reposed to her cry’s to be a so called model. You’re more ugly then the trash bins sitting in the ally. All this “thing” can get are nasty natives that are drunk the whole time while fucking her. Her baby daddy is one of them, she doesn’t even have her kid….She just focuses on boys, partying and how she thinks shes NOT butt ugly and wants to be a model. Bahaha, the only reason I have her added is to laugh at all the pathetic things she says. People bitch, continue embarrassing yourself in front of everyone. People are just laughing at you. Best part is this things family is just as ugly as her, she calls her one sister her twin and damn she has that right! They look like drag queens. For fck sake’s Cherie, get a grip on life, know your place and stop all these pathetic statues, stop going to parties where none wants you there and stick to your nasty family and nasty “boyfriends’ you pick up off the street. Only thing that likes you is your cat. What a sad sad, and ones again, PATHETIC thing you are. & STOP TAKING SELFIES! YOURE UGLY!!!

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I keep getting older, but the girls stay the same age

December 15, 2014 Calgary 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: Everyone meet Jerry Devlin, hes one of the dirtiest motherfuckers out there. If he’s not on a dating site scouting for oblivious girls, or searching for anyone to suck his dick, he is likely out at a college bar trying to pick up the drunkest girl there. There’s no limitations for this man. Warning to all women! He’s married to some Mexican immigrant,, that he married within two months of marrying. Not only does he frequently look for reasons to fck around on her, he actually seeks a vunerable girl any place he goes. He has fcked girls who were passed out drunk at the bar in olds. He’s known for his big Orange and black Ford truck. He’s a loose cannon and will hit a woman, and has many times. It doesn’t matter how nice to him you are, how good you treat him… He will always be hiding girls numbers in his phone, asking to hookup anywhere at any time while his wife is at work. He even brings women into his home that he shares with his wife and fcks women on the bed he shares with his wife. He will claim that they are always fighting, but he is innocent!! He swears to it. He’s known for fucking anything that’ll open its legs for him. He will even go as far as tell you that he will leave paula for you… He won’t. He’s a disease ridden rig pig loser. Steer clear of this creep because you’ll regret it, he will stalk, harass and bother you for life. He has no problem talking shit about his wife to the next potential piece of ass, and he will tell you anything to have your legs wrapped around his head. He’s from sundre alberta but lives around the calgary area. He’s also very known to police for being a complete nut job.

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Kanoll Troll

December 14, 2014 Calgary 44

THE DIRTY ARMY: well every one this is c athy k noll she is the fcking biggist slut ever she playes guys like bitches and cheats on them like crazy all of her fcking whore friends are here cuz there the same as her.. she is so fcking gross she has a naice little bag on her tummy to suprise you….she gave my bro the c**p and h** c she is a fcking piece of trash and the world should know it she treats her baby daddy like shit and it makes me sick. THIS BITCH IS NOTHING BUT TRUBLE AND A SORE DICK!!!!! anyways people watch out for this trap

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Yvonne Lynn Scott

December 14, 2014 Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg 105

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl right here is a prostitute that travels from the states to Canada and hides behind the fact that she’s really shitty at trying to be a DJ. My ex got chl***dia from her when she was running her game on him and his friends in the club like she does regularly. Yvonne Scott really likes to be gang banged by 5+ guys at one time, that’s why she likes to hang out around the rigs because she’s a cock thirsty tranny looking whore. For $100 dollars you can smell her fish stanched vagina and touch her sangy tits. She loves being a prostitute and she’ll walk around clubs half naked asking people if their interested in being her clients. She’s a used up whore, and her vagina is so loose from taking so many dicks it’s been said that you can’t even feel anything when your railing her. If you fall into her trap you’ll probably wake up with sores all over your penis like my ex did, and be itching for days. Her nipples are huge cookie nipples and the smell that comes off of her vagina is so retched you gag the whole time your inside. Not to mention when you pull it out it’ll be covered in green goop. If you see this mess RUN FAST she’s diseased and a gold digging fake prostitute. She can barley speak english cause she\’s so high on drugs all the time . She’ll try to convince you to do her bareback because she has a fetish for spreading diseases, she said so herself.

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