Aryton “The Tranny” Spence

April 2, 2014 Calgary, Winnipeg 152 7,383 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: As pretty much everyone knows by now, Aryton “Rezdog Tranny-face” Spence has been hoeing herself online each and every week to literally hundreds of men for the past few years to pay for weekend drinks at the bar and a few lines in the can at any bar from Winnipeg, to Calgary, to Edmonton, Tornonto,to Vancouver and back. In all the years following in her mothers footsteps by selling her pepsi’d out body for drugs she has obviously contracted countless infectious diseases, and as my bro has unfortunately found out, herpes has been added to her fatal DRD collection. In a blackout drunk, he made the mistake of taking the old infected tranny out to his car and making himself a little suck-suck video. When he awoke the next morning and watched the tape, he discovered that a blister scab lipped, nasty square eyebrowed, man-face sloot had been slobbing puss drops all over his unprotected slong. It didnt take but a few weeks for himself to show signs of the virus he caught from the pimple chested transgendered gutter trash. And now that poor guy is pretty much good as dead to having any real relationship ever again, unless of coarse it is with another vile drugged out waste of life like Aryton. With suicide his only realistic option, we must prevent anyone else from making the same drunken mistake as him by warning the rest of the public about the diseased backpage hooker currently floating around Alberta spreading the viscous smelling maggot infested arse cheeks, as well as the roach lipped vomit hole covered in a drd scab sandwich secreting curd. We need ghost busters up in here to finish this yeast-ed out butter face maxi-pad. Please help.

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Shandi Gray aka Shandi Guardado

April 1, 2014 Calgary 10 6,176 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: What can I say. This girl has spelt with more men than hookers. This girl got charged with a DUI in 2011. She has two older kids which I’m sure she doesn’t know who her baby daddies are. She’s a wanna be Latina gangsta claims all her Spanish friends are her cousins. She’s a basta skank.

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Cowboys 6ft Rat

April 1, 2014 Calgary 92 7,124 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: 1) Natasha Nyabouy Wal the 6ft cowboys hoodrat. one time at a party i walked into a room where 3 guys were already running a train on her raw. All in 3 holes, i tried to help her and she told me to fck right off so i did what any normal guy would do. i fcked her.. right off. everyone but me caught the c**p. 2) i’ve seen this girl around plenty of times since 2012. we’ve fcked on numerous occasions but she doesnt remember me. 3) she ran through my whole team. we all play hockey. 4) and my boys team .. baseball. 5) she will fck for c*ke then leave. 6) she should be deported back to the amazon.

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Caitlin Lethbridge

April 1, 2014 Calgary, Lethbridge 35 9,797 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: nIK This slut Caitlin just wants a big black dick in her she’s telling me how much her baby daddy can’t fck and his dicks small !! She’s mess having me right now as I make this ahaha telling me how wet she is !! A super hoe 19 years old and full of cm ahaha

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Amber Jane Cole, Batshit Crazy

April 1, 2014 Calgary 4 9,397 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Amber Jane Cole. She was recently good friends with my friends boyfriend until she totally crossed the line. 2am phone calls, acting needy and desperate for his attention, knowing full well he was taken. Her boyfriend recently cheated and left her. I understand that’s not the easiest thing for someone to deal with, but that gives you no right to meddle with someone else’s relationship and happiness. She decided to move back to the city, and expected my friends boyfriend/her now ex-friend to drive 10 hours to haul her pathetic ass up here. Being the good friend he was, he complied. And regret his decision the next day. She then made a status about how he saved her and how she loves him. Claimed to be a friendship kind of love, all of her past actions speak otherwise. My friends boyfriend thought it would be best if they cut contact, and Amber lost her shit. Calling him pathetic and saying she was telling ‘so and so’ not to talk to him. This isn’t high school, sweet cheeks. Shit happens. My friend, obviously a little distraught with the situation, vented to me. I may have stepped on some toes here, but I shot Amber a message. My friend also sent her one. She explained how she felt and that it wasn’t her decision he stopped talking to her. Amber then went on the attack trying to tell my friend that her boyfriend sent Amber nudes and asked for them in return, and that she “was against it because he was dating someone” when we all know that wasn’t the case. He doesn’t do that kind of thing. The messages I received from her were far worse. When called on her BS and asked for proof, surprise surprise, there was none. Being called out pissed this little ball of rage off even more, to the point where she tried to accuse him of rape. RAPE. Are you SERIOUS? We understand you’re unhappy you lost the man you were chasing and you’re upset you’re not getting any D anymore, but to try and break someone up with such malicious accusations because you’re unhappy with your own life? Pure filth.

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Sleezy Laarhuis

March 31, 2014 Calgary 15 5,527 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Amber Laarhuis is a straight up where who will try to Fck anything and anyone don’t matter if single, in relationship or married she will spread her legs with ease – she slutted up Edmonton and Hinton alberta and is now whoring it up on Calgary. This chick is a straight up whore and god only knows what drd’s she’s got!

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Timmy the Big Bad Mansloot

March 31, 2014 Calgary 32 10,295 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this man is an drug dealer His name is Timmy Meade He meets many women that he sells drugs to and gets them pregnant. How do I know? One of my friends has been a victim. Though she met him at my freinds house there are many women he has met via selling the drugs . For some reason he can go from girl to girl, some giving them sob stories about life and others trying to act cool and laid-back. he has 5 diffrent kids with three women.I had the misfortune of dating this street slut not only did he rape me but he also had a thing with sleeping with all of my friends. I know I’m not the only girl that he has done this too. I just wanted to warn all the ladies of Calgary who haven’t meet him that he may come off as prince charming when you first meet him but that will quickly change. Not only will he verbally and emotionally abuse you he will also force you to f*ck his nasty ass. This man uses women because he is to retarded from smoking so much cr*ck that he can not get or keep a job. He relies on crime to make his way through life and doesn’t care who he hurts in the meantime. When he starts to feel like he is going to get caught he just moves provinces to avoid jail time

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Douchecanoe Jeff Clarke

March 31, 2014 Calgary 13 7,165 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Watch out for this piece of shit, ladies in Alberta.. He will sweet talk you and tell you everything you want to hear!! And then play you!! He is the biggest compulsive liar you’ll ever meet! He is a self employed welder who travels around Alberta and plays women. He also won’t tell you his dirty secret, of having h***s C until doubts and questions arise about him, and he puts on one of his many hospital lies. He will steal your money and He’ll do anything to make you fall for his pathetic ass! Ladies steer clear of Jeffrey Clarke!

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