Calgary | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 5

Neal Jones Inbred Skeezy Crack Smoking Redneck

November 10, 2014 Calgary 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Neal Jones, This Inbred Skeezy Crack Smoking Rigger Pig is a waste of human life. He smokes crack and cheats on his dirty Hepatitis infected girlfriend Kayla Young. The two smoke meth together and will lie about anything. They’re from Fort McMurray but you can find this scum in Calgary too. He goes by the name Pooter Diddler, or @pooterdiddler online and he works for Suncor Energy Inc., #suncor, @suncor. Watch out for this lying inbred redneck, unless you like meth sores and Hepatitis.

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Dirty Girl

November 10, 2014 Calgary 46

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this two faced rat looking skank cant hold friendships as her life revolves around drama. She is nothing but a f*ck to every guy she meets When she was pregnant with one of her three kids she had a threesome with her husband and his best friend after that threesome she continued to f*ck his best friend while she was pregnant with her husbands child She thinks she is so damn hot but really she just looks like a rat with a 6 year old boy body with nasty jail looking tattoos and what kind of mother and wife posts photos like this all over facebook let alone lets a guy that isnt her husband.

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Sherwood Park Model – Kristin hawryluk

November 10, 2014 Calgary, Edmonton 115

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik his here is one of the best known hoes in a town full of girls with no morals or class.kristin hawryluk. Ever since high school she’s been one of those girls who posts half nude photos everywhere and begs for every guys attention. I can’t even tell you how many guys she fcked who had girlfriends. One buddy who got with her right after we graduated said she had some nasty smells and shit down there.. Must have some drd from all the dick jumping. She met some douch, got engaged, and did the park a favor by moving to BC. But now she’s back and just as annoying and slutty as ever. Her man found out she was cheating, which isn’t surprising after all the shady stuff she has done. Now she’s back in town and posting nude “modelling” pictures all over Facebook to advertise her nasty body. Half of them she has this stupid look on her face that makes her look like the coked out sloot she is. Go back to British Columbia. The town was a little less stinky and skanky while you were gone Kristin. Alberta’s sick of you

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Nastashia Sumner

November 5, 2014 Calgary, Red Deer 93

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this sloot of reddeer in a known whore. She use to be a cocksucking addict who went professional whore and started stripping. you wanna see her slathered in semen steal her phone and go in her pics theirs more photos of her sucking dick and taking cumshots on her little whore lips than on facebook the pic I uploaded was taken right after I fucked her senseless. She loved phoning her friends while she sucked me off. if she couldn’t sleep she would tell me to jerk off so my balls were bouncing off her forehead then would tell me if she falls asleep just cum on her ass so her panties soak it up!!!!!???? like wtf. such a nasty bitch addicted to seeing herself degraded and fucked.

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Pepsi Head

November 5, 2014 Calgary 30

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear Nikk, where do I start with this slut?! Well her name everyone is Brittany Ashley Andre. She is a used up slut that acts like she’s still 18.. She dresses like a 16 year old and your eyebrows women ? Go take a makeup class please! But your hair seeing as she is a hairdresser and all you think she would actually be good at doing but it looks like she walked into a tornado, definitely pulling off that white trailer trash tho. Seems accurate tho since she’s from Whitehorse. Better yet she lived in kelowna but got ran out of there because she had no friends ! She was known for being a bat shit crazy loser who cheated on her ex all the time, she can’t keep a boyfriend or her life on track because her partying gets in the way. She’s a coke head can’t you tell? This chick thinks she’s all that but has nothing going for her. Her face looks like a dear in headlights and having a conversation with this slut makes you wonder how she even graduated elementary..

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Kyla Karen Wittenberg

November 5, 2014 Calgary 35

THE DIRTY ARMY: Okay so I just found out that this 40 year old looking meth head slept with my baby daddy ! And as u can see she’s in a relationship with some guy who’s in jail! Also this girl had the nerve to give my baby daddy drd ! Put this bitch on blast nik !

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Michelle Manymen

November 5, 2014 Calgary 33

THE DIRTY ARMY: Michelle Manymen /Michelle Many chief Im surprised this slore hasnt been posted by anyone before but Nik you need to let girls in Calgary know that she will jack ur shit, ur money or vehicle as soon as ur backs turned and all the guys know to double wrap it so they dont catch her drdz or end up smelling like tuna for a week lol my bro was really drunk and in his drunken stupor he hooked up with it and couldn’t get it hard because her many men left a sardine smell lol’z. She will snort and drink anything you pass her “blonde” stank ass so if ur lookin for an eazy hook up throw her a line and ur in. I wud write more but im sure the commentz will fill up quickly with whatever i missed cuz i knw she has a lot of burnt bridges

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Big Mac Shayla

November 5, 2014 Calgary, Medicine Hat 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Where to even begin. I fuked this bitch a few months ago and big mac is the exact definition of what is going on down there. She had some nasty ass funk. This little hoetastic woman loves her some D. I hear since breaking up with her loser x 2 years ago she’s been with over 20 guys. IN 2 YEARS! naaasty. if anyone wants to have a fling with this woman dont worry she will fck you once and you dont even need to call her back the next day because chances are shes already got another man eatin that nasty vageen. Dear old shayla you used to be so sweet until tori and skanky handke took you under their wings and taught you how to be a real classy taber skank. I hope you\’re happy with your new life style. enjoy having a stanky ass pussy that no one wants to keep. I hope you have a lovely life and have many more willing men fuckin and chuckin you. Because we all know that a man couldnt stand being around you for more than a couple meaningless nights. Maybe you should just give up? sleeping with every man you meet wont make someone love you. You need to get some respect for yourself girl!! especailly when you keep hooking up with these guys that you know dont actually wanna be with you, but when you finally meet someone who could treat you right you move onto the next one!! HAHAHAHAHA enjoy being alone bitch! but youre never actually alone are you?? oh yea and did I meantion she has GW’s!!! NAAAASTY!

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