Calgary Escort

October 7, 2014 Calgary 68

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi nik this is Ding Alier from Calgary this bitch sell her vagina for a living, she sells to me and my friends all the time, you can catch her tricking and picking up men a club night owl and jimmy here in Calgary, this anorexic bitch needs to stop walking around like she is the hottest escort around Calgary she even Ho to Edmonton and fort Mac to sell her nasty sick looking body she has no shame in her game, suck dicks she even doesn’t even know how to suck dick right she keeps biting me with that horse teeth she has the her pussy is very big and loose ugly ass slut get a real job and get a life get out of the government housing and get off welfare before you act like you are better than anyone else

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$5 Holla

October 6, 2014 Calgary 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik, this gold-digging snaggle toothed looking sow is name Laura Winebar . She claims she is a hot Boricua , but bitch is nothing but a dirty Indian . Not only does she look ridiculous but her reputation is that way as well . From fcking over friends and family lying to everyone as well as saying she’s pregnant so she can keep a man . This bitch has given at least 6 people genital  drd as well as Cly***iah . Laura is a little bar start groupie bitch , if you want to see a cheap show I would recommend going to Lowdus she’ll be on stage with her $5 shows . If you think that’s the worst part this fien is a solid crack head . She will blow a dude regardless to if they got bumps or mumps for a $40 bag . Winebar , you look like a ugly ass cancer patent with out those cheap extensions , eye brows like you got signed from Nike , eyes lashes just as dirty as you are . Go take your muffin top somewhere elsewhere , cause Red Deer / Calgary has had enough of your home wrecking attitude . You were warned Red Deer , this Sow will do anything for a little bit of cash .

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My Anaconda

October 6, 2014 Calgary 33

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this ho needs no introduction. Calgary knows!! Just look at her nasty ass face and gap, it’s enough to give you nightmares. Her muffin top and flat ass is so disgusting. This biotch will spread her legs for anyone if they bring her a bottle of liquor or some pot. Shes so pathetic and think she’s cool that she got a DUI. I slept with her for abit then came to my senses and stopped drinking and smoking mj. This drama ho is just to much. Think she’s got when she ain’t and her vag smells like the Swamps of Africa. She needs to be put in her place!! Please post this. Says she’s spanish but I think she’s Cree? Don’t you agree Nik?

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Romind Santos

October 3, 2014 Calgary 210

THE DIRTY ARMY: Since St.James this little goof has been the epitome of a wolf in sheeps clothing. For the over a decade in Winnipeg, and Calgary, this clown has lied, cheated, stole, manipulated, and shit-talked everyone in his path. this scum and his wife feliz are two of a kind; wannabe, social-climbing parasites, who feed off innocent people. If they can’t benefit from you in some way, shape or form, then you best watch your back against these snakes. These 2 winners wouldn’t have a pot to piss in, or window to throw it out of in their pino homeland, but they have no problem greasing everything they can to turn a profit in Canada. romind = sleezy salesman for blackberry, (RIM is stupid enough to hire him, despite shit talkin against them) and his winner of a wife is a receptionist for a hotel. They would be probably living on welfare if they had to refund the money they’ve stole from people/taxpayers. feliz and her family committed insurance fraud in Winnipeg for tens of thousands of dollars. romind? well he’s an even bigger troll – walks around with a chip on his shoulder, when he has about as much tangible education as a used condom. Websites like this were tailor made for rat pieces of shit like this. I honestly feel sorry for the people who associate with these douchebags; they’d RUN if they only knew who they really were beneath the surface. The church these two “outstanding christians” attend isn’t even safe from their shit-talk/hate (#theHopes). Raise your kids and STFU already.

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Giver Right Here

September 30, 2014 Calgary 43

THE DIRTY ARMY: Wellllll….. I am sick to my stomach!! This post rips me apart but also makes me feel good to have found this scum, low life, deadbeat, cheating, bastard. Full of lies!!! Betrayal and worse of all, a disease that keeps on giving!!! This scum bucket right here is Michael Duguay!!! A man I fell in love with and dated for quite some time back in my home of Thunder Bay! I found out that he now lives in Calgary!! He also has a gf and a family with her!! Must be nice! He left me with H**2 and I have been battling depression and suicide attempts ever since. I met him when I was 17 and he was 8 years older! He promised me the world. EMPTY PROMISES!! He showered me with gifts. He told me he loved me. I fell for his words. I gave myself to him. Here I am, 20 years later and I find this sicko on the internet!! Luckily she accepted him, having this horrible disease. Where I wont find anyone. I don’t love myself so who else would!! I wonder if she knows his past!! Knows he loves sleeping with men. Transexuals. He told me this. Back in the 90′s. Knows the amount of women he has slept with. The amount of drugs he has sold. The amount of crack he has smoked. Like I said, we dated for some time!! I knew him from when I was 17 until I last seen him when I was 22. Just be careful. He is spreading his disease to every girl he sleeps with. I wasn’t the last. I hope she knows this and leaves him!!!

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Mom of the Year

September 29, 2014 Calgary 42

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this shank shyann bigsorrelhorse is nothing but alcholic mother that drinks around her kids and brings her kids with to guys houses. She goes around spreading her gonorrhea like a nasty bitch does top it all off she claiming she pregnant with her 4th kid like get this hoe some birth control. This bitch needs maury she has all these babydaddies and she doesnt even know who the daddy of her 4th kid. This bitch doesnt know how to keep a man when all she does is fuck around on them probably thats why all her babydaddies left her stank pssy nothing but a whorable mom.

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Pearl Catcher

September 29, 2014 Calgary 29

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this chick needs to be on here permanently. Meet Paige Gobert. She is a absolutely disgusting slut. She would bang anybody for drug money. now into really old men and skinheads. But all are welcome if there huge enough for her to even feel. I got drunk enough to fck her and my room smelt like a fish market the next day. NASTY. she is a chronic lier about anything, and a compulsive cheater. one guy for this girl. pfffft, try up to 6

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Dicks are for Chicks

September 29, 2014 Calgary 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: Frankie Van Oostrom and Lyndon at tottaly hot for eachother they pretend to have a thing for girls they both have crossed swords in the showers a real gay couple niki anyone seen that new Big Brother the one with “frankie”that exactly the same its acually kinda funny both Lydon and Frankie think they are characters from the Jersey Shore characters Bwahahahaha Did you know These gays are both gay for eachother i did for a very long time becuse girls know this kind of stuff nik”Cheers”…

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