Calgary | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 4

Horse Face Bessey

December 14, 2014 Calgary, Red Deer 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Bobbie Bessey. She is a two faced liar. She preaches peace and love to everyone, meanwhile she is off cheating on her boyfriend. Bobbie is the kind of girl that will claim to be so sweet and innocent, make friends with you and your boyfriend… and then try to sleep with him. Ever sinse this two faced Pepsi slut became a “kilt girl”, she thinks she is the hottest shit to walk the streets of Red Deer. But le’s get real, Bobbie is just a horse faced bitch who’s head is way to big for their body. I work with Bobbie and I speak for everyone when I say that NO ONE likes this slut. She thinks she is hot shit because she sells drugs and fcks random dudes that she meets at work. Bobbie sweetheart you’re nothing but a used up slut. STOP TRYING TO FUKING EVERYONE’S BOYFRIENDS. You’re not as hot as you think you are and you just make yourself look pathetic.

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Sugar Daddy Hunter

December 11, 2014 Calgary 120

THE DIRTY ARMY: Please out this Slore Nik. Her name is Johanna Medicine Shields from the Gleichen area, but is technically a dirty squaw from the dirty reservation across the train track. She’s in her mid 20′s with a poor innocent child whom she lies about having, yet feels no shame in using the child tax for her own personal habits. She will do anything and anyone who will buy her alcohol and blow to snort up while allowing them to blow their load on her face, but is rumoured to like it in the mouth. She even got pink eye because she ate ass for coke. Going for guys her own age is out of the question, she would rather have at old dirty balls. She thrives on the attention she gets from old men because no one her age would want to touch her with a ten foot pole unless they are inebriated beyond fuck. She has no problem being with a married man with a kids, yet she can’t even take care of her own. She ha a side kick named Dawn Leah who his her homewrecking partner in crime. They both have no problem in being your dirty little cheap secret just as long as you provide. They’re go to men or should I say sugar daddies are 50+ year old men from the Blood Reserve. As long as these sugar daddies take them to Flames games and put them up in run down hotels in a small hick town where their wives wouldn’t even think of looking for them…from there all is game with no boundaries. Married woman need to be warned about these two dirty trash tarts. Remember their faces because they are out and about.

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Dennis Sonny

December 11, 2014 Calgary 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: There isn’t a woman alive that doesn’t know the name Dennis (Aka-Sonny) First Rider!! This coke head mutt is the infamous dog without a leash on the Blood Reserve. He is such a womanizer that he has a girl for everyday of the week in which they all think he’s going to sweep them off their tattered moccasins. HIs mother is a band counsellor who he respects to the fullest, yet he treats woman like they are disposable holes for his dick…the douch bag can’t even get, let alone hold a job without the help of his counsellor mother and her connections. The home he lives in was given to him by his parents and doesn’t even pay his own bills. (Sad Right?) and let’s not forget he is legally married and fcked that up to whore around with all girls young and old..and when I say old I mean OLD!!! Ladies must know if his outside light is on that is his “signal” to let his boys know there are women there to take advantage of. So if you see the outside light on know that there’s probably an orgy going on under that roof BEWARE. He sweet talks women then gets them high on coke and pourS alcohol down there throats while acting high and mighty because his drink of choice is patron silver. WARNING: to the next poor soul that will be his victim. Know that you’ll have to lower your expectations and HE’s only in it to get his little dick wet…true story..

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Couple of drunk idiots

December 11, 2014 Calgary 31

THE DIRTY ARMY: These 2 are Sarah Ashley Champ and her idiot boyfriend Shane Barnabe. This girl thinks she is too hot for her own good. ya ur bod is smokin but ur pussy smells like something died in there and its so loose even the biggest of dicks cant feel anything in there. Shane is a drunk woman abuser who loves to do coke 2. He beats up his gf and she goes back every time wat an idiot. she likes to fck other guys behind shanes back and right under his nose. this bitch lost her kid cuz of shane and this slut puts shane b4 her daughter. Get rid of the idiot and get ur kid back genius. Shane ur an idiot who deserves to be raped by some bubba in jail.

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Central Alberta Sloot

December 11, 2014 Calgary 5


THE DIRTY ARMY: So her names Ashley Walroth married sleeps around for meth has a husband but fucks anything if there might be a pay off.two kids she can’t look after cause she’s allways running out the door pawning her kids off to who ever might watch them,so she can go out and party do drugs and sleep around.shes a complete liar allways looking for some sort of pitty uses her kids as money tickets but can’t take the responsibility to actually look after them.she lies so much she can’t even keep her lies straight half the time.treats her parents like shit threatens to have them killed all the time.wouldnt put it past her she caused a home invasion cause she can’t learn to keep those legs shut.beware of her she is a head case she will drain your money than leave u high and dry.make sure u use protection cause she doesn’t beleave in condoms but has no problem getting from bed to bed.

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You Americans Can Have Her Back

December 11, 2014 Calgary, The Dirty 84


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Calgary we have a U.S. import in our fair city her name is “Chanelle Nicole Moseman” from Billings, Montana MT. I feel it is my duty to inform Calgarians about this bitch and how she spends her time among us, not to mention she has screwed over a number of my girlfriends and messed around with numerous guys and my ex-boyfriend. First off this viper claims to be quite/shy to men but is extremely materialistic, and apparently she is a cheap drunk and an easy fuck as most of pictures are all with alcohol. She has been know to associate herself with know criminals, prostitutes some which can be seen on her Facebook (Chanelle Nicole) Instagram (chanelle_nicole_) After viewing her Instagram pictures which were shocking, revealing sexual comments going back and fourth about tasting something ? Who or what is she is trying to be like, those so called promo models that think they are swimsuit or runway, SHOCKINGLY LOL? Half her of her time is working at a strip club called “The Boudoir Rouge” as a server not to mention taking guys numbers at the club and being a SK*NK. How can some live in Calgary working only three days a week at strip and being able to live in Calgary, it’s impossible when so expensive here? Moving on the club seems to have a number of fairly beautiful woman, which brings me to the next.

Canada can keep her…she has more of a Canadian face anyway.- nik

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Tony Bowman

December 11, 2014 Calgary, Saskatoon 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Tony Bowman. One of the most unattractive ‘players’ I’ve met. It is impossible for him to stay faithful to any girlfriend he’s had, and he’ll say anything to make you think he is single. He’s slept with easily 30+ women, plus he’s had and given the cl*p. Hes been cheating of his new gifriend since they started dating and she’s been told but stays with him. I guess she’s just as stupid as he is. He’s mentally abusive, loves mind games and only thinks with his dick. He’s got something to be proud of as far as size goes, but more often then not he’s a minute man if ya know what I mean. He is a lying piece of shit, and I wish I wouldn’t have wasted so much time with this scumbag. He’ll end up just like his dad- numerous kids from different mothers, single and still banging the babysitter.

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Hide your Dick, Hide your Wallet

December 11, 2014 Calgary, Windsor 40

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hello Nik! Well lets start off with her name is Krystal Lynn (Krystal Rankin). She will sleep with any guy that will give her money$$$$ She sells her self on POF (plenty of fish)! I saw her on there my self she messaged me trying to get me to give her money I live all the way in Calgary= She asked me to send her money saying it was important for her dog or a bill something like that……… “gold digger like a hooker just smarter” i wonder how many guys actually gave her the $ she said she will come see me if i pay for her ticket -= but i had to send her the money like you taking me has a joke;’ **if you aint no punk holla we want prenup! its something that you need to have cause when she leave yo ass she gonna leave with half** my buddy lives in Windsor and I told him about her, funny thing is when I mentioned her name he told me he fcks her all the time <> shes an easy fck; always downtown- if she needs a ride home she’ll hollar at him and they go to her place or his and fck^^ she will than talk about her money problems to him and make him feel guilty… he told me she has a huge vaginahes good friends with one of her girlfriends, she always talks shit about her to him and said she has a huge kills list on her phone-0—=Surprised this girl gets around as she does being so ugly and all;;’ her boobs dont even look that she probably uses a big ass padded push up or something and those paw prints on your tits look gross.

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