Manslore of Woodys Taphouse

July 10, 2014 Calgary 28

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Matt Coulson. He is a cheater and a liar. He is 27 but acts 20 which is why he hangs out with a younder crowd. Buyers beware. No I have not dated him nor would I ever. I just am sick of seeing him cheat on these chicks and play nice girls like hes single. Grow up buddy. This isnt a way to live

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Geoff Sage

July 10, 2014 Calgary 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: Lady’s beware this scumbags name is Geoff sage n he will stop at nothin to chat u up use you and then dump u to the curb with warts !!! He is the dirtiest human to walk the city of calgary if u see him run the other way BEWARE CALGARY LADYS

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Rez Gangster

July 9, 2014 Calgary 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: Preston Onespot just another dirty chug native from. Tsuu Tina this guy should be ashamed off himself lol going around raping really young girls while he\’s blacked out even with his own family ha real gross. Even snorts coke & does many stupid shit such as fcking girls infront of his own little child pretty pathetic surprised he never got called on yet p he’s nothing but a deadbeat loser that should be ashamed nd locked up for so many things he got away with

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Kristine Musgrove Fell Off

July 9, 2014 Calgary 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: Time to give up dear.

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Greasy Westside Loser

July 9, 2014 Calgary 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Darren Ba**r westsides most dirtiest greasiest loser out there he acts like he’s single but he has a girlfriend! He cheats on his gf constantly with little whores and lies through his teeth about it. Every weekend hes got a different skeez with him at parties while his gf is at work. He has no appreciation for his beautiful girl that is working her ass off to probably support his broke ass. Cause we all know Darren is a skid who has nothing and lives with his mommy. He doesn’t know what a condom is and gets drd’s all the time then waits a week before he fucks his gf and yet I’m surprised she hasnt gotten anything yet. He’s covered In nasty body sores and wears the same dirty clothes daily. He cheats on his gf with his exs Jodi and Lisa fucks his girlfriends best friend Jaimie not to mention the strippers he’s been sleeping with behind her back and this girl thinks Darren is being so faithful and true. When yet he’s a lieing piece of shit who cheats on her all the time and is making her look stupid when he’s the loser. Need this beautiful girl of his to know what kind of a loser she has on her hands and to leave his ass. Aren’t you tired if chasing your man weekend after weekend while hes slamming some other chick and your waiting for him to get home. He’s a 30 year old man who f**ks with little girls surprised you haven’t caught him yet. If you think his friends are bad you should clearly see that he’s the same way. Can’t let him get away with being a sleez bag no more can’t see an innocent beautiful girl get treated like shit from this ugly disease infested goof. Please leave this skid an get yourself a real man that treats you like a gf and not like some random! He’s a rude goof an you are too damn beautiful to be treated so wrong from Darren. He deserves to be treated like the piece of shit he is not you! So lady’s when you see this loser remember he’s abbusive and full of diseases run the other way!! Darren you deserve to be on here!!

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POF Jessica

July 9, 2014 Calgary 106

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this chick gave me drd. I met Jessica on POF. Worst mistake of my life. First, I’ve posting the pictures she puts on the file. She does not look like this at all. She has a big chest in the pictures. But she failed to mention she is only 5 feet and 180lbs. She had a cute face so I figured I could put her on a diet and make her wear less makeup and she wouldn’t have all those zits. She was shy and nice and gave me great roadhead. We f#$k and continue to for the rest of the week . During that whole week she kept on asking me for money. She had to pay her phone. Then insurance, then rent. This chick was crazy so I never called her again. 2 days after I got these sores. I go to the doctor and get tested. She gave me herpes. I called her to confront her. She won’t answer any of my calls or texts. She won’t face me so now everyone knows. I would post her last name but she never gave it to me. Worst mistake of my life

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Tamera Calf Robe

July 8, 2014 Calgary, Lethbridge 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: Oh my Nik, where to start.. This predator is a self proclaimed nymphomaniac who resides in Lethbridge, Ab. and from the Blood Tribe. Anyone & everyone knows the name TAMERA CALF ROBE! She’s in her mid 30′s with half a dozen kids who still tries to be a bar star preying on all the little boys who don’t know her name yet.. Only because everyone her age won\’t even touch her with a 10foot pole. Married men seem to be her forte though, since she can\’t keep a relationship due to being a nympho, she feels the need to destroy em! One time my gf\’s & I were dancing in the bar & she came up to us with her greasy sex hair smelling like tuna.. I mean who wants to fuck something that smells like critters live in it.? Anyway she acts like she should be respected, but I don’t think she knows what the meaning of \”self respect\” is.. She actually had the decency to play the role of a “nun” in a live theatre play, pfft far from that I tell ya. Tamera needs to be warned about.. DISEASED RIDDEN HOE BAG!!!!!!

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Proud Canadian Tiara Lynn Curran

July 7, 2014 Calgary 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, these are few pictures of Tiara Lynn Curran.

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