Dicks are for Chicks

September 29, 2014 Calgary 31

THE DIRTY ARMY: Frankie Van Oostrom and Lyndon at tottaly hot for eachother they pretend to have a thing for girls they both have crossed swords in the showers a real gay couple niki anyone seen that new Big Brother the one with “frankie”that exactly the same its acually kinda funny both Lydon and Frankie think they are characters from the Jersey Shore characters Bwahahahaha Did you know These gays are both gay for eachother i did for a very long time becuse girls know this kind of stuff nik”Cheers”…

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Emo Mom

September 27, 2014 Calgary 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this shank shyann bigsorrelhorse is nothing but alcholic mother that drinks around her kids and brings her kids with to guys houses. She goes around spreading her go***hea like a nasty bitch does top it all off she claiming she pregnant with her 4th kid like get this hoe some birth control. This bitch needs maury she has all these babydaddies and she doesnt even know who the daddy of her 4th kid. This bitch doesnt know how to keep a man when all she does is fck around on them probably thats why all her babydaddies left her stank pssy nothing but a whorable mom.

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Slime Ball Sales Boy

September 26, 2014 Calgary, Red Deer 33

THE DIRTY ARMY: Brennon Heit is the ugliest mother fucking slim ball sales guy ever. He thinks he’s a boss and all ganster, he is a fcking joke, Crack dealing homo. Can’t wait till you are jail you piece of fucking shit. you and your whore Jessica. That or one of the boys gets ahold of ya either or will make you suffer. Suffer like the crack feens you supply you waste of life. What a goof.

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Old n Haggard

September 26, 2014 Calgary 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this fat slut is the worst mother in the world she treats her son like shit along with everyone Else in her life she lies for attention first she dieing of cancer then she lost her welfare check which I know went to which ever man she try’s to keep that week She is so disgusting her aprtment smelt like fuckin tuna melt and She never cleaned it she will spend her money at McDonald’s just so she doesn’t have to cook for her and her teenage son then whines how she don’t have milk or we kid she was so bad into drugs and didt stop when she was pregnet her poor kid has nothing but health issues and with breathing and learning she moved from calgary to Winnipeg after her mother sold her house just so she can use her for money she weighs about 500 pounds and sometimes has to walk with a cane cus her knees can hold her weight she so fat does nothing but yell at her kid and eat an sit in her day ass not to mention she is the most ugliest person I have seen on the inside and out

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Goes by Lou

September 26, 2014 Calgary 43

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Alyssa, who goes by the nickname of “Lou” is the biggest fattest lying c*nt bitch there is. She lies about absolutely everything to make people like her. She’s so fake and pretends to be the nicest girl, but really she’s a total twofaced backstabbing bitch. She’s also a fcking skid who smokes and doesn’t shower or brush her teeth, and if you think that’s bad, she’s a nasty little whore who will sleep with any guy in town. She likes to put people down to make herself feel better, and has been known to bully people too. This piece of shit thinks she’s so hot, when really she’s a filthy rat. She’s a lazy hoe who doesn’t work, and steals money from her parents. Oh and there’s more, she faked pregnancy, cancer, and suicide to get attention from people. Absolutely discusting right? Watch out for this nasty piece of work Okotoks and Calgary. Don’t let her fool you with her fake personality. Stay the fuck away from her if you know what’s best for you. Hot? More like a hot mess. Nasty.

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Stephanie Wilson

September 25, 2014 Calgary 279

THE DIRTY ARMY: hey nik this is steph Wilson she cheats on my friend atleast once a week without a condom. can you please post her on here all she can date are brown guys cause no one else wants a hindu humper

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Warren Grenier – Southpaw Boxing

September 23, 2014 Calgary 61

THE DIRTY ARMY: Guy’s name is Warren Grenier, and he’s one sick perverted son of cnt. Getting to know this dude, is like peeling away at a rotten onion, it looks and smells worse by the second. he has a place called southpaw boxing in Calgary AB. warren CLAIMS to be a professional coach, but has as much training and reason to call himself a “professional trainer” as my left nut. Doing a big of digging, you find that he is more than a fraud; he’s a complete and utter perverted piece of trash. My cousin registered in one of his so-called “boxing classes”. This fukin goof is almost 25 years her senior, and the entire time he tries hitting on her, “showing her proper form”, and whispering VERY unprofessional, unwanted, and completely inappropriate innuendo towards her. She is honestly the sweetest girl, but she sounded terrified when I talked to her. Confronting the guy, he just played stupid, and aside from beatin the fck out of him with a steel bat, what can you really do when someone is duckin’ you, that you wont go to prison for afterwards? Did a bit more digging, and found that this queer bait doesn’t even believe in his own product; warren works full-time for a company called YellowPages group, (which according he actually doesn’t do any advertising with, for his own so-called “business”). Now THAT is beyond pathetic. It get’s worse: this degenerate has a daughter. Warren, fake google reviews of your “business” only go so far. Grow the fuck up chump. Karma’s a bitch, get some class.

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3rd Times a Charm

September 22, 2014 Calgary, Red Deer 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: Look out dirty readers, Tammy Dohms has made your headlines once again. This chick will f*ck, s*ck or bl*w just about anything that walks and has a penis. She will fuck close to 100 men in a week. She has admitted to being fisted and loving it. She has also openly admitted that she let someone bang her with a cucumber. Probably because he couldn’t stand the smell coming from her as she peeled off her clothing. Sure she has lost some weight but I guarantee the stench is still there. And as if screwing her friends boyfriends and everything else in site isn’t enough, she would happily stab any “friend” she claims to have had, in the back in a heartbeat. And this isn’t her first rodeo either. This is her 3rd time being blasted on The Dirty. She truly is disgusting and as stated in a previous post from either Winnipeg or Medicine Hat, GET YOURSELF TESTED!! Honestly ladies, if you think your man is cheating, you will probably find him in her bed. If your dog is missing, check her apartment. If your cat is missing, well, it probably got run over. But back to Tammy… She is a drunken mth/crack whore who will say or do anything to anyone as long as she gets everything she wants out of you first. The last thing I have room to say is she fits the line from Coyote Ugly perfectly! “Did you ever wake up sober after a one night stand, and the person you’re next to is layin’ on your arm, and they’re so ugly, you’d rather chew off your arm than risk waking ‘em?”

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