Jessica Frasier Gets what she Wants

April 16, 2014 Calgary, Medicine Hat 2 9,785 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jessic Frasier. She dates someone and will cheat on them yet won’t actual do anything with the person she is dating. If she doesn’t get what she wants she will find away to get it no matter what, even if it means almost taking someone’s life. Like she did to my friend who she dated for 3 years. She cheated and had a kid with the guy she cheated on even tho everyone thinks its someone else’s. Then when she thought something was hers and wanted revenge. Got someone to go after them and almost k((l them. Well she sat there doing nothing, she did her part in setting it up. Jessica only ever wears pajama pants, you will never see her in anything else. The kid she had she never wanted she tryed to k**l it before he was even bore. She is now huge on the drugs and is really huge and her face is sagging. As well she as had drds before, and who knows if she does now or not.

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Dirty Rig Pig; Derek Falkner

April 15, 2014 Calgary 8 6,788 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well I dated this guy for a few months and then everything went to shitt, he started going on all these trips and couldn’t even invite me at all. Also he couldn’t even take the time to come down for a few days to see me when we were together! So I put two and two together and I found out that he was still with his ex at the time. Derek Falkner your a no good lying dirty ass fat fricken rig pig, with a small ass dick that can’t even get hard lmfao. Your a sad sad little man, and I feel sorry for your children god help then all lmao. Everyone stay away from Derek Falkner he’s bad news and has a huge drug problem…

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Public Safety Warning #2

April 14, 2014 Calgary 8 6,630 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Let me introduce you to Rosa Phan, Well first off she likes it in the ass, she makes sure guys do her in the ass she loves it that much, She steals peoples cell phones and then lies about it , apparently a bunch of dudes had a round on her at a party they all took turns fuckin her, and her sucking their dicks then they threw her outside to freeze her used up vagina off!!! She also thinks shes SOO hot and everyone loves her and is scared of her newsflash anyone could break a whore like you , you talk SO much shit you and your boyfriend You belong on here with him (Taylor ingleton of Calgary) !! she has a new boyfriend or loves a new dude every week ! She sucks off cowboys for money,She snorts coke off guys dicks and her face is so used up from all the drugs and alcohol shes consumed. she loves to open her legs to any guy who will supply her drugs and liquor. Shes so used up no guy wants her in Calgary anymore, this bitch is a liar and thief you belong on here bitch your dirty as the casino you work at, You and your boyfriend have herpes , People Watch out for this cnt

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Alyysa Burchnell Disgusting human being

April 14, 2014 Calgary 22 9,974 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Alyssa Burchnell also known as Aly Xantha /Asphyciated this girl is replusive, she sells herself for crack. She is pregnant with her second kid. She doesnt even look after her first kid tyson, he got taken away and the dads family has full custody but thats okay because the kid fucking hates her anyways. She is a drug addict, is pregnant, homeless, drinking and doing drugs. She lies. She is a fuking shit talker, you cant believe a single word that comes out of that bitches mouth. She tricked a good guy into being with her by pretending the kid was his, but it isnt and even if it was he doesnt want anything to do with her or her kid if it even lives. She does so many drugs that the kid will be lucky if it survives.. or actually not lucky that kid will most likely have alot of problems. Her own family can not stand her, her mom just calls the cops on her anytime she tries to go their house and has given her black eyes and broken noses to just shut the psychopath up. He brothers dont want anything to do with her either, they are embarrassed of her and have told people that they dont even have a sister on several occassions. she has no friends everyone just uses her for money since she is on AISH for all her issues and gets free money every month. NOBODY really cares about her or loves her. She shouldnt beable to have kids, she is a selfish…

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Calgary Escort

April 14, 2014 Calgary 16 7,853 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this chick is running around giving people drd. Watch out, if you’re desperate and want to f*ck for cheap give her a call but make sure you wrap it. Oh and how classy she’s either married or engaged… dirty whore, hope your man is stupid and doesn’t know what you do because if he knows he is just as nasty as you are.

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Douchbag Rauol, Creeps Videos

April 11, 2014 Calgary, Red Deer 8 7,557 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This guy claims to be ricos cousin. So rico if he’s your cousin. Please give him the disrepect he deserves. Me and my gf were working at Xstatic when we walked by this guy Rauol and asked what he’s doing. He said texting my bro. Were not stupid so we grabbed his phone to find likw 10-15 videos on his phone of dancers on stage, walking around, and bent over. Including me and my friend! He grabbed his phone back and quickly ran to the bathroom and “deleted” the videos. By the time the doorman got to him to check his sh!t he gladly showed him all the videos he didn’t have. Yah right, we allll know you moved them to a seprate folder rauol. He apprently is in the club all the time so he’s probably got a ton of videos for himself to watch. Probably cause he’s to cheap to buy dances, or bang a b!itch as hot as any of us, so he just records us for his spank bank. He’s so dirty he even posed for his own dirty profile. Told you rauol. Go FCUK yourself. Don’t mind the chick lol she had no clue.

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Used up Cougar

April 11, 2014 Calgary, Kelowna 24 6,403 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This Used Up mom likes to party with her girls and has 3 somes with them too , i wouldnt be suprised if she cheats on her man , i would too if my man was bald and had a million tattys or looked like he does, Apprently shawn likes to touch kristi iin theyre basement at least thats what krusti the clown tells everyone. This bitch is a sad case of a mother you shanna must be so proud of your girls both ending up on the dirty and now you ? Fck the rist family must suck a lot of dick Like mother like daughters! Her face is so caved and sunken in from all the drugs and alcohol she does and has done, Her daughters steal everything and then why someone tells shanwhore about it she does NOTHING about it, she has 3 somes with her daughters and Her best friend Cindy! No wonder your ex husband didnt want your trifflin ass anymore cause you sat on any dick that came your way , your just as nasty as your fcking daughters shanna! Look at this bitch with the shirt “im not sorry” well cnt im not sorry your nasty ass got put on here with your diseased daughters, go do us all a favour and just tell your daughters to drop off the face of the earth , your daughter krusti is DIEING to be brown its so funny her tans so ugly with her railroad track mouth, and paiges love of the back door!! you raised some good classy girls there shanna your must be SO proud!! Leave highriver cause no one wants you here!!

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Roanne Scam

April 10, 2014 Calgary 25 6,961 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok nik,so im on pof,in calgary,an i meet this woman who says shes messed,but shes hot so i ignore the red flag,then she states shes part of the irish mafia,but shes good in the sack so i ignore the red flag,i piss her off by acusing her of being a whore,stupid!!,then i get really smart and let her come back,stupid!!,at this point im still thinking with my cock,she tells me she took pictures of my d.l.,and she steals the keys to my brand new car,my 04 dodge,and threatens me with a picture of her ugly lookin goon,protector,lmfao,i dont scare easily and Rob,and Roanne,nor the irish mafia dont scare me,maybe im stupid,or maybe i just dont fear that shit!! Either way i just wanted to give calgary a bit of a heads up on the kina bitches and trouble thats obviously going to be coming in to our great city,bewate of the irishgood girl on pof boys,she can be so sweet when shes on the tip of your cock,but visciously silent when you sleep and has your wallet in her hand

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