Lethbridge Psycho

August 18, 2014 Calgary, Lethbridge 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this chick’s name is carrie morrison and she is a fuking psycho. she uses everyone she meets. she’s ripped off pretty much everyone tha’s ever met her. Her own family wants nothing to do with her. She tried ripping off her grand mothers estate and kept her old senile grandmother locked up in a little room in her basement. she tried to fraud a charity by raising money for a charity and then spending it. If you ever meet her don’t believe a single word that comes out of her mouth. she has an extremely bad habit of cking people over. And an honest word doesn’t leave her mouth. she’s fcked so many people over that she had to leave lethbridge alberta and she’s now somewhere in British Columbia now. She can’t keep a man because she is fcked in the head. she even makes up Facebook accounts to Fuck with people and makes up boyfriends Facebook’s. that’s how pathetic she is. stay away ladies and gentlemen!!

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Jeff the coward Coates

August 18, 2014 Calgary 37

THE DIRTY ARMY: Beware single POF women –> Jeff Coates = He will fuk with your head! Any man that has to lie to get laid has absolutely no respect for women! Oh, and he’s a wanabe prospect, but unfortunately he is the definition in which most people portray bikers to be – an asshole – he makes the good bikers’n’clubs look bad!

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Aeron Lockwood

August 18, 2014 Calgary 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl, her name is Aeron… Shes mentally ill and doesnt understand a single aspect of respect. She claims to be Mormon and have something good going with her life but in all reality shes a mother who is still sucking off her own mothers tit… Shes 22 years old… She had a kid with a guy named Jordan Cooper who happens to be a women beater and cheater and cries constantly about how he was her first love and blah blah but in all reality her first love was in London Ontario where she is planning to move her baby… She constantly says that Jordan is the reason she has a horrible life but in all reality shes the reason she has a horrible life. Sniffing his cock after he comes home from hanging out, constantly yelling at him for hanging out with friends… Gets him in trouble with the law, ruins his friendships, gets his own family mad at him and she wonders why she has a bad life… Karma!! She needs to grow up and get a job first of all. Put her kid in day care and get on the go with her life instead of constantly nagging and bringing her baby daddy to court… This girl is a piece of shit a good mother in some sense but a horrible rotten human being!!

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Not so Sneaky

August 18, 2014 Calgary 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Ashin and Sarah. They recently got engaged. Only thing is that sarah doesn’t know he’s been sticking it to Carly almost the entire time Ashtin and sarah have been together. Poor clueless sarah has no idea the scum she’s with, but she will soon enough. Ashtin constantly complains that Sarah’s sucks at giving head so he improvises with Carly. Lol the best part is that Carly says how he has a tiny peepee. And those caterpillar eyebrows, he’s gotta be the dummies wanna be of Calgary.

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Talks the Talk

August 14, 2014 Calgary 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: Look at this everyone! I want you to meet the famous David Benjatschek. This guy is a sore excuse of a man. I know he runs his own business and promises people money but at the end of the day he screws them over or fires them to prevent him for paying his employees. He will steal your contacts and then rub your name so far in the dirt that no one will ever hire you again. When people call him to check you out as a work reference he just lies to them and says nothing but negative things about you. He is a motivational speaker but he should go see a motivational speaker to stop his lies and B.S. I heard that he speaks at seminars and has skinned one or two underage girls. If you see him on the street he is bad news so stay away and never let him come speak at your works place. Enough said.

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Odessa McFarlane

August 14, 2014 burnaby, Calgary 116

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Odessa Mcfarlane a pepsi head that loves getting drunk and high and letting randoms pound her. She looks like a tranny with a real bad boob job from Mexico.You can find this junky working at The Pint with her fellow pepsi head coworkers. Sad part about this bitch is she thinks shes hot as fuck when she looks like a man in real life. She acts like the world revolves around her, bitch open your eyes because no one gives a shit about you.She has 2 jobs and yet her life is still going nowhere. This pepsi head deserves to be out on blast. She is so gross. Have fun with this one Nik

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Married Fool

August 14, 2014 Calgary 26



THE DIRTY ARMY: Here is Mohammad.b. Ahmed calgarys notorious player yes he’s married n confessed only 3 years later how sad glad I didn’t have no kids or I would be trapped soo girls beware he isa taxi driver Soo watch out he will be on the prowl now that I left him, also his family told him it would be okay if he has two wives bulshit i could never live like that, he still lives at home with his mama n papa he should clean up his act n take care of his wife n kid also they live in Pakistan in a poor village I feel bad for the broad well he’s back on f.b prob msging the hurting girls that wanted his attention back when i met him all gudd u can have him now he will be your problem or whoever has to deal with him…yeah I’m hurt, betrayed, humiliated, a lot of things but I will get over it just watch out for pussy hurting jerk who has no respect for any woman n he claims to be religious this all happens while I was with him n he just became a taxi driver about a year and half ago so watch out he only wants pussy he should go to his wife n fukk her

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Nikki Leah Mitchell

August 13, 2014 Calgary 34

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this is Nikki Leah Mitchell… She is the biggest CON artist, prostitute and drug addict that I know!! She uses her own family to pay her bills and fucks multiple different men DAILY to pay her bills! She can’t do a simple thing such as get off her butt and look for a job! She’s been trying to get on welfare for God knows how long… Claims that she wants to do better to get her son back but she’s 26 years old? Her sons what 8 years old?? She had him and he was born a crack baby… Not only that, she even tried drowning the poor child… Get off the coke, whoring around and get yourself help… I feel bad for any one that touches you or even comes in your path. You claim negative energy effects you badly but all you are is a negative bitch out to ruin any thing or anyone to get your way!! I hope you know your a dead beat bitch and I hope karma eats at your soul!! Nick, honestly there is no words for how bad I feel for her… But someone had to spray it out! She IS NOT INNOCENT!!

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