Hailey Poggemoeler gets around

April 16, 2014 Calgary 23 6,205 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hailey Poggemoeler. This dirty slut steals from everyone she knows, she used to sleep around with everyone downtown. She uses you to pay her rent, her bills, and she even uses you for insurance on her vehicle when she has no license. Her dirty 32 year old boyfriend (she is 18) had k**led an innocent girl, and she lies to police about his story and about him all the time. Her boyfriend uses kids that aren’t even his to get out of jail. This bitch needs to learn a lesson, she needs to learn respect. If anyone knows her or sees her, remember to tell her to fck off and get a job.

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Worthless Cris Comeau….Part 2!

April 16, 2014 Calgary 20 7,923 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, ok…I don’t know why I cant reply to the original Cris Comeau post, but here is my response to this… To the girl who is pregnant, Cris already has 2 kids in 2 different provinces and he isn’t allowed to see them due to a number of reasons. You will never get child support from Chris and there is NOTHING a child could ever learn from him. And just so you know he is telling everybody that you told him to walk away and you gave him the option. I am so sorry, but you need to figure out what you are going do ASAP cause relying on Cris for anything is a joke. Hes not interested in having a baby.

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Scumbag Zion Moller

April 16, 2014 Calgary 98 6,069 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, meet this scummy useless bastard called Randy aka Zion Moller. I am sick and tired of hearing about this f*ckboy and all the foolishness he has been up to. It’s about time SOMEONE put his broke pathetic arse on blast. He and my best friend met a couple months ago and started hanging out. He pursued her like crazy telling her all sorts of crap like he loves her, he thinks she is beautiful and that he wanted to make babies with her, anything she wanted to hear, he used his useless mouth to say it. Anyways after pursuing her for a while, she finally gave in thinking that he would likely make good on his promises, benefit of the doubt right? Every girl does that. They were in a relationship according to him BUT in actual fact, he was banging several girls all at the same time. Tall, fat, skinny, dumb, ugly, desperate whatever made it easier for him to bang, he was already about it. Anyways, before the fact, my best friend ended up getting pregnant by this disgusting shell of a man and he forced her to get an abortion. All facts, I kid you not this is legitimately what happened. Now every time she tries to call him and talk to him after the abortion because she feels empty inside, he just ignores her. Can you imagine that?

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Pamela Harvey the Ripoff Artist

April 16, 2014 Calgary, Medicine Hat 6 8,512 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok pplz so this is Pamela Harvey, she’s from Medicine Hat and is a crack head, rat, cheating whore, she was screwing around on her husband Cory Rieger while he was away working rigs, she parties it up abuses her kids, the man she was with did everything for her, from taking er to multiple drs to try n find out what’s wrong with her ( nothing but some loose screws obviously) to buying everything needed and wanted… She took 40,000$ out of his account in two months while he was away working, she forged his signature on his vehichles n sold them with out his permission, she ruined his new vehichle and left it parked on his front lawn, took everythig in the house except a couch that was ruined, a chair, and his bed and a few clothes…. She stole his dog out of an 8 year old kids hands at the store while his new gf was inside then coward behind her friend Jackie dopp when his new gf called her out on it, she f**kd a guy named leyote on the floor on her birthday infront of a bunch of other guys… She’s been busted for trying to sell perkasets, had her ass kicked numerous times by Arron hodgkinson(?) she charged him with rape while she was fu*king him behind her husbands back, her affair bf will stickle called her hubby while he was up north workig n said to him ‘ I’m not fu*king ur wife’ which was a dead give away, told her ex stepdaughter that her friend Jordan was resting in her hubby’s bed while he was away at work, she tried charging her ex hubby with theft for a couple dirt bikes that he got while they were split up, yes she made a deposit for him for them but he paid the rest ($1500) lol she’s so fukd up she can’t talk straight, I mean honestly y would u fck around on a guy who doe everything possible for u??? And then her bf will stickle and her get into a accident on a highway in Edmonton cuz their fukd up and fighting and he puts a bag over head and they crash!!!! Ppl beware of this low down dirty dirty douhe water she’ll scam u lie to u and steal from you after she’s done her best to make u feel sorry for her!!!!

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Dirty Downtown Destiney

April 16, 2014 Calgary 64 10,502 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Destiney Murdoch from Calgary Alberta. This girl is known for being Calgary’s downtown solo,  shes a homeless homie hopping hoodrat who goes from one Greg to other woman of Calgary be warned. Destiney has no respect for herself or anybody else you could be her bestfriend and she would still jump on your mans tip.

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Jessica Frasier Gets what she Wants

April 16, 2014 Calgary, Medicine Hat 3 9,864 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jessic Frasier. She dates someone and will cheat on them yet won’t actual do anything with the person she is dating. If she doesn’t get what she wants she will find away to get it no matter what, even if it means almost taking someone’s life. Like she did to my friend who she dated for 3 years. She cheated and had a kid with the guy she cheated on even tho everyone thinks its someone else’s. Then when she thought something was hers and wanted revenge. Got someone to go after them and almost k((l them. Well she sat there doing nothing, she did her part in setting it up. Jessica only ever wears pajama pants, you will never see her in anything else. The kid she had she never wanted she tryed to k**l it before he was even bore. She is now huge on the drugs and is really huge and her face is sagging. As well she as had drds before, and who knows if she does now or not.

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Dirty Rig Pig; Derek Falkner

April 15, 2014 Calgary 11 6,854 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well I dated this guy for a few months and then everything went to shitt, he started going on all these trips and couldn’t even invite me at all. Also he couldn’t even take the time to come down for a few days to see me when we were together! So I put two and two together and I found out that he was still with his ex at the time. Derek Falkner your a no good lying dirty ass fat fricken rig pig, with a small ass dick that can’t even get hard lmfao. Your a sad sad little man, and I feel sorry for your children god help then all lmao. Everyone stay away from Derek Falkner he’s bad news and has a huge drug problem…

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Public Safety Warning #2

April 14, 2014 Calgary 11 6,739 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Let me introduce you to Rosa Phan, Well first off she likes it in the ass, she makes sure guys do her in the ass she loves it that much, She steals peoples cell phones and then lies about it , apparently a bunch of dudes had a round on her at a party they all took turns fuckin her, and her sucking their dicks then they threw her outside to freeze her used up vagina off!!! She also thinks shes SOO hot and everyone loves her and is scared of her newsflash anyone could break a whore like you , you talk SO much shit you and your boyfriend You belong on here with him (Taylor ingleton of Calgary) !! she has a new boyfriend or loves a new dude every week ! She sucks off cowboys for money,She snorts coke off guys dicks and her face is so used up from all the drugs and alcohol shes consumed. she loves to open her legs to any guy who will supply her drugs and liquor. Shes so used up no guy wants her in Calgary anymore, this bitch is a liar and thief you belong on here bitch your dirty as the casino you work at, You and your boyfriend have herpes , People Watch out for this cnt

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