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Goof Boy

December 1, 2014 Calgary 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this here is Nick Medal. he is a low life peice of shit that only thinks about him self. he will use and abuse you till your dry, then he will kick you to the curb. he has absoultly no morals, no respect for anyone except him self. He thinks he is gods gift to woman and that he is the best thing on the planet. when he looks at you he can be looking at you and in the other direction to because of his ugly lazy eye. His word is garbage, if he tells you he will do something for you he wont ever do it. He sleeps with underage girls. He is 28, and has slept with girls between 15-18. he is filled with drds. He is constantly scraching his ass its covered in scabs and he constantly scraches his crotch… (shave the forest it will help with the crabs in crab valley) He is a useless worthless bpeice of garbage that you would turn your nose up cause he smells like nasty b.o. He risks peoples lives in a car when he dont even have a valid drivers licences…. thats not the smartest…. He cant work worth shit. if it dont go poor little nickys way then he throws a huge tempertantrum like a 3 yearold. he walks all over people. He is an idian giver, he cant even open up his own bank account. Poor little Nickolas cant jkeep to him self and cant handle it when it dont go his way. he snorts blow everyday of his natural life. He drinks him self stupid. He is a big talker, gets really cocky on the other side of the phone/ keyboard but when push comes to shove he will run and hide like a bitch.

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Baardseth She-Man Jaf*ckin

December 1, 2014 Calgary 256

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Sabrina the She-Man Jafakian aka TROLL. Check out this sea monster. If you need any DRDs she got them. Looking for a girl on the side she is your man. You want your boyfriend or husband off your hands she will take him. She only needs to hear I love you and her legs open “Tada” or if your a real sweet talker and Jamaican you get extra “Yes men she sucks hood. Too bad she can’t mind her kids and be a good role model. I think them extensions are wayyyyyyyy to tight. She thinks she has friends in the Jamaican community but really he I mean she is just easy they don’t care about her NONE AT ALL. Her door is always revolving and you get some rice and peas after you have fun. Just be aware that her hygiene techniques are lacking cause she smells like ass just stand by him for five mins and the hum will hit Ya. She speaks many languages such as Lebanese, Patios and Africkan. Yes you heard me ALL you Africans she will take you to and Lebs and Iraq no worries. Just let her finish with the Race of the season and wait to see who’s next. Wrap it good or just let her suck. Bitch gave me Herpes. Anytime someone mess with her it’s like dropping in a pot whole my whole fist did fit. One time was enough but I let her suck 3 times and drink my juice once.

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Shrek in Real Life

December 1, 2014 Calgary 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, I’m warning everyone now that if you have a weak stomach do NOT attempt to look at this Shrek look alikes pictures. It may lead to a slight vomiting in your mouth. This nasty bitch’s name is Brittney Marshall, no this troll did not come from under a bridge, but a shit hole of a town Shaunavon, Saskatchewan. This fugly fat troll is nothing but a home wrecking whore. She’s one of those disgusting sluts that goes after married men. Alcohol/Drugs obviously a huge factor, who in their sober mind would ever want to put their dick in something that looks like that.. This girl has zero morals, no self esteem… she knows she’s garbage. This cum-sponge is going to get a hard dose of karma when she gets a good shit kicking. But I guess she’s already getting that hard dose of knowing she’s a nasty, trailer trash looking piece of shit. She does after all have to look at that ugly mug everyday.

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Daniel Devon Holmes Deveau

December 1, 2014 Calgary, Red Deer 77

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well they say a picture is worth a 1000 words… This lovely peice of work is Daniel Devon Holmes Deveau but goes by Devo Deveau on facebook, he is one of the biggest losers you will ever meet. He thinks hes a big mad because he can make threats and beat of women smaller than him. Watch out ladies hes known to be a rapist and a pedo. To add the cherry to the cake hes also a dead beat who likes to have as many kids as he can yet can’t take care of them. So red deer watch out you have a predator in your midst.

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Kamran Sattar

November 27, 2014 Calgary 119

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik,let me introduce to you Calgary biggest douchebag Kamran sattar. He is one ugly ass mofo, terrible body odor, it’s like his rotting away. Probably from all the steroids and GH that he smells that way. Kamran and his brother Farhan Sattar like to shove steroids up the ass and then they sit and look at each other in the bathrooms. What f*gs they are probably fucking each other while they telling them self’s how good they look.hahahahha If you are buying your gear from this juice monkey check the dates on your gear. He is selling expired steroids If you had the unfortunate time and met this douchebag let me give you some good advice, delete him from your facebook or any other social site. He will steal your picture and post shit about you here and other sites.

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Andrew Tyndale

November 27, 2014 Calgary 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: Andrew Tyndale is probably the most disgusting womanizer I have ever met. He flirts with literally every girl he meets regardless of having a girlfriend or not. This master manipulator uses girls to get them to do whatever he wishes and then throws them aside to wait for the next pathetic girl to use. This asshole has cheated on every girlfriend he ever has. I don’t know why this scum hasn’t been posted on this site earlier. Women if you meet this man run! As fast as you can in the opposite direction so he can use his lies and manipulation on you or give you one of his many drd’s he has acquired from all the little sl*ts he has banged. Why don’t you stop selling drugs and grow up and get a real job.

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Meat Head Sarah

November 26, 2014 Calgary 38


THE DIRTY ARMY: This slut will fck any one. She smokes crystal me*h or any other drugs she can find so she lost her daughter and doesnt even know who her little girls father is because she fcks 4 money. stop opening ur legs 4 everyone who has 20 bucks bitch ur full of diseases and cum. stop tryin to pretend u r a good mom posting pics of ur kid n u seein how u r in a visitation room in every pic mabey u should worry bout getting ur girl back n stop the drugs and fckin ur johns skank.

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Adam Cavnaghs Killers

November 26, 2014 Calgary 116

THE DIRTY ARMY: well well well, ive tried to look for these guys on here but theyre not for some odd reason. I would like to introduce everyone to Adam Cavanagh’s bitch made killers. Mark Morales who turned out to be a rat. First bragging about him being the shooter but has now turned it around and is point his disgusting fingers at Salim Kaddoura. Theyre just fat losers obviously jealous of this young man that they killed. i heard it was over some big dumb slut named Ariana Drews. She showed these two boys where Adam lived and then she had the audacity to show her big ugly head at the funeral. these BOYS always try to act so G when theyre seen as cowards, they only beat on women and use Adam’s death as “dont fuck with me or ill kill you” to guys they refuse to fight. lmao. why not fight Adam one on one? cause they both knew that they aint shit and that Adam would have probably handed their asses to them on a silver platter. Calgary has too many wanna be thugs. Cant believe Meagan Elmes had a kid with kaddoura and is PROUD. same goes with Savana “montana” and “Rosie” James sooooo proud of their sons that were concieved by Morales. Theyre just going to turn out like their parents, USELESS. bunch of bastard kids running around PUT THEM ON BLAST SO NO WOMAN IS EVER TEMPTED TO BE WITH THEM IN ANY WAY. THESE LOSERS SHOULD NOT EVER BE ALOUD) TO REPRODUCE AGAIN!!!

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