Pepsi Slore

March 31, 2014 Calgary 4 8,582 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: She’s a c*nt lies steals .. Lala .

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Married Affair

March 28, 2014 Calgary 13 8,589 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Marlene H. I’ve kept my mouth shut long enough when it comes to this homewrecking sloot! Not only was she with her ex for seven years and have a child together but before the ink was dry on their divorce papers, she’s already onto her next “project”. This girl has been cheating on her man for the past half year and never had the stones to end it the way a grown ass woman should! Let me tell you something honey, MONEY DOESN’T SOLVE ALL OF YOUR PROBLEMS! All your friends know what you’ve been doing and how embarrassing is it for your son who knows the next loser in your life is an ex cop gangster! Maybe if you put more effort into your marriage and less energy into your lowlife boyfriend Jake, you would be better off!!

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Brad Moore, Look out Ladies

March 28, 2014 Calgary 99 6,327 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Hello ladys !! My name is Brad Moore. I enjoy sleeping with what ever I can get my hands on (male or female I’m not picky) but I will kick you out of my house as soon as I get what I need. Which takes about three minutes give or take. I’d take you out and pretend to respect you as a woman, but I don’t know how as I’ve never had a girlfriend before. When I’m done with you, I will move on to your girlfriends and repeat. I am H*V +. And have many girls who will be happy to prove it =D. I don’t give a crap if I pass on my yummy diseases because Im a useless whore. That what I do. I enjoy disrespecting women. Especially fat chicks. Or your best friend. Or your mom. Or your little sister ! What ever it may be. I just can’t say no to anybody ! =D So please ! Feel free to contact me. Oh and…. SPREAD THE WORD GIRLS !!

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Gary Griffith Predator to Women

March 27, 2014 Calgary, Kelowna 70 7,419 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this man is an online predator. His name is Gary Griffith. He meets many women online. How do I know? One of my friends has been a victim. Though she met him at a festival there are many women he has met via the internet. For some reason he can go from girl to girl, some giving them sob stories about life and others trying to act cool and laid-back. 7 Witness’s seen him beating a puppy, he taped the puppies mouth shut and then beat it until one of the neighbours came over and hit him. This guy had the nerve to call the police on the neighbour and denied having beat the dog, what was he thinking? That very same dog he dognapped from my friend and took off with the dog for 3 weeks. Since me, my friend and Gary have many mutual friends we heard he was headed for Victoria BC and we actually put the word out about him finally and things he’s been doing (especially to the dog) to get my friends dog back and 15 people in Kelowna got together to help us out and we got the dog back and my friend had to find out the hard way Gary had other women on the side. One of the women was with him when we confronted him to get the dog back. He has a baby which has been recently born by one of my friends he is not taking responsibility for. He is known by many in Kelowna, BC , Grand Forks BC, Calgary BC, and Gibsons BC. He left his Facebook on my computer one time and had hundreds of convo’s with women. He sleeps around and has been known to pass drd’s to women. He is also on the website POF where he is prowling on women.

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Gross Couple

March 27, 2014 Calgary 14 5,456 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Jay and Marie, these two have to be the nastiest couple out there. Marie posted on a naked smokers account flaunting her flabby white ass and saggy tits all over Facebook so everyone can see how much her boyfriend really respects her. Jay buys meth off her bestfriends mom and I’m positive has manipulated Marie into doing the same. All they do with their days is smoke drugs and stalk people over online networks. Jay was 20 years old when he took a 13 year old girls virginity and then tried to date her. They are originally from Edmonton but now live in Calgary because they spent too much money fronting weed and Marie sat on her ass for three months not working because of a ‘ back injury ‘ that the doctor told her to walk off so they now live in her moms house living off free rent and board so they can smoke more drugs. Good job guys we clap for you

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Worthless Cris Comeau

March 26, 2014 Calgary 79 6,490 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Cris Comeau. I have had a really rough couple of years and then … I decided to go on POF and that’s where I met Cris. He swooped in like some sort of answer to my prayers, so sweet and understanding and caring and helpful. Despite looking like a thug he seemed to be a big old sweetheart…. well, seemed is the correct word. After about 3 weeks of promising me the world and being the sweetest man in the world he flipped a switch and showed his true colors. This man uses women because he is to retarded from smoking so much cr*ck that he can not get or keep a job. He relies on crime to make his way through life and doesn’t care who he hurts in the meantime. When he starts to feel like he is going to get caught he just moves provinces to avoid jail time. This winner has 2 children that he isn’t allowed to see because he is crazy psycho but its probably better that way. He also told me about an x-girlfriend of his that literally tried to bite his cock off because he is a cheating asshole, one would think that having to get his cock sewed back on would teach him a lesson, but apparently not cause he is still at it. Ladies, be aware of this disease carrying crackhead.

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CeeJay Herriman AKA Beejay Harrywoman

March 26, 2014 Calgary 30 7,484 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Where do I even start with this girl? Talk about being the homewrecking town bike. Not only does she sleep around with everyone’s boyfriend… she also sleeps with everyone with a penis… I’m surprised she hasn’t gotten bored and moved on to girls yet…I’m really surprised this girl hasn’t suffocated from the plastic bags that these guys put on her for an easy lay. I wonder if they know about the c**p & syp***.. Mommy & Daddy’s little princess is spoiled to bits, with her little Paris Hilton rats she keeps by her side at all times… You’d figure with all that money that mommy & daddy give her, someone would take her to an aesthetician and get her some better drawn on eyebrows, maybe ones to match that horrific red hair color on her head. Followed by a full face laser to get rid of all the hair on her face, i mean… the girl’s last name doesn’t lie.. she really is a harry woman. A tan wouldn’t hurt either or maybe some bronzer, she really didn’t have to dress much for her halloween costume.. she really does look like a vampire.

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Danielle Miller about to get Real Famous

March 25, 2014 Calgary 267 9,427 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik, since this girl likes to think everyone wants to make her “famous”, let’s do just that ! This is Danielle Miller. Where to began?! This girl is one of the nastiest ratchet cum dumpsters I’ve EVER met ! She is literally mentally insane ! Like physcho ! She lived in High River for many years and EVERYONE hated her ! It was to the point that she was paying someone to sleep with her/ hang out with her. Other then that, she didn’t leave her house. She has one real friend. Chnar. And god forbid if you ever say anything to this girl she threatens you with Chnar and her sisters like they’re the fcking mob or something. Sorry Danielle, those girls have better things to do then deal with people who you piss off. Maybe you should stop messaging everyone in High River, YEARS after you moved away to try and feel adequate. NO ONE cares about you ! You left cause everyone hated you. We didn’t miss you when you left so fuk off and dissapear already ! Go back to being a slore in whatever province you live in now. Hmm, let’s see, what else, well first things first, she cheats on her baby daddy so much it’s ridiculous ! Then claims she’s gonna commit e if he doesn’t take her back. Poor Dustin. Did I mention this creature has a child?! That’s the one we should all really feel bad for. This bitch is so fuking selfish that she drank and did drugs throughout her pregnancy and claimed she “didn’t know she was pregnant till however many months” and the kid was born all messed up. Poor guy. = People like you should NOT procreate. Ugh ! You’re just such trash that it can’t even be narrowed down, you could practically write a novel on how nasty and fucked up this bitch it. Notice the girl in the third picture?! Her BFF Kristi Rist ! That’s right ! Cause cm dumpsters stick together. Fakest bitch ever ! Her fb is full of statuses about knowing EVERYTHING there is to know about Tupac and Eminem, cause you know, shes so gangster. She was a “Battle Axe Dime” for a very short period of time until they realized how rather she was and they dropped her, just like everyone else in her life including her mother. Haha. Definitely the load your momma should have swallowed. But I guess you’re the load she took in her ass cause there’s no other explanation as to how someone could be born so full of sh*t. Ewe. I’m done writing about you. Fck off and leave everyone alone ! Stop making fake Facebooks when people block you, stop messaging people, stop harassing them. We don’t care ! F*ck off ! Oh and BTW, you’re welcome, now you’re famous. xoxo

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