Butt Lover

September 18, 2014 Calgary 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: My name is Kurt Mayville; I am flawless. I enjoy long drives with hookers on our way to get 8 balls of coke. I choose to be a lazy piece of shit and not work like everybody else in the world, but I choose to be “fun-employed”, (it’s great). I enjoy when women piss on me in bed. I can only get it up when I am looking at myself in the mirror though- being so majestic, I ravage hookers loins every night. I also have a butt buddy. who is circumcised unlike me. I feed innocent young girls cocaine who have been in recovery for many years. I love to bring people down to my level. It gets me off more than my own naked body. Women with children and husbands turn me on. I will happily go out with the family of the woman who I am seeing, along with her husband. Later I will laugh to myself about the nights events and how wonderful it is to ruin lives. HA……sorry I was busy “looking” at myself in the mirror but I am back now. I embrace sociopathic ways. Also for all you ladies out there i am very vocal in bed and a selfish lover, you will never cum with me but i can guarantee that you will feel guilt and shame afterwards. So if anybody finds me as attractive as i do hit me up on the web and we will see where takes us.

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Rachet Meatloaf Vogel

September 18, 2014 Calgary 89

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hello Nik, this here is Sabrina Vogel, she is a pathetic mother, viewed by me and many others, she takes pictures like this and sends them to basically anyone, she likes to use roleplay accounts that way people can’t see her ugly true colors flirts while dating, then turns around and goes for another guy all because one wasn’t “hot enough” or “have enough money”, to support her own kid since she can’t, she’s been with soo many guys right after she broke up with her kids dad, I’ve witnessed her cheat, and goes after every guy that even gives her attention then complains she has nobody because they all decide not to date her, she likes sympathy, she’s a backstabbing whore who only cares about HERSELF, not even her own child, poor thing has to live in that nasty house with those pathetic losers. Like mother like daughter I guess. These are the kinds of people you need to watch out for, backstabbing, homewrecking slutty ass whores, if you don’t want an drd, STAY AWAY FROM HER. She will just try and take everything you love and care about. She likes to give blumpkins to other girls boyfriends and she really doesn’t care who comes in and outta her kids life, specially her nasty meatloaf vag! She also has admitted to her child being a MISTAKE. What kind of mother says that? Oh that’s right, a pathetic disgusting one. Look at those nasty ass legs. Fcking gross. Sabrina, next time make sure you can chew as much as you bite off, see you on the flip side slut. :* KISS KISS.

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Who is Omar Jessa & Isaac Jessa

September 18, 2014 Calgary 30

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this fat clown and his goof troll-faced brother are worse than they look, (hard to believe I know)  First, let’s start with an example of their logic: Rape, (especially of innocent children) has been a chaotic, and uncontrolled problem in Pakistan for many years now. When this issue was brought up in passing in a smoke circle once, (one of the guys brought it up as it was trending at the time) these gutter trash trolls responded: “Well, if kids are getting raped, it’s their own fault” and “It wouldn’t be the worst idea, I’d try it at least once: can\’t complain with free young pussy and ass!”. Even if these degenerate fugly goofs were joking, (which if I had a recording, you could be the judge) WTF do you say to that?! Doesn’t get any worse right? If fucking only. At a mutual acquaintances house party close to 2 months later, when I saw something that literally made me want to rip my eyes out. I’ve always noticed that these goofs have a weird relationship, but witnessing what they were doing in my bud’s guest house room was FCKING BEYOND DISGUSTING!!!! These guys were having a gay incest fuck fest in the guest house!!! WTF!!!??!! After I told my bud who owned the place, he thought I was kidding and laughed so hard he cried; after finally getting him to walk across his yard into the back entrance, (front entrance was locked) his frame of mind took a 180 degree turn. Long story short, they were thrown out, and we haven’t seen them since. DISGUSTING FILTHY INCEST FCKS!!!

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Angie Elliott

September 18, 2014 Calgary, Red Deer 61

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik, Meet Angie Elliott. This troll is the biggest liar and slut I have ever met. She stalks people to the point that she has restraining orders against her but that doesnt stop her. she recently had a baby and doesnt know who the dad is. She stalks guys who want nothing to do with her. She has no friends and she is a disgusting waste of skin. Angie you should get a clue that when guys dont want you you should take your drd’n ass somewhere else. How many guys do you tell are the father of your baby? I know of a couple victims. You are so sad and it’s a shame people like you are allowed to reproduce. She tries to ruin peoples lives and fails and tells the most retarded lies daily. Angie you should get a life or you are really going to regret it when people have finally had enough!

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Angel Chin

September 16, 2014 Calgary 74

THE DIRTY ARMY: Angel Chin . Lying, back stabbing, FILTHY, whore, stealing, two faced, brat. This women thinks she is the hottest thing going, and if you are an ounce better looking, look out. She will pretend to be your friend for the week, then turn around and say the most hurtful bullshit and lies. I watched this women bring home a guy from a bar, with her current boyfriend sitting on the step of her house asking why she is bringing some guy home and this heartless bitch let the guy she brought home kick the shit out of her current bf. Literally broke his face, and for what? Cause She wanted some attention. Fcking makes me sick. Still went straight to bed with this new guy and continued to be a slut bag. She carries every drd you can think of because her ex baby daddy, brings it home to her after sleeping with all of the city. She is telling everyone about the sport team she allowed to run a train on her for some cocaine. I hear she is a fat pig now, which serves her right. HAHA like its kool to be a complete drug addict.

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Calgary’s Bike

September 15, 2014 Calgary 38

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl is most deserving of being on this site. She runs around the city, finding whatever guy gives her attention, has sex with him and leaves him with a nasty drd… she will sleep with every guy in a group of friends and then wonder why they all treat her like the slutty bimbo that she is. Total cum dumpster. This is a warning to all guys.. if you decide to lower yourself and actually hook up with this total mess, MAKE SURE YOU WRAP IT, and if you hit it raw, make sure you make an appointment asap.

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Not a man or Father

September 15, 2014 Calgary 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Colin Roberts he Is a bad human being that shouldn’t be alive after what I am about to tell you he got two girls pregnant one he can barley support and the other he said wanted the girl to get an abortion and that he can’t afford to help the second girl cause he can’t fit anymore kids in his life style which is tattooing and piercing people he will tattoo and pierce any girl and get them to party with him just to have sex with that girl dude if you can’t afford to have anymore kids keep your fucking dick in your pants and then you wont have girls chasing you for child support or help so men hold onto your girlfirends or wives and ladies warning STAY away from the despicable human being please I don’t want to see this happen to you like it did to us two other girls….

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Kimberley Fivehead Simeon

September 15, 2014 Calgary 50

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this witch looking twig thinks she’s a milf.. uhh k then. Kimmy is a well-known slut/pass around. She loves sucking gregs and loves when they shoot off on her huge forehead or should i say fivehead. this little gremlin likes to talks down to and talk shit about everyone. She acts like she is superior to everyone when really she ain’t shit. She’s a sneaky, conniving ratface bitch. She also loves to act like she\’s so ballin when all she does is sit on her bony ass and collect a cheque. She has no drivers licence and trys to act like hot shit driving around. She always trys to hide her bald eyebrows and HUGE airplane landing strip she calls her forehead. Trys to act all innocent but she\’s just an evil little cunt just like her mom. Her best friend’s siste\’s baby daddy and her were even together sucking face at the club. Nasty, and no loyalty for people who are your supposed, “fam.” she also was hooking up with her baby daddies best friend. A lot of people have been through her and she even had chlamydia, gross. she thinks she’s some sort of saint because she popped a baby out of her nasty hole. yet shes always at the club. if you see her at Boudoir Rouge or any other place where her and her skanks congregate make sure you spit in her face and rub her eyebrows off.

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