Old Attention Slore

July 21, 2014 Calgary, Red Deer 191

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is the fake ass attention grabbing Ashley Deck. puts on a big old Facebook act! I am so perfect, I am so beautiful no one can be like me. She is so harsh it’s not even funny. She uses hard drugs, prescription drugs, she cheated all the time on her first husband and is about to get married to a new guy. If he is smart he would kick this dirty sausage licking whore to the curb. She belongs in Ponoka. She is totally wacked. Some of her Facebook posts are way to much info. She lies and doesn’t value people for them she only values the pretty faces. She has to cake on a ton of make up to look good. Have fake everything on her face. She is a fake. She may be pretty, however her fake I’m so perfect dancing around her workplace personality is getting old. She doesn’t have a filter for her mouth. She insults people on their looks or clothing. The Cherry Bomb people should kick her to the curb! Maybe her future husband will wake up before it’s to late. Do not marry this attention whore. She only loves your money not you. She hates kids. She says it so herself. She fake cuddles children and posts facebook pics on how cute they are to put on a show. Do Red Deer a favor attention whore and get it right the next time. We are all sick of your fake Pepsi using whore ass.

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David Lemley Is A Cheater

July 20, 2014 Calgary, The Dirty, Vancouver 142


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is David Lemley AKA Dave Lemley AKA David W Lemley and let me tell you, he is SCUM. He is notorious for cheating on his girlfriends and recently cheated on his live-in girlfriend Megan while he was living in Vancouver. He upped and moved to Calgary a few months later and is now dating a girl named Abby. Not only does he mock the fact that she takes anti-depressants, but he’s trying to hook up with girls while he’s with her! I would not be surprised if this guy is riddled with DRDs.

They have cowboys in Canada?- nik

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Langdon Kozak

July 20, 2014 Calgary 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: Here is Chelsea Kozak , Running around Langdon spreading her drd. Yes she does let some sexual encounters know of her infection but I have two friends in which she did not. And apparently herpes is for life. So,Langdon and Calgary be carefull. Hopefully her boyfriend Tyler can do better. As for Chelsea’s tits they sag when out of that bra and the biggest nipples ever.

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Badass of Red Deer

July 20, 2014 Calgary, Red Deer 33

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Ive been following your site for years and love it. First time posting because I never found anyone who I thought truly deserved it. This is one of Red Deers skeeziest. Ryan Shewchuck has been posted before and needs to be again. He really thinks hes the top shit but is in dire need of getting pushed off his fcking high horse. Guy has been dating his chick for years but still constantly fucks around on her but I guess she doesnt really give a shit. You’ll most likely find himat underage parties getting drunk and high off blow while constantly starting drama with ANYONE AND EVERYONE. Just the other night I watched him harrass a 16 year old girl because she wouldnt put out with him. You are one shallow motherfucker if you can live the way you do, guess what Ryan, youre not as badass as you think you are. Youre just a skinny punk who needs a fucking reality check. Youre so stuck up you probably wontgive a fuck about this post, but heres some advice anyways, GROW THE FUCK UP AND STOP BASHING RANDOM LITTLE GIRLS AT PARTIES. IT DOES NOT MAKE YOU COOL AND PRETTY SURE YOU CAN FIND MORE PRODUCTFUL THINGS TO DO IN YOUR LIFE THEN BE ONE OF RED DEERS SKEEZIEST PEDOPHILES. I truly hope you get help. And to all the young girls who think hes so ‘cool and funny’ you need to revise and revisit because this is one of the dirtiest self centered assholes around.

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Part Time Mother

July 20, 2014 Calgary 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this part time mommy is Tanis BigSKANK of tsu tina nation. She tried to tie down Adam to stay with her by havin his baby. MEANWHILE Adam was playing this bitch just as bad! Lololol She has no mommy or daddy so she obv has mad daddy issues. Look at this skunt bitches EYEBROWS! Damn bitch get yo shit together you already got both yo babies taken by adams mom & yo adopted mom! shouldnt that mean you should stop spreading those legs and getting knocked up? Someone needs to sterilize this bitch real quick cause she be spending ALL our hard earned tax dollars on pepsi, fo real tho: spend money fixing your face…eyebrows included! Hahahaha. The only reason why willham was beating her is because she was constantly cheating just like her new baby dad. Hey Wilhem, have you ever considered taking a dna test? Maya doesnt look anything like you! Might wanna look into that. By the way is Adam Singh still selling drugs/cooking crack to support yo little fam? I wonder if he knows yo an under cover coke whore. LOL the bitch couldnt even get her high school diploma and has the spelling level, mind. and mentality of a grade 3 student!

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Pedo Women Beater

July 20, 2014 Calgary 8


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this lovely POS right here, Is Trevor Ray Ardell Melchert. He is a woman beater, a hard-core crack head, and a deadbeat father of three. He was with this girl (the mother of his youngest child who is 2), when she was 16 and he was 39. he beat her for years, she had their son when she was 19. She left him for good after he assaulted her in her home while the child was sleeping in another room. he gave her crack all throughout the relationship and alienated her from her family and friends for years. She left him months before she knew she was pregnant and quit the drugs. His eldest son is exactly ONE MONTH younger than this girl. He has another son he does not take care of, who he smokes crck around. His new girlfriend, Brandy Moojelsky (suits her, MOO!) who he was cheating on this girl with, also is heavy into crack, AND they are constantly assaulting each other! oh and may I add that she has slept with Trevor’s sister, and most of his friends!? (I wonder if they bang his sister together?) Trevor was charged with assaulting his young ex girlfriend in 2011, and has some how managed to adjourn every court date since. He wont be prosecuted until 2015!!!! Lets not let this scum bag get away with it!! He currently lives in Turner Valley AB, Maybe he needs to feel some justice the old fashioned way!!!!!!

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Lethbridge Flap Jacks

July 19, 2014 Calgary 10



THE DIRTY ARMY: this is tara from hardieville in Lethbridge alberta. she is a crack whore who sells and smokes rock everyday and is cheap and easy! total piece of trash!will suck a dick on command for free….

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Can someone buy princess payal a Treadmill

July 18, 2014 Calgary 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: You would think, all the coke this whore sniffs with her husband, she’d atleast loose a few….bahahah not bloody likely. She’s a tank! Payal your soooo gross. Get it together before your hubby goes and finds someone fit & better than your triple chinned ass

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