Messed Up Family

September 5, 2014 Calgary, Windsor 64

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this lil girl thank shit hard going around town fighting ever girls she see thats cant fight her daddy a dead beat that thanks hes hard cause hes in ufc her sister a hoe amber gibbs that hade a baby at 14 by some wanna be ganster nigga name Kyle Allen Williston thats did most his time in a kids jail were he get tv and inter net lexi moms a hoe to she left her kids and his now in Calgary, Alberta fck othere nigga for money her daddy that called dickie is is a 50 year old man still the club fckin lil girls

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Serious Bro

September 4, 2014 Calgary, Charlotte 34

THE DIRTY ARMY: enough said. who is this a$$ hole and does he have a mental problem.

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Adam the Enabler

September 3, 2014 Calgary 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this guy first calls you hot and gets you with his witty smile. Next think he invites you to a party then shows you his cock picture. Then you hook up with him the next week he tells you he’s got drd, and genital w**ts. He still convinces you he’s a really nice guy, and how he’s always been played by people. So on his Bday he tells you to come over 10pm at night because he has no friends to hang out with. So you race over and find out he just wants to do blow. Weeks later he decides to call you his part-time Sweetheart on line and Part-time boyfriend in person. He wants blow but is too drunk to drive. You plan a date so you both don’t get stuck doing blow again, he says yes. All week you wait, you text him the night before and he says yes. The day after you call him and he says he’s hung over doing jib with some guys. You still are hooked and say let’s cuddle. Next night he says I can’t do this anymore lets just be friends. You finally got over the fact he dumped you as a part-time boyfriend, and he tells you your one of the best people in his life. During pride he introduces you to some of his gay friends. You end up with a slight connection with one of his friends. Some money gets stolen at the party and he tells you he’ll drive you home. Later he text you saying he needs to call you after work, then says his friends blame you for the money lost. You get mad and explain how you said all the guys always use you and you always offer to pay. Then friend dump.

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NE Hoodrat

September 3, 2014 Calgary 54

THE DIRTY ARMY: Pam is such a dirty dirty dirty girl she needs to stop sleeping with random men for money. Long story short my husband and I have two beautiful twins and she decided to sleep with him while he was her boss.. Broke my marriage up… No wonder her husband beats her… This is a warning to all the ladies in Calgary ne …don’t let her near your husband … Or she might suck him off

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Calgary Closet Case

September 2, 2014 Calgary 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is the biggest fa**et I’ve ever met, A.J Statz is way too cocky, if i had the chance id kick him in the jaw, he chases around 15 year old girls and gives them drd’s as well as receives anal from his boyfriend shown in the picture, this world would be a better place without this pussy, and hope he gets whats coming, he is a walking virus and his dick is small.

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Dumb Smut

September 2, 2014 Calgary 50


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this dumb slut here is Cassandra Evoy from Calgary. She is a backstabber and dumb slut. She uses all those around her to get what she wants and the only friends she keeps are guys she fcks on a regular basis. She doesn’t care if she is in a relationship or if the guy is because she will still sleep with them. She thinks she is a model but models get paid. She never even got money for porn she did, that’s how stupid she is. She has saggy tits and uses tons of make up and photo shop to get rid of her nasty acne. She said she was joining the military and that was another failure because they saw through her bullshit and everyone else should too. She can’t keep a job or a place to live because she will just do drugs and sleep with everyone she can. She is falling on her face and it’s about time everyone knows how big of a bitch and what a stupid whore she is.

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Junkhead Colegrave

September 2, 2014 Calgary, Medicine Hat 11



THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik! meet Taylor Colegrave, one of medicine hat’s biggest scumbags. This girl has been around the block more than once, and loves cheating on her boyfriend Cole Hicks with her ex Andrew Melbourne. Hey Taylor didn’t Andrew give you the clap? This girl loves to spend her rent and grocery money on any kind of drugs she can get hands on, even if the moneys dirty, and by that i mean weather or not stolen, hustled, or ripped off from her family who doesn’t even want anything to do with her. I wont forget to mention she has NO girlfriends, just her “bros” who she has slept with every single one of them. Taylor’s extra curricular activities include stealing from anyone she comes in contact with, feinding off her boyfriend, cheating on him, smoking crack, snorting coke, sleeping, and repeat. This girl is the definition of gross and i feel bad for anyone who comes in contact with her. She thinks shes a “baller” because she wears hats, goes on drug binges, and sleeps with anyone with a pulse. Hide your boyfriend, she already hooked up with mine, hide your money, and hide your kids. She thinks shes a good babysitter until she leaves with everything you worked for.

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Zubeir Walhad

September 2, 2014 Calgary, Toronto 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This guys name is zubier walhad hes twenty five years old and nothing but a lieing cheating theif. Hes from toronto and had to move to calgary because hes ripped off so many poor woman. He will take u for everything u got fck around on you and leave you in the dirt. Be careful ladies hes a smooth talker but will bleed you dry not to mention bring u home a disease

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