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Valentina Ramirez

December 18, 2014 Charlotte 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Valentina Ramirez should have been on here a long time ago along with her drd infested cheating boyfriend, but she’s terribly good at being sneaky and manipulative! Let’s start with the fact that she has at least four guys we know of on rotation, can’t function without smoking pot, and kisses her boss Kristines ass then the second she turns the corner refers to her as “Cuntine” and goes into how much her boss’ husband cheats on her (how do YOU know so much?) but can even be seen hugging her boss in a Halloween picture (submitted). She recently went to Aruba and goes around acting like its some sort of accomplishment but I’ve heard around the workplace it wasn’t paid for by her but a sugar daddy. She is always out for the best offer and only cares about herself I’ve been watching it for long enough now. She pinned a bunch of her own BS on a coworker who actually works unlike her and got her into trouble just to save her own ass. She even hits on the guy I’m talking to right in front of me AND even though she definitely has a bf, she has my guys best friend rubbing all over her all night it’s disgusting! This girl needs to do the world a favor and just go back to her “home country” because she doesn’t belong in Ballantyne slooting around!

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Charlotte’s Dirtiest

December 16, 2014 Charlotte, Dirty Mugshots 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Charlotte’s dirtiest dirty Jake Gorman. He’s 23 years old and spends his time hopping from cheap hotel to cheap hotel with his 18 year old girlfriend who he pimps out on backpage to pay for his drugs and shitty car. He has a habit of doing this with girls namely his two ex girlfriends who he lived with and dated on and off while stealing from them and their families and cheating on them (even on occasion with their friends). Be careful trusting this guy he charmed my friends and I and then robbed us once he found new friends. His new friends are the same as him criminals with no homes who will lie and steal from you to your face with out flinching. Jake has no license, no education, no job and needs to be put on blast!

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Cam Newton Injured In Car Crash

December 9, 2014 Charlotte, Dirty Athletes, The Dirty 26


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Cam Newton was just sent to the hospital because he was involved in a car accident. It appears his truck flipped over several times, hopefully he is ok. He is our only hope to making it to the playoffs this year.

My thoughts and prayers are with Cam Newton’s family.- nik

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Chrissy Marze

December 4, 2014 Charlotte, Dirty Mugshots 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: This chick thinks she is the hottest porker around. The only thing going for her is her saggy, old biker chick boobs which no doubt are real. Her and her boyfriend/fiancée are complete drug addicts who are the laughingstock of the town. Which is Monroe if that tells you anything right there. But she claims to be from Charlotte. These two are pathetic thieves who steal drugs from each other! How sad. Gordon used to have a successful landscaping business, but it has gone down the tubes thanks to both of their raging addictions. Being a drug addict is the least of her problems however, her main issue is what a slut she is. She has so many haters that she has a tattoo of lips on her ass because she is so used to telling people to kiss it. It’s beyond trashy. She got kicked out as a bridesmaid at her \”best friends” wedding for trying to screw the groom. She is engaged, however has a Plenty of Fish dating profile which is the trashiest “dating” service that there is. She went to the beach with her fiancée, and gave him sleeping pills so that he would pass out and she went out to the clubs at Myrtle Beach. How freaking sick is that? She goes on and on about how pretty and sexy she is, and posts selfies practically daily. I used to feel sorry for Gordon, however, he knows she screws other people and they honestly deserve each other for both being scumbags. They inject drugs, and spend upwards of $1,000 a week on them. Gordon used to live in a 250,000 house but they lost that. Most recently Chrissy was arrested for assault and battery. Trailer trash, Monroe trash, junkie trash! She rants and raves about people being “haters” and that everyone is jealous of her. In her mind I guess she’s God’s gift to married men, crackheads, and her fiancées friends (screws them behind his back too). You have to be one hell of a slut to not only manage to bang your fiancées friends, but your friends husbands and boyfriends as well. She even had a pregnancy scare while she was with Gordon but was terrified that it was her ex boyfriends baby. Let’s bring this heifer down a few pegs. She’s a whore, cheater, thief, lengthy criminal history, drug addict! Oh and to top it off she’s dumb as rocks, got fired from Great Clips because she sucked so bad as a hairdresser. Her newest gig these days is trading haircuts for drugs. What a loser!!

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Dan Wagner Needs To Run From Amber Tracewell

December 2, 2014 Charlotte, The Dirty 64



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, what is this dude thinking? Dan Wagner is still dating the biggest whore (as well as the biggest DIRTY CELEB) in all of Charlotte – Miss Amber Tracewell. She used to “date” Nascar wannabe driver Jason White, but word is that she caught him cheating on her with his pants down, literally. Since she had no one to pay her rent (or for her monthly Valtrex script), and she was too old to continue being a pro-cheerleader – she has since moved on and somehow leeched on to Minor League baseball player Dan Wagner, who is actually a decent guy. I hope he has some deep pockets because this girl is seriously a wannabe Jordan Fish. And I really really hope he double-bags it. Herpes probably isn’t much fun. Not to mention she goes around bragging that she’s been with more “brothers” than are currently on the Hornet’s roster. This girl is just pathetically desperate for a meal ticket and a free ride. I wouldn’t be surprised if the next time she graces our presence on your site, its to announce that she’s been knocked up. Nik, please put this skank on blast. She is a foul, disgusting waste of oxygen in my city and I seriously wish she’d do us all a favor and just go back to the white-trash trailer she was born in.

Is Amber Tracewell a smoker? Those face wrinkles need some work.- nik

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Where Has Cherish Disappeared To

November 19, 2014 Charlotte, The Dirty 13


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so this is Cherish Robertson she’s been posted a few times on here over the years. She used to be a pretty heavy club rat and some think maybe drugs to. Used to be able to see her out everywhere but now it’s like she’s disappeared from Charlotte. But hey is disappearing from Charlotte ever really a bad thing! You can still see her around town sometimes with her new boyfriend KC but it seems like she sort of washed up and gone away for good. I guess you need a guy like him with lots of money and that means it’s time to settle down and trap them. She has this guy flying her all over with a new trip every few months it seems. And living with him and his high-rise condo in the middle of Charlotte. She dropped Jason for this guy and dropped off the planet it seems but hey good for you you got yourself some money to take staying in at night maybe that’s the price you pay I know I sure wouldn’t give it up.

Have you checked Dubai?- nik

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Cheating Wife

November 18, 2014 Charlotte 14


THE DIRTY ARMY: My wife Bethany Teresa Hux left me and put a restraining order on me as soon as I bought her a brand new Toyota Camry and stated working at crazy horse strip club having affairs with the managers and bouncers and partying every night when she’s got a child to take care of and won’t even let me see my son. Yet she can post pictures partying every night and post pictures of my son wearing these guys hats and shit. Man she’s a nasty fcking whore and deserves to be put on blast for what she’s doing!

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Ale Palafox is a Thief

November 13, 2014 Charlotte 33

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ale used to be my best friend. When I gained weight I’s let her borrow my clothes. She was my BEST FRIEND. Si I brought the clothes to her house under the condition that if and when they fit me again I wanted them back. She would hide my clothes from me when I came to her house of claimed they were dirty. I helped her move 4xis the past few years, picked her up after her accident, brought her to a free Ref Hot Chili Pepper’s concert. Attached are pics of just a few of the things she stole (21+ items).

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