W. Brett Wilson Is A Womanizer

October 14, 2014 Calgary, The Dirty 793


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet the former dragon in CBC’s Dragon’s Den, W. Brett Wilson. He got kicked off the show about 4 years ago and has used every chance he gets to bash on the show on all his talk shows and Interviews.  Even so on Twitter his desperate for attention and Fame! And usually makes fun of other celebs who don’t even know of his existence. Lets move on to his person life. He claims to be “Single” but sleeps with a different woman every night and uses them. He’s a sex addict – NEVER uses a condom, he loves sexting and texting over 20 girls at once copy and pastes the same thing to all such as “I wish your here here” or “I’m thinking about lying on my bed naked with your naked body against mine baby-cakes.”(And usually he says that right after he has just finished having sex with a woman next to him.)

They have famous people in Canada? I thought Canadians move to America to become famous.- nik

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Grimshaws dirtiest Ginger

October 14, 2014 Calgary 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this psychotic welfare bum likes to go around causing trouble and hitting people then turning around and charging em. Nik this nasty pig has a diff daddy for all her babies..she lets who ever crawl un her smelly twat. Always cracked out nd high..lets her kids run rampant. No food. She buys drugs 22nd alcohol before food. Her poor kids starve. She dont deserve to be a mom. I should know i lived with the bitch before she kicked me out nd kept all my things. Shes a desperate sheman nd will bang anything that has a dick. She uses guys all the time. I think this nasty pig needs to be blasted. Before her next unsuspecting victim ins infected with her diseased man hole! Yuck

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Sarah Brodeur

October 14, 2014 Calgary 66

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik, this ruthless heifer is Sarah Brodeur. You’ll find her around using guys for money, and selling her ass giving enough blowjobs and giving people aids, you know that saying misery loves company? Yeah welll this is an extreme case, she is so ruthless and selfish that she want everyone one to be exactly where she is, dying from aids and broke. Take this as a warning to the public stay away from her.

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Takia Phillips

October 13, 2014 Calgary 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this is Takia Phillips, she just finished having a baby and doesn’t look after him at all. This chick didn’t even let her stitches heal before she could get the first change to hop on a d**k. She talks about being so lonely all the time yet she invites guys from her Facebook over to her kukoms house. And not to mention she doesn’t know who her baby’s father is! So called “IP” girl… This girl trys to act all hard up. But can’t run. Haha haha Saskatoon sloot for sure. She also gave my babys dad the cl*p. Gross. Keep you babydaddies/bfs close.

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Kyla Peacock

October 9, 2014 Calgary, Winnipeg 49

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well Nik this little bitch breezed into k town two years ago as a stripper and being not SUCCESFULL at that turned to street hooking for $50 a pull. Then she convinced the owner of the garden to hire her as an escort then manager! She quickly tricked him into a “relationship” and thousands of dollars later mysteriously announced to the world and him SHE WAS A LESBIAN!! So the lesbian story began and in 8 weeks “fell in love” with 5 that’s right Nik 5 different girls but kept him on the hook!!unfortunately me being one of them. Her attempt to manipulate and control and in three cases beat them up when they wouldn’t obey her soon left her with no girlfriends . She was laughed out of k town and back on the stripping circuit. One last unfortunate victim she convinced to go with her ended up hospitalized for 30 days after being ridiculed and beaten for “talking to a man” after a strip show. So her tour continued on her own Nik till GUESS WHAT! She snagged a dude at a bar up north and AMAZINGLY CONVENIENTLY her sexuality changed OVERNITE! And low and behold she was fired from her stripper job! She is a mean manipulative little bitch and ruins lives in her path. She is an unbelievable liar and so hated in k town by so many girls. So HEY GIRLS KEEP YOUR PANTIES ON!!! I wish I had. KARMAS a bitch Kyla !!!

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One in the Hat

October 9, 2014 Calgary, Medicine Hat 64

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, don’t be fooled by the photo. This little whore likes to keep her image as a local radio DJ, but she has been snorting coke now for a couple of years and goes and bangs some different drug dealer in Calgary all the time to get her blow. She is high all the time, even while doing radio shows on air, and she actually brags about this and tells us to listen for her in drug jokes while she is on the air. . She’s been lying to her family and friends now for years, ever since her ex got her hooked into c*caine. She was so high in Calgary last month that she was screwing a guy on a table in the back of a bar, letting everyone watch, even though most of us wouldnt, as she has gross saggy old lady tits. She will pretend to like anyone as long as they ca get her one more high, but will stab you in the eye if you piss her off. Tell the boys to stay away from her snatch.

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Dan the Man

October 9, 2014 Calgary, Ottawa 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: Between the half naked pictures this girl posts and the amount of peoples boyfriends she sleeps with , she really wonders why she doesn’t have a boyfriend ? Danielle, its time you face the fact that any guy who talks to you only wants you as a fck and absolutely nothing more. She is a dirty , good for nothing whoree. Home wrecking is her best hobby,along with robbing people and stealing from her family. She is madly infatuated with Kiernan McCormick who she slept with for 2 years all well he had different girlfriends. She acts like she is innocent when in reality she is the furthest thing from that. Look at her pictures , she is the dirtiest most useless piece of shit there is out there. She isn’t worth the fck, drd and g***ah is a guarantee . She will fck you then stalk you for weeks on end. DO yourself the favor and block this girl out of your life no matter how easy and down to earth she may seem. Watch yourself loose everyone VERDON! Don’t you think shes manly looking Nik ?

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Red Deer Lamb

October 9, 2014 Calgary, Red Deer 36


THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this little bitches name is keanan denis lamb. He likes to have sex with little girls and he hands out the clap to them like its a game. He sells the fentanyl patches his mom lori lamb gets from the government to highschoolers so he can supply his habits. He thinks h’s cool and gets tough when his friends are around. He hangs around the collicut and just keeps getting closer with all the 15 year old, because most of them are easy. His ex girlfriend put up with his shit for way to long in my opinion! The first time he pushed her down the stairs when he knew she was pregnant was when he should’ve been punched in the teeth! the 13 teeth he has ‘) he lives in a truck and hasn’t showered in months! and when he’s around you can defiantly smell! he smells like something that has been decomposing for months! He got a girl pregnant, and pretends hes done all of this stuff. He hasn’t done one thing! the pigs to busy trying to find his next hit of cocaine! If you come into contact with this nasty little thing, RUN!!! as fast as you can. For as long as he hasn’t showered, you’ll probably end up getting something much worse then the c**p!

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