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Adam Cavnaghs Killers

November 26, 2014 Calgary 120

THE DIRTY ARMY: well well well, ive tried to look for these guys on here but theyre not for some odd reason. I would like to introduce everyone to Adam Cavanagh’s bitch made killers. Mark Morales who turned out to be a rat. First bragging about him being the shooter but has now turned it around and is point his disgusting fingers at Salim Kaddoura. Theyre just fat losers obviously jealous of this young man that they killed. i heard it was over some big dumb slut named Ariana Drews. She showed these two boys where Adam lived and then she had the audacity to show her big ugly head at the funeral. these BOYS always try to act so G when theyre seen as cowards, they only beat on women and use Adam’s death as “dont fuck with me or ill kill you” to guys they refuse to fight. lmao. why not fight Adam one on one? cause they both knew that they aint shit and that Adam would have probably handed their asses to them on a silver platter. Calgary has too many wanna be thugs. Cant believe Meagan Elmes had a kid with kaddoura and is PROUD. same goes with Savana “montana” and “Rosie” James sooooo proud of their sons that were concieved by Morales. Theyre just going to turn out like their parents, USELESS. bunch of bastard kids running around PUT THEM ON BLAST SO NO WOMAN IS EVER TEMPTED TO BE WITH THEM IN ANY WAY. THESE LOSERS SHOULD NOT EVER BE ALOUD) TO REPRODUCE AGAIN!!!

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Shayla Cook

November 26, 2014 Calgary, Winnipeg 96

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this here is Shayla the escort / wanna be gangster Cook. This girl pretends that she hustles drugs but what she really does is sit up in hotels sucking Greg for a couple new shirts and some polos. This girl has two kids that she does not look after. Her mom looks after both kids while shayla spreads her legs all across Canada. Shayla likes to pretend she’s pregnant from every guy she sleeps with. She doesn’t even know who her last kids dad is. Supposedly its this black guy in a wheel chair . This girl is nasty and apparently always has stds that she never gets taken care of. Get it together Shayla and stop having babies you can’t take care of. You can’t even take care of yourself you shitty excuse of a mother smh

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Sleeping with Children

November 26, 2014 Calgary 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this guy named Randal is a lier and cheater He likes 14 year olds and he like to hit and beat woman. He\’s a drug user and he’s a player he can’t keep it in his pants or his hands to him self he’s almost 20 and he’s fuckin a14 year old that\’s like rape she was pregnant with is kid at one point but she overdoesed on pill and k**l the poor thing that’s fcking dirty if her age is on the clock she to young for the cock fucking greases and he steels for his own family he’s fuking goof

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Family Crusher

November 25, 2014 Calgary, Lethbridge 31


THE DIRTY ARMY: Ginny, this mom of three can’t stop cheating. Now heading for a divorce and wrecking several families with all her “not” so secret affairs. Stay away from her, she has diseases now. Besides your penis better be a foot long by a foot wide or you won’t feel a thing. She likes married men and will do anything to get them. She lives in Coutts, AB and trust me, all the men in this little town have seen her in action. She is now known as the town whore…

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Dr Joehead

November 24, 2014 Calgary 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok so nik his name is Joe Sarazen he is 33 years old, has two kids and is an absolute monster, Joe dose not love, Joe likes to hurt, and he dose so in the worse ways. I met him my first time trying online dating, he was nice, we clicked started dating and he moved me in, Joe an I fell very much i. Love very fast, or at least I did, Joe is a very very good actor. First off he is a crack head, and dose a great job hiding it, after all he has to look like the good old dad for child services, and oh yes there is baby mama drama like you have never seen!!, Joe love crack loves it even more than his kids vacation fund, he loves it more than food, this man will blow ever penny he has in one night of doing crack and he insists that you stay up all night with him to keep him company but YOU are the one who has to get up bright and early with HIS kids cause daddy was up all night doing crack. Joe uses women he has no respect for them, we are all a pice of ass to him and that is all he cares about. Joe bosts about how he has Four children and wants more, one he dosnt see one dosnt live with him and the other two are only with him cause their mother is more of a druggie than Joe is, and now a fifth on the way but Joe is to much a child to even have the compassion to tell a woman he dose not want to be with her, he will just ignore you and stop talking to you, then in a month or two he will come back telling you how it was a misunderstanding and that he loves you, but he is just horny.

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Suhaila the pig Khidri

November 24, 2014 Calgary 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hello Nik, I’m very surprised I haven’t seen this filthy ass whore on this site yet. Suhaila the pig Khedri. Not only does she look like a pig but she smells like one too… Getting drunk and gang banged by her husband and her group of friends. Such a disgrace to the community of afghans. Let’s all take a moment and reminisce what happened on her wedding night.. LOL allow me to remind y’all; got bitched by her own in laws, got slapped twice infront of the hall filled with guests, the cops handcuffed her brother for being too drunk and out of control, her sister passed out and the medics had to come too.. Yes all this happened at this pig’s wedding.. How sad. She gets banged by her husband’s friends when shes too drunk and out of control, and her cheating ass husband goes around and sleeps wit other girls, he takes trips wit these girls and tell hers he’s going for work… What a shame. She beats her husband up and he’s a little pssy about it.. I’ve seen him getting slapped infront of my eyes at a party, she takes care of old seniors cleaning their shit all the day long and she claims she’s a doctor…. Like what the fuck is wrong with you? She got into an accident and sued her mom so she can get braces and fix her fcked up teeth, looking like a fckin donkey.. I wouldn’t whip my ass with your face If I ever had to.. So the latest news, let me tell you.. So this bitch is a makeup artist hahaha, so she stopped being a “doctor” and now she’s a makeup aritist, your makeup looks a donkeys ass btw you sure do need some courses for it. So you guys wanna know more about her? Ask me, id be more than happy to fill you guys in.

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Whoring Myself To Feed My Kid

November 24, 2014 Calgary 36

THE DIRTY ARMY: So ladies and gentlemen this is Parto Raissian. She is a 19 year old baby mama, she is literally walking drd’s. shes been whoring herself out for the last 4 months to feed her kid because she”cant get a job” her son is 17 months old and hes couch surfing with her, she has had 14 boyfriends in the last 2 months because she cant keep her legs shut. I don’t know who is more of a low life her or her baby daddy .. she goes out and does a shit ton of drugs, and booze, she claims shes to “sick” to take care of her kid and she sends him to his dads house so she can go to the bar and party, in the winter she wears knee high boots and mini skirts .. she is the BIGGEST slut I’ve ever met in my life! So guys STAY away from her ! you will get nothing good out of her ..

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Tanya VM is queen of pedofiles

November 24, 2014 Calgary, Lethbridge 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: well to start this bitch is a crackwhore she lives in squaler in a crackshack with a dyke and her son and his gf and her man brian mills. he is a convicted pedofille and she had a kid with him after he was in jail and then child services took the child to never let them ever contact there child again. this is a great thing at least, she is a fucking retared bitch has no job no life lost everything bc shes a scurge to this planet and should be put down like a stay cat, oh and she is a crazy cat lady to the extreme

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