Calgary | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 4

Thunder Thighs

November 12, 2014 Calgary, Toronto 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: This fugley bitch I used to work with gave me the c**p. She’s got drunk and slept with all her coworkers, Toronto, London Ontario and now calgary Alberta. Not many can stand working with her as she is an unskilled, uncouth cnt. She needs to have people wasted to actually sleep with her because come on. Yellow teeth, pig eyes and fat flabby arms and thunder thighs, are really not attractive. She was ‘dating\’ me when she managed to get our drunk boss to fuck her skanky fat ass. Currently pretending to be in a relationship when in reality the cellulite covered bitch got dumped. As is normal when someone sobers up and says hey bitch not ever going to be stuck with you. Be careful when your out on the town. Drunk 10′s are really not even a 1. Beer goggles suck and come with the clap. Apparently.

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Sloppy Escort

November 12, 2014 Calgary, Montreal 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: Rebecca A Brazill a dirty cunt face whore who loves dick and would do anything for the money shes known for escorting in montreal laval .She goes all the way to Calgary every week or two to escort.She does anal,threesomes..anything.Shes what we call a thot .

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Calgary Pepsi Head Grimaldi

November 12, 2014 Calgary 35

THE DIRTY ARMY: Where to start?. I’m sure many of you will recognize this slore right off the bat. Nik, this girl clearly has no self respect for herself or anyone else as she is constantly screwing her friends over and her boyfriends. She works at Sait and is always hooking up with the students she works for. We have partied many of times and you can usually find her hiding out in thr bathroom doing lines of pepsi of random guys dicks. Almost all my guy friends and their friends have hooked up with this slore on more then one occasion shes known to sleep with drug dealers in exchange for blow. Im surprised she has not been put on blast yet. She has a kid that she never sees, which is probably a good thing. Props to the father for raising the kid. I’ll let the comments give you more of a look into what this slore is about.

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Mariabella Daniella Romano

November 11, 2014 Calgary 67

THE DIRTY ARMY: Mariabella daniella romano is probably the skeeziest skank youll ever meet. This girl fuks guys while in a relationship. She likes it when you record her fcking you. She is such a whore she tells you to put it in her ass than take a picture so she can see. When shes done fcking she makes you cm on her ass than take a picture so she can send it to her bf. shes fcks guys who are in relationships so ladys watch out for the wild whore she will steal your man and all his money. she is so easy that she will let you fck her first time chilling.

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3rd times a charm

November 11, 2014 Calgary 46


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This girl has been on here 3 TIMES! She’s a liar a cheater and a back stabbed. She got pregnant by her ex we’ll engaged to her now husband and got an abortion because she knew she would get busted. She was also sleeping with a dude from work we’ll her husband sat at home with her son (witch could have 10 different potential dads) she has child services involved because she leaves her son with her drunken mom who fell down the stairs with him while wasted. She has pictures all over her Facebook with her doing shots we’ll her son stands in the background. She will suck d**k for money because she can’t keep a steady job to support her and her child. I’m sure if you see this girl and throw her a buck she will give you a show. Cuz you know h*es do anything for a buck!

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Man Eating Kasey Marie

November 11, 2014 Calgary, Medicine Hat 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, I think it’s time for you to meet KASEY MARIE SELF, Brooks Alberta’s biggest man eating trash bag. This bitch should of stuck to riding horses , but no she has now moved on to fucking 40 year old men and sending dirty pictures of herself to anyone who asks. She is nothing but a money hungry snotty bitch who left her poor husband with nothing but a pile of bills and the clap. She will rip your heart out and use you for everything you have. You can find this bimbo pretending to be a hairdresser at the local salon here, but in all reality she needs to worry about her own looks before trying to help some else’s, and the first thing she needs to fix is that ugly fcking snuggle tooth she has going on. Its about time you need to be put on blast bitch, cheers, and remember fella’s wrap it, cause the phycho bitch has the C*AP!

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Stuck up M.O.B Mom

November 11, 2014 Calgary 77

THE DIRTY ARMY: Too hot to trot self centered stuck up bitch co-runs a FB forum called Mother’s Opposed to Boredom with a few other stuck up bitches. These women have a lot of haters, simply because of their stuck up I’m better then you attitude. Hmm, you’re not famous, & you’re not running a real business, or support network for moms anymore! You’ve destroyed what use to be an amazing group for Moms in Calgary! M.O.B isn’t the way it use to be & I blame the new crew that’s running it! Just a FB forum? Yes, it is just that, but it wasn’t back when outings & newsletters were coming from the amazing team that created it! These days it’s nothing but a drama shit storm run so poorly it shouldn’t even call itself a support group anymore! What erks me the most is how M.O.B has it’s over the top set of rules that apply to everyone in the group EXCEPT the admin. Are they necessary rules? No, not really, but they think so! They stress to be positive & supportive to each other but yet they aren’t themselves. They’ll remove posts or you for voicing an opinion but yet they turn around & are snippy & snarly with members for no reason? A bunch of self ricious hypocrites that all need a reality check! This one is probably the worst. She’s a nasty little whore, living a double life as a lowlife alcohalic! Someone I would NOT want as a role model! I swear social media gives these people a high horse feeling that needs to be kicked out from under them! Get a life & get off your computer you fat pig!

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POF Psycho Mohammad

November 10, 2014 Calgary, Edmonton 53

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this guy Mohammad is a fcking psycho.He jacked my phone in Edmonton we meant on POF he than proceeded to posting my body pics on my POF account.He claims that hes a student University of Alberta yet hes been moving around cities he was in Toronto less than a month ago according to his POF account now hes in Calgary.He lied about working as a roofer during summer (only worked two days)tells girls hes in school to be Psycho Analysis(NOT) and that his parents are Somali diplomats (country don’t have government) and that he lives like a king (never shows u where he lives).DO NOT TRUST HIM. HE WILL JACK UR PHONE!!!! CUZ HE IS A BROKE ASS LOSER..

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