Racquel Schneider

April 9, 2014 Calgary, Kelowna 35 9,557 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this piece of work right here is Raquel aka ratchet schneider. This girl is a major whore. I’ve never seen a girl wear so much makeup on her face at one time and still manage to look ugly as sin ! Her eyebrows are so close to her eyes she looks like a cave man . What a fail at being pretty. Ratchet gave 5 people in Kelowna the cl*p and then took off to Calgary. Word on the street is she went there to be with some guy but he caught her prostituting on the side so she’s on her way back to kelowna . Watch out boys ! It’s no secret this girl is an sad carrier … she posts pictures of her out of shape body in the skimpiest clothes to try to get attention from guys . News flash raquel you look like you’ve had 3 kids … your a heavy set girl. You look like a football player . Posting dramatic attention seeking pictures and statuses like the little slut you are . Attention whore. No one likes you you fat pig . You have a face that can be best described as a cross between a pig and a cave man . Your fcking rank raquel stop acting like your something sweet. Your used up , fat , saggy , and on top of that your a huge can’t. Give up you stupid junkie.

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Danielle the junkie Miller

April 8, 2014 Calgary 105 9,555 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok nik so this girl has been posted before but she clearly needs to be posted again with the pictures I seen on my Facebook feed she claims to be a mother but she’s always posting pictures like this she’s drunk and clearly high on somethin as her pupils are huge this girl is a nasty piece of shit mom who needs to be posted again her last post she’s telling someone to kill them self and there kids tell me what kind of mother would tell another mother to k**l there kids this bitch loves to go around messaging people she’s never met starting trouble and will stalk them down to the point they block 10 facebooks that she creates just to message people and start problems she shouldn’t have any kids from all the drugs she did pregnant and she will even go around lying sayin other people were on drugs pregnant to make her self feel better she’s a low life shit stain who should be ashamed of herself she’s so fcked her own family wants nothing to do with her she sleeps with random guys all the time just so they will buy her what she wants this girl is a crazy psycho bitch and needs to realize no one wants anything to do with you leave us all alone she even goes around saying how she fucked all these girls boyfriends you can read it on her last post it’s so nasty her friend says Danielle has sleep with everyone who commented on here’s current boyfriends which let me tell you was a lot of people so rank!!! I bet she smells like tuna when she walks by nic put this girl on blast she obviously didn’t Learn last time she’s posting pictures where she’s all messed up her pupils are the size of dinner plates and she has a 2.6 in her hand and wheres her son nic probably with the first crak head she found to babysit

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Chase Morin

April 8, 2014 Calgary, Red Deer 33 9,972 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Okay nik… If you want to know who in red deer would stab this kid for fun and probably beat the shit out of him just to make an entire city proud to not have a scum bag liar, cheater criminal and so on so on…. It will be him, Chase morin, or like on his Facebook name: ‘Chase Fricken Morin’ where could I start?? Well let’s just say that he has cheated to most of his girlfriends including me. We dated for like a month and he played with not only me but about 3 other. Her high school pregno Ex-girlfriend, her friend that came back from BC, and this other one who was not older than 15. And the list goes on, he has been in jail for about 3 or 4 times? Stealing trucks, suspect involved in destruction of a house, and such. He does meth, cocaine and other big drugs. He has girlfriend name Sierra, but poor her doesn’t know his past very well, he got one girl pregnant, went to jail, cheated on every relationship, stab a guy in a fight, drinking and driving. She doesn’t even suspects of him cheating with this 15 Yr old who My friend discovred. He knows who I am… sweet talks and lies to you, then Fcks you (terrible terrible sex…’super skinny penis’) and then leaves you or uses you.he will always pull out the card that he hasn’t slept with many women. He even lies that he lost his virginity to a girlfriend. He didn’t. He lost it to my fiend of mine back in middle school.. He also got another chick pregnant in Edmonton the same year he left to jail the first time. All he does is sends you nudes (please I have fucked bigger) and he will lie saying he is breaking up with his current girlfriends just so you can go for him. His mom is a religious person (very sweet woman) but not even her can do anything about it. He is worthless and doesn’t do any good in this town. I hope one day he pays for everything he has done to soo many people. Including me. This… Red deer…. Is a person we can say is dirty. Slept with 12 girls. Cheated in every relationship. Got two chicks pregnant. He may even have a kid… He been to jail several times, stabbed a kid. Molested other women, Drunk Driving many times, does every drug. Lies a lot, thinks he is the best fuck he gave to every girl, he even takes videos of all the girls he has fcked without them knowing he is doing this, Including me…. And then shows it to all his friends. And when he breaks up with them, he shows it to his buddy and tells him all about their sex life. No respect, half the town knows everything about the girls he made them ‘cm’ because he is the ‘god in bed’ Scum bag piece of shit.

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Reign of Slugs

April 8, 2014 Calgary 40 9,852 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey, Nik! We’re back with some more juicy deets. Remember Jessica Ferron? Now we’ve got some stuff on her, Her hunky chunk Devon Desrochers, and their little pet Josh Roberts. You pretty much heard all you needed to know about Jessica last time around, shes dirty, slutty, men come and go, and she prostitutes for a place to say. Well, it wasn’t going to take long for her to pop a bun in the oven with her latest boy crush. She’s claiming 4 months pregnant, her belly fat says six (maybe she should chill out on taco Tuesdays). Devon is famous for his binge drinking, problem gambling, drug dealing, and you guessed it! Cheating. Never been with a girl he didn’t two time, the slimy bastard! Gotta love him. Not to mention his best friend is in love with his ex, and they’re fcking behind his back. So says the little birdie, at least. Little puppy Josh just likes to copy cat everything Devon does, so let’s not be surprised if he knocks up some bimbo within the next couple months. He just likes to sit back and play with girls hearts, lying to his girlfriend right to her face. Unfortunate.

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Angel Escort

April 7, 2014 Calgary 9 9,925 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is a calgary escort goes by the name of angels she’s s fake cake faced slut who charges next to nothing as in get her high or drunk and she’s yours for the night. Bitch has her head so far up her ass she spits shit when she talks. Congrats on being calgary a cheapest skank Ariel your such an angel

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Renae Fischer, Rat Attack

April 7, 2014 Calgary, Sydney 8 6,683 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This renae(sally)she’s a relapsed pos that drives around in beat up charger ,suckn mth dealers off for dope ,and if she has recently ripd someone off she mite have a place with a room for rent , she steals shit so she can buy dope and she talks nothin but shit Dirt bag strait up

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Trent Pedofile-Killer Hynne

April 4, 2014 Calgary 56 8,559 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this here is Trent Hynne aka the most disgusting human being alive. He will sleep with anything that moves and doesn’t care if you have any diseases or not. A girl once openly told him she had **V and he slipped it in her anyways. This guy and his brother Steven will add about 50 random girls on Facebook everyday and try to hook up with them whenever they get bored with whoever they have on the go right now. Age is also not a factor. Trent recently took a 14 year old girl’s virginity and then laugh in her face and tells her to kick rocks. He constantly carries diseases and I know multiple girls who have gotten serious drd’s from this guy, pretty sure he’s only ever been checked when he was forced to in jail. Little girls swarm over this kid because they think the whole “in and out of jail” thing is so cool. How cool is it now that he’s been charged with second degree murder? That’s right, about a month ago he was charged for the murder of an innocent 17 year old kid. Real cool. Maybe he should lay off the steroids and stop sticking needles in his rear end because clearly he can’t control his temper. Thankfully he’s going to be gone for a long time but whoever thinks this pathetic excuse of a human, is worth their time, you’re clearly as dumb as he is. This kid is 20 years old and has the mentality of a 12 year old. Unless you wanna get played, get a disease, or get stabbed, stay away from this one.

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Jenny JC – Would You

April 4, 2014 Calgary, Toronto 36 7,221 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ummm… would you?

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