Shayla needs her tubes tied Cook

August 11, 2014 Calgary, Saskatoon 38

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hello everyone this here is miss shayla cook or sometimes she likes to go by miz Latina she thinks shes Spanish or from Mexico or something like that. Anyways this girl here, im not going to call her a woman because shes far from it is a baby making machine. The sad thing is that she doesn’t look after any of her kids. She pops out these kids and makes her sick mother take care of them. Now get this the reason her mom looks after those kids is because shayla is too busy running around from city to city selling her body. She comes back to winnipeg every now and then to say hi to her family, spend a night with her kids and take a few pictures for facebook and Instagram saying she loves her kids so much. Oh my god wait this story gets so much better. Now miss shayla with her no using condom ass is pregnant with the third kid. Not surprising at all. The horrible thing is that shes still doing drugs and still prostituting. Now shes going to have another child who is fas and ADHD like her other 2 kids. This really is a sad story. Dont get me wrong her other 2 babys are in good hands with their grandma (thank god) But come on shayla when are you gonna grow up and take care of your OWN kids. You cant sell your body forever and your mother is not gonna be around to look after your next 6 kids. I guess once the mothers gone CFS is gonna get a bunch more from this girl. Shayla learn how to use condoms or take care of your responsibilities and grow up. You’re already on to your third baby dad. How many other guys you gonna have babies with before you realize thats not how you get a man to stay with you. Get off the old men get a real job and be the mother you claim to be. Sad sad excuse of a parent some people should not be allowed to have babys. There’s people out there that would give anything for a kid and here she is poppin them out like their candy and giving them away. What’s wrong with this generation smh By the way shayla stop with that ugly face u make in your picture ITS DISGUSTING!!

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Khloe Bear

August 11, 2014 Calgary 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: This slack bitch thinks she’s so hot!! Nd look who I found on the backpage in Calgary!! Lmao she’s just another dirty little squaw trying to say she’s Spanish Italian! Haha stupid bitch your native!

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Ashley Stoner

August 11, 2014 Calgary 42

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey! Let me tell you about a girl i know who does tattoo’s.. Her name is Ashley Stoner.. Her tattoos are hideous, I honestly don’t know how people would go to her.. She’s smoking crck all the time, and shes psychotic! I mean like Before we were friends a girl commented on her wall saying “Your tattoo you did on me got infected, it’s peeling it doesn’t even look like it’s there, all that pain you put me through just so you could get stuff from me..” She’s a two face problem starter.. She never takes responsibilty for her actions! I mean she use to work at a old folks home.. and then she has sex with the chef who didn’t last lest then 2 minutes… She got fired because she started shit with everyone who worked there.. talk about two face! I mean she has a boyfriend why would she cheat on him with the chef! GROSSSSSSS. WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK?

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Sean The Psychotic Juggalo

August 8, 2014 Calgary 40

THE DIRTY ARMY: so nik this tub of lard is Samuel “Sean” Fisher, he once tried to hang himself in his girlfriends back yard until her dad came along and pulled the rope away. he isn’t only suicidal but he is also a woman beater, he hit his girlfriends sister once and shoved her down and he has also tried breaking into his ex girlfriends house when they weren’t together and had numerous people parking on her street to stalk her every move. i even heard once he cheated with her for a guy and the only girls he gets are fat ugly ones like him. he has an EPO on him by the girl that he stalked and tried breaking into and yet they live together, no wonder he cant see many of his kids, he doesn’t ever pay child support for any of them, hell i don’t think he has ever worked a full time job long enough to even pay for his many kids so welfare pays one of the mothers of his many kids his share of the child support. he thinks controlling and threatning women makes him a man, his whole family including his parents doesn’t want anything to do with him. he has been homeless most of his life and couch hops whenever him and the mother of 2 of his many kids breaks up, and then he hitch hikes since he cant afford to go anywhere. he is violent and a schizo, a drunk, and a druggie but what do you really expect from a juggalo.!!

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April The City Stamp

August 8, 2014 Calgary 52

THE DIRTY ARMY: so nik this is April Rush, me and her went way back but a few things I know about her is that she got all 3 of her kids taken away because she would rather talk to guys on her laptop and party rather than watch her kids. she once had bed bugs and head lice and her room is always messy, she doesn’t know how to clean up after herself. she once got pregnant at around 14 with a guy in his 30′s and she luckily for the kid she aborted it. She constantly says shes going somewhere but secretly meets up with random guys all hours of the day and night, sometimes it’s for money too. She is beyond lazy which is why she lives off of AISH for her A.D.D. but I think she has more problems than just A.D.D. She only cares about herself, she once kicked her 65 year old mother out and didn\’t care where she went because in her exact words “i have to worry about myself”. she is constantly backstabbing her family, not just her mother but her own brother as well. I don’t think she even showers because she always smells like rotten fish and probably has some sort of disease by now, guys must be desperate to be with her because shes not even attractive, then again the guys she meets aren’t that attractive either. she dropped out of school in grade 10 because she got beat up and was scared to go back and she likes any guy that is around so girls beware of your boyfriends, they might end up secretly with this cum dump.

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Slooty Celina Mae

August 8, 2014 Calgary, Coquitlam 74

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this chick is just a dirty dirty bird. She cheats on her boyfriend all the time. He cheats on her. They just like to act like they are untouchable. Well they arent. Celina as one of your friends (well ex now) I hope you do grow up one day and stop acting like a snobby stuck up slut. Stop thinking everone wants your boyfriend because honestly we all think hes an ugly little bitch that gets away with everything because his parents baby him. OPEN YOUR EYES. Wake up and grow up. You cant pull shit shit forever.

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August 8, 2014 Calgary 46

THE DIRTY ARMY: im the one who dated monty.. monty has shut down my buissness by posting fake kijiji ads claiming I was scamming people for money.. I was running a childcare buissness.. he also claims I abuse children.. when why the hell would I do that when I have 3 kids of my own in my custody. His son got pulled away from him since he punched his x and she took all of his rights off the moment he went to jail.. monty then continued to spread lies about me all over the internet this is just his next stop.. I pay my own rent.. have my own car.. pay for my kids.. he is full of lies and accusations.. attached I have sent what he said to my old childcare clients.. and also him talking about how he made a fake pof account with just nudes on their just to get messages.. I am married now.. and this drama continues .. this kid wont stop at nothing.. he has no money an a warrant for his arrest from 2002 . from taking a highspeed chase from the cops in taber alberta. I have also attached his one of many facebook accounts.. he has over 10

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Wannabe Manson

August 8, 2014 Calgary 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: This skank is Shayla “Manson”. She sleeps her way through groups and leaves them all wantin more. She’s always nekkid or postin boob shots for the world to see. Her poor bf is clueless and claims to love her slutty ass. Out at all local shows n stuff just paraydin around like shes the queen. This bitch needs a wake up call and stop stealin men.

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