Trent Pedofile-Killer Hynne

April 4, 2014 Calgary 56 8,561 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this here is Trent Hynne aka the most disgusting human being alive. He will sleep with anything that moves and doesn’t care if you have any diseases or not. A girl once openly told him she had **V and he slipped it in her anyways. This guy and his brother Steven will add about 50 random girls on Facebook everyday and try to hook up with them whenever they get bored with whoever they have on the go right now. Age is also not a factor. Trent recently took a 14 year old girl’s virginity and then laugh in her face and tells her to kick rocks. He constantly carries diseases and I know multiple girls who have gotten serious drd’s from this guy, pretty sure he’s only ever been checked when he was forced to in jail. Little girls swarm over this kid because they think the whole “in and out of jail” thing is so cool. How cool is it now that he’s been charged with second degree murder? That’s right, about a month ago he was charged for the murder of an innocent 17 year old kid. Real cool. Maybe he should lay off the steroids and stop sticking needles in his rear end because clearly he can’t control his temper. Thankfully he’s going to be gone for a long time but whoever thinks this pathetic excuse of a human, is worth their time, you’re clearly as dumb as he is. This kid is 20 years old and has the mentality of a 12 year old. Unless you wanna get played, get a disease, or get stabbed, stay away from this one.

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Jenny JC – Would You

April 4, 2014 Calgary, Toronto 36 7,228 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ummm… would you?

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Hide The Younglings

April 3, 2014 Calgary 23 10,290 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Mike Ashbury. He is 40, but dates 16-17 year old girls and gives them drugs and alcohol in exchange for sex. When he’s not hooking up with teen girls, he’s on dating websites looking for women to support him and insure his car (he can’t get his own insurance ). He also frequents known gay hook up locations, where he meets guys to have unprotected oral and anal sex with. That or he’s at nearby truck stops, doing the same with truckers, especially those from the Vancouver and Ontario area, which is where he’s from originally. If you ever do date him, don’t break up!!He will break into your home, steal and destroy valuables, hack your phone and emails, harass your friends and family and stop at nothing to make your life a complete nightmare! He’ll even get you fired from work! His ex has a restraining order already for same reasons. Don’t let his charm fool you, it’s just a game. He’s charming to win you over, but in reality he’s a woman beater and a child molester… There is a reason he has his face smashed in…

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Gross Snortenay Smith

April 3, 2014 Calgary 11 10,310 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well here nik we have one of the grossest gold digging girls in the lovely town of Courtenay, Jamie smith is a gold digging whore, she plays everyone she cans then pretends to be in love, if she doesn’t get what she wants for them or they try to end things with her she goes suic**l on there ass, This girl has got to be the worst person in the valley, covered with cheap tattoos she got done by god knows who, always looks trashy, and thing she can do what she wants. This charming girl loves too go after people who are in relationships no matter who they are she cant stand too see other people happy. Jamie has probably slept with atleast half the town and this is’t including Edmonton or North Battle ford where she has previously lived before, who knows whats crawling in her pants, for the love off god everyone please stay away from her and her money sucking mouth

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Jade Babiidoll Rourke

April 3, 2014 Calgary, Red Deer 18 5,638 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: hey nik this girl right here is a real s**t her name Jade Rourke she makes her way threw life sleeping with everyone until she has used them for everything they have, she smells like year old fish. she is 19 years old a full blown coke head.she will suck anyone off for a quick buck. she makes her way between red deer blackfalds and lacombe she will do anything for a line or small hit people should watch out for her she is bad news.

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Stephen Lan Professional con man and Thief

April 2, 2014 Calgary, Vancouver 163 9,094 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Stephen Lam. He is a cumpulsive liar and con man. He stole my wedding ring from me when he was supposed to get it appraised for me. He lies and cheats on everyone and every thing. He shaggs a minimum of 3 girls at a time telling each of them they are the only one. He has stollen LARGE amounts of money from good trusting people with promises of investments. He says he is a millionaire when really he is just a thief and a loser. He is on every dating website trying to find weak broken down girls to take advantage of. He sent me a photo of my ring and said that he wont give it back and that he will pawn it or throw it in the garbage. DO NOT TRUST THIS MAN!! Every thing he says is a lie! I trusted him and thought he was a friend. He name drops and thinks he is a gangster when he is NOTHING and a NOBODY. Stephen LAM is a thief and a con man!! I SMITE YOU STEPHEN!! !

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Lena Goodeye

April 2, 2014 Calgary 17 6,596 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is lena rae or lena goodeye she was on here once i found it funny how this girl tries to act so high class and has the nerve to talk shit about so many girls. it seems to be every one doesnt like this slut only the sluts do haha Shes was an esscort but deleted her backpage ad since people found out. WOW she obviously cares what we think , she must care for us to know that shes one of the biggest whores in calgary! fucking for money but fcks everyone else for free anyway…men ADD HER ON FACEBOOK LENA RAE for a 200 fck but hurry she needs new brand name clothes hers are getting worn out like her ssy

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Aryton “The Tranny” Spence

April 2, 2014 Calgary, Winnipeg 156 7,504 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: As pretty much everyone knows by now, Aryton “Rezdog Tranny-face” Spence has been hoeing herself online each and every week to literally hundreds of men for the past few years to pay for weekend drinks at the bar and a few lines in the can at any bar from Winnipeg, to Calgary, to Edmonton, Tornonto,to Vancouver and back. In all the years following in her mothers footsteps by selling her pepsi’d out body for drugs she has obviously contracted countless infectious diseases, and as my bro has unfortunately found out, herpes has been added to her fatal DRD collection. In a blackout drunk, he made the mistake of taking the old infected tranny out to his car and making himself a little suck-suck video. When he awoke the next morning and watched the tape, he discovered that a blister scab lipped, nasty square eyebrowed, man-face sloot had been slobbing puss drops all over his unprotected slong. It didnt take but a few weeks for himself to show signs of the virus he caught from the pimple chested transgendered gutter trash. And now that poor guy is pretty much good as dead to having any real relationship ever again, unless of coarse it is with another vile drugged out waste of life like Aryton. With suicide his only realistic option, we must prevent anyone else from making the same drunken mistake as him by warning the rest of the public about the diseased backpage hooker currently floating around Alberta spreading the viscous smelling maggot infested arse cheeks, as well as the roach lipped vomit hole covered in a drd scab sandwich secreting curd. We need ghost busters up in here to finish this yeast-ed out butter face maxi-pad. Please help.

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