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Security Guard Invades Family Home

November 3, 2014 Calgary 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this low down bitch has a reputation for being the nasty! She is Calgary’s finest, not! To get to the juicy, apparently lights have to be turned off when someone sleeps with this “thing” who thinks of herself as a Knock Out” all over her FB profile..she ain’t no Pamela Anderson to be jealous of!!! There is no shame when it comes to sleeping other women’s men. She hails from Gleichen. I don’t know what diseases she’s got or what men think when they sleep with this thing or how many husbands she’s slept with! I don’t care to know! Of course she’ll spread the bread for anyone that smiles at this pig you call a whore! If my ass cheeks had eyes, I wouldn’t look at this pathetic human being! Someone’s got to be wearing bottle cap glasses to be staring at this moo-moo or moon face, it’s a compliment! An eye sore! There is more, she’s so desperate to keep a man in her life that she has to support a man to keep him and has no say in any matter while he goes behind her back texting, flirting and sending explicit pics of himself to his exes. Low self-esteem!! She’s as stupid as they get! An insecure tramp! Shame on her for being jealous and putting herself before children who are innocent! I’m being nice (by now you must be thinking, your lucky not to be an ex) There is no words to describe this home wrecking bitch, it takes two to tango!? Yeah, yeah I get that!! Karma is a bitch and what goes around comes back around! Keep getting milked bitch! I don’t think she knows what a shower is! A place shows character of how you take care of yourself and living like a slob is a poor excuse when she doesn’t have kids to clean after! Disgustingly gross! Learn what a mop and broom are! Used up old Grannie! So full of herself and she’s nothing to look at!

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One Of Brett Wilson’s Side Girls

November 2, 2014 Calgary, The Dirty 143

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Lisa Varga another one of Brett Wilson’s side/dish. She is 43 and has been around for a long time and now – close to about a year. He flew her on first class flight to spend Thanksgiving together in Nashville and seems like he’s trying to use her for fame just like he did with Mary Zilba. But Lisa doesn’t seem to mind it – shes in it for the gold hoping to get more… Oh Lisa stop being a little whore and goldding the poor man. He’s just using u for the sex and fame.

Is this picture supposed to be sexy or some type of modeling? I don’t get it.- nik


W. Brett Wilson Is A Womanizer

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Roz Daniels Alcoholic Realtor

October 31, 2014 Calgary 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: Where to start with this crazy granny, is it the endless need to get absolutely wasted day after day or her longing to still appear to be youthful when she is clearly as spent as a homeless mans last 10 dollars. Ill just start from the begining and warn every one in Calgary DO NOT RENT or BUY a property from this woman, she is in the business of renting homes that will catch on fire, leak gas from stoves from the 1950′s, have black mold growing in every place you could imagine not to mention in general the lack of up keep for her property. If you do choose to rent from Miss.Roz be ready to be bombarded by sheer stupidity and lack of intelligence, in other words be ready to know all your rights because she will try and snake you out of any and everything. She will down a bottle of Russian Prince or old English what ever it is she gets her hands on it must be cheap because she becomes the most bulgerant drunk ever, making endless threats on things that are only happening in her mid life crisis imagination. But this does not stop even if you can move out of her property it will continue for months and months after you no longer even reside in a property that belongs to her. Jewish would not even describe the level of cheapness this woman has the knack for, renting her shit hole properties for way more than it is worth. Tries to convince you to call the police on a roommate for more dream reasons to get someone removed from the property.

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Disgusting Tazz

October 31, 2014 Calgary, Hamilton 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this here is Devin petroff or goes by “tazz”. I’ve know this guy for 10 years & honestly I can you that he is a horrible person he lies to your face, steals from you, doesn’t shower for days & is also a huge a slob doesn’t pick up after himself . I would honestly say he’s a compulsive liar everything this kid says is 99.9 percent a lie. He also can’t keep a girlfriend . He Hangs around downtown like a bum, he lives off aish cause he “can’t work” . He spends most his money on drugs. AND he also cant keep a place to stay he’s always couch hopping.

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Katlin Punch

October 31, 2014 Calgary, Lethbridge 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this little 20 year old slut bag is Katlin Maddin. She has 2 kids both with different dads. She threatened to ****f and her girls just so she could be with this guy that always cheated on her and then eventually left her for her nasty hoe bag of a friend Jordan Redel. She is a nasty hoe that needs to learn right from wrong. She uses the government for money. They pay her rent and give her money for whatever she needs. She sleeps around so much it’s disgusting. She’s the nasties bitch you will ever fucking meet. She uses everyone for money and rides. Before she got with her current boyfriend Matthew Mabie she slept with his brother Allen Stephen just a week or 2 before matt and her started dating. She used to sleep with people for money, it wouldn’t surprise me if she still did. She uses coke regularly and she drinks everyday. I’m happy to say that she will never get her beautiful little girls back. They will be better off being adopted out then in her care. I love seeing her fail at life, and it will be even better to see her fail in the future.

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Calgarys Welcome Mat

October 31, 2014 Calgary 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik, so this sloot right here just turned 18 but has been trying to get into stripclubs & bars with her ripped ass passport with her dirty ass boyfriend. she will s/o guys in the bathrooms of bootleggers for free drinks and go home with whoever cause this bitch has no home, just house hops with her stolen walmart air mattress. ive heard that this bitch has been giving every guy in the NE the herp and mad cheats on her boyfriend who is now in jail. this girl NEEDS to be on here, 100% looser

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Michelle Navratil

October 31, 2014 Calgary 2


THE DIRTY ARMY: Michelle is a crack head who spends her kids child support money on drugs goes to food bank to get food for them since she speands all her money on crack she a master con lies steals does anything to get her fix sleeps with her dealers

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Dwayne Hay Is At It Again

October 31, 2014 Calgary, Dirty Athletes, The Dirty 82

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, ohhh My!!!! This idiot is at it again. Beware. He is on POF and Tinder AGAIN!!! If you have matched or messaged with this Douchebag, take a moment and google his name. Or perhaps find him on here and read all the previous comments from all the previous women, he has lied to, cheated on, used, borrowed money, gave empty promises and endless lies. He deserves to be single FOREVER!!!!! Baby teethed, wanna be hockey player.

He really needs to use that pro hockey money to buy veneers.- nik


Dwayne Hay

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